News: Miss the game? Try the new MSN Video app

News: Miss the game? Try the new MSN Video app

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MSN Video for Windows Phone 7 is now available in Marketplace. The free app provides video clips from more than 40 popular sources, including Access Hollywood, Animal Planet, CNBC, Consumer Reports, Discovery, FOX Sports, Kiplinger’s, MSNBC, TODAY, and more. 

MSN today also unveiled a new mobile site for its popular MSN Lifestyle channel. Mobile MSN Lifestyle has articles and slideshows from publications such as Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and more.

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MSN Videos for Windows Phone 7MSN Videos for Windows Phone 7

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  • Agree with the rest of the comments.  I'm in Canada, and i can't download the app.  Zune,  i went in to settings for music and video I saw a link for zune clicked on the Zune link not avail for my location ... Huh.  Zune also does not let me use my Xbox live points to purchase content.  Wtf MS.

  • Pity MNS Video is not available to download on the UK MP even though it displays, which is disappointing because it looked like a good app.  Come on MS, give other countries the same apps please.

  • chilero
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    I love this app! Downloaded it without a problem and am currently enjoying all kinds of great videos.

    Oh...wait a sec.  That is what I expected to happen.  In reality I can't find it.  Could it be that Canada is not included either.

    Love my WP7 but would love it more with a little more equality.

  • Sheeds
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    Another FEATURED and PROMOTED MS App for WP7 that is not available in Australia.

    Coming quickly on the heels of AMAZON...this is a travesty.

    Ridiculous regional anti-competitive restrictions will kill this OS before it even builds up a head of steam.

  • I can't help but second Andy's comments. You to stop treating anywhere outside the US is a second class country our at least say on the post only available in the US (so people don't go to try something only to be disappointed again). It would be great if you could make the windows phone radio podcast a bit more international. i love the podcast. and my phone. PS any idea's when we will see a sat nav app for WP7.

  • Andy
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    Firstly let me state that I am a proponent of Microsoft Technology. I work in a college and we have embraced MS technology which has worked wonders for us (Windows 7, SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, Lync 2010, Visual Studio, SQL and the list goes on). At home, my TV had a PC attached and I use Windows 7 Media Centre. It all works wonderfully. I even use Bing. I got my WP7 several months ago (LG Optimus 7) and really love it. But heres the really annoying thing. Opened it up Zune. Podcasts? No! Zune pass? Yes! 10 free songs a month? No! TV Episodes? No! Now you go and relase the MSN app and I eagerly go to try it out. Oh.. It won't let me install... Why. I can't see any good reason. There is certainly nothing in the description of the app to explain why? But wait, I live in the UK. Could it be, like eveything else, theres a "difference" in the services I should expect? It would seem so. This seems to be a continuing theme and its starting to give me cold feet. I'm not about to run off and buy an iPhone or Android device just yet, but I am starting to woder about your commitment and ability to deliver this platform. How about a post on international adoption of WP7, the availabilty of services and if we can (ever) expect global equality. How about updating FAQs on YOUR site so I dont have to go to wikipedia to find answers I need. grrrrr... Any chance???