Microsoft and Nokia Sign the Definitive Agreement

Microsoft and Nokia Sign the Definitive Agreement

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Many of you may have already seen the news announced earlier this morning, Nokia and Microsoft signed the definitive agreement for a strategic partnership between the two companies. You can get more information on this announcement from a joint blog post by Kai Oistamo, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer at Nokia and Andy Lees, president of Microsoft’s Mobile Communications Business. You can also head to the Microsoft Press Center to see the press release, or you can watch this video with Waldemar Sakalus from Nokia and Matt Bencke from Microsoft.

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  • Freypal
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    Good news. Nokia are huge in Europe and Asia. Really looking forward to seeing what is announced!

  • Rukai
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    quote:  guess my next next phone will be Nokia then.


        I guess mY next phone will be Nokia again then ...


  • yes!!! I promise that my next phone will be nokia thast it!!

  • KR
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    I thought releasing a big update was to avoid the issue of bugs,how come Nodo then comes with touchscreen bugs?I still believe a "bit by bit" progressive update process is better and more customer satisfying than a long wait for a big major update which isn't perfect.With a small periodically frequent update device compatibility issues can be easily diagnosed and resolved.

    I strongly believe Microsoft should change its update strategy after Mango.just crossing my fingers so Mango wouldn't bring bigger bugs as its bigger than Nodo

  • If we're not going to get any new features till "Mango",  then we should atleast have the existing bugs ironed out plus extended support for the international WP users.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @krush you.i think MS should higher you'll do a better customer communication agent than their current team.all i want is my WP7 to what my WM6.5 did,its really frustrating to still rely on my Omnia 2,when i have an're right,its doing better than most other platforms but worse than the wm6.5.infact comparing my HD7 to iphone 4 and the Nexus i far more prefer my HD7,i have used all three.

  • NiallG
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    What's the deal with the 'Nokia Branded Global Application Store' - are apps listed on Microsoft's marketplace store going to appear on there as well (the press release just states it will use same 'infrastructure' but no mention of 'same content') ?

    I hate to see a situation where existing developers suddenly have to go through the whole process again to get their apps published on Nokia's store - or where we have to publish everything twice. That certainly won't be a win for developers and in fact will be a kick in the face for those who've paid for marketplace accounts (we payed this fee based on assumption it will give access to ALL wp7 devices that get made).

  • a wider audience for us WP7 developers!

  • Krush You
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    The platform is dead? Jesus, it been out for 6 months and is doing better then all other platforms when they first started. At least give it a year before you stake it.

    The platform was made for the consumer market, with mango will come more enterprise features.

    I dunno about everyone else but when I buy something, I buy for what it does not for what I hope it does...

  • - Windows Phone: The Next Six Months

  • KR
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    Improved hardware is great but improved software is better,and i prefer the better things.the Hardware specs of my HD7 are great(infact kickass when it somes to entertainment like NETFLIX),but hell the platform sucks,worse productive platform ever especially when i see what i can do with my Omnia 2 running wm6.5.

    RIP NOKIA,you've signed your death certificate

  • I've said it before, and I'll say it again: this is all just PR noise unless and until Micrsoft and Noika actually DELIVER something.  A lot could happen between now and then...

  • Adan
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    This is awesome! I've been waiting for a time when Nokia might come into the Windows scene. I hope this leads to more Nokia phone in the U.S. Thanks for the post Brian!

  • This is basically meaningless until Microsoft can effectively deliver updates with their existing carrier partners.  With Nokia, we'll just have to buy a new phone each time there's a new update.

    I'm still waiting on the pre-NoDo and NoDo for my HTC Surround.  I find it ironic and disheartening that Microsoft can't deliver the updates to the customers of their PREMIER CARRIER PARTNER before everyone else.  What's the sense of being PREMIER?  It's pointless and moot.

  • Gurtej
    24 Posts

    Just need to remember that people on Windows eco system are creators. For my prospective Nokia WP7 (8?), I am looking for a large screen, swype keyboard and IE9 with a full unicode (with proper rendering) support.

  • Captiosus
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    Congrats. Nokia and Microsoft will make a great team. A great team of utter market fail.

    Sure, NOKIA is the "world leader" of phones, but consider that NOKIA is all but irrelevant in the North American market. You have to dig pretty deep to find a NOKIA device at a phone store that isn't some cheap phone. A glance at AT&T's online store shows ONE NOKIA device, a crappy flip phone. NOKIA does most of its business in its home, European, market. But Microsoft is consistently under heavy scrutiny by the European Union in the European market. Good luck making that pig fly!

    Seven months in and WP7 hasn't been able to grab any market traction; Dead advertising campaigns, OEMs coming out with disparaging comments about lackluster sales, carriers who don't care and have put the phones already in the bargain bin (it took the iPhone 3GS a year and a half to be $49, Samsung Focus? 5 months), developers publishing disparaging comments in blogs all over the web about the OS environment, and the update issue driving negative word of mouth recommendations.

    I love my LG Quantum but I'm also a realist. Microsoft promised that they were going to be playing catch up, rapidly, to close the gap between WP7 and other smartphones - not to mention the fact that WP7 is lacking features that WM6 HAD - and have been unable to deliver on this promise. Instead Microsoft relies on smoke-and-mirror misdirection. Look at the new bells and whistles of Mango (but you won't see it until late this year or even next year)! Deal with NOKIA done (but they won't have their first device until early 2012)!

