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I know many of you are waiting eagerly for news about the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and HTC Surround. As we’ve noted on Where’s my phone update?, these phones are expected to finish update testing in early April.

We're eager to share progress. But these tests are important, and they're just not quite done. I expect to have more to say soon—so please stay tuned.

There were no changes to Where’s my phone update? this week.

Finally, I wanted to draw your attention to a new how-to resource on the Windows Phone website: Update Central. Update Central brings together step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting steps for common errors, and other useful updated-related info. Also, don’t forget about the KB article and new automated Windows Phone Support Tool designed to address the 800705B4 error, which affects some phones trying to install the February update.

Eric Hautala

GM, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • technoloG
    21 Posts

    Nearly a year later and still no presence of core functionality such as full back up with restore and transfer capabilities.

    Vote for complete backup with restore and transfer functionality at the UserVoice Suggestion Box!


    Let your voice be heard.

  • This still gets me thinking. Apple created and rolled-out a fix for their GPS logging issue within 2 weeks. How can they do that with so many carriers and 3 different iphone versions

  • I am currently updating my Focus. I did get the error a couple of time for timing out. The first thing I saw to do was to delete history, map stuff and searches that were stored to the phone. Still same error for time out. Next was to uninstall apps that used the internet, I did a couple of them and thought this isn't right. I got the error again. And of course if I would have stopped and read the instructions after clicking the bright red Help link in Zune with the error I would have already been done. Download the WPSupportTool      support.microsoft.com/.../2530409                    according to your computer system, worked like a champ, no more error and I didn't have to uninstall anything. I hope this helps others that may have the same issue and forget to stop and read the instructions from time to time.

  • dkb1898
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    Page has been updated, Focus and Quantum are now Scheduled

  • grnbd
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    What's sad is we are getting better updates about the NoDo update from tech blogs then we are from Eric Hautala.

  • Krush You
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    Its a bit much but at least now we have certified sd cards coming


  • Good news to ATT&T users:

    AT&T Windows Phone 7 NoDo update due April 19


  • casper7
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    hope we get some sort of update on the update before i have to go to work and the weekend begins.  please let us know something.  even if it is the same old "nothing yet" or "soon".  just something to let us know you care enough to keep us informed

  • I got a WP7 to mainly enhance my Zune Pass experience. With the marketplace crashes and Zune app bugs (admitted issues by MS) not only did it fail to even hold par with Zune HD (Never ever lose functionality on a new product MS....NEVER) I am canceling my Pass.

    This is beyond comedic on the failure. Also, why only have updates every few months, these need to be done regulary to keep pace somewhat. WP7 doesn't make me miss my IPHONE...worse, it makes me miss my Treo 650!!!

  • Dang...just realized that "soon" is one of "those" 4-letter words to Microsoft.

  • Is it "soon" yet?

    Are we "there" yet?

  • Razor
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    I feel sorry for anyone on AT&T =( I still blame Microsoft for this update screw up, though.

  • I'm having a hard time trying to convince my brother who doesn't like his iphone anymore to get a Windows Phone, and I don't blame him.  It is ridiculous to still be waiting in April for the March update that was supposed to happen in February which was originally scheduled in January to happen.  WP7 is one of the best OSes for phones and you are blowing it.

  • I am waiting for the "announced" HTC Hd7s from AT&T. But it now seems that AT&T is delaying this device deployment. It has nodo on it already , why do you think they are waiting for general nodo release for AT&T before releasing this device? is it me just being a conspiracy theorist ?

  • depend
    5 Posts

    When will WP7 be available on Verizon? I have had enough with AT&T.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    @Captiosus I'm excited about the platform because I believe that Microsoft will fix the problems and we'll see a much quicker update process in the future.

    I'm sorry to see that you're not impressed, but I'm not sure you could be.  As Microsoft gets that idea, they think more and more to discount your comments.   In other words, your points are diminshed with each post.

    Anyway, what I really stopped to say is I forgot to mention that Mango has shared data, several kinds of background threads (because my foreground thread is always more important than anything else), toast and tile update without a web connection, Gyro, a direct camera API, sockets....

    The updates may be slow to arrive, but the core operating system work is absolutely flying, even compared to other phone platforms.  

    We are not caught up yet, but we already have a better base experience than the others.   This will only add to the "delight".

    So Joe, Eric, Brian, Brandon.... just get us our update as quickly as possible ... I hope you're talking to AT&T and ... rock on ... BTW, if you get time after mine, get @Captiosus his!

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!


  • roteague
    26 Posts

    So, how is that "early" April date working out ..... Oh, I guess you meant April 2012.

    One more broken promise ...

  • Most of my friends have the Samsung Focus and they got the Nodo update weeks ago...What's taking so long for the HTC Surround? Don't get me wrong I love my WP7 phone but just a little frustrated. Had a big chance to show it off at a local tech conference and the battery died half way through the day, my buddy's Focus lasted all day and he has the update...

  • @ edm - Agreed.  Clearly WP7 is behind the competition.  Mango will bring WP7 closer to what's available today, but it's unlikely to match what competitors will be showcasing in the fall.  I am hoping that in mid-late 2012 that Windows Phone will be truly competitive with the other platforms.

    The thing is, the Windows Phone of 2012 will not have to compete with the Android of 2012.  If current trends continue, 97% of Android users will have some version of Android that is in existence today (3.0 / 2.3.3).  

    It's difficult to see the light at the tunnel when you can't receive the first update but I know it's there.

  • hg23
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    I am convinced the updates will not be released until after the AT&T HD7 goes on sale.  There is no other reasonable explanation at this point.

  • edm
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    In the meantime, iOS 4.3.2 is out.

  • byobg
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    New to this blog (and glad to have found it), so apologies if this has been gone over already - but has anyone explained how the "scheduling" phase of an update can take up to ten days?

    I personally don't get how the "testing" phase can take weeks/months when there's such a small number of handset/BIOS combinations for each carrier, but I'll accept (grudgingly) that they know what they're doing, so okay.

    I also don't see why, when a carrier signs off after weeks/months of testing, MS still needs to stagger the rollout of the update - but again, I'll accept (grudgingly) that there's a good reason.

    But scheduling that rollout can take ten days?  How???

