Updates begin for AT&T Windows Phones

Updates begin for AT&T Windows Phones

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Today we’ve started delivering updates to Samsung Focus and LG Quantum owners with AT&T. As I mentioned Friday, updates for the HTC Surround are still being tested. While updates have progressed, I can assure you that we’re not resting until we complete the job globally. Where’s my phone update? has the latest official status.

If you have a Focus or Quantum, remember that you’ll be installing two updates. The first notification you’ll see is for the February update. Once you’ve installed that, you’ll be ready for the March update, which includes copy and paste, improved Marketplace search, and faster app launching. Your phone checks for new updates every three days, so be aware that the update notifications might not come right away—or arrive back to back.

Here’s a tip if you don’t want to wait: Use the Zune software on your PC to check for updates manually. Just plug in your phone via the USB cable, then click Update Now. Once you’ve installed February, unplug your phone and plug it back it. March should now be ready to install. (This how-to article has more detail.)

Visit Update Central for step-by-step installation instructions, troubleshooting steps for common errors, and other updated-related info. And if you run into the 800705B4 error while installing the February update, check out this troubleshooting article.

Eric Hautala

GM, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • FuchiStar
    18 Posts

    I, too, have a revision 1.4 Focus and have not received the update. Can someone from Microsoft shed some light on this issue?

  • D-Burrs
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    I posted on a different thread, but thought I'd toss it out here as well.  I'm with Geddy the Polack - not hacked Samsung Focus on AT&T, no Nodo yet, and we're now 9 days out from the offiical release to Samsung Focus phones on AT&T.  After checking with Samsung, I was told that the update wouldn't be rolled out to ALL hardware versions.  They asked me to remove my battery and tell them what the REV # was underneath = 1.4.  I was then informed that REV 1.4 is not slated to receive the update as yet, and that it was only being rolled out to REV 1.3.  


    I'm with someone who stated earlier on in the thread about "SOME" phones getting the update.  MS should have been clear that not ALL Samsung Focus phones on AT&T would be getting the update, and should also be clear as to when the anticipated release is of NoDo for REV 1.4 Samsung Focus owners.  This is garbage, and is thus far the furthest thing from what one might call a customer-centric approach.

    Happy for everyone else that the update went well, but let's not give kudos to MS for a great job on the release when they haven't been completely straight up with everyone.

  • gadgetebz
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    Appologies for Hijacking the AT&T discussion but as customers in Europe are being ingnored I thought I would post here in the hope it gets noticed!!!


    Worse still I had the NODO update on my Orange UK Omnia 7 at the end of March... However Orange UK replaced my phone due to signal dropping issues and now the new phone only updates to the Feb 11 update (7008)..

    This is extreamly annoying as I use both "copy and paste" and "GAL2003" for business use.

    There are rumours in Europe that the OMNIA 7 MARCH UPDATE has been pulled can someone from Microsoft please confirm this...  

    I tried to find out what was going on by calling the following...

    Orange UK ....they had no idea updates were not working suggested I get phone flashed at a repair center.

    Samsung UK... Say they are not responsible for updates only hardware so I should talk to Microsoft. The woman I spoke to just tried to get rid of me and I probably will not buy another Samsung product after this experience.

    Microsoft UK... call routed to India... they had no idea about updates told me it was all the responsibility of the OEM. They said Microsoft had no technical team to answer questions about Windows Phone issues.

    Issues are discussed here... forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php

    Come on GUYS what is going on this is not acceptable.... I think you need to improve your "where`s my update" page to be device specific as well as Carrier specific.. As people are really really Frustrated with lack of updates and even worse lack of information.

    Microsoft need to take charge of this as the Carriers and OEM support people appear to have no clue about Windows Phone 7 issues..  At the very least you should have a support desk with up to date information to support your customers.

    This is Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Still no NoDo for me in the US. I have a Samsung Focus on AT&T.  No notifications on my phone.  Updated Zune. Plugged it in and no update found. Did the Windows Phone Recovery Tool and still not update.  I'm getting very angry about this whole update process.

  • ammughal
    25 Posts

    Hi Eric,

    Whats going on man, No updates this week and still No "NoDo" for Deutsche Telekom/T-mobile UK -

    again users are kept blind, I am happy as long as you guys can tell us its going to be few months or few years. But passing on no information and why we are still at "testing phase" is the worst thing you can do

    just let us know how long you need, so I can bin the T-Mobile contract

  • will the people in the virgin islands get the update

  • marek, sieh es wies is...microsoft interessiert sich offenbar n scheiss für die benutzer in europa (oder generell für die user?). Siehe wmpoweruser artikel, sie kriechen lieber den providern in den allerwertesten. MIcrosoft verkackts mit wp7 entgültig auf dem mobilen markt und ich bereue es irgendwie langsam ein wp gerät zu haben, die fehlenden features nerven mit der zeit einfach nur noch.


    is wmpowerusers right? You dont care about the end users? I think so, just the last update on the update process page for international users tells everything. There are many questions on what deutsche telekom is testing -> you still didnt answer this. What will you do better on future updates? You tell nothing! Where is the ssl security update? You tell nothing!

    Your community communication is an F

    I just see no work in progrss for international users at all, just articles and radio snippets telling mango will be great, wow i am impressed and buy next time an android or ios based phone....ok maybe i dont get there updates but i have all the missing features i want (bing/google turn by turn navi, copy paste, multi tasking/messengers, stitching apps and much more) at the moment i buy the device, have the ability to dont care about any update announcements and what features are availibity in "near future" (spring 2012?).

    @all WP7 Users

    Congratulations on buying the second kin!

  • wmpoweruser.com/.../comment-page-1

    "Microsoft tends to be very successful at targeting their consumers, but unfortunately they view their customers as the carriers rather than the end users, which is a big mistake, because while they have managed to get 30 carriers to carry the phones in their stores, carriers still can not force end users to buy phones they do not want.

    Our message to Microsoft – Instead of being carrier-friendly and turning users off, try being more end-user friendly and user demand will do the rest."

  • Marek
    22 Posts

    There were no news from 6.4.2011 for International where's my phone update page....grrrrr!

