News: The official Amazon Shopping app has arrived

News: The official Amazon Shopping app has arrived

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Attention mobile shoppers: The official Amazon Shopping Application for Windows Phone 7 has just arrived in Marketplace. I know many of you were as eager for this app as I was. Trust me: the wait was worth it.

The free app makes it easy to search Amazon’s virtual shelves, compare prices, read reviews, and buy stuff using Amazon’s secure servers. It also provides easy access to your cart, wish lists, order history and tracking, 1-Click settings, and more.

Download it now from Zune Marketplace

Learn more from Amazon

Released: Feb. 10. Price: free.


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  • Really poor that this doesn't support the UK or rather that a version isn't available and it still doesn't after all this time. I do hope this isn't something we are going to see a lot of.

  • Sheeds
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    Can you please ask Amazon - or the MS App approval team, why this App is region restricted.  Tweets, emails and other attempts to elicit an answer from Amazon have yielded naught.  I think it is incumbent upon MS to have their 3rd party app developers or partners explain up-front why an app would be excluded from sections of the marketplace.  WP7 customers (read Advocates) need to be at leats treated with this level of respect.


  • Sheeds
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    Australia Jibbed.....again :( <sigh>

  • the isn't a world outside of the US as far as ms are concerned

  • Albert
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    Awesome, finally!!! Was waiting for this since launch...all I need now is BofA's app... ;)

  • Super awesome.  Now bring CDMA support so I can buy a WP7 device finally!

  • +1 for the UK localised version.

    TBH I'm not that upset that the ".com" version isn't available in the UK, as I always buy from "".  However, I would very much like to see a localised "" version soon!

  • Alimaggs
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    Cool, hope we get a localised version in the UK...  Looks nice.

  • bartw78
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    Why not available for UK users??? MS, this cant be true......????

  • Shame it's not available for UK users

  • ericesque
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    Wow.  That is a sharp looking app! It seems to adhere fairly well to the metro style guidelines -- taking a few liberties to maintain branding.  It certainly looks leagues better than the iPhone or Android amazon apps :P