  • edm
    27 Posts

    @ Rich - The problem with your analysis is that as of let's say May 2009 (the bulk of Android users are on 2.2) Android was a more mature OS than WP7 is now, therefore, arguably the need to update is likely less critical.

    Besides, Android never promised better update release schedule as far as I know.

  • I'm not going to say be patient because this update is way overdo.   Obviously Microsoft dropped the ball on the first update.  In my opinion, Microsoft has not managed our expectations at all.  I refuse to evangelize this platform until every handset on every carrier is updated.  

    For people who plan to jump ship to the iPhone, well, that's fair.  Apple has the kinks worked out.  However, those of you talking about moving to Android over this update fiasco are simply not thinking clearly.  I can't sit back and watch people spout nonsense.

    Check out how Android "updates" are going:


    Let me give you some numbers:

    3.0.0 (released 02/2011) - 0.02%

    2.3.3 (released  02/2011) - 1.7%

    2.3.0 (released 12/2010) - 0.8%

    2.2.0 (released 05/2010) - 63.3%

    2.1.0 (released 10/2009) - 27.2%

    1.6.0 (released 09/2009) - 3.5%

    1.5.0 (released 04/2009) -2.7%

    What can we glean from these ?  

    First, given that Windows Phone 7 was released late October of 2010, almost 97% of Android users are running a version that is OLDER than the OS running on Windows Phone.  97%.  All indications are that this will get worse (for Android) not better as time rolls on.

    Second, the cadence for Android looks to be roughly 6 months / release.  That is very similar to the current WP7 cadence with one glaring exception: on Windows Phone you can expect to receive the update -- even it is infuriatingly late.

    Clearly, everyone has a right to be upset until they get their promised update, but Microsoft is taking steps to improve the process.  It is foolish, however, to imply that the situation on the Android side of the fence is any greener.

  • gbneely
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    I have always supported Microsoft and the operating systems they develop. When I was ready to trade in my phone, I went and got a Samsung Focus. Part of this decision was based on the fact that Microsoft stated there would be updates in early 2011 and promised even more at the end of 2011. For me, it's not so much that the updates are taking so long, it's how utterly incompetent Microsoft seems to be at handling the issue. I understand things don't always go as planned, but at least man up and keep your customers informed. A vague graphic with meaningless timelines is an utter embarrassment for a company supposedly on the cutting edge. I haven't got a lot of disposable income, but I am honestly considering dumping my WP7 for something else. Not because it's a bad phone or system, but because I no longer trust what Microsoft is putting out in the way of information. Whoever is responsible for this disaster needs to step up,  apologize, and start giving honest and accurate information. To continue in the same ineffective manner is absolutely unforgivable.

  • casper7
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    update central has troubleshooting steps for common errors, and other useful update-related info.   update central= useless tool since we don't have the update in the first place.  that's like saying here is a tool to fix your car when all you have is a bike.

  • I sincerely hope that Microsoft is able to stop carriers from limiting access to updates. This is a serious barrier to the adoption and the success of WP7.

    It seems to me that if the users simply had access to a tool that would allow them to flash the phone firmware to a known state that this whole NoDo situation would not have been an issue. Knowing the carriers have the keys to the update gates is a pointless and frustrating aspect of being a Windows Phone user. As a user, not feeling like I have any control over the situation is extremely frustrating and quite frankly pushing me away from the platform. I'm sure I'm not alone.

    Who in their right mind would buy a retail PC that required Best Buy or WalMart's permission to upgrade the OS? It's pretty much the same thing with Windows Phone. It is an absurd situation and we *need* Microsoft to protect us, the actual customers, from the carrier's apathy or greed which appears to be the true source of the problem here.

    Microsoft, if you can demonstrate that you put the customers first and not the carriers, customer demand will carry WP7 to success. Allowing the carriers to control the situation will only lead you down the path of Kin.

    Please try to make the right thing happen here. I am a big fan of WP7 and hope for its success, but Microsoft needs to step up and pick a side on the carrier versus customer situation before its too late.

  • Captiosus
    103 Posts

    @Eric - Microsoft made a lot of promises before WP7 went RTM, including publishing all these press reports that basically came out and said they learned from their mistakes with Windows CE/Windows Mobile and from the success of the competition. Has that amounted to a hill of beans? Hell no.

    I would love to be as optimistic as you about WP7, but my pragmatism prevents it. Being excited about the Mango functions is fine but at least be realistic. What good is being excited about Mango when A LOT of people still don't have pre-NoDo or NoDo and there's no realistic time table on when those updates can be expected and no real proof that Microsoft has learned anything from this mess, thus preventing a repeat of the same situation?

    A single mea culpa doesn't even begin to address the problems; It's just ANOTHER hollow apology. Remember those press reports? They promised regular updates. I don't know in what world "regular updates" means "two minor updates and one major update per year". The fact still remains: By the time they're "done" with Mango and handing it out to carriers (most likely so we can repeat this entire update/delay mess again), iOS 5 will be out with new features, and Android Honeycomb will be smartphone capable with new APIs and new features. This snail's pace of a release time table doesn't close the gap between WP7 and iOS or Android.

    Promises are hollow when they can't deliver on the platform in its current state. Mango at year's end, coupled with the current update debacle and carrier disinterest in the platform, is a death knell. As for the availability of the tools - why on Earth would anyone want to start coding for Mango's featureset and APIs when, even in a perfect world where the updates become available instantly, Mango is not going to be RTM for 7 months AFTER the tools are released? You'll just be coding apps you can only run in the Dev-Emulator environment...

  • Leigh
    89 Posts


    A bit disappointed with the update this week, but optimistic that "soon" means less than a week.

    Everybody else:

    I encourage everyone who thinks the platform is dead to see the MIX Wednesday keynotes.   Joe B. opened up about the update, just as I expected he would (as the stand-up guy he is),.   He explained that Microsoft is learning, and it will get better.  I believe him.

    ....Aand he got about the business of showing what is going to be in mango.   1500+ new API's, Sliverlight 4, IE9 ... too much to list here.

    Go to www.microsoft.com/.../mix and be amazed.   Especially check out the race to render an HTML5 page with an iPhone4, a Nexus S, and a Windows Phone 7 device, live on stage.

