Windows Phone Radio 22

Windows Phone Radio 22

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Good morning! Windows Phone Radio number 22 went live late Friday after a bit of a break [thanks for sticking with us]. This week, Matt and I invited Brandon Watson to the studio to give us a quick glimpse into Mix11 and chat up some of the coolest apps to hit the Marketplace. We talk about Full House Poker, Fable Coin Golf, City Walk, Pro Evolution Soccer and more. Matt and Brandon even geek out on pro fighting for a bit. We also talk briefly about the current state of the NoDo update, with more to come as progress continues. You can find Windows Phone Radio in Zune Marketplace, iTunes and for direct streaming here.

-Brian (@brianseitz)

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  • roteague
    26 Posts

    I'm unsubscribing to your podcast. Not because I don't enjoy it, but because I have lost all trust in Microsoft with regards to Windows phone.


    If Microsoft can't even get two simple updates out - one of which is TWO MONTHS overdue - then why should I? What does this whole update mess mean for future updates? Can we look to see the "Mango" update sometime in 2013?

    What's really sad? I've been a Microsoft fan since 1985, but now I'm just plain fed up with Microsoft.

  • casper7
    14 Posts

    let me start by saying that i love the wp7 os.  it's new and unique.  now the only problem i have is the lack of information regarding the update.  early april is almost over and still no word.  anything i have heard has been so bleak and open it could essentially very way different from the way it sounds.  **estimated testing completion date is early april.   so in other words it could actually be late april, early may or who knows when.  would it be so hard to give us an actual date?  and have they really been testing for 5 months or more?  please don't keep your customers in the dark.  the more details we get the better.  whos face are you trying to save, yours our the "premiere carrier"?  all i am saying is we deserve more info than what we have been given and you owe it to us to get it out there.  best regards and best of luck to all.

  • ScubaDog
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    You're wrong.  The platform isn't dead.  In fact, I'm betting we'll see some interesting stuff come out of MIX'11.  Granted, the update mess is hurting in a big way.  But people are still developing for the platform and that rate is increasing.  Why?  Because it's an easier platform to develop for and, IMHO, the interface is so much better than iOS or Android that there's no competition.  Press is fluid.  Press is fallible.  Press is biased and quite often plain stupid (the fact that they are largely liberal proves that point to me).  Somehow, Microsoft forgot these things when it chose to not get this right out of the gate.  It will take significant effort to change what the press says, not to mention the customers.  But they wouldn't be putting this much effort into turning the ship around if they thought it was still going to run aground.  We, as customers and enthusiasts, need to keep the pressure on them.  But you are counterproductive.  You're like Bill Shatner in Airplane 2, shutting down the moonbase prematurely.

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    I have to agree that the podcast opened up a new can of worms.  Okay, Eric and others, do you get the idea that only giving bits and pieces of the truth out to people leads to assumptions and blame that may or may not be appropriate?  For quite some time I was quite happy to spread the blame across fairly evenly, with the guilt for the latest delays being squarely on the carriers.  Now what you guys have said is that your hands ARE in the middle of even this 'testing" phase.  So, now that you've let that cat out of the bag, you guys owes us more details.  We aren't satisified with "well, the carriers found a couple of issues and we're having to go back in, do some tweaking and send a new package to them for further testing".  No, that's not good enough.  Give us very specific details.  What did AT&T and other carriers actually FIND in their testing that's required you to stop the presses?  What is is exactly that you are changing in order to address the finding?  And why is it that you didn't see it in your tests with the OEM but somehow a stupid carrier found it?  You see, I personally don't assign a lot of brilliance to the carriers when it comes to devices (especially since when you call them the right hand has no clue it HAS a left hand, much less what it's DOING).

  • Zonagh
    2 Posts

    Fine - I'll go ahead and say it. Your platform is dead.

    Sure, it's still out there but there is ZERO positive press about it. Let's take a peek at the last week of news regarding Windows Phone 7: News articles about the the update mess that is going into month 3 with what appears to be no resolution in sight. Another news article regarding the possible delay, again, of the Trophy 7 on Verizon, which now puts it trying to compete against the Thunderbolt which is as popular as the iPhone. A news report showing a market loss. At least Symbian and WebOS get some positive articles. Windows Phone 7 is getting trashed by everyone, including the most stoic Microsoft supporters.

