Windows Phone Radio Sweet 16 Edition

Windows Phone Radio Sweet 16 Edition

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Windows Phone Radio is 16 [episodes old] and we celebrate with Mike, author of our weekly Pinworthy column, and with our pal James, creator of the BringCast application, which allows you to subscribe and download podcast episodes over WiFi and cellular connections. Windows Phone Radio was also nominated for a Niney award by the folks at Channel 9, so if you haven’t voted already, head over and check Windows Phone Radio for best audio podcast. Thanks for the support! Download or stream now!


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  • ScubaDog
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    Though still not official, it appears that more substantial evidence (e.g., from carriers) has surfaced that the actual release date will be announced at MWC [gag me] and it looks like that date will be 8 March.  It might has well have been held until the Mango update, as far as I'm concerned--almost pointless to release it now.  The exodus from WP7 has already begun (though I'm hanging tough--I still like WP7 much better than iPhone or Android) and M$ has lost almost all momentum on gaining new customers.  It sounds like the major reason for the delay lately has been problems with the actual update process itself.  I guess they don't want to risk bricking a percentage of the WP7 devices.  Also, carriers evidently are supposed to have 2-3 weeks with the update before mass deployment.  All that said, I think the biggest complaint most folks have is that Microsoft maintains a policy of not giving customers any useful information whatsoever on what's going on.  As a Lean/Six Sigma black belt, I can tell you that not getting the Voice Of the Customer is the worst mistake you can make when trying to make processes successful.

  • jblobner
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    I agree with IAmTheNinja.  I am not from Canada, but I feel your pain.  Another day without an update is another nail in the WP7 coffin.  I am not talking about "cut and paste", the device is missing basic functionality.  Come on Microsoft get moving or tell your customers what's going on.  I have been a Windows mobile fan since the CE days and WP7 is the same story.  Good idea, good device, but very poor delivery.  Does anyone at MS care?  Just getting the phone is not a win.  WHERE ARE THE UPDATES?

  • So you say to come here with comments and questions. This is one that many people are asking on forums everywhere: WHEN ARE WE GETTING MARKETPLACE MUSIC IN CANADA? It's seriously getting pretty ridiculous especially as there are many integrated services (with Zune backgrounds and everything) that we cannot get simply because we're a few miles north. Please please please discuss this as it's something very frustrating and frankly a pretty dull business endeavor to release a product that does not have full support for all of its services.

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    I'm looking for someone to develop an App for me.  I particularly dont want to learn how, I have enough with teaching repair.  Does anyone have suggestions or any takers on the job.  The App in my mind should be faily simple with what I know about programming.   SMASH

  • Hey Guys, please forgive me if this has been asked before...but i have hundreds of audiobooks stored on my harddrive how can i add them to my windows phone...also, are there any audiobook apps for WP7?

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  • TricBox
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    You know one thing that surprised me that was left out of WP7? Synch of favorites from Internet Explorer. My 1st gen touch can do that. Someone needs to look into getting that function on WP7. Or have WP7 synch with Mesh to keep favorites organized. Maybe it does and I missed something. Anyway, good podcast, looking forward to the next one.

  • I had an idea for live tiles and i don't know where to post it so i am going to post it here. From Gizmodo comment:

    My thought was that double clicking tile would split it into actions for that program. This would remove the need to navigate menus in most cases. For example, the email tile would split into 4 actions. Double clicking could be replaced by holding down and the action to move icons around the screen could be replaced by holding down two fingers or something.

    What y'all think.

  • Nice podcast.  I enjoyed listening to content from on my Iphone.  I can't do that on my Samsung Focus atm.  I was wondering if that will change sometime in the near future.

  • jblobner
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    Nice podcast nice phone, but it has too many little issues.  The updates are too slow to come out.  Actually, no updates have come out.  It's really sad Microsoft was on the right path with the phone, but they are too slow to fix or even talk about the issues.  If you're going to buy a Windows Phone...don't!!!  Wait until they get it right.

  • Sheeds
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    Matt & Brian,

    You should discuss the MS Windows Phone Insider App just released next week.  Whilst it is a great App (<3 the Bing wallpapers!), it's target user is someone new to WP7 (or with only basic experience with the OS).

    Also - can you ask the developers re: this cool idea I have for an enhancement/update to this App.  Instead of a (somewhat lame) facebook post for badge achievement for each section, why not link it to XBOX Live (like you guys said in this weeks podcast for game developers) and offer;

    A. A cool Avatar Accessory - I would love a Samsung Focus WP7 avatar download for my Avatar to have just like me! or

    B. Gamer points on XBOX Live.

    That would spice it up nicely - and would drive a MASSIVE spike in the app's downloads don't you think ?


  • I was shocked that you did not discuss the update to the dev tools that went live about the time your podcast did.  I heard about it from Brandon Watson last night on an interview he did with PPCGeeks.  I was expecting you guys to discuss.  What happened?

  • Sheeds
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    Nice podcast guys.  Developer guest (James) was really interesting (Don't mention the Ashes!)  I have Bringcast TRIAL version - as Zune Insider and WP7 Radio pods are all I really listen to at the moment - free nice!  After years of just being a user/consumer, WP7 now has me motivated to see if I can learn C# and try and write some basic apps for WP7.  Looking forward when my nOOb book arrives to get started.  If it goes well, might even do a course!

    Cheers guys :)