  • ScubaDog
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    @TheQuestian, you might want to read the full report on MIX'11.  You'll see a pretty exhuastive list of what's coming in Mango.  The jumplist for apps is one of those improvements.  Also, anything that requires Adobe Flash is simply not going to be supportive native in the browser.  Get use to that.  Flash is a tired platform and it sucks the life out of your battery.  Why on earth would you even seek to perpetuate it? Adobe claims to be working on a version to work on WP7, but I wouldn't hold my breath. HTML5 is where everything is going, where it NEEDS to go.  And Microsoft is pushing that with a vengeance.  As for YouTube, why should Microsoft bother with it if third parties do a better job?  That's redundant. I'm not saying they won't, but if I had limited resources and time I'd probably focus on more pressing concerns.  Besides, what you're missing is the fact that over 1500 APIs are about to become available to developers (in May).  So the quality and capability of future apps once Mango is released will be dramatically improved.  Regarding maps. I suspect we won't see much on that, even in Mango, until Nokia's contributions are integrated.  Nokia's ownership of Navteq and the sophistication of the navigation & mapping approach will put WP7 (or WP8, it that's how long it takes) well ahead of the competition.  Also, I could be misremembering, but I believe the ability to save the camera settings is coming with Mango.  On the visual voicemail front, I think that's more of a function of your carrier than the OS.  Judging by what's out there for the other platforms, it certainly seems to be the case.  Personally, I don't see the attraction of visual voicemail. But that's just me.

    Ultimately, all the concerns you've listed have been listed ad nauseum in the Answers website at Microsoft and other websites.   Again, I think if you catch all the details from MIX'11 you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Now they just need Gameloft to start making games like iPod touch games.

  • Thought I might repost this, here in case anyone might be interested.

    Successful update here, also! I am very excited and optimistic about the WP7 platform, and I hope things get rolling more smoothly very soon. With this update, a few minor annoyances (read: Marketplace!) have been addressed, and I think I can hold out until Mango. But just on the off chance that anyone will see this, a brief wishlist:

    - Bookmarking and Auto-Update Capability in Bing Maps

    Please allow users to "pin" and save locations, and sync them to contacts where appropriate. This has been a minor nuisance, I have to say. Additionally, I feel the technology is already in place to implement a simple auto-update feature when following driving directions. Since the triangulation is capable of pinpointing current location with fair accuracy, I think it would be a great improvement (in the absence of "real" GPS) to add functionality that auto-updates to the STEP in the directions that reflects your current location. For instance, after turning LEFT on Main St., the app should automagically highlight the next instruction: turn RIGHT on 1st St. It may seem minor, but I have felt many times that tapping manually is a bit tiresome.

    - Save Camera Settings

    That is all. Please, save my settings. Two seconds to launch the camera, and then five minutes to reinstate my settings just doesn't make sense.

    - Alphabet Tiles for the Application Screen

    I'm sure this is already in the works, but it bears repeating. Alphabet tile organization/navigation similar to that in the People hub would greatly benefit users with lots of apps.

    - Visual Voicemail

    Certainly I'm not the first to say, but I don't mind being the 101st. It really is a bit embarrassing to still be calling my inbox when superior technology is so readily available.

    - YouTube App

    I'm surprised it has gone on this long, honestly. It's sad that third-party developers have made more progress. Please, this really has taken too long, already.

    There are few more I'm not remembering, but hopefully that's a start. Looking forward to amazing things with this new platform, and the devices that will wield it.

  • @ScubaDog This what they said to me:

    WinPhoneSupport WindowsPhoneSupport

    @GeddyThePolack Because updates are typically delivered to customers in batches, it might take several weeks before you receive notice ^EB

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    I find it really difficult to believe they told you it would be "several" weeks before you'd get the update if you are using a stock Samsung Focus from AT&T.  There just aren't THAT many Focuses out there.  We live in Texas on the flippin' border of Mexico, and it pushed out to our area in the evening of 19 Apr.  If someone gave me that line I'd be asking EXACTLY how they know this.  Seriously.  If the update is rolling out staggered, then upon what criteria does the system base it's deployment?  Surely not the individual device (e.g., MAC address).  I can see it breaking it down by carrier and device type (e.g., Quantum & Focus versus Surround).  But location?  Hmm.  Someone chime in if I'm wrong, but I've not seen any official annoucement that the AT&T rollout would take weeks EXCEPT for the Surround.

  • @Michael Ball I updated Zune as well

  • @GeddyThePolack - Make sure you have Zune up to date first.  There was a patch out in March that was supposed to set everything up for the udpate.  Make sure you have that installed.

  • @ScubaDog No I didn't unbrand it.  Also, I live in a 3G city.  The Windows Phone twitter person said it would be several weeks before I get it, which is absolute BS

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    @GeddyThePolack, thanks for clearing it up.  Okay, it's POSSIBLE that the rollout is still creeping along and, depending on your area and type of service (I know not every has 3G even), it may be part of the reason for the delay.  However, did you by any chance unlock and unbrand your phone or buy a unit that was unbranded (or even branded elsewhere)?  Each could contribute to the delay in some fashion.  The unbranded phones got it first, but there could still be a hiccup.

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    @Zukoff, omigosh, REALLY?  There are SO many guides & videos on this that it's nearly saturated.  Go to Paul Thurrott's site, windowsphonesecrets.com, or wmpoweruser.com and search for their videos on it.  It's VERY simple but it only works in areas that are actual text blocks.  For example it works in email but not SMS.  Open up an email, then just tap on any word.  It will highlight the word in your theme color and it will have two "handles" on it.  You can drag either handle to left or right (as appropriate) to expand/contract the selection of more words (you can't grab partial words).  Above the highlighted area you'll see an icon for actually copying to the clipboard.  If you open up another document (e.g., Word) you'll see a similar icon that you can tap and wherever your cursor is it will paste the contents of the clipboard.  

    My friend, you just aren't using the websites properly if you don't already understand how to utilize the features addes.  I'm not slamming you, but just saying that the resources have been there for months.

  • zukoff
    1 Posts

    I did the update, and still don't know what functionality has been added.  As usual, there is no info available from MS.  Copy and paste?  Really?  How do I do that?  Instructions anywhere??????

  • @ScubaDog I have a Samsung Focus on AT&T

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    @GeddyThePolack.....what device do you own and on what network?  It was announced back on 19 April that the Surround on AT&T wouldn't see the update until well into May.  Not that this is a good thing, but it's not a mystery.

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    @Wurstsalat, what do you mean?  As far as it goes, it is true.  The features for Mango are as they described at MIX'11.  And I'm pretty sure the comparison to Froyo's deployment for Android phones is accurate (at least, based on what some of my Android-owning friends say).

