Introducing MSN Onit: The essential guy’s guide for Windows Phone 7

Introducing MSN Onit: The essential guy’s guide for Windows Phone 7

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[A guest post from our friends at MSN]

MSN Onit, a new MSN lifestyle app tailored just for men, is now in Marketplace (download it now). Built with guys in mind, the app combines the best of men’s lifestyle content from MSN and leading outlets like Esquire, Men’s Health and, assembling it alongside the power and convenience of Bing.

You’ll get daily life advice or morsel of trivia—on subjects ranging from science to history to sex. There are also automotive reviews—with first drives and slideshows—and tips on getting in shape, staying in shape, or amping up your workout.

Eat & Drink features provide you with tips on cooking the perfect steak, picking the perfect beer, or navigating the restaurant menu for lean dining options. You'll find DIY articles and guides, the best in fashion and style advice for men, and sports—the latest updates as well as a lighter look. Catch up on what you missed last night on TV, or explore the realm of pop culture and sci-fi.

Looking for something closer to home? MSN Onit blends the power and hyper-local convenience of Bing with the best social networking features.  Log into Facebook and share MSN Onit content with your friends.

Don’t have time to get to it all today? We’ve built in a handy “To Go” list to help you make the most of MSN Onit.  Whenever you see a check mark at the bottom of the screen, just tap it for a list of “extras” to save for later. Log in with your Windows Live ID to sync your MSN Onit settings and “To Go” list between other devices with MSN Onit (coming soon).

More highlights include:

  • Cars: Regular updates from MSN Autos with great reviews, first drives and slideshows of the latest and greatest cars. Find a car you like, and then find the nearest dealer to schedule a test drive using Bing Maps.


  • Daily Wisdom and How To: Each day, a new bit of life advice, or a morsel of trivia, on subjects ranging from science to history to sex.  Compiled from Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and the New York Times best-selling “The Intellectual Devotional.” The Daily Wisdom section is a small dose of enlightenment. This section also offers the best DIY articles and guides from Howcast and Popular Mechanics, combined with Bing, so you can build something, destroy something, or just have a solid reason to spend some time in your yard, garage, or man cave each week.


  • Eat & Drink and Local Events:  How to navigate that restaurant menu, what to pick up at the grocery store, what to order at the bar:  the best advice from Eat this, Not That!, Esquire, Men's Health, and Delish on MSN, every day. Plus: Bing puts the best goings-on at your fingertips—in your neighborhood, town, city or anywhere you might be traveling. Plus the local weather forecast so you will always be prepared.
  • Entertainment, Music and Movies: Need to catch up on programs you’ve missed? Do it in a second with MSN’s Last Night on TV. MSN’s Parallel Universe takes you into the realm of pop culture and sci-fi, while the best celebrity info comes from Wonderwall on MSN. never fails to raise an eyebrow, or a chuckle, with articles you’ll want to share. Get the MSN Music blog and the current lineup of Hollywood's latest and greatest movies from MSN Movies, directly integrated with for buying tickets, directions to nearest theatres, movie trailers and more.
  • Health & Fitness and Sports: The best tips on getting in shape, staying in shape, or amping up your workout from Bicycling, Fitbie on MSN, Men’s Health, and Runners World. Or Fox Sports Flash keeps you up to date on the latest in sports, while Fox Sports' Lunch with Benefits take a lighter look at the world of sports. In between, MSN Onit will give you info on a wide range of sports (from World Cup Soccer updates to the World Cup of Surfing) along with info on local leagues and sports for yourself.


  • Tech & Gadgets and Dollars & Sense: The gear you need, and the technology you lust after, is all here from Technolog, Esquire,, Men's Health, Popular Mechanics and MSN Money provides the best tips, tools and analysis to help make sure you can pay for all that gear you are interested in, and keep some money in the bank besides.
  • Style and Beautiful Women: Esquire, Men's Health and bring you the best in fashion and style for men. Plus a weekly look at the most beautiful celebrities & models from Esquire,, Wonderwall and, recipient of the National Magazine Award for Best Digital Photography Website  A guilty pleasure to enjoy and share with your buddies on email or Facebook. 

In addition to creating a unique blend of men’s lifestyle content, MSN remains committed to delivering value to advertisers too. For brands interested in reaching the their target audience with relevant messages, MSN Onit for Windows Phone 7 is ad enabled allowing advertisers of all sizes to engage guys on the go using mobile banner and text ads.

MSN Onit, a guy’s guide, for Windows Phone 7 (coming soon on other devices).

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  • Nice guide, thanks for sharing!!..