    Frankly, it doesn't look like you have the capability or desire to even bother trying to turn this platform around. This podcast is a great example - more of the same platitudes we've been hearing for a month and a half now: apologies and the blame game. Mango is a non-issue because in another 3 months this'll be KIN all over again. You've got no one to blame for the death of this platform, and the fact that developers are now running away from it, but yourselves.

    I can't wait until later in the week when we get yet another apology post.  That last line was sarcasm, in case it wasn't apparent.

  • MrPalo
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    Maybe you guy's can give some insite to when/if at all the Zune Music Marketplace will be coming to Australia.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    This episode opened a new can of worms.  Now, upon using the information offfered by Microsoft, I decided to inquire with ATT, most of the time courteously, just WHEN I might see the update complete "testing".   Now Windows phone radio 22 indicates that the phone update might not be "Completely" in the hands of the operator.  So, it is time for Microsoft to better explain the step, and moreover BREAK IT DOWN a little more so that we can tell what is happening.

    So it is really simple.   Tell us what's going on, if Microsoft is fixing something so that ATT can test again, let's say that.  If ATT has it and Microsoft has no open issues, let's say that.

    Everything "can't be done", but it is easy to see in this case "more" can definitely be done to let users know when they will be able to update.

    Things like WP7Chevron Updater are not going to start coming unless the update process SPEEDS up.

    I'm being as nice as I possibly can, and I hope to hear more about how this is being fixed at MIX11.

    Thanks for listening.

    To Eric, from Eric... your turn!

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!


  • ormico
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    Sorry to repeat the question, but where are the certified Micro SD cards for Windows Phone 7?


  • Hearing "nitch" mispronounced is quite painful, but otherwise another good podcast.

  • Hi Guys, great podcasts! tnx for the info... BTW. check out this WP7 app called omoplata -> It keeps you up-to-date with the latest fighting news (MMA/UFC)...


    Rudi Grobler

  • if you and all windows phone 7 employees have genuinely read all the comments - why are you not acting on them, some of them just want some communication, yet there is little!

  • Sheeds
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    Sorry - Blog link above may be bad - as it looks like something has wiped 90% of my new blogg'd content off the server this morning :(

  • KR
    503 Posts

    just wondering about the hack update method using the Zune PC software,thats what i used to update my HD7?

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Great Podcast Brian and Matt - not shying away from touching on the important issues (yes people will always demand more I'm sure) and balancing other content well.  Brandon's comments and explanation of the chevron.forced update tool from MS's perspective was interesting to hear.  It looks like the MS Dev/Design relationship witht he Chevron team remains pretty solid - as you could have really nailed Walshie and his team - and didn't.

    Having used this tool to force Nodo on my ATT Focus - I was also pleased to hear that you are trying to see what you can do to help users like me, and I look forward to hearing more from MS and Chris/Chevron into the future. (Seriously chances are a fix for us will be out before ATT approve NoDo for normal release - let alone Mango! Fail=ATT).

    Fable Coin Golf ROCKS!  I love it.  Finished it the other day with ~90K gold banked for Fable 3.  I'm now trying to unlock bonuses by completing every level to gold class.  The BEST game hands down on WP7 (just beats Chicks N Vixens) :D

    Just starting up my first ever blog, with a WP7 focus.  Some of the quotes from this podcast reported over there at:

    Cheers  :)

  • emanucy
    4 Posts

    I have a suggestion. It would be helpful to me if there was a way the phone could notify me when podcasts I have subscribed to post new content. I don't use my home computer every day so having this feature will allow me to learn about new episodes faster and save myself wasted trips looking for new content which hasn't arrived yet. An ideal scenario would be to replicate how the marketplace live tile tells you when there are new downloads for your installed apps. If the Zune tile said I had downloads, then I would know I needed to sync up with my computer. Thanks for considering and if there is already an alternative way to do this, I'd appreciate learning about it. Keep up the great work on the podcast!