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    @WinterCoder....are you sure that's what's happening?  The fact is, there were NEVER any "certified" cards.  And I'm dubious about the ones now being sold by AT&T.  But I installed the Kingston 32GB class 4 card at launch and had no issues.  I updated to NoDo and still have no issues so far.  I did end up having to factory reset my phone prior to updating to NoDo, but that's because the update needed the phone to have NO MORE than 3GB and I couldn't remove enough stuff to get it below 3.18GB.  Anyway, after updating, I loaded everthing back up and it's fine.  So, I doubt your issues have anything to do with "certification".  I think it's probably just a marginal card that the update exposed the weaknesses of.

  • Still no update for me.

    No prompts on the device

    Zune says it's up to date

    Recovery didn't update it

    I'm getting quite angry

  • Please tell me the things in this presentation are not true


    found through wmpoweruser.com/microsoft-compared-nodo-to-froyo-delivery

    "Updates will starting hitting phones by the end of the year"

    and the comparison with froyo...rofl, this is not serious, is it?

    I realy hope there is much bull in it...

  • WP7 Security Update coming May 3rd? Can anyone confirm or deny this? I read on the web that M$ will release this patch on May 3rd, which is supposed to block fake SSL certificates that could be used for spoofing, phishing, etc.

  • ousooner314 I've tried both ways and neither of the work

  • @GeddyThePolack  - Do you mean you haven't received an update notification on your phone? If so, try manually checking for updates using the Zune software. Hope this helps!

  • @ WinterCoder – AT$T is now offering WP7 Certified microSD cards, 8 GB for $32.  So far, this is the only official and certified version of a microSD card that is supposed to work on WP7 devices.  I know this is not what you are looking for but it’s the only option that is coming from an official source.  Good luck!

  • Going on 3 days and the update still isn't available for me.  The Windows Phone twitter said it could be several weeks before it's available for me.  What an absolutely ridiculous process.

  • @ScubaDog.... Great reply, and well understood... Point taken, because I am all the way with you on that.. And yes the CEO's "top floor" really did some poor business. My previous comment was mainly to voice that opinion of those who cannot. Not saying they should be congratulated from what they did, just more on respecting the ones that we know that did the real hard work, which is making the software work. .. All in all I completely agree with you, and I am still upset with the way the flow with the reason why I say that Mango needs to be sooner because, it was not like they did not have a phone capable of what phones do today. May not have been as swift and open user friendly as the iPhone but it done the job. So, my push is for them to release that Mango that MS seems to really want to talk about so we can forget the uproar, poor marketing, and all the rest that was not done from the first release. This is not was we expected from the promises they gave from the start....




  • It appears as though the March update produces a message rejecting 'non-certified' memory cards.... I am no longer able to use the 16GB class 10 card I have been using for a few weeks.

    Honestly, I've had this Focus sitting on my desk since November, waiting for our corporate AT&T rep to come up with a 'certified' card... I gave up and just grabbed one to try it out.  Now that the March update is installed - No joy.  The OS rejects it after the reboot.

    I'm serious here... I will send a $10 gift card to the FIRST person that points me in the right direction of a 16GB card that is CERTIFIED by MS or ATT and ACTUALLY WORKS on a Focus with the March update.  I'll make it $25 if that first person points me in the right direction of a 32GB card that is CERTIFIED by MS or ATT and ACTUALLY WORKS on a Focus with the March update.

    I deal with vendors daily... negotiated and oversee 1100 lines of mobile service with ATT... and I can tell you that I have NEVER received such a run-around on an advertised feature of a device.

    Should I just give up on this fight?  Our current install base of >1100 WinMo 6.5 Samsung Jack's will be refreshed in 24 to 36 months... which is why we want to evaluate WinPhone 7 (for development).  8GB Smartphones for our implementation just does NOT cut it.  

    I'm frustrated.  I'm tired of hearing 'we will know when they tell us.'  If it is never going to happen in an officially supported manner, just tell me and I will move on.

    So.  Where are officially supported 16GB and 32GB MicroSD cards for the Samsung Focus.

    Any takers?

  • mdoan300
    10 Posts

    Why is AT&T allowed to add their fluff to the phones? Because when you're a small fish (i.e. WP7) in a big pond (i.e. smart phone market), you don't have much leverage in making demands. Add to that, AT&T is subsidizing the phones so they (the carrier) feel they can do whatever they want. And that is why I despise branded phones.

    Apple can do what they do w/ AT&T because they have leverage to AT&T. As always, Apple used their Jedi mind tricks and pretty much told AT&T that their overpriced and overrated crap don't stink. And Apple played dirty to keep other competitive phones away in the AT&T marketspace. A great read is the 3-part history on the iPhone on mobile-review.com. Find it, read it, and learn.

    I will say good job on NoDo, it's an improvement. However, I won't say good job on the delivery and deployment because that was a total fiasco; the back of some heads need to be slapped (hard) and/or some heads need to roll.

    Guys (WP7 team), I hope you guys had a post-mortem meeting or two and learned some valuable lessons from this exercise:

    1- get all of your ducks in a row (i.e. make sure you, the OEMs, and the carriers are on the same page);

    2- if you announce a date, then committ to it (personally, I'd stop doing that -- announce dates);

    3- if you can't commit to the date, then communicate with the customers (not the carriers and OEMs) *ASAP*;

    4- if you communicate with the customers, be as technical and to the point as possible -- even if it's over some people's heads, we're all big people (assuming) and know how to use Google/Bing/Yahoo;

    I will say that given all the e-whining and e-threats, the NoDo update was, well, a bit anti-climatic. I used copy/paste already, woohoo! Ok, I was really just playing around w/ it to see how it worked. But hey, I can't wait for the day that I actually use it for something meaningful, hah.

    So what are we going to complain about now, again? Anybody want to get the ball rolling and start the e-mob on the microSD fiasco...

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    @nugamaan0047, I think you're missing it here.  We're giving honor where honor is due and blame where it's do, as well.  I don't think anyone with any common sense and decent understanding of how software companies work is saying that the update ITSELF isn't a good product.  It surely is....as far as it goes.  As I've said, as an update, it was small enough yet had important features to be good as a first test of the update PROCESS. Of course, I'm not ignoring the perfectly valid argument that all these features should have been in the OS from the beginning.  But, fact is, they weren't and this should have been a good process test.