    BTW, the tools are going to be released next month so that I can start building apps with Mango features.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!


  • minnisp
    1 Posts

    Microsoft, ATT sucks! Buy Sprint and sell nokia phone 7 devices on your own network! Hell with ATT garbage

  • zhaklak
    3 Posts

    on a late 2015 news headlines.. Jobs revealed new iPhone 10..nokia ditched microsoft and signed partnership with andriod..executive again apologized to customer for their promised 2010 nodo update and in his 100th blog post for the same god damn issue he urged customer to be patient and noted that microsoft is day and night copy and pasting for the past 5 years..the redmond giant has recruited 1billion people to CUT and PASTE cautiously.. every employee is given physical training to test under snow..sun..ocean.moon.. the CEO is optimistic to roll out the Nodo by end of 2020 to the only one existing phone out there in the market. no doubt it none other that the one in his pocket.

  • alsant
    2 Posts

    Lo escribí en una pasada ocasión y hoy vuelvo a escribirlo, tengo un Windows Phone -especificamente Samsung Focus- y es la primera pero también la última vez que adquiero (trash cash) un telefono de windows, Esto es una falta de respeto a aquellos -me incluyo- q confiamos en el sistema operativo "Windows Phone". No way!!!!

  • If it's still expected in early April , I'm expecting a blog post on Friday telling us that the AT&T branded phone have completed testing.  Let's hope so.

    In the end, the problem is Microsoft's because they didn't build enough testing time into their schedule before officially "releasing" NoDo three weeks ago.  As a result, they created a PR disaster.

    It has been three weeks from the "release" and counting...

  • Admiral
    9 Posts

    Any lawyers posting on here?  Can we file a class-acting suit?  LOL!  EFFING RIDICULOUS!

  • Eric "Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and HTC Surround"... what about Mozart? Oh yes, not sold in the US, so not important, right?

    Pathetic. Just as your entire platform is becoming. You can announce as many improvements and updates as you want - until they ship, it's vapourware.

    We now get confirmation from AT&T that YOU are sitting on the updates. I don't think it's a far stretch to say you're sitting on the Telstra and Optus updates as well.

    Do you even do any work?

    The Phandroids and the Apple nuts were right. WP7 is a joke.

  • @Michael Ball...............Cool, and that is correct, so it has to be in the clause of their contract with At&t, for them not to do it, or not allowed until testing... Again, anything to gain profit, which works, but only for a amount of time, and they time is running out. All iphone has to do is steal WP7 UI, and then its over for everybody....LOL... Force "Mango" right now, enuff already... The 2 updates are not enuff to please... We will again be in the hands of both companies thinking Mango is going to be a Big Hit.... They can Hire a good temporary developer Team to solely be for this update mess pushing everything at once in one BAM,... How hard is that, they already have out money, spend it to benefit your consumers, not your Big Boat, Im sure you have enuff cash to buy all our phone back...LOL...



  • @nugamaan0047 - Microsoft already has a tool that can push the updates to our phones without carrier involvement.  It's called Zune.  They just WON'T do it.  Talk about a bunch of morons just wanting our money without commitment to their products.

  • @technoloG...Great point, and a definite need, agree that it should be more priority than everything else. The thing is, we have been fooled, bamboozled, sucka punched, right to the point where we have given 200+ dollars out, signed new contracts, and still have crappy service alone with a semi-buggie product software. But again, MS, At&t and phone manufactures still sitting lovely buying boats and taking trips, not concerning the promises made out. If Chevron is that bad to the point where it will damage your phone for future, why not revamp it and fix it so it can, isn't they on your team as well. Why put something out that works, then come back and say it don't and give everyone the scare tactic that they may not be able to update their phone... MS worked real fast to stop that from happening, all type of blogs and things saying NOT TO UPDATE WITH CHEVRON, but when MS supposely released that first update, they went into quite mode for a while, while people phone was actually bricking. Don't sound right, if they not getting paid somehow then they want budge. Bypass the At&t bull with the same firmware as Chevron, should speed things up.. Get the registries right so it all works out... No Brainard..... REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!



  • STOP TALKING ABOUT THE "MANGO" UPDATE UNLESS ITS READY FOR US NOW. Seem people rather have an APPLE than an MANGO..........LOL...........All this news today is not doing any good... Once again we are tied to our computers searching info of MS giving real dedicated dates, which is not believable now since you have not commuted to any other dates. The law should now stand for Corporate companies not be able to use phrases like, "Q1, Q2, Early, Late, or Mid... They can get away with those phrases giving them room for failure. Which that is ok, until your using it just to string people alone to purchase your product. More Corporate Laws on Contracts, and release dates. Until then, I will be notifying At&t that my bill payment should show up sometime Q3, or Early Sept....LOL



  • technoloG
    21 Posts

    While it is disappointing that there have been delays and bottlenecks in getting some of the new features, we often forget that this is a new device and OS - one that has only been out in the hands of the public for five months! The passion amongst device owners and developers truly shows in the hunger for the upcoming updates. What many are expecting includes features that took years to come to fruition on other devices; yet, they are coming soon, if at a frustratingly staggered rate.

    But, what is the value of features like copy-paste and multi-threading, if the device no longer works and all data is lost?

    Unfortunately, the Update Central pages have a How-To guide for restoring backups; but it doesn't work!


    Other than contacts, there currently is no way to restore your device to its previous state - no configuration settings, no apps, NOTHING! Granted, there may be a backup solution in place; but there is no means to restore a backup!

    Again, all of the exciting features that are coming in the "NoDo" and "Mango" updates are welcome; but does anyone see having a true backup solution as having an even higher priority? Would anyone prefer the security in knowing that if anything goes wrong, they can quickly restore everything to a state that is reasonably close to where they had it?

    Find out more here:


    After having us buy into the sleek and sexy OS and making Windows Phone a part of our every day life, is anything being done to truly "save us from our phones?"


  • Captiosus
    103 Posts

    @yobyeknom - I thought Fall, too, which was bad enough. But the press release from the coverage states that Joe B. said it's on schedule for release "by the end of the year". END OF THE YEAR!

