Meet the new and improved Flickr

Meet the new and improved Flickr

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Yahoo! today is officially introducing its Flickr photo app for Windows Phone 7. The app first quietly landed in Marketplace a few weeks ago. Since then, it’s been tuned up and improved several times. The latest version is 1.1. (And my sources tell me another update with yet more new features isn’t far behind.)

So if you haven’t grabbed the app yet, now’s the time. Check out the Flickr blog for today’s announcement—or just download it now from Marketplace. (If you’re already using the app, you probably already have the latest version.)

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  • With flickr and many other windows mobile apps look has been changed...i think it will get more

  • hengly
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    Thanks, Michael.

    I'm a WP7 user from China, PR. Do you have any latest news about the schedule of Asian language support on WP7? I think that lack of Chinese input method is the biggest obstacle for my friends to buy a WP7 phone.

    Thanks again.

  • ScubaDog
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    I don't do Yahoo!.  And, frankly, Flickr is basically a redundant system to me.  I use Facebook to keep photos I'm interested in sharing.

  • Ah.  My bad.  It looks as though the new version of Flickr does work on my Omnia - it just doesn't like to work away from WiFi.

  • The PC version doesn't support mouse????

  • This latest version has me confused. I don't know how to get to the home screen of this app.  It's also not very performant over a data connection - even swiping between screens seems to slow down just by not being on wi-fi. Very odd.

  • jblobner
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    Flickr is a decent app, but it really slows down my focus and causes some lock ups on my Focus.

  • Web Guy
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    Looks good, I am waiting on the Sprint WP7 roll out before I can get on my phone.  I tried to install on my Win 7 PC and get this message and the install fails:

    Native Extensions 1.0 for Microsoft Silverlight

    Unable to install because a newer version of this product is already installed.

  • Hah.  I spoke to soon.  The update for the Flickr app that came through today just crashes on my Omnia 7.  Guess I'm stuck waiting for the next update now.

  • Yep, I've had this for a while.  It's really nice to see developers really take advantage of the platform and design principles of WP7.  This version really spanks the iPhone version in terms of user interface and useability.  Another fantastic app is IMDB.