Windows Phone Radio 23

Windows Phone Radio 23

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Good afternoon! Windows Phone Radio 23 is live and flowing through the internet ready for your podcast consumption. This week Brandon Watson is back to talk about Mix 11 including the Joe B keynote, the Nineys and the Brandon Foy project! On the apps and games front, we talk about Executive Caddie, free LG apps and Brandon’s new favorite game Wordament! You can find Windows Phone Radio in the Zune Marketplace, iTunes and direct streaming here.

Brian (@brianseitz)

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  • Downloaded Wordament last Saturday night and haven't been able to put it down since.

  • Can you guys comment on this next week?:   (about why we can't play WP7 videos on our XBOXs?)

    Thanks in advance.

  • WixosTrix
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    Love the show guys.  I have one question though.  Why did the Zune 4.7 update include a backup and restore feature for Windows Phone?  That seems like something that should have been critical.

  • gadgetebz
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    Hey Guys can you please get some answers on the podcast to a question that really upsets many WP7 users and puzzles the Media...

    Why do you release your BEST APPS FOR IPHONE and NOT FOR WINDOWS PHONE ????  Its a bit of a slap in the

    face dont you think for people who are taking a chance on WP7????  I am sure you have a business reason for this but an explanation would be nice.

    Windows Live Messenger - Better on IOS

    BING - Better on IOS (IPAD)

    Street Slide - Demo`d on IOS

    Seadragon - IOS Only

    Photosynth - IOS Only

    Last time I looked the best version of Google Search and Goolgle MAPS was on Android devices and it seems to work for Google with 300,000 activations per day and WP7 probably a fraction of that....

    I know different areas of the Microsoft business have their own agenda but giving your best APPS to rivals will not make Microsoft number one or two in the Smartphone Market by 2015.  As a company you seem to give mixed signals. Tell me why I should recomend this phone to friends and family ??  or why I should not dump this phone and buy an Iphone ??

    Its actually embarrassing when my friend shows me his IOS device running Live Messenger thats in a different world to what you guys supplied for your own OS....  

    Like others I wait to see what you annouce for consumer and business users but please do yourself a favor and get the best versions on Microsoft APPS on WP7 that really is the minimum we expect.

    Also Why cant I voice search in BING in the UK ???  If you would be more open about when you will be releasing features people wouldnt get so frustrated...........  But when Joe B demos this feature on stage I think "great, something else that doesnt work in the UK on WP7"

  • Thank you so much for the mention of my product Executive Caddie! I'm so grateful for your support.

  • @gahbmwm5 the address is


  • gahbmwm5
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    Hey Guys (Brian S.) am really enjoying your podcasts...especially the interviews with the various keynote speakers@Mix II...

    Brian you made mention that you have Windows Phone 7 T-Shirts for various give-aways, but I did not get the web  adrress to write a comment to....? Would love to show-it-off a the office on casual Fridays!  lol...

    Thanks and keep up the good communications regarding this exciting platform...

  • just leaving this here :)

  • dkb1898
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    @Thiago - Desktops have many cores and unlimited memory, yet optimization is becomming more and more important there, not only in the software, but also the hardware. Bloat is no longer accepted, and I think Microsoft realizes this...I think it's the opposite, even with more cores and memory, optimization will become more and more important, not less. That was the mentality when the computer industry was forging ahead, now it's much better engineering.

    If they can outperform the competition on cheaper hardware, they can capture the low end mass market, and there product will perform that much better on multi core devices. Windows 7 is a great example of this, optimizing for single core performance is the way to get great multi core performance.

    That way if they keep optimizing for the best performance they can get, out of ARM v7 and DirectX9, the next generation of more powerful hardware, multi core, and probably Directx 10.1 at some point will be able to do things we couldn't even dream of now. Imagine a SQL backend that compressed, based on the hardware, all file system data, as well as application data saved to it. And then imagine all of the .Net framework and the whole OS including the SQL backend taking advange of DirectCompute. You could save a lot of space in ROM (this would be huge), RAM (compressing data like GPU's do and increasing speed even more). Not only would this make devices faster, cheaper, smaller, could lead to a whole new class of devices both small and larger. And we a highly optimized OS, the jump to more advanced interaction, think Kinect, could be realized on the phone and in other places.

    I think they learned there lesson with Linux, bloat can kill you, and really limit your ability to innovate.

  • Brian versus the Shovel for a Windows Phone:

  • - Windows Phone 7: Still a Small Player, But Software Blazes Ahead

    Man i wish we wouldn't have to wait so damn long for all the good stuff in WP7 to show up

  • @dkb1898 well the thing is... i think hardware optimization is great and all in future it will become less and less important. When you have dual, quad core and GPU as good as PS3 and XBOX360 the performance will be really good and smoother even on Android or an unoptimized OS. So i hope they dont limit the functionalities like multitasking too much, like they doing with this agents (30 minutes???), because with multi cores and better batery performance, then MS will have a more gap to follow... and Android even with unoptimized OS and full wildly multitasking will be backup by better performance and efficient hardware.