    That means Winter 2011 before it's out of Microsoft's hands. It will be on NEW devices by January 2012. Existing devices? We'll probably be waiting until April or May 2012. Essentially, don't expect Mango on an existing device until at least one year from now.


  • @roteague.....YEP, and you can add Samsung in the mix too, somebody is responsible, yet every one of them is still going to the bank with our money.



  • So if I "copy" this i should be able to "paste" it here....????????? OKAY, it works, now send out the damn update!!!!!!!!! Your either testing or plotting how you can rip more people off to generate new cash flow, which is it. Hell, let us test it, send your consumers the update package you suppose gave to At&t to test and let us have at it on testing it...Strike that deal with At&t... give up the software your taking so long to test and hand it to your account holder for us to test. If it works, GREAT, if not, then we should be eligible now to have it repaired via Samsung for building a crappy device yet still paid the cost for it. Or, use your Windows Phone Support Tool to fix it... Just let us test the it, things may move faster... What does At&t have to test that we can't do on our own....... REALLY!!!!!!!!!!



  • I'm going to answer one of Microsoft's own questions appropriately:

    "Where do you want to go today?"


    Back to my iPhone.

  • roteague
    26 Posts

    @grnbd - As the GM of Customer Experience he needs to realize that the worst thing that Microsoft can do is piss off its most loyal users - the early adoptors. If loyal users are telling Microsoft that they won't recommend the phone to others, then Microsoft has already lost the battle.

    The lack of forthrightness on Microsoft's behalf is pissing off customers, regardless who is at fault - AT&T or Microsoft.

  • "Network World - Microsoft did not realize how different smartphones are from PCs until recent software updates broke new Windows Phone 7 devices that were already in the hands of cell phone users"

    WHY do we keep hearing bull from everybody.... Just go ahead and stop, it not worth telling us BS news that you should know already... You really didn't know how different smartphones were to PC's yet you had WM 5, 6, and 6.5 on different manufactured phones (i.e. HTC, ACER) but yet you say you don't know.. Take that "REALLY" slogan of your MS and us it on yourself because with your experience in the Software world since ripping off Mac way back when, LOL, you should have every clue on what the difference is.. But.........If not, if you "REALLY" can't get it, then it would have been nice to figure that out before you get involved and hand out  product that you have not researched.....Try "IDK" in your next big post to the world.



  • Just saw a video of Joe Belfiore at MIX11 showing some new features that will be delivered in Mango.  So excited.  So frustrated.  Excited, frustrated, excited, frustrated, excited, frustrated, excited, frustrated, excited....  

    When I hear that Mango will be released in the fall with all these cool features the above is the emotional roller coaster that I go through knowing how much of a mess this update release has been.

  • grnbd
    7 Posts

    Eric, I think you have a different understanding of what early April is than the rest of the world.

    I think the rest of the world sees the 13th as mid April.

    MS is pointing the finger at AT&T and AT&T is pointing the finger at MS. In the meantime the user is being held hostage, and it does not matter who is at fault MS is taking all the bad press.

    Everything you post on this now sounds more and more like corporate spin, and BS excuses.

    Give the loyal users who will spread the word a proper explication of the situation and a solid time table.

    You are not doing yourself any favors with these posts that says I've got nothing concrete, get back to you later.

    You can't go out of the gate setting expectations so high not meet them, and come back with what seems to be the consistent reply from MS so far....'get back to you later'

    You could have avoided all of this by simply managing user expectations. Instead all I heard was silence until things got out of hand with the homebrew Chevron work around.

    As the GM of Customer Experience you should know more than anyone that a major key to a great customer experience is managing expectations.

    Quite frankly you and MS have not done that.

  • SORRY for the typo's in my last post, I'm just as Pisst as everybody is, so a little steam writing helps. If I could only sit at the big round table with Microsoft... But instead they create us this vent blogger to post anger...LOL..Pull those Samsung Focus commercials about how you can do so much with your phone, or include that you can do everything but update it....LOL



  • Faster browsing, Cooler apps, Easier to get to apps.................WOW... This is what Microsoft claim as news.. Seems to me that this is in the same context as pre WP7 marketing back in October... Sounds like this is what you should have had going when WP7 was first released to compete against existing phones... Seems that we were issued WP7 Prototype in Nov. 2010... Yet, there is always a up to date prototype in the hands of the announcer...(or is it Really).. Prototype is in the sense of what a item should be design as in its final state, and/or will include bugs fixes or not, some prototypes are closer to the final design than you think. But this is not hardware, this is software, coming for a software GIANT whom had ample experience in software, yet Microsoft have no clue, or explainable knowledge on why its taking so long for ANYONE to test their software on a device. Are they testing your prototype software or your final software?...... REALLY...... Ok, start your own cell carrier service, build a phone to put your software on, and compete with At&t since they want to PAC-Man the whole cell phone industry, I'm sure your pockets are deep enough. LOL... If they have the prototype of the "Mango" being shown off, then I say, since you gave us a prototype of WP7 anyway, can we at least the the prototype of the "Mango" built one as well...We were able to survive this long with the first prototype why not give us this one as well until you get your design to your liking for production. Other than that, have At&t get the "Mango" update first for the Samsung Focus by early May (hate to even say that...lol), having the pre-update, NO-DO update and "Mango" update all in one BAM.... Do that, and I am that you will not have this much negative response from your LOYAL consumers...

  • mahdihaj
    30 Posts

    OMG ! Telstra is so lazy to push out update ! boring !

  • dhan911
    1 Posts

    What kind stupid testing you guys do that you can't put a simple date on when it will be done? Are you that thick to not understand how thin people's (including me) patience is at this point? Instead of wasting time with update central and such - just give us a date.

    As others have said, early april was last week. We are currently in mid-April.

    You have successfully engineered customer experience - I regret the day I bought this phone now. I still love using it but I am disappointed that I won't get any fixes for some glaring and obvious bugs in my Samsung focus.

  • Cardyin
    2 Posts

    Thank you, Eric.  I appreciate the fact that you at least checked in to show us that we weren't forgotten.  I would appreciate in the future if you could provide a little more detail on what some of the pending issues are during the testing process, or even if it was just to provide a percentage of completion.  Even though the description may be technical, it would be nice to see at least some progress provided.