    What we ARE saying is that the CEOs, as you are making the distinction, completely blew this PROCESS.  Time and time again they had the opportunity to get the VOC (Voice Of the Customer) and respond with the information we needed in order to remain faithful WP7 enthusiasts.  You cannot seriously make the case that they did a good job in this area.  Just prior to it all finally rolling was the absolute first time completely truthful and transparent information was revealed by Microsoft.  What made this even worse is that the major culprits in the REASON for the delays refused to open up their big yappers and admit THEY screwed up (e.g., AT&T and Samsung).  So, as owners of the PROCESS, Microsoft should have come clean.

    So, the "bottom floor" did excellent work on the update.  The "top floor" sucked in the transparency and communication part of it (as well as negotiating who control of what).  We expect that will be better for Mango.  Or even with this security update rumored to be coming 3 May.  We shall see.  We shall see.

  • I just have to comment on one last thing here... Which is the reasoning why Major companies don't bother to listen to some blogs or ignore the unnecessary. Its very much respectful to have your opinion, say so, or what your bothered with that needs to happen, but for you to say (as in consumers)  that was not a GOOD JOB all way around is foolish. Understand the reality of the situations. The same way you take a dump, all the CEO's at the top all the way down to the bottom floor does the same thing. As for the bottom floor (if you follow me well), they are the ones doing the real work while the CEO's just paying for production and cost in all. Basically saying that telling them that they need to get back to work is just wrong, understandable on the opinion but wrong morally when you seem to be saying it out of spite. Now, you can comment if you want, but voicing my opinion on your comment is the same thing as you telling MS to get back to work and the bottom floor workers are reading your wack comment telling them to get back to work. If you are reading this and at the point of being pissed off about what Im saying because its more in responds to you, and you are about ready to spazz all out and reply, then point made. You see someone commenting about you, you feel you have the right to reply, which is fair, you should, but you saying things to people who are not able to reply, by contract, so they have to sit there and read the wack comments people say (including mines if they felt a certain way from what I comment on) and not take offense to it. REALLY....!!!.. NOW, with that said, I dont think people are just letting MS get away with the delays and all that that happen up until it finally being release, and if they are then oh well thats they comment. But, as for my comments, because I know I posted GOOD JOB as well, in regards to the reality of it. Real people working, trying to do their best to make you the consumer satisfied. Which could potentially take them away from their families, kids, or whatever, just to make you happy with a DAMN phone, while you chilling just waiting or blogging nonsense. AGAIN DAMMIT, GREAT, OUTSTANDING JOB TO THE MS TEAM THAT HELP GET THIS OUT FOR US, LISTENING TO THE COMPLAINTS AND TAKING THE TIME TO GET IT DONE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Yet that does not steer me away from saying the Mango need to be delivered way earlier than the fall. Please read my last post again which explains my reason. Thanks again to everyone....

  • This is totally sad.  On my HTC Surround, I'll probably receive both the SSL security update and Mango before I get NoDo all because AT&T can't keep their hands out of the pot and have to bloat our installations then can't get it right thus delaying update releases.

    Worse yet, Microsoft can't keep AT&T's hands out of the pot.  Now, we have a fragmented OS, just what Microsoft promised we wouldn't have.  Way to go Microsoft.  You blew it on the first update.  It didn't take you long to cave in and break yet another promise.

    We need to get the carriers out of the update process completely.  Apple has done a gorgeous job of this.  How is it that Apple can tell AT&T how they're going to play whether they like it or not but Microsoft can't?  ALL testing should go through Microsoft.  The carriers should NEVER be involved in testing the OS.  That's not what they're good at.  It's not what they do.  I used to work at AT&T Wireless and I KNOW FOR A FACT they're no good at this sort of thing so take them out of that role completely and things will roll much more smoothly and you won't have OS fragmentation.

    I seriously hope Microsoft learns from this debacle.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    @Captiosus Charming to the last.   Everything is wrong with the platform, the phones, the software, Microsoft, AT&T.  Nothing is good enough.  No one recommends the phone, eh?

    It took some time to get this update out.  The next ones will be better.

    I wish you'd use a lot more whitespace in your posts unless you have something helpful to say.  Insults do not indicate intelligence ... they indicate the lack of a logical argument.

    The fact of the matter is that we have the fastest growth in any app store (14k in 6 months), we have enthusiastic developers, we have a good base of enthused users, and we have a great, and yes, different platform.

    Does it have everything?   No.   Will it ever?   Nothing will.  (some of the things that others have, like malware, I'll pass on, thanks)    Will it continue to be better with every added application and feature?   Yes.   Is what the developers have done on the Mango development nothing short of amazing?   Of course.

    As for me, I'm waiting for the tools next month to start playing with the new features.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!

    I am.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Some Fan Fiction for you all on the recent history of WP7! http://bit.ly/fwh4dr

  • @ Captiosus

    EXCELLENT post. "Good job"? For being MONTHS late, not communicating except in PR speak, and having no clue how to update your own OS?

    Even when I get NoDo (which I'm guessing will be in September since MSFT and Telstra obviously don't know the first thing about delivering phone updates), this will never be a "good job". A good job is where you do more than expected. This is so far below the level of what's expected it's sitting in Hell with Satan having coffee.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    They've stated as such in other articles, however we never had quite the specific updates when they made those statements, so I can only speculate.

  • I did the "LG Update" for my Quantum yesterday after connecting it to Zune, I didn't get a notification until i had connected to the PC. Already had NoDo installed via the "Hungarian Server" trick.

    What exactly did this update do? The only thing i noticed different was that my cookies setting was unchecked in Internet Explorer and i couldn't download Apps from the Marketplace until i checked it. Also i didn't notice any AT&T preinstalled crap so thats a good sign.