  • Once again, a release that has peaked too soon.  Why doesn't the Windows Phone Team learn from the current updating debacle?  When is a release NOT a release?-- Apparently when it's associated with WP7.  This app in not available to download for me.  Neither Zune or the phone's marketplace can find it. takes me to the app download page but 'Install' never appears.  So frustrating, why release it with such big fanfare when it's not available everywhere or better put, hardly available anywhere?  They do know that the USA is just one country, right?

  • Guys, release the stuff worldwide - even if its in english only. This US-centric stuff makes me mad. Look at the numbers and see how many non US-customers you have... And this behaviour might lead to a declining number...

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    Oh, good grief, and Esquire app?  Limp.  Really limp.  Next you'll want a GQ app.  Sheesh, no wonder society has been going downhill.

    Rather than share information about ridiculously useless apps, please share with folks what's happening with the update.  I'm betting what we have here is yet another missed target.

  • @brentn - As someone else said it before, probably what the WP7 developing team think about –all day, is to “How to enhance their sexual life”.  They don't realize that we, real people with jobs, families and responsibilities, only care about is having a functional device that will help us carry our work and social lifes around without interruptions.  I bet they are now working on some “Oprah” or “Martha Stewart” application for men… Pity!

  • brentn
    5 Posts

    This was more important than things like a *real* official Live Messenger app?

  • How about some update news instead? Come on guys you need to be doing at least quarterly updates.

  • Instead of wasting time on this questionable app, maybe more time should be spent on getting out the WP7 update! I don't need any sex tips from a porn star!

  • JJoyce
    1 Posts

    Actually, it's a very nice app.

    Will it replace my trips to Probably not, but it really does come across as almost a customized "Men's magazine".

    The addition of local news along with local events and concerts is absolutely fantastic as well. Content's a little light right now, but that's not surprising for something that's just launched as a daily/weekly digital men's guide.

    Hope Esquire's agreed to give them a significant amount of content as there's no Esquire app for WP7 (yet).

    Anyway, I can understand the frustration over the geolocks, but given the emphasis placed on integrating local content, I can't say I'm surprised. After all, I don't think Microsoft's local search services have really been rolled out much beyond the US and possibly UK as of yet, so....

  • graf702
    32 Posts

    Where is this weeks infomation packed podcast.  I can't wait to hear what ding and ong have to say.  Oh yeah I forgot this is Microsoft.  You're right less communication is better!!!

  • Great. I'm sure the legions of oafish Adam Carolla clones throughout the United States are absolutely thrilled by this news.

    Now could the rest of us please receive the "February" update? Sprint ships the Arrive tomorrow with the NoDo update already installed while my Focus keeps insisting that, "Your phone is up to date. Current software version: 7.0 (7004)."

    Is this any way to treat your early adopters?

  • Application only available in US? Such a terrible decision.

  • another MS app not available outside the US just what we all want to know about .

  • glonq
    4 Posts

    I never understood the value of reading a website via a custom app instead of a mobile-friendly web page.  Or an RSS feed.

    So now we have an app that's only for US, only in English, only for men, and only on WP7.  I'm sure all twelve downloaders will appreciate this, and I'm sure that MSN will enjoy the +0.000002% readership boost.

  • Microsoft - Will you finally understand that YOU MUST RELEASE GLOBALLY. There is a world outside the United States and we can speak English.

  • Men are the best. High5 to all winpho masculinists around our beautiful globe :]

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    Oh, good grief, an app that is perfect for the self-absorbed loser who THINKS he's a man.  Sheesh.  How carnal can we get?  Such a waste of electrons.

  • It's not in the marketplace in Canada.

  • Ah shame.  Not available in the UK marketplace.  Shame, it looked nice.

  • Haven't tried it yet, but just gotta say that I'm really pleased to see that MS has brought this to Windows Phone 7 FIRST!  Excellent.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Question to MS.  If the back-end server providing the feeds for the MSN Onit App is only making these video streams available to the WP7 App - then why are people worrying about content optimised for a mobile handset display, uploading it back to a PC, re-coding or copying content for display on a large screen or PC monitor.

    In this day and age of torrents etc - it just ain't going to happen.  We need to speak out against geoblocks and region content protection to mobile handsets.  It's a Joke.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Another GEOblocked / Region Restricted MS App release not available in Australia.  Yay Microsoft.

  • Can't install it from Germany. So it's useless for me... OK, to be fair I will give it another try later.

  • leifage
    13 Posts

    Woow, good news - just what I needed now that the end of march isn't very far away