Windows Phone Radio 18 – available now

Windows Phone Radio 18 – available now

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Thank you for the overwhelming response to our “how do you use Windows Phone in family life” giveaway. So great! It was tough to choose the winners, but after much deliberation and discussion, we chose to go with entries from “King”, “GoingMADd” and “DPMStudent”. Thanks a ton for your entries, they were great. We will be in touch to get details for your new Windows Phone. We will also reach out to other folks with good entries for some runner up giveaway packs. Download the podcast now in Zune Marketplace and iTunes or stream directly from the web here, or through great podcast apps like PODCASTS! and BringCast. Enjoy!

Brian (@brianseitz)

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  • Hey Brian, Got your email, thanks! I'll let you know which phone I choose ASAP. Thanks again

  • @michael - thanks for "liking" my idea of taking photos of my son's artwork.  though i didn't win the phone, i'm glad that you liked my idea.  keep up the great work you guys.

  • King
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    I sent my information via email with the subject line "kings contact info".

  • Another great show guys, loving the awesome content.  Just wanted to let you know about a new amazing service being offered by some Brits on XNA-UK.NET.  They have launched a new FREE XAP test service on their site offering to give devs a chance to get wider testing on their XAP's before submitting to the market place to test for the most common issues, offer help and guidance for their projects or even just for reviews for their games/apps.

    Wondered if you could give it a mention on the show to highlight the awesome work these guys are doing and offering their spare time to help out the community.

    More details can be found here

    They only recently launched just before the weekend and have already completed tests on two submissions, a MMOG MUD game which is still in early development and a new awesome physics puzzle game called satalaunch which is in it's final stages (one to keep an eye on for you Angry bird game type fans)

    Keep up the great work on the shows and looking forward to hearing many more!

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CHOOSING MY POST!  I ran to tell my wife that I won a WP7 and the first thing she said was, "I got a new phone." LOL.   Lets face it, it was going to go to her anyways.

  • Doh!  I missed entering my ideas by a couple of days due to my hectic schedule! :-O

    Anyway, here it is again...

    How I use WP7 for Family Organization...

    How does my household use a WP7 device to be more organized?

    Besides using the standard calendar synching the main way that I use my WP7 for household organization is sharing a OneNote Office Live notebook between my wife and myself that is synched with the Live Cloud Services.

    My wife and I both have WP7 devices and I created a OneNote Notebook called “House of Payne” associated to my Live Account and then shared it with her and gave her permissions to edit the notebook which is easy to do within Live pages.  I sent a link to the notebook via email to both of our Hotmail accounts where we each opened the attached link a copy of the OneNote notebook is copied down to the mobile device and is then opened within the OneNote Mobile application.  When you do this it essentially becomes a separate OneNote notebook on your mobile device that will synch with the one in the Live Cloud.

    Each of us can edit pages and add or remove pages and sections to the shared notebook via the mobile device.  Additionally you can do the same from a standard non-mobile browser on your desktop or laptop and you can easily add items for shopping lists quickly with a standard keyboard.  We also add weekly dinner menus to the pages as well as To Do items, etc. all of this either through the mobile OneNote application or through the online version via the desktop/laptop, or if you have OneNote 2010 you can do that with the stand alone desktop application.

    A neat thing we did this past holiday shopping was take photos we took with our phones of potential gift ideas and inserted them into the “House of Payne” OneNote notebook and synched it with the cloud so that each of could see ideas either near simultaneously or later, etc.  This was also true when shopping online where I would add links to items along with the photo, etc. of the potential gift into the OneNote notebook that if we were out physically shopping and saw the same item we could compare for the best deal based on earlier research.

    I’m looking forward to later this year where all of the Mobile Office documents, etc. can be synched with my Skydrive like what can be done with SharePoint 2010 today.  This will open up a lot more organizational capabilities for me and my household.  Frankly, OneNote Mobile currently is really good and than EverNote which I used a good deal with my WinMo 5 device and my iPhone.

  • I have only recently found your podcast and am in the process of catching up, i thought you might find it interesting that I blogged a cross country trip from seattle to st pete using only my windows phone 7 recently.

    you can see the blog here -

    Really not too much for content but basically an exercise on the phones connectivity and usefullness, I love my new phone and hope to learn alot from your podcast!

  • Thanks for the pick Brian and Mike (and Matt if he was in on it too.) All star show though, if every show was this pace and full of WP7 material I'd be really thrilled. I think Mike just crushed it this week. Let me know what you need from me and I'll get you my info. Thanks again guys. Love the pod (It's one of the few that I listen to as soon as it gets on my phone).

  • I enjoyed this weeks podcast. Michael you did an awesome job! Hope you will be a regular with Brian! Please? I don't want to offend Matt, just Michael is more low key. Good stuff. :)

  • App suggestions for "app of the year": Harvest:The Gathering, Netflix app, Amazon Kindle app, Pocket God, Fruit Ninja, Birdy Bounce. These are only some of my favorites and some of the best apps on the marketplace in my opinion ;-)

  • I'd like to see Michael replace Matt. I may sound like Paul Thurrott, but Matt's "I'm SO EXCITED and ABSOLUTELY make the listening tough for me. This show got down to business.

  • King
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    Thx for choosing my post, soooooo excited! where was matt? sick? vacation? hope he's ok but you held your own Brian. As far as the app awards i think the categories should be, best design, most original, most useful and... best time killer. Awesome podcast. Awesome product! hope to be intouch soon and get a windows phone.

  • What were all of the games listed?

  • Sheeds
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    Looking forward to the mysterious "event" next Monday - and the following podcast discussing all the juicy details.  This weeks WPR18 episode was really a "WPRlite" week ;)

  • Slightly random comment but any chance you could do a video podcast?