New in Marketplace: ESPN ScoreCenter

New in Marketplace: ESPN ScoreCenter

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Hey, sports fans! Just in time for opening day, ESPN’s official—and free—app for Windows Phone arrived today. ScoreCenter is a must-have download for stats junkies and casual sports fans alike. The app offers scores and news for hundreds of sports leagues around the world, so you’ll never miss another goal, pitch, basket, try, touchdown, or wicket. It also boasts one of the slickest designs of any Windows Phone app to date.

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  • Very good entry, it should be pretty useful for the sports lovers!!..

  • This is truly an awesome app!  I would love for there to be Toaster Support, where you can control the interval per league.  I don't want to get a toaster notification when an Basketball game was on for every score change.  But, I would love to keep track of scores at the end of the quater, and major breaking news.

    Oh yeah, and fix the Live Tile issues folks are mentioning in the MS Social Forums (, to show two posts).  I have that problem with my phone (and can confirm that it has 23 registered entities in the PushClient registry section, and I don't have nearly that many apps that support Live Tiles installed.)

  • Michael,

    Any word on when/if idividual apps are coming from the NHL, NFL, MLB, ect...?

  • dkb1898
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    This has quickly become one of my favorite apps! I'm not quite sure how I lived without it before...brings all the important information that I check or read into one place...very nice!

  • I agree with you guys, there needs to be more Live Tile implementation on Apps to seperate WP from other platforms. Instant Information without opening an app = win.

  • Sheeds
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    Any chance the Dev's could be asked to include under Football - Any Country - Australia - "Aussie Rules" or AFL Football fromt he Australian National League ?

    This would be great ! Ta.

  • Angel
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    Hey guys any word on if or when Ford Sync Destinations will be made available for WinPhone7. Just bought a new car and was surprised they weren't fully compatible since they are both Microsoft products. My wife and I both have Win7 phones which we both love and are really enjoying Sync. Thanks for a great product and keeping us informed.

  • This app rocks!   A live tile with the scores for MyTeams would rock  even more.

  • This is a nice App, so far running without any problems on my LG Quantum.

  • Razor
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    @ cmwind

    True enough. It's pathetic that Microsoft's own apps like weather don't even operate as live tiles. Aesthetics as well: The icons are ugly as heck, and don't match the current theme.

  • cmwind
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    @Razor and dkb1898 yeah i could see that fear but it is kind of like gps tracking. just offer a toggle (in or out) option for live tile the first time you launch the  app. i think there is a bigger element at play here. If the tile is not flipping over or showing information then the tile will always be on the companies logo. It is free advertising. Anyone who looks at the phone will see ESPN or F (faebook), etc, etc. I think they do not want to give up that advertising. I think this is the same reason Netflix will not integrate with the "Music + Video" Hub. If they were just listed in the "marquee" list then there would not be much reason to pin them to the "Start" screen. Microsoft needs to figure out a way to push prominent developers towards the Hubs and Live Tiles otherwise their platform is iOS with Crazy large icons, Xbox, Office, and some nice (but not awesome) Facebook integration

    Microsoft could encourage devs to do this by... hmmm... oh i dont know? Maybe get all of their appropriate apps to have live tile functionality. Like the "Weather" app and the "Stock" app even the "Shopping List" app could use some sweet live tile lovin

  • Everyone needs to download this app so ESPN will know that we're a force to reckon with on the mobile scene and will build us a Fantasy Football app!

  • Finally! With ESPN on Xbox Live, I was surprised WP7 didn't launch with a native ESPN app.

  • dkb1898
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    @Michael Stroh - Thank you so much for the feedback, you have no idea how nice it was to hear that....bravo!

  • Razor
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    I'm not sure what is scaring developers from adopting live tile support, but I'd also like to see greater usage. The facebook app especially needs this.

    I guess there is always the worry of burning bandwidth on customer phone plans =/

  • @ Dave Messina: I've seen the future...and I think you'll like it. :-)

    @dkb1898: We're on it. The team is keeping a close eye on reviews for marquee apps and working with the right folks to address as needed.

  • dkb1898
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    @cmwind - agreed! Facebook, we're looking at YOU!

  • cmwind
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    this is such a natural fit for live tile support yet like many other apps that have natural fit for live tile support it does not exist. :( otherwise great app.

  • dkb1898
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    Yeah great app, really shows the power of's don't need to be over 1MB to be awesome and take advantage of the underlying platform to make life easier for users. I no longer have to browse ESPN mobile site to get this info for my favorite teams. Though the performance is a little behind IE Mobile...I'm not running NoDo though.

  • Awesome app....enjoying the fact that more and more mainstream apps are making their way to the WP7 platform. Looking forward to what the future holds.

  • Captiosus
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    I may have to give this a go, but I've had terrible luck with the scorecenter app for other platforms. Back on my iPhone, it was a MASSIVE battery drain, not entirely sure why.

  • Great app. :D Just DLd it and it looks great.