It’s official: Angry Birds coming soon to Windows Phone 7

It’s official: Angry Birds coming soon to Windows Phone 7

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Flock yeah! Angry Birds, the smash-hit smartphone game, is headed for Marketplace—and that’s just for starters.

Microsoft today announced its new spring lineup of games for the phone and it includes titles that I’m sure are on many of your wish lists. Besides Angry Birds, the other games are:

  • Doodle Jump
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Hydro Thunder Go
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I
  • geoDefense. 

The six games will start arriving in the spring. Even better, they’re all Xbox LIVE friendly, featuring achievements, leaderboards and more.

The lineup was unveiled today at the company’s Spring Showcase games event in San Francisco and is part of the new Must Have Games program for Windows Phone.

[Update] Check out the Must Have Games site on for more details.

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  • westv555
    17 Posts

    New May/June release dates for these Windows Phone 7 games: Angry Birds, Sonic 4, Doodle Jump, Hydro Thunder, geoDefense, Plants vs Zombies, and Doodle Jump:

  • So... Spring ends in 4 days... where are those birds?

  • bladeT
    2 Posts

    spring time - birds start singing and tweeting :)

    till it comes to the marketplace i comfort myself with Cannon Paul (a nice little Angry Birds like game with moving targets)


    or chicks'n'vixen off course :)

  • Cloudy
    2 Posts

    NO dis respect meant, BUT, If I had a choice between finally seeing these games on the system, OR an update that not only works, but fixes many issues with the phone, I Would pick the update.

    That said, I sure hope they don't plan on charging $5 for angry birds. Isn't that game either .99 or free on the other two phone platforms?

  • Of course Angry Bird is amazing (used to have an android and I would uninstall it just to beat it again), but HYDRO THUNDER????

    My god man! I loved that game on the Dreamcast and I love it on Xbox Live Arcade. NOW it's going to be on my phone??? Unreal!

    I just hope it runs well on the HD7. Most games do, I noticed games like The Harvest load longer than my friends LG Quantum but during gameplay the HD7 is snappier I think. Load times don't bother me anyways.

  • @Michael yes a list would be great - and a nice way to thank the early sites that support you.

    And its gotta be PvZ.....

  • @keatsseven--I'm a Doodle Jump guy myself. :-) Thanks for the tip about the review site. I'm trying to make a list. Anybody rely regularly on any other sites for WP app reviews and news?

  • @westv555: Sweet--thanks for the pointer! (And nice icon)

  • westv555
    17 Posts

    There's a video of Hydro Thunder Go gameplay...

  • Looks really good, cant wait for plants vs zombies in particular.

    Check out a site thats just started doing WP7 app reviews

  • mereB
    1 Posts

    Maybe we could possibly get the apps Wordfeud or Words with Friends. Not many users have alphajax, and those two, more so, Words with Friends have become a world wide game.

  • baron164
    16 Posts

    I'm so excited for Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies. Still waiting on a Remote Desktop app though :-(

  • joshc
    1 Posts

    I echo Gary's thoughts on Audible and a few other key apps (e.g. . I'm still carrying around my old crappy iphone 3G just for audible support. I know Audible, and others,  decision to not support windows phone 7 is not any fault of Microsoft but I'm sure Microsoft could provide them some incentives to develop a windows phone 7 app. With all the dollars they appear to be spending on ads I think a few dollars to help with key third party vendors to build apps would pay for itself in the long run.

  • there really needs to be more "top sellers" from the android and apple app store in OUR marketplace, its really lacking.

    another one we need is Words with friends.

  • the podcast and the phones. Good to see we are getting some love from developers on other platforms with great games! But we have to wait till April? And from the what i am reading: "6 weeks of smash hits" does that mean they are only releasing these 1 a week? What am i suppose to do with my gaming funds till then?

  • anubis
    1 Posts

    when are we able to get turn by turn navigation in the UK which we can play our music in the back ground? currently i am using orange maps but it doesnt support this feature.

    plus is there going to be any fix when playing videos through bluetooth stereo as it doesnt work currently, the volume just comes from the phone.


  • It's nice to see the number of apps expanding with good titles.  There still seem to be some glaring absences.  Audible for example.  When will we see support for Audible on Windows Phone 7.  Lots of audiobook fans out there want to know..

  • RoboDad
    2 Posts

    What is the real news (and the real concern) for me is the fact that Angry Birds is being released under the Microsoft Game Studios label, rather than directly by Rovio Mobile.  This news, combined with the fact that it appears to be missing 30 levels from the Android and iOS versions, has really lowered my expectations.

    I just hope it isn't TOO far overpriced (remember, it's only 99 cents for iOS, and it's free for Android).  Then again, maybe it will be $5, like most of the other overpriced Live games, making the decision to not buy it that much easier.

  • TDA
    8 Posts

    The real news is Hydro Thunder, not Angry Birds. Rovio confirmed the gfame for WP7 few months ago. I have no idea why everyone makes such a big fuss about this "news".


  • dkb1898
    167 Posts

    Nice! I have to say having the games as Xbox Live makes them a TON more fun with achievements and leaderboards. Much different experience than non Xbox Live titles!

  • There aren't enough great free games on WP7. =(

  • Xim
    13 Posts

    Yay!!! Hopefully, I'll be able to pass level 3-18 finally! :-D

  • Yep--sorry for the broken link. I'll add one more info as soon as I get it

  • when is Full House Poker coming? we saw it on channel9 during CES! still nowhere to be found :-(

  • Erock47
    1 Posts

    The 'Xbox website' link is broke.