    Also, in some of the other WM6 phones I've owned in the past, there were ability or channel for the users to assist with the testing of new updated through "leaked" ROMs on website such as xda-developers.com.  Perhaps you can establish a relationship with the Chevron team to grant them early access to some of the update, so that many of us on who like to be on the bleeding edge can actually assist Microsoft and the carriers in testing the updates in a real world environment.

  • jalf
    8 Posts

    How come a minor WP7 update needs more "important" testing than a major iPhone update? Did you release a defective product? That's really the only explanation that comes to mind, and you guys are not exactly forthcoming on the subject. If you have a better explanation, let us know. Otherwise, we'll have to go with the only theory we can come up with which explains the facts we're seeing.

    And of course, equally important, is there going to be as much "important" testing for future updates? If I buy a WP7 phone in, say, 2015, will it still require 3 months of testing for the kind of minor update that Apple releases to everyone in a single month? Do you have a plan for 1) making up the *additional* ground you've lost since you launched, and 2) catching up to the competition *in general* after that?

  • Bob
    9 Posts

    Blah, blah, blah....future....blah.  Yes, "Mango" looks promising and packing some great features.  But you need to have these features NOW!  Not this Fall and by the time ATT users see it, next yr.  Glad to see JoeB basically confirm in a round about way that carriers have you by the balls.  I don't see this update process ever getting better with them in the MIX. Ever.  Apple will continue to steam roll this platform as long as you continually insist to move so slow on adding features and then only have carriers slow it down even more.  Hell, everyone will be bored with the platform by the time "mango" hits.  Keep things fresh with frequent updates that add features, fix bugs, and tweak things here and there.  Keep your user base involved and engaged.  Most of us probably wont make the wait.  It's sad really.  Good job.

  • Yo if the plan is to get us to just buy a new phone with mango installed. I mean all the features they announcing at mix11 are great but they can't announce why at&t can't give ppl their basic updates already.

  • curtk
    37 Posts

    Wow...Mango is pretty cool for something we'll never see.

  • bigjim01
    27 Posts

    Looking forward to getting the updates and provide additional functionality for the best phone platform in the universe. I would hate to be forced to give up my phone as I would NEVER have a gagle phone or an iPhoney device. If these were the only two choices, then I would not need a phone at all.

  • PhilS
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    After seeing this, I would never recommend AT&T to anyone.

  • curtk
    37 Posts

    Eric--for your own good I would hold off posting these until you have good news to share. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. And since my phone is updated, but I guess now 'in an unserviceable state' we'll just have to rely on the hacker community to provide what you guys can't seem to do. I really hope the MIX keynote has the right amount of humble, or at about 10:30 PST this board is going to light on fire.

  • Admiral
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    @Sugoi.dane -- Exactly.  With WP7 Microsoft is 20 steps behind the competition.  NoDo pushes them ahead by *maybe* three steps.  That means they're still trailing by 17!  At that pace of "innovation" they will NEVER catch up.  EVER.

  • As usual there is a lot of anger and disappointment here and it is sad to see it but understandable.  I really like my Samsung Focus and I like the Windows Phone platform but I find myself very frustrated too.  I was so frustrated that I updated with the Chevron updater to get Nodo but I have had several random reboots since then - no loss of data just random reboots and I wish I hadn't felt that I needed to resort to a hack to get what should have already been delivered.  It would be nice if there was some real information in any of these pseudo-apologies; "we're having some issues with the x on the y but we expect some resolution in the next week."  Sadly, the people who come here to complain and rant are the users who feel the most passionate about the platform and while I think that a lot of the vitriol is a bit out of perspective I understand the disappointment.  Dangling the carrot for too long is just not the right approach and this carrot has been dangling for far too long.  People want some solid information and Microsoft should try much harder to deliver it.  I've been with Windows Mobile a long time and I was really excited about the new WP7 despite it's shortcomings but now I fear that I might defect to another platform if something isn't done very soon.  I don't even want to think about Mango even though I was excited at first.  You've turned a loyalist into someone with more than a wandering eye toward the other platforms.  This change comes about not from the shortcomings of WP7 but in the terrible mishandling of this first update and the misinformation doled out so sparingly.

    I feel lied to, in the dark and I am tired of waiting.

    First, when you are giving out information please make sure that it is useful, honest and as free of politics as possible.  

    Second, release the Nodo update to all users.  

    Third, don't botch the Mango update like this.


  • I've always loved MS products. So I built my job on these products. Working as a consultant, developer, certified trainer and much more - all about great MS products. I even told my friends how good MS is (you don't need another Media Player or Browser, better buy MS Office than using OpenOffice.org and so on).

    With buying a WP 7 as soon as it came out (even without  contract), my point of view changed slowly after the first days of excitement.

    This whole situation and functionality of WP 7 is a big joke. Are you guys really serious about this? Or are you holding back a HUGE update coming soon?

    Since I'm earning money with this and I lost lot of trust in MS, I was forced to buy a Mac first to have different opportunities. As a developer I have to learn new things every day and so this is not a problem for me. Just to keep up with what's going on I also bought an iPad. Didn't think I could have a real use for it at the beginning, I now realized that this is a great device and MS has not been able to provide a comparable plattform within a whole year. Since I'm also sick about this update mess, I just sold my HTC an got an iPhone.

    So, don't misunderstand me. I've not totally switched to apple! Right now I just need a Phone that simply works! And I'm still using my notebook with Windows 7 every day. I would still love to see MS succeed and kick Google's and Apple's butt. I'm just forced to look for different opportunities since I'm not sure anymore (even with the Nokia-deal) if MS will be able to keep up with the market. I hope you guys will show me some day that I'm wrong!

  • I thought that this Apple-Droid update process sounded like a good idea when I first bought my phone, but it seems that I should have just gone with another ecosystem because this one sure isn't working for me.

    Not only have you, and AT&T lied to us many times, but you continue to offer no explanation.(Mainly looking at AT&T but you're not off the hook.)

    I've been recommending WP7 since I got my phone in November, but now I can no longer recommend a phone/ecosystem who cannot only keep to a schedule/deadline, but cannot even evolve fast enough to keep up with competition.