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    I'm right there with you, @Captiosus.  As I've said before, there are aspects of all this--specifically the software itself--that I totally commend M$ for.  Yes, I think it was a really , really bad idea to launch without a lot of the these features and with a lot of these bugs.  Yes, I think it was sheer stupidity to hand any control over to the carriers.  I fault the carriers and the OEMs as the root cause for most of the delays.  I think what you're seeing with all these sudden accolades are the folks who had no real idea what's been going on with all this (haven't really followed the whole thing like us diehards) or really are just that patient (ack!).  To a point, they're right.  For what it was at launch, WP7 was still remarkable.  The NoDo update, minus the drama, the stupidity and interference from carriers, is a nice first-shot update.  I don't disagree with using a smallish update to test the process.  And MIX'11 gave us a glimpse into even more amazing things to come---if Microsoft can gain virtual autonomy over the process.  But, as you listed, there are so many bad processes here that my confidence in what will happen when Mango is ready to (I mean MANGO is ready, not the bloatware from AT&T or the other carriers) is pretty much shot.  I have no doubt whatsoever that Mango is going to be worthwhile.  But what comedy of errors awaits us as we sit on the edge of our seats in anticipation?  Meh

  • dtraser
    3 Posts

    @ Captiosus

    I couldn't agree with you more. There is no "Good Job" about it. Praise is earned for exceeding expectations. We all should be saying "You're still not done. Quit boasting and get back to work!".

    As for those that did the unbranding but want to go back to ensure you get back on track for firmware updates, I suggest synching all data (Pictures, Movies, Documents) you wish to keep to your PC and re-flashing the ROM with the appropriate branded ROM. A search on XDA should result in some tutorials on how to do this for your phone model.

  • jackleung
    13 Posts

    Captiosus, I am with you as well.  Hardly call this whole mess a good job for just a minor update with so little bug fix after SIX months.  Not to mention all the missing features. For WP team, have you ever look at the WP7 bug list on XDA developers?  It's ridiculous BT A2DP only works on music but not video and everything else.  And Wifi over ad-hoc still have issue from time to time.

    Do WP team learn from this experience?  I hardly doubt it after Joe Belfiore still insist carrier should be involved in the update process, and did not hear any feedback for rapid update process by splitting the big update.

  • How easy we forget! I don’t know folks, call me pessimistic or a bad apple –or anything you want, but I feel that a lot of people now feel that M$ and AT$T are the big-shots because they finally decided to deliver what they were supposed to deliver about 4 months ago.  Some also tend to forget about those –with HTC Surround and some others in Europe and South Asia, who will have to wait about a month to finally get their update(s).  For those of us who already have the update; I ask, are we just like the dog that comes back to you wagging his tail after being kicked away? Or should we all be like the cat that makes you work hard for their affection? M$, yes you, the only way I can see you working hard for my affection is if you don’t screw-up with Mango.

  • After bashing MS about the update, we finally got it.. And, I will say, GREAT JOB MS.... only when its deserving... I do feel you deserve it, taking the lick for a lot of these other companies that partner for the release. It goes to show now that MS was not the only cause, but yet At&t and Samsung as for the Focus were just really sitting there letting MS take all the blame.. Blame MS for not having this released in the first place in Nov... All in all GREAT JOB, had no issues with the update and was very successful adding the update to my Focus. With that said, the Mango update has to come soon after, and I'm not talking the listed scheduled date in the fall, I am talking sooner. I feel the goal now is to show the competitors that you can roll out a update just as well as them or better, and catch up with them in device functionalities to where they can't do anything but compete with your UI, which i feel is the best on any smartphone. Advertising Samsung Focus phone over and over for the NBA playoffs now makes sense, and I feel a little more comfort in my phone when I see the iPhone ads...LOL... But, the Mango update has to follow. Either its be late May or even sometime in June,  it has to be worked out and pushed out faster than the fall with the uproar of the iPhone 5, and whatever Blackberry suppose to be doing...LOL.. Slit it up if you have to, release a well tested parts of the Mango, which could help MS by showing they can produce updates in a timely manner and succeed doing so. I don't think holding it back to get the IE9 feel to it flowing right matters  when the browser on it is very good already or people are using SurfCube or Metro web browsers. Could be some other things to leave out just to get the Mango released and just update it with additional addins or fixes from there. I will love to see IE9 (a real web browser) on the platform just not as fast as a push to use copy and paste when all phones have that currently. Innovation will be the IE9 feel to a smartphone, and with MS UI, they can really dominate or at least be a solid phone in the top three brands. Again, Thanks for the hard work MS team. I am sure that you are wipe out, missing your families and staying up late to get this Update pushed out. For me, I have not forgotten the reality of the situation, so again, THANK YOU TO THE MICROSOFT TEAM, EVERYBODY FROM THE BOTTOM FLOOR UP. The real work comes from you guys. Keep it up...


  • Just updated. Went great without issues on my Samsung Focus. Keep up the good work!

  • @ Captiosus - I second you on your last comment.  Altough I have the HTC Arrive with the latest version from day one, I can only feel sorry for all you who finally got your updates BUT especially for all of you -worldwide, who are still waiting for this so-expected update.  Shame on you AT$T, and shame on you M$ for allowing this to happen!

  • a688
    27 Posts


    I agree. Why is MS allowing carriers to bundle things in the OS itself? What happens if a non ATT customer switches to ATT (against their better judgement) and wants to use WISPr? Are they out of luck forever since they dont' have an ATT branded phone? Would they have to buy a new ATT branded phone (seems like it so far)? What is MS going to do about their user fragmentation? Is this fragmentation going to slow down future updates since they have now created MORE differences between carriers/phones/users?  Will we ever get a blog post that has actual answers to these types of questions and not have them covered with PR BS?

  • Captiosus
    103 Posts

    "Two months of generic PR, laughable "charts", an astounding lack of communication that wasn't laden with doublespeak, yet, suddenly, they did a "good job"?"

    Should read: "Two months of generic PR, laughable "charts", and an astounding lack of communication that was laden with doublespeak, yet, suddenly, they did a "good job"?"

  • Captiosus
    103 Posts

    I'll be the one to come out and say it: All this sudden praise ("Well done", "Good job", et cetera) is utterly laughable. Consider the mess we have been dealing with regarding updates since MID-JANUARY. Yet because they finally get them out to (only) two (of three) AT&T phones, suddenly it was "well done"? Two months of generic PR, laughable "charts", an astounding lack of communication that wasn't laden with doublespeak, yet, suddenly, they did a "good job"? Nevermind the fact that there are still carriers around the world who haven't seen any of the updates yet, the HTC Surround has no ETA, so the debacle is still on-going...

    This has been ANYTHING but a "good job" and certainly does not deserve praise, especially in light of the fact that AT&T got their way and got a protocol only they use added to the core OS networking protocols - something that was NEVER supposed to happen, but MS let happen anyway.

