Windows Phone Radio 20

Windows Phone Radio 20

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Good morning and happy weekend! A smidge delayed this week, Windows Phone Radio is streaming on the digital airways ready for your enjoyment. This week we talk about the recent MVP Summit on Microsoft campus, the MVP meet up at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue, WA, Pinworthy Apps [of course] and Matt talks about his ProClip. Download from the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, your favorite podcast application for Windows Phone or streaming direct here

Brian (@brianseitz)

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  • GeraldM
    10 Posts

    Sorry I'm tired of the same old same old with Microsoft.  Great engineering, terrible communication.  I and other consumers don't really care about the complexity of working with multiple carriers and in different countries.

  • graf702
    32 Posts

    Just becuase I want answers I am willing to give the podcast one more listen.  If they continue to ramble on about their person stuff or walking across the campus and don't give informational answers about the updates.  I won't be downloading anymore.

  • This Podcast, like all things WP7 lately, has lost what little credibility it had left by continuing to ignore the giant, flaming elephant in the room: the update situation.  There's nothing "awesome" about Microsoft's total lack of communication, not to mention their complete inability to deliver.

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  • ScubaDog
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    I have been on Microsoft's side since launch, but as of today I'm just fed up.  I just finished updating my wife's iPhone 4 to version 4.3.  Guess what...the update was EARLY and it was easy and it was smooth.  There is simply no excuse at this point for completely blowing it with WP7.  None at all.

  • I love my Windows Phone but the lack of transparency with the whole update fiasco is really hurting WP7's image. A little information besides "coming very soon" would go a long way. I read Windows Phone blogs all day and nearly every WP7 user wants some kind of information, any information, about what's going on with these updates. Please Microsoft, We (early adopters) are your most loyal customers...throw us a bone.

  • graf702
    32 Posts

    To BrianP.  No this not the same team that worked on 6.5, it's the team that came up with microsoft bob.

  • graf702
    32 Posts

    Come on guys get your act together and tell us what's going on.  Stop the useless chatter and talk about the update issues.  The phone and the podcast are becoming a waste of time.

  • BrianP
    3 Posts

    Is this the same team that worked on <6.5 and earlier?  You guys are making the same mistakes.

  • BrianP
    3 Posts

    Wow, If you guys say "cool" one more time I think I'm going to lose it.  You should use your air time to talk about what users really want to hear like some kind of real update about what is going on.

  • I'm with Bill Johnson -  the silence is deafening! WTH is the update guys. At least let the devs have access to the update! Been pushed back too many times and no actual info from MS. DOn't you actually care about your customers? Just got a bonus so maybe its time to go back to iPhone. I can wait for updates and I want it done right but if you don't even have the manners to tell us what is going on then you arent the company I thought you were.

  • Why, why, why can't MS be honest with their customers? Where is the WP7 update? All we hear is, "coming soon". We've been hearing that since November. Ballmer said it would be "early March"...well, we're past early March. Tell us what's going on...don't keep everyone in the dark. I, among others, really would like to see WP7 succeed, but if this continues, everyone will be moving to other platforms.

  • Kate
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    I really like the new Bubblegum app - like Instagram. You can tweak pix and share them. Very fun. I think the url is - i would copy and paste in the url, but when i try copy/paste on my phone it says coming soon.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    btw - after seeing a skipdeez tweet re: proclip - went ahead and ordered for my Focus and Aussie Ford Falcon.  Pics and review here:

    4/5 stars for me.

  • I sent this to Monster Headphones earlier today...

    "I have been craving to purchase some beats headpones for my HD7 (Windows Phone 7) I went to Best Buy to purchase some Diddy Beats for me and the Lady Gaga ones for my girl.

    I was so dissapointed that the Control Talk feature did not work! In the near future will there be support for Windows Phone 7 and Zune devices?"

    Can you guys create a suvery/petition to get support to have Beats Headphones support windows phone.

    Thanks a bunch!

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  • Sheeds
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    Yeah - great Podcast, Shout out to all the Aussies listening :)

    On ChicksNVixens - throw some more support the Dev's way.  He needs help in his <halted> campaign to get XBL for this great game.  Phrak Angry Birds - what's there problem - they shd have been there closer to launch instead of this late into the piece!

  • Yuckety, yuck. Yeah...kinda funny that you pretended Matt had been bounced. Thanks for the giggle. But I have appreciated the way 19 and 20 got down to business more than many of the previous shows.