    Microsoft hasn't been pushing WP7 as much as I think it should, mainly because you are planning to with the next wave of models.(In my opinion.) I think you had a good thing going for you, but don't expect me to buy into your ecosystem again if you're just going to dish out empty promises and dreams of the 'future' of th platform.

    Leave it to MS to mess up a good thing, in little to no time.

    Am I being harsh? Yes, because you've had the past mistakes of *other* companies to learn from.(Including yourself.)

    I'm boycotting buying anymore games until I have my update, I don't care what game or application comes out.

  • Admiral
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    So many good comments here!  I'm glad I'm not the only one that's PISSED about this whole IDIOTIC situation.  All I can say is Megafail, sorry, Microsoft better have an EPIC mea culpa ready at MIX today.  You bastards owe us all an apology.

  • @  nugamaan0047 – So, what’s your point? Too much clothes on and not enough ‘bootie’!

  • Eric, Eric. I don't envy you. This whole situation is just comical. Why aren't you people more transparent about what's going on? Throw us a bone here. Talk to us. What you're doing right now? That's not talking to us. You're not telling us anything new, or useful. You're giving canned responses. Contentless updates. Fueling the fires nipping at your toes as you hoist your own crucifix. You're not helping the situation. TALK TO US.

  • roteague
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    Microsoft has plain lost my trust on this issue.

  • It is frustrating to see how slow this update has been.  Just flat out ridiculous.

  • I am a diehard Windows Phone user. I have been using windows mobile previous to WP7. One thing that annoys me so much is that bloggers, writers, est., do so much talk about this copy and  paste deal like windows never had the feature ever.

    First of all the iPhone and Android did not do anything special by adding copy and paste to their phones. iPhone did not have it when it first released back in 2007, yet Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, and 6.5 had it and there was no big talk about it then. so, can we please get off this copy and paste deal like it going to resolve the mobile phone universe. As I stated in other comments Microsoft has had the ability to do everything the iPhone and Android can do now, before,  they just did not promote it as much as iPhone did once release claiming that they are ahead.

    Yes, iPhone was marketed better and became more users friendly but don't talk like iPhone hit the market with those options. However Windows Mobile was not designed with the capabilities of phones today, but it was able to sync with other devices, sync with your PC or Mac, play music, customization of the UI, and launch apps further down the line once WM6.0,6.5 was released. So again get off the copy and paste deal.

    Second, what needs to be addressed is how long it is taking for Microsoft to release updates and  why in hell did they release it without these features that an older version was able to  produce. Honestly I rather wait for the product to be finalized before it gets in the hands of  consumers just to catch the waft of what all we read currently. But, okay, they released it,  now it’s time to at least satisfy the ones that have been loyal to Microsoft and that is where I  think they are digging a bigger hole.

    Not only are we awaiting a real update so we can move on from checking our phones and computers all day, it has been documented that the Samsung Focus is the most owned WP7 phone and still counting. I can only assume most new or switched phone platform users have chosen the Samsung  Focus and guarantee that the diehard Windows Phone users choose to own the Samsung Focus as well.  As for a very slow marketing push for the new Windows Mobile OS (WP7), Microsoft themselves even  choose the Samsung Focus which is available only on At&t, who from the start stated that they  will be the sole provider of WP7 are not even in the top list of having the update first. Now  when I see the commercials I can only get pisst off because they still show the Samsung Focus  yet Sprint release of the HTC Arrive comes with the "NO-DO" update installed.

    Okay, Okay, sounds a little whinny, but my point is why not show your loyal consumers some love back by at least working with At&t ("your sole provider") so that the update would fall in the  hands of those that have awaited you the longest than to reward another carrier whom seem to not  be interested in WP7 in the beginning. Now how do you plan to market through At&t claiming a  different kind of phone yet Sprint has the real difference in what you first wanted to release  back in Nov. 8, 2010. I just don't see that as fair.

    Now you have your so called bugs worked out, which is cool, that’s the whole ideal for updates,  make people feel that you are providing them something that you also feel can be much better and  user friendly. The WP7 UI is groundbreaking in my words because most Smartphone’s did not do  anything but copy the groundbreaking UI the iPhone brought to Smartphone’s in 2007. But for  iPhone they have pushed that same look and launch style UI since then, which will now bring  them to 4 years of never updating their UI then charge $500+ dollars for features that again  were possible for WM5.0,6.0,6.5. Yet their app type style broke ground giving developers a way  to market their skills in app creation where WM lacked.

    Lastly, WP7 will catch up. You can also take that out of your content as well, bogus to even think they want. Currently, WP7 has the best UI Smartphone experience than any Smartphone out there and this will be the battle in the near future, UI vs. UI (soon there will be whack blogs about this as well). But, as for now Microsoft, Steve, whom ever is reading my post, for there not to be a fast paste to at least release the update to first come consumers who stood in line (if any), waited long and longer times for Microsoft to even say they will produce a Smartphone way back when it was supposedly the "Zune Phone", carried a Window Mobile phone prior to WP7, or just didn't like the iPhone or Android but purchased a Windows Phone 7, WHY.

    I own the Samsung Focus on At&t and I have yet received any pushed notification on my phone or when connected to Zune. This is annoying, it's not fair, yet I am still being loyal to Microsoft. So why do I comment on this, because I feel there are plenty others that don't reply or comment will at least appreciate that they are not alone.