    Meanwhile, we still have ZERO Connect space, ZERO way for enthusiastic users and developers to report bugs and make credible suggestions for future functionality NEEDS (several have been made here, and blown off, but look at our Mango bells and whistles! [let's hope they don't notice they're still going to be missing BASIC functionality of other phones going into 2012])...

    This entire situation could be a case study in mismanagement and misinformation. If I operated even half as poorly as this at work, I would be standing in a breadline and no one involved, not MS, not the carriers, not the OEMs, deserve a "good job" or "well done". More like a "better luck next time.. if there's a next time." Considering carriers have already shoved the phone off the main path, third party vendors (eg. Best Buy Mobile) won't even recommend the platform and both LG and Samsung have publicly stated disappointment in the platform's performance, and Mango is SIX TO EIGHT MONTHS away, at minimum, a "next time" is very much up in the air.

  • Ran both updates last night without worry.  First one took about 12 min.  The nodo update took close to 35 minutes.  Overall, I am very impressed with a "snappier" feel and much faster UI.  I played through a bunch of my apps just being impressed with how fast they load.  Additionaly, I can now enjoy playing Chix n Vixens...I stopped playing previously just because it was not responsive enough.

    Thank you AT&T and Microsoft!

  • The updates installed without any issues. Have not used the copy-paste feature yet, but the Marketplace is a WHOLE lot better! Thanks for the update and looking forward to Mango! Keep up the good work!

  • Couldn't be more happy with my Focus and the NoDo update. The Marketplace fixes were really the only major complaint I had and now the Marketplace works flawlessly and never crashes. Here's looking forward to Mango.

  • Just updated both my Samsung Focus's on ATT - The updates worked like a charm. Nice work.

    Love the Cut and Paste - How you can drag the pointers to capture what you need to cut.

    Thank You - just hope the team has had its lessons and Mango would be a lot more easier.. Love the WP7

  • rlintw
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    @ PHONEY: Very good!  For Eric and the WP7 team: I needed to use the Support Tool, but that and the Feb and March updates all worked fine. Given that I needed to use the Support Tool on my Focus, I appreciate the extra time you took to make sure the updates would work. I'll add my voice to those who've asked that even as this update process winds down and work continues on the next, please keep communicating with us in the interim. A whole lot of the recent vitriol would have been avoided with some communication.

  • I'll be the first. You can use this template:

    Dear Microsoft!  Where is (Insert Patch Name) ?.  You promised us (Insert Patch Name) by now. All other carriers have received (Insert Patch Name), but AT&T is still "testing". I am sick of this blah blah blah... I am going to return my phone blah blah blah....  What a soap opera you created! please do better next time!    ;)

  • frankwick
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    FYI:  I had the Walshie update on my Focus but when I plugged in my phone to Zune I was notified that there was also a Sumsung update available.  The update failed but all I had to do was "recover" the phone with the Windows Support Tool from Microsoft.  The recover operation took 30 seconds, but the Samsung update took 30 minutes.  Most of the 30 minutes was spent backing up my phone. All works perfectly and all my data was preserved during the entire update process.  Keep the updates coming!!

  • mdoan300
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    I got the update, yay.

    Ok, so... now what? Do we start griping about Mango now?

  • Both updates installed fine on my Focus yesterday.  Glad to see the performance improvements.  It wasn't terrible before but I can see a difference.

  • Jdog
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    I just finally updated the February update successfully on my Focus.  But here was the process for me.  I attempted the update the first time and got the error 800705B4.  There was a Zune link to a web page that said to delete Internet Explorer/Search/Map history on the phone.  DId that, then attempted the update again.  Failed with the same error.  Then ran the "Windows Phone Support Tool".  It updated successfully.  But then it asked to run the February update again from Zune.  That completed successfully.  Haven't attempted the March update yet.  I haven't ran through this on my wife's Focus yet either.  If you run into that problem on your Focus, keep going and eventually it will work if you follow that process above.

  • @tsrblke  I didn't think that was the case based on the article

    Here’s a tip if you don’t want to wait: Use the Zune software on your PC to check for updates manually. Just plug in your phone via the USB cable, then click Update Now. Once you’ve installed February, unplug your phone and plug it back it. March should now be ready to install.

  • tsrblke
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    The updates roll out to various users over a series of days as I understand it.  So you may not get it immediately.

  • Thank you Microsoft for the update. I have updated 3 "test" phones at the office and all went smoothly. I have been testing Nodo updates against our Exchange 2003 servers and am happy to report, that the Address book search works well!. Now we finally have a replacement for wp6.5 and can stop buying those over-priced Tilt2's that AT&T has been raping us with. Sorry for the strong language, but I could not think of a better choice of words.  Looking forward to the Hd7s Any idea when that is going on sale ????

  • ScubaDog
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    @TTruax, when I did the early update I had to get my device to a point where there was LESS than 3GB USED on it.  After removing all apps that I could, all video, all music, all pictures, cleared cache, I still couldn't get below 3.1GB used.  Ultimately, I had not choice but to reset to factory.  That put me at 2.81GB and the updates went fine.

  • There is still no update available on my Focus.  Not sure why. It says its at version 7.0 (7004). I tried plugging it in and updating the Zune program but still nothing.

  • I just finished upgrading 2 Samsung Focus phones (my phone and my wife's phone)

    ... from stock to February 2011 Update to March 2011 Update.

    Here are the version numbers, before and after:

    OS version: 7.0.7004.0 -> 7.0.7390.0 (major change)

    Firmware revision number: 2103.10.10.1 -> 2103.11.3.3 (minor change)

    Hardware revision number: -> (no change)

    Radio software version: 2103.10.10.1 -> 2103.11.3.3 (minor change)

    Radio hardware version: -> (no change)

    Bootloader version: -> (major change)

    Chip SOC version: -> (no change)

    The February 2011 Update took about 8 minutes.

    The March 2011 Update took about 28 minutes.

    We had no problems updating the devices.

    Things I noticed that could be fixed/improved:

    - After the February 2011 Update was completed, Zune said "Your phone has been updated with the latest software." That was not correct, since the March 2011 update was available. Consider changing or removing the text.

    - The upgrade to the March 2011 Update changed our phone Feedback setting from Enabled to Disabled. It should not have done that, right?

    - The graphics on the phone, during the update, can be confusing to some users.  The red-do-not-back-arrow was particularly confusing. Please consider placing some text on the phone, like "Connect to the computer via USB" and "Updating - Do not disconnect from the computer". Also, the progress bar at the top does not have a definitive "end point", which almost makes it useless.  Consider adding a progress bar end point, and also percentage complete text.