    You had two shots had to make this platform a success: First was by delivering a superior enterprise phone that could blow Blackberry out of the water and the second was by delivering on rapid bug fixes and feature updates. Instead, we got a phone that is laughably bad in the enterprise with key features that should have been seamlessly integrated requiring idiotic workarounds, and, for updates we're getting maybe one or two feature updates a year, at best, while the update system is still broken and convoluted with special treatment being given to the carriers at the expense of the end user.

    Saying NOKIA and Microsoft are going to spend "years" developing this platform partnership is outright hilarious because you don't HAVE years to spend cultivating this platform.  You might have a quarter, at best, assuming it's not already too late, which it might just be. The fans can bash me all they want, and I spent the last 7 months defending this platform, but IMO, WP7 is done. NOKIA isn't going to save it.

  • Verizon every going to get WP7?

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    I'll have to write part two of my Wp7 Fairytale, including the tale of how Sir Nokialot, a knight in shining armour came to the aid of the Magician's Guild of Redmond to help overthrow the reign of the wicked Necromancer's iFruit!



  • I for one am very exited with this partnership deal. Nokia, please do not disappoint our expectations. Prove your worth and show your dominance with your design and technology and a competitive product.

    Here is what I'm looking for my next Nokia WP7:

    - At a minimum 4 inch screen with SAMOLED quality.

    - 1800 mAh battery

    - 1.2 GHz dual-core processor

    - Great quality camera (at a minimum 5 MP)

    - Front Facing camera for Video calling

    - T-Mobile USA 4G bands :)

    - Solid quality device. I mean, when I hold the device, it should feel like it's worth it.

    PS: I would easily shell out $700 USD for the above specs.

  • I'll be looking closely at the upcoming Nokia WP7 phones, I'm hoping we see some with 4.3inch screens, Some with QWERTY keyboards, dual cores etc. Most likely going to purchase one late next year once i see a model i like. In the mean time i'm fine with my LG Quantum.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    @Brian: Congrats.   Now we'll really get moving.   Can't wait to start playing with the Mango tools.


  • i agree with nadirreloaded

    photosynth/stitching software ist the same....yea it will come with mango, but when comes mango to ALL users? Nodo is still not present for every user of wp7 (deutsche telekom), mango will be avaible for spring 2012, i could bet for it and hope i am wrong

    "release late this year" -> yea the unbranded devices and the "premium partner" customers are f*cked up again

    @wp7 team

    congrats for your deal with nokia but if you go on like you do at the moment, nokia will regret their os choice very bad (and they will bankrupt)

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @ald - multi-tasking is coming with the Mango update this fall - will be on current phones

  • Hypi
    4 Posts

    cool, now release an outstanding phone with an AMOLED screen when MANGO comes out this fall for the WIN!!!

  • ald702
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    this is stupid. now those of us who bought a windows phone wont have the features that customers down the line will have. really microsoft? you couldnt just include multitasking in an update? pure stupidity.

  • Krush You
    94 Posts


    all the complaints you listed will be fixed with the Mango update.

    MS either had to release what they had or wait another year to release it

    They chose the latter, was this the best idea? Probably not, but from their perspective they would have fallen even further out of the race with little to no chance to catch up. So, they chose this option.

  • Hey, I own a Nokia N8, E71, N97 Mini and now an LG WP7. I'm giving Microsoft a chance because I love Nokia too much. WP7 with a sexy Nokia device, an amazing Ovi Map Turn-by-turn navigation experience and Symbian-like multi-tasking has a chance in this marketplace. We'll see. Quick Nokia: develop a winner for WP7.

  • the funniest and the biggest blunder microsoft is doing.

    1. no Windows live messenger in wp7 but there is a good one in iOS. If MS had a bit common sense they should hv developed a very innovative live messenger app for WP7 wit video calling so that it benefits both wp7 and will also attract customers frm SKYPE.

    2. Bing messenger is superior in iOS than WP7 another big blunder

    3. No skydrive and silverlight support for wp7 deives.. both are the products of microsoft

    4. xps competitor for adobe pdf is not compatible in wp7


  • was fist happy to hear the news before 4 months but now i feel as though NOKIA goign to be RIP.  Without a proper update schedule and innovative features hw can wp7 survive in market.

    I request the WP7 team to kindly look at what android is making with SE, HTC and Samsung. Innovative hardware and more and more new features coming to the OS. While in the case of WP7 the same old hardware with low memory space and that too non expandale and the OS is not at all updating with new features.

    WP7 team please think for ur self how are you planning to compete with ur competitors when are coming up with more and more innovative OS and hardware

  • JohnCz
    204 Posts

    Good progress.  Next up, Mango developer tools and emulator!

  • WP 7
    7 Posts

    Finally :) I was sute that it was already done!

    Good luck!


  • Nathan
    7 Posts

    New hardware is great, but new software sooner is better. Let's see Mango no later than October 2011 please.

  • depend
    5 Posts

    I guess my next next phone will be Nokia then.

  • great news now all we need is a decent sat nav app and it will be complete for me

  • Paul
    3 Posts

    I will only be happy when I see those half eaten pomes in the sorry lane...

  • Mindi B
    4 Posts

    F**k YES! Go hard guys deliver an excellent product and prove the haters WRONG: streamline your update process (you really should deliver more minor updates rather than just one large one), kick major ass with Mango and push out a super polished version for the first Nokia release and you will have WP7 to lead smart mobile devices into the new generation.

    Joe's keynote looked AWESOME. Restore our faith in you guys, time to PWN!!!

  • Excited!!  Hopefully the larger app makers start committing to the WP7 platform.