    An example, the current wp7 even with Mango wont beat the new HTC EVO 3D,  in terms of performance and battery, wanna bet? Believe me an dual-core 1.2Ghz and an GPU 220 will kick ass on performance...

    All i am saying is MS might digging a hole (gap). Hope not.

  • Shelby
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    My son has been drooling over my Windows Phone since day one. I told him this was his chance to earn one and here is what he came up with:

  • dkb1898
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    @Tiago - Yeah 5 years is a bit much...they do that on the desktop, which they would like to now update about every 2.5 years. Then they do extended support for another 5 (security fixes). I could see them doing 2 years, with 2 years of extended for only security. That would mean 2 major OS updates for your phone, and since some carriers in other countries offer 3 year contracts by the end of the 3rd year the new OS wouldn't be compatible with your phone.

    As far as Android and iOS slowing down older phones, it looks like MS is making the OS faster with Mango, and could possily repeat that in the next release. There is still some untapped potential in these phones revolving around the GPU, and maybe bringing some DirectCompute to DX9 level hardware (especailly since they would only have to improve/rewrite drivers for 2 GPU's - Adreno 200 and 205), and also improvements that could be done in the OS with SQL CE, including shrinking data stored on the phone. No reason text can't be smartly compressed on column rows using SQL like it's done on full blow SQL. Compression and even some .Net built in functions could be sped up greatly with DirectCompute. MS has the ability to really get a lot more out of the these processors, and if they do, it could help them pass the competition, esp with there superiour development tools and framework.

  • graf702
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    Hey guys great podcast way to come with some good finally.  FYI I followed the same SD procedure with a Sandisk class 4 32 gig card and it works like a dream on my Focus without NoDo.   Into my 4th week without a problem.

  • @Tiago - I figure if we must wait till sept/oct for Mango, can we atleast get some real good quality apps to hold us down in the mean time. I wonder how long it'll take developers to start implementing those new tools into their designs?

    but I still say we need some small patch updates till mango drops later this year, even if its to fix small things like camera settings etc. This ofcourse would be after everyone has received their "NoDo" updates

  • Sheeds
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    A good summary (with links) of microSD expansion for the Samsung Focus per today's poscast: :)

  • User experience, that's what companies have to focus one... Support is a great user experience, as the update delay demonstrated with all the angry comments...

  • Well that where Microsoft can shine... even more than Apple. A reason why people could choose to buy wp7 instead IPhone... longer support. It has costs yes, but would be a extra point for MS. Even if people dont use 5 years the same phone, the better support idea would disseminate and assure confidence on future users.

  • Krush You
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    Tiago - 5 years? Yeah, I am sorry man that's not going to happen - It's most likely going to be about 2 -3 years as it makes no sense to support hardware that old and because other companies do not do this as it makes them no money.  Apple has about a 2 year cycle on their models - The first Android phones were lucky to get about 9 months of support if even that.  A lot of those phone never even saw updates. I switched from Android to Wndows Phone because of how frustrating it was to get updates and iwth each update my phone got slower and slower - it came to where I rooted it and tried many different roms trying to get better performance and it worked but it was half and half, random reboots and some applications just stopped working and text msgs that went to the wrong person.

  • btw i like the way the phone is integrating extras (apps) with the system and hope it keeps evolving that way. One example of future envolving is the ability to add an 'app contacts' to a contact on people phone hub, for apps that requires it. For instance to call skype via the person info. Skype would be an extra contact info, or any other voip program. Like today,when choosing a person on people hub, one can call, sms, post on facebook wall directly, one could skype, etc... And the app would have the ability to link the contacts. This would be really cool integration and truly deep.

  • yes, i wonder why Surround will have to wait that long.

    wp7 phones should have updates not just for Mango, but for more years to come... Maybe in the future MS needs to branch versions with different kernels or ROM (ex: dual core support optimization) or maybe not, but i hope that at least every phone has 5 year support update...

  • Sheeds
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    Woot - They covered off SD card expansion for the Focus TNX Guys!!!!! I'm heading out to pick up a 16GB Sandisk Class 4 as mentioned in the PC.  Of course comnpletely understand adding this is unsupported by MS and at my own risk.  On the flip side, if it's good enough for skipdeez, it's good enough for me

    <mental note to google his address in the event my phone blows up!> LOL :P

    TY :)

  • @Tiago - Glad AT&T finally decided to move their feet but HTC Surround users have another month on the wait list... sucks :/

    Brandon Watson confirms thats "Mango" WILL work on any existing Windows Phone available already.

  • @ThaRebeliouZ - Johnny on the spot!

  • Bout to listen right now :)