    Note: Between updates, I did not have to disconnect the USB to get prompted for the March 2011 Update, which was nice.

    Thanks for the hard work, Windows Phone team.  I'm not sure what the major hiccups were with getting these updates released, but hang in there, and please be as straightforward and honest to your consumers as you can be, especially when problems arise.

  • TTruax
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    Unfortunately, I'm not feeling the update love yet. After several attempts I can't get past the backup stage in the March update. I have a 32 gig card (class 4) in my Focus that has been working fine since Dec. The Feb update went in just fine. I've got over 300 gig free on my hard drive. I tried all the suggested tips about clearing Internet Explorer History, Map history, etc. I removed all my podcasts, music and videos. I've even tried using the update tool. It updated just fine as well but the March update simply won't get past the backup (Error C101007B). Others have mentioned they got the update to work by reformatting their phone. So, I have an incomplete backup and my only option is to reformat my phone? Excellent!

  • Bob
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    I would gladly help test beta OS updates also.  We're here already.  Like stated previously, give us a restore point and I'll help anyway I can with it.  I don't mind testing and the bugs that come along with it.  Hell, I'm always using some beta software somewhere.  lol  I'm doing just that now with the 360 dashboard beta.  A lot of us like living on the bleeding edge of software.  It's fun.  :) I'm sure the carriers would have issues with that though.

    Anyway, the Samsung update went fine with my Focus that previously had NoDo installed, Zune timing trick.  The only gripe I have is NOT being able to pick where we would like the phone "backup" to be stored.  I had to delete programs in order to make room for the phone image before updating, yeah my C: drive is a tad small now considering all those WinXP updates we always get.  ;)  

    Since getting NoDo, the Flickr app and moTweets act strange.  moTweets will sometimes hang the OS, like every 10th try, on launch and cause a reboot and Flickr always freezes the live tiles when exiting the app.  The tiles will roll on screen, freeze for about a 1-2 secs in the middle of the animation and then come out of it. These are the only two apps I have problems with.  Reinstalling didn't correct anything.  I'm hoping app updates will fix this.

  • I just hope when they say they've learnt there lesson that this means next time there's an update it'll be in all customers hands within a reasonable amount of time - Good that you talk globally, T-Mobile owned by Deutsche Telekom needs to be told to hurry the hell up! Don't let them screw you over Microsoft, they'll take any change you give them!

  • I love the transparency here Eric Hautala. If you guys can keep this up, and update people's phones on schedule, then you'll have a lot of happy customers. I don't have a Windows Phone but would love one if it will be updated frequently. Contest time? ;)

  • Nice... now how about some love for Australia?

  • After the NoDo update is completely done, I hope to read some news here about what lessons the WP7 team has learned and what strategies will be taken to make sure the Mango update will be timely and smoothly.

    In addition, if there are no small updates between NoDo and Mango, WP7 team should seriously consider a beta testing program, that has been proposed multiple times here.  I can understand the reason why carriers do not want to roll out updates too often, and also understand many casual users probably don’t care about the updates as much as we do.  However, for this platform to catch up with iOS and Android, WP7 needs to run at a much faster pace and the participation of early adopters are absolutely critical.  We are the ones who can recommend and not recommend WP7 to people around and some even make the calls on the mobile platforms within enterprise.

    I would be more than happy to upgrade my phone with beta Mango and agree to terms such as not bothering my carrier if there is any issue as the result of using a beta OS (say data usage leaks, missed phone calls, lost data files, etc. etc.).  As long as there is a tool for me to recover the phone back to the carrier-supported stage, I am willing to upgrade to a beta OS, report bugs, either stay with the beta or restore to previous state, then test the next beta.  We would like to see bugs reported get addressed quickly and see there is a clear commitment to beta releases every two months or so, just like how IE9 was developed.  This way our early adopters can enthusiastically watch and help the platform grow and casual users can just wait for the official releases twice a year.   IE team has learned its lesson and it is time for WP team to learn it from the IE team, please let our early adopters help you in testing the software, you really need that!

    Yes, I finally got the NoDo update. But I am also disappointed in seeing so little is included with NoDo.  This is basically a patch, rather than an update.  It really depresses me to think about there will be zero update until probably 2012.  We, early adopters, don’t want a phone that just works, we want a phone we can proudly show off to others.  By choosing this phone, I want to satisfy my vanity, not to appear as a loser.

  • If you debranded to get NoDo, early, it's easy to rebrand.  When you installed NoDo, Zune created a restore point.  Restore your phone, unlock and rebrand to ATT-US, then the updates will show up and you will get the new Samsung firmware and bootloader.

    Eric, would it have killed you guys to say "Just hang on a couple weeks, you'll be glad you did"?

  • I won't rest until you either take AT&T out of the update process or you leave your position.  And, I hope that my HTC Surround rejects AT&T's bloatware.

  • @Eric or Mike - Is the update going out to everyone at one time or is it staggered?  The post gives the impression you can just use the Zune software and get the update, but I have not checking all day and it says I am up to date at 7004.

  • grnbd
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    Update went smoothly with no issues on my Focus.

    I have more confidence now that Mango will go smoother.

    Time will tell.

  • ScubaDog
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    @ChrisLynch, I'm not convinced that's true.  Besides, I couldn't rebrand even if I wanted to.  The phone is now locked and unless someone has already come up with a jailbreak for post-NoDo, the registry no longer functions.  Again, WISPr is a joke and I do NOT want that eating up memory, nor do I want that sorry excuse for an addressbook on my phone.  I simply shared my situation for those who might want to consider using the restore to throw themselves back to the pre-NoDo state and get the AT&T update.  I'm not anxious to do that.

  • Captiosus
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    @ChrisLynch - I rebranded immediately after doing the debranding update method. I have not gotten any update notices from AT&T. All I got was the LG OEM update.

    It would appear, given that Dell released their own firmware update for the Venue Pro earlier and now LG has released an update for the Quantum and Optimus 7, that each OEM is responsible for pushing out radio software, bootloader and other firmware independently of the core OS updates and that AT&T's "official" NoDo isn't more than the "generic NoDo" plus the AT&T Contacts and WISPr functions.