  • I too am a very dedicated Windows fan and awaited MS to release an updated phone since the talk of a ZunePhone. I have owned WM products for over 5 years now in sequence starting with the HTC 8125, At&t Tilt, At&t Fuze, Unlocked Acer S200 w/At&t and now the Samsung Focus. As you may notice I mentioned (At&t) which would basically mean that I have had the option to own an iPhone since the beginning and yet have not purchased one. I feel MS has nailed it with designing an OS that is not as cookie cut as other displays or UI's. Giving a consumer a real option of choice other than having a Android and people assume it’s a iPhone, but with Android stepping there marketing game up, iPhones may take that second place. I personally dislike them both. Very much annoyed with all the talk about what each phone can produce or perform when technically WM has done these actions way in the past, just was not as popular as they may seem now. Seems all you have to do now is to copy ones design or ideal and just rename it and market it better than the original, how I feel iPhone did from the jump off. iPhone was just as dull as everything else when it first released. My HTC 8125 was able to copy and paste, sync with my computer via files or music, multi task, accept mp3's, customize the home screen, surf the web, us as a GPS, great quality stereo speakers (still better than some today), organize, email..... I mean I honestly can go on and on, and I am definitely not being bias, these are facts because I will diss WM, MS any time of the day, which technically is what this whole comment is about. All I know is that some things people say that I read about is just bogus when they expect a phone or device to have all these things going for it right off not giving time for a company to work on an ideal. But giving MS all the time in all the devices I have owned up until now, I don't blame the critics for getting at MS because there should not be any secrets. What is it to hide? The blueprint for a hand held device of any sort is basically set in stone now for any old or new manufacture. All you can do now is integrated an ideal for better marketing. I think people now know what they want in a hand held device these days, just look online, you can't miss it. As for MS, you are now just dragging along all your loyal consumers to wonder "What the Hell", me being one of them. I enjoy my Windows Phone 7, Samsung Focus. I think it holds up pretty well but yet I am continuing to check online everyday to see is there any word on updates, something new for it, good news, even bad news, anything. In closing, I'm not like the rest of these bloggers, critics, and speculators. All I'm saying is I understand why MS ignores a lot of the online talk because most of it is crap, people say things that basically do not make any sense. When you still have people crying about copy and paste, and this and that still today then I agree, ignore that... But, their bickering and all day posting becomes more valid and true when you do nothing and everyone knows you have the ability to do it.

    P.S., you have no problem advertising Kinetic through and through like that’s something you had thought of before Nintendo 5-6 years ago. Own up to something new and innovated like you have created with the Windows Phone 7, put Kinetic in the phone if you have to, LOL....

  • casper7
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    in the "where's my phone update?" page it says "EXPECTED" in early april.  they have to cover their @$$ while they bend us over.  seriously, give the Chevron guys everything they need since they seem to be the only ones who know how to an update to us.  granted it was flawed but they don't have the right tools.  so again, give them what they need so we can get our updates.  this is just sad.  im sure you are tired of apologizing all the time so stop and give us more information on where we are at in the process.

  • roteague
    26 Posts

    I'm plain fed up with Microsoft. I'm sick and tired of your nonsense responses and sick and tired of Microsoft's incompetence. I've been a Microsoft fan for many years (since 1985), but I will tell you:


    You released a buggy product full of missing features, promised fast and frequent updates. So far, Microsoft has lied about getting these releases out, and hasn't even been able to push a single update to it's "Premium" partner.

  • Update Central is just one of a half dozen Windows Phone update sources for an update which still doesn't exist for many users. That's amusing.

  • Another week and still not update from at&t? really? Smh, I'm just gonna support whatever developments the Homebrew community comes up with. I dont care if it prevents official updates, I'm sure they'll have tons of "unofficial" updates which will come out before Microsoft's official updates.

    ...this is just pathetic!

  • Mike2k
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    Had your chance. Already returned my focus and got my money back.  Since it's taking this long to push out a minor update and there seems to be no apparent fix for the SD card issue, why should I bother with you M$??

    Fail on sonmany levels. And don't try to blame ATT

  • dkb1898
    167 Posts

    "I expect to have more to say soon—so please stay tuned" - Also I think we were told this last week as well by you Eric...and by AT&T for well over a month now. You guys were starting to get some credibility back with your communication, but it seems that was short lived! I fully expect more smoke and mirrors, and magical things coming down the road at MIX today, but no meat and potatoes.

  • What's funny is that by my count, we now have a half dozen Windows Phone update sources, but no actual update for many phones.

  • and you failed again...

    you doin your best to drop your market share, great job until now...go on with it so others cant make the mistake by taking a wp7 device instead of android or ios.

    You are talking on the c&p update a realy long time...realy long and you are not able to push it out to everyone. Anyone at ms talked about the ssl update?! When will it be released? Next year june? AT&T + Deutsche Telekom customers will receive mango when? 2014? Is this your plan? Big huray for ya

  • @BuckeyeTico - I completely agree with you about Eric's credibility being completely nonexistent.

    updates from Eric != update

    One way Eric could regain SOME credibility is to actually reply to the comments to his posts.  Michael Stroh has commented here, many times on Eric's posts, but I have NEVER seen Eric comment at all.  I take that as meaning that he doesn't care about us or the job he's (not) doing.  Up to this point, the Manager of User Experience isn't  managing that user experience very well and should be removed from his position.

    If I did my job as effectively as Eric Hautala, I WOULDN'T HAVE A JOB!!!  I don't get paid to fail at every turn.  If I don't produce top-notch results on schedule, I don't have a job...period.

    Right now at work, we're doing a HUGE, two-staged release without issue even though it reworks MUCH of our core business using Microsoft products.  Why can't Microsoft do the same for a project that's simply a side gig to their main business.  Our two stages though are separated by only 2 days...NOT TWO MONTHS!!!

  • First, I'd like to say that my Focus is probably my favorite phone of any I've owned or used.  But beyond that, I very much DO want my updates.  So my question is, how long should I wait for AT&T to drag it's heels in this update process before I turn to another solution, like Chris Walsh, to get what I've paid for and what Microsoft intends for my phone to have?

  • dkb1898
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    "these phones are expected to finish update testing in early April" - Please change this to mid-April, early April ended over the weekend. First half of April != Early April

  • I thought getting a WP7 on AT&T was a good idea since they seem to be the only carrier visibly advertising it.  Guess I made a mistake and can look forward to two years of being the last to receive any improvements to my device.

  • LOL! This is hillarious and ironic, you mean that the update web page that was supposed to get us updated about your progress with the nodo update can't get updates either. LOL! what a joke, you know, you are not trying very hard at all to make progress in the mobile area. We "The early adopters" are getting screwed with your lack of honesty seriously, first we have problems with the camera settings, we can't send videos via txtmsgs or email despite that this features are present even with feature phones I mean why does an "Smart phone" from 2010 can't  send videos via text or email msgs? this is completly ridiculous.

    And don't get me started on the lack of APIs like, the camera API, access to Sockets, Access to the phone contacts library, I can go on and on and on with missing features.