  • @ScubaDog: You are better off rebranding it and getting THE official update for your Focus.  There is a major device firmware and bootload update.  I don't know what exactly they are supposed to fix or address, but they will not get installed with just the generic NoDo update you may have applied using an unsupported method.

  • ScubaDog
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    Okay, I think the reports are probably true.  Since I unbranded my phone as part of the update and i believe it is still unbranded (though locked) the AT&T update considers the phone up to date.  So, for those of you who actually want AT&T's software you might be out of luck.  As for me, I'm not shedding a tear ;)

  • I recieved my AT&T update on my Samsung Focus today, and as an installer of the "homebrew" update process two weeks ago, I would like to report that my update went flawlessly.  Not that I reccommend that process as a matter of course given the warnings on this blog, but... all is well with my AT&T update following my homebrew!  I only hope that the "Mango" update later this year proceeds with the smoothness of the update that FINALLY arrived!  I still believe that Microsoft should, to whatever extent is possible, take AT&T out of the update loop, or at least keep the pressure on AT&T to get the "testing" process done far more quickly in the future.  I do think that pressure from this and other blogs concerning WP7 update has brought this to the attention of those who need to know... and I think they are listening!

  • It is good to see progress.  I just updated my Samsung Focus that had been previously updated via the Chevron updater with no problems.  It's good to see the camera anti-shake setting set to on.  I haven't tested for Bluetooth fixes yet but another user said they were still persisting.  I'll check that out tomorrow.  I hope there is a fix to the BT issues before Mango.  But I'm not here to complain today.  I've got the official update now.  Thanks.

  • nsaditya
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    Thanks for the post, I just updated my Focus everything went fine but the bluetooth problem still exists. Will this be fixed in future updates?

  • The long wait is over! Just update my Focus and the girl friends LG. Both went without a hitch.

  • dkb1898
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    My update took a while and failed with error code 801812CE in the Zune software. This concerned me, but I unplugged the phone, it was still showing the update screen and turned it off. Restarted it and it seems fine with the firmware, radio, and bootloader version that everyone is describing above. As well as the ability to add the AT&T contacts list, and anti-shake on the camera set to on by default. I can't find this error code anywhere, so seems I'm on the only one who's gotten it. I was updating an AT&T Focus which was already updated with Chevron.

    Not sure what error code 801812CE means? Hopefully Microsoft was able to collect this data as I have feedback enabled.

  • Sheeds
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    If the Zune PC Client keeps a record of all you APP/Game purchases (trial or full) - if MS are not able to integrate Apps/games into their update/backups, what about a script that you can run that uses the purchased list to go away and re-install everything you purchased?  Is something like that possible, at least automating the re-addition of your apps/games ?

  • Captiosus
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    OK. Looks like the notification of the LG Update for Windows Phone 7 was a major firmware, and radio software update with a minor Bootloader update.

    Firmware Revision Number: (Previous:

    Radio Software Version: (Previous:

    Bootloader Version: (Previous:

    Took forever to install the updates - not including the image backup. Nothing, thus far, from AT&T.

  • cmwind
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    thanks for the update. i have no doubt that the only reason it got out to Samsung and LG phones is because somebody on the Windows Phone team went to bat for your customers over at ATT.

    The real test is going to be Mango. Hope y'all handle it better. Don't know if the small community you've built can handle another roller coaster. Nokia won't save the platform if your early adopters are shouting from the rooftops to avoid the platform. good luck.

  • bigjim01
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    Installed February Update & Now installing the March Update!!!! Yippeee!! You just got to love the Windows Phone 7! Now it would be really cool if I could synch with Live Mesh directly to my phone certain folders, that would be a great work around not having a folder on the computer in which it would synchronize Office files through Zune.

  • @Strider_Auz: Yep.  I can fully understand that IF Windows Phone had complete sync capabilities to SkyDrive, this wouldn't be an issue.  But it does not, and nothing has been announced (including MIX11.)  So, the Zune Software client needs to be changed in order to support manual backups. And again, not to sound like a broken record, DO NOT create an image backup.  That's fine for this first wave of updates.  Now that is comleting, can we please have a real backup solution for our phones?!?!

  • Sheeds
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    Chris - Agree re: the backups.  I hard-reset my Focus to add microSD.  Reinstalling my apps and games took over 2 hours!!!!  What The %$%@^!  That's just NOT user friendly. :(

  • Sheeds
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    OK - So do I thank Chris Walsh/Chevron for having a forced.updated NoDo handset, but still received today's ATT NoDo release just fine?  OR did MS do something different to ensure that chevron.forced handsets were able to get the latest update?

    If the former - then WTF re: the MS "dire" warning over using that tool - If the latter, then WD on fixing it to get me this official update (assume phone is now back on regular update path).

  • Captiosus
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    @ScubaDog - I just checked via Zune software and I got prompted for an LG Update for Windows Phone 7 that didn't prompt yesterday when I checked. Not sure what it is, not sure if it's at all relevant to the official NoDo, not sure if it's a firmware update (I can't find ANYTHING on the web about an LG-specific WP7 update).

    Will keep you posted if I get a NoDo notification even though I did the debranding/VPN tool weeks ago.

  • @Typhoon87: I don't have anything to add on the Surround at the moment. But as soon as there's word, we'll post it.

  • Typhoon87
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    Title should be edited for accuracy, should add the word some,  Updates begin for some AT&T Windows phones.

    Do you have a reasonable time estimate for the additional packages that the surround is having issue with?

  • CoolWP7
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    Well, I wasn't happy that the Iphone was screwed up, bt at least i was able to recover.  Im a software engineer and sometimes I test code as much as i can and even have installation/qualification protocols that are created to ensure that issues do not pop-up when the SW is deployed.  Even when all this is done, the occasional error stil happens because i cannot control all of the PC configurations and I have to go back and make adjustments, recompile and deploy.  Having copy/paste was not a big deal for me.  I understand what they had to go through to get this working.  I am sure MS could have done things better, but in either case, Im good now.

  • if anyone wants wp7 team to implement a new feature show them:


  • Oh, and I really hope MS is working on a real way of backing up our phones.  It should *NOT* backup music, video or any other sync'd content that is already present on our PC's (or Mac), or even on SkyDrive.  There needs to be a CLEAR way to backup user data (SMS, Call history, installed apps and their data.)  If something happened to my phone, I would have to restore back to the state it was BEFORE the NoDo updates, and then re-apply the updates.  That is a hassle to deal with!  Please fix this soon!