    Come on MS you know you will lose your fanbase with the latest things you are doing, you are not only hurting your WP7 customers, but also your xbox360 fans. But who are we kidding right? It's not like you are gonna read any of our complains, in fact I'm not surprised at all if you totally ignore all of our complains because it will not be the first time that you've ignore users complains and demands. So cheers for a platform that had a great potential but you totally killed it by your own hand MS, I'm selling my WP7 and going to the Android or IOS Platform they trully deserves my Point of Sales app that I was developing for your paltform but now I will turn it into something else, I was even convincing some of my customers to buy the phone so they could have my newest app for the phone but it's like you don't care right, you'll lose a few more sales from my customers and from me that way we will help MS to kill one of the greatest platforms of all.

  • torsus
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    And the pathetic joke that is Microsoft, just gets better and better every week.  So Eric's latest weekly post is; the testing is "just not quite done" and there is no update to the "Where's my phone update?" page.  But,,,,wait for it,,,, wait for it,,,,there is this new fantastic resource page for Windows Phone 7 users called Update Central... Yea!!!!!!  So instead of testing the updates for AT&T users, we were busily creating a new webpage for Windows Phone 7 users to stare at and check regularly for no changes.  Thanks Microsoft, you guys are really on the ball.

    So what you are really trying to do here is deflect the attention away from the fact that there is no update for AT&T users by announcing this other great page for Windows Phone 7 users.  Yea Eric, I can see you definitely are a PR guy.  But a lot of us can see through your's and Microsoft's PR BS.  Nice try though.

    And to those of you that posted earlier about how you can't wait for more information coming out at MIX 11 today; Are you being serious?  Can you honestly say that you will believe another word that comes out of Microsoft's mouth about Windows Phone 7?  I was looking forward to MIX months ago.  Now I can't even watch it because listening to these people get up on stage and lie to our faces yet again just angers me.  That's all Windows Phone 7 has been from the beginning; empty promises, and outright lies just so that they can try to sell phones.

    Seriously, how do you clowns even still have jobs?  If I performed my job like this just one time, I would be fired in a heartbeat.  Must be nice to be an employee at Microsoft.  Mediocrity at it's best.

  • I don't understand why there must be so much collaboration with the network before releasing a software update. Microsoft doesn't have to deal with my IP provider when they issue a update for Windows 7 so why must they deal with AT&T when they issue a update for Windows Phone 7?

  • @ Happy Buddhaman – Dude, what “Microsoft in Wonderland” country are you living in? I am going to tell you this, although I have the HTC Arrive with the latest update, I am on the side of all WP7 owners (with or without NoDo) because if this update process stays as it is now, I will be screwed up (as everyone else –including you) when Mango is finally released (if that ever happens).  You and your wife probably use your phones to just make phone calls –I honestly don’t care, but the vast majority of us have chosen this platform for two main reasons: because we still love and believe in MS products (aka Windows fans) and because we like this innovative and promising platform (its UI is nice).  Rest assured that we will continue to ‘bitch’ until MS finally delivers what it was promised and what we all have paid for.

  • So your update is that there is still no update? Why would you guys develop a phone, promise a certain experience and then do the exact opposite of what was promised. Is this all a big joke? I guess we are the fools here.

  • MS doesn't care about us anymore, they are now 100% focused on Nokia phones.

    BTW, a month has passed since people started to complain about the 16bit color bug that came with NoDo, but MS doesn't say anything and the manufacturers act as they don't have any idea what we are talking about.

    This is truly sad, MS just doesn't care anymore about WP7.

  • I was excited about the prospect of getting a Sprint Touch Pro 7, but after reading the update horror stories about these updates, I just can't commit myself to the platform yet. You need to get your house in order!

  • Retsud
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    Again - I'd like to know what takes the carrier Deutsche Telekom (Germany) that long. They are still testing the update. This is getting ridiculous - not only for the carrier but for Microsoft, too. If the next update is handled the same way, I might walk away from WP7. But since I do like the OS that much, I'd rather go with debranding my phone.

    Do something or tell us something with substance already. I'm tired of those "updates on the update" that don't tell us anything new.

  • tcbj
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    FUD - Microsoft implies AT&T is delaying, and AT&T claims Microsoft is delaying.

    AT&T customer support says:

    "The Windows phone 7 update is waiting for Microsoft to release.  Microsoft is still testing it and will release it when they are finished.  This is not a delay on AT&T's part it is Microsoft that is working on the release.  As soon as it is released we will make it available for our customers.  I apologize if you feel we are dragging our feet, we are just waiting for the testing to be completed."

  • Sheeds
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    I think Elton John best sums up the current Update situation for WP7: http://bit.ly/ev4EaT

  • depend
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    It's sad. I plan to get a new smartphone to replace my iPhone 3GS this summer. So as a windows programmer, I want to see if WP7  is any good. All I found on internet are complaints. Come on WP team, how did you screw this up?? Don't tell me it's not engineers' fault, nor platform's fault, nor Microsoft fault etc. It's EVERYONE's fault. I still remember news that you guys had a funeral for iPhone. What a joke! What a shame!

  • damir
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    I jumed from one dead OS (WebOS) to the another one (WM7). Luck Me..............This BS makes me wanna cry..

  • You know, I got the HTC surround for me and my wife on day one. Love it, even took part in the radio testimonials (they're not finished yet), my phone works, I haven't had a HUGE demand for copy and paste, so I don't feel like I'm missing very much. Couldn't care about custom ring tones, hate them anyway, and would never use them.

    I'm happy it's taking this long, it shows Microsoft is making sure it WORKS PROPERLY (Maybe Apple should of done the same thing with their antenna issue...).

    Take your time, as long as it works right, I'm happy. Thank for releasing a phone that's actually worth it!!

  • edm
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    @Typhoon87 - According to AT&T, all testing is being done by MSFT.  This has been told to several people here by AT&T reps who actually took the time to respond, and since MSFT has chosen to ignore all questions on this, I have to believe AT&T.

  • This is stupid we have been waiting for ever. Stop acting like a little girl and man up. I would be more happy if you just ran over the carriers like apple does! I am sad to say this but I am starting to wish I didn't buy a windows phone.

  • I feel we're well past the generic "we're testing, please be patient" messages. Everyone here deserves some concerte information in regards to what's going on. What exactly is the holdup? Thanks!