Now in Marketplace: Groupon, Home Depot

Now in Marketplace: Groupon, Home Depot

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Deal hunters rejoice: the official Groupon app for Windows Phone arrived today in Marketplace. Nab nearby deals, see what Groupons you’ve picked up, and redeem them electronically. The app, natch, is free. Download Groupon from Marketplace


Yo, it’s hammer time. Groupon wasn’t the only brand-name arrival this week. Yesterday, the official Home Depot app landed. Find the closest store—or research and buy more than 100,000 products directly from within the app. Download Home Depot from Marketplace

Home DepotHome Depot

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  • Kentrepid
    13 Posts

    @Michael We do appreciate the updates - but why are they always US focused - are there no good international apps or good apps for any other region?  Have you forgotten your products have customer's in other countries besides America?

    On a similar note - Zune Marketplace options (such as music purchase and Zune pass) and Bing support (for Local search and tighter region based web searches - and the other features iPhone users get now for Bing) is also something MS needs to prioritize NOW for WP7 users, not LATER.

    Make your product integration seamless - worldwide, not just for America!

  • Hi Michael, I have admit that WP7 has the looks and appeal, however smart phones now depend on Apps ,,,you always seem excited about the apps added everyday,,,do you look at the quality ,,all of them are RSS of some sort,,low quality and low utility,,,,,,Come on your system is restricting skype and Whatsapp ,,,,these are everyday apps. I bought a windows phone and now i am switching because i cant wait a year for you to get your act together....I am sad to say that Microsoft has come with a great product but at the same time found a great way to make it a failure by restricting app developers........either you should make apps yourself, i doubt it or give developers the tools....sad but you seem to be too excited about the launch and less about the quality of eco system

  • Good.  So where are:

    - hulu plus

    - pandora

    - dish network

    - photosynth  <--  why the H did this not *debut* on WP???  the WP version better be better than iOS....

  • Freypal
    59 Posts

    Oh great. Another featured set of apps that us living outside of North America can't get.

  • I don't think apps that are basically just wrappers for a website should count towards the total number of apps in a phone's marketplace.  Website wrapper apps are only a small notch above fart apps, in my opinion.

  • Mythos
    6 Posts

    I see I’m not the only non-American getting frustrated with WP7. No Amazon, no Home Depot and no Group On in Canada despite the fact it would be very simple to release theses apps to the Canadian marketplace at the same time as the US.

    But Microsoft makes things much worse by tacking on an arbitrary gouge-the-foreigner surcharge to the price of apps. This surcharge in Canada ranges from about 12% for a $.99 cent app to about 28% for a $1.99 app. They don’t even have the decency to be consistent with their gouging. There is a lot to like about WP7 but I’m on the verge of regretting buying it because of marketplace frustration.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Posted a longer article on the same theme as below re: managing region blocks/restrictions:  :) An Aussie's perspective.

  • Is it correct to assume that once Developers get the promised Tools announced at MIX11, We should start to seeing smoother Apps? specially with the scrolling and side swiping which is either laggy or excessively touchy on alot of apps.

    @Tiago @Strider -- Definitely with you guys on that one, Microsoft needs to extend major support for non-US WP7 users. Everyone around the world should be enjoying a similar user experience.

    I like how Mango will now have our Apps in Alphabetical Lettering like our Contacts list for easier search in addition to the search filter, however i still think they should have a Recently Installed, Most Used, Apps by Category type filtering in our Apps list to make things more organized.

  • do you know where wp7 gets fragmentated? Localization-restriction app, features...

    There's where fragmentation really yelds and screams...

    No Zune, No Bing local search, tons and tons of apps... Is this really necessary? Does MSwp7 really need to be US centric?

  • Badsey
    8 Posts

    that's great and all, ill never be able to use these apps as I'm British, but weres the Photosynth for WP7 something that will be out Worldwide

  • Albert
    94 Posts

    Nice to see more "big names" come to Marketplace, but we still need that BofA app that Ballmer mentioned at CES this year... :)

  • Razor
    53 Posts

    @Micheal Stroh

    The whole regional nature of the Marketplace is a royal PITA. Still can't get Zune music in Canada. Mentioned this on the Microsoft Answers site and all I got was boilerplate nonsense about  how it's being worked on but they can't say when it will ever happen >=| These messages go back past October 2010. I can't imagine how much this sucks for people who bought Zune hardware before Windows Phone 7 was released.

    And the music industry wonders why people pirate =P

    Speaking of which, when the heck are we going to get backgrounds working properly in Music + Videos, anyway? If the Zune software can pull album art and info why can't it pull backgrounds, even when a region is not supported?

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts


    Why the heck doesn't the Markeplace submission process for APPS result in a REGION  CODE type rating, where either access to, or relevance is attributed to each app and then sortable in the Marketplace or via 3rd party sites like

    Then each App has for instance, along with description, title, cost etc these extra values:

    - Regions Available (eg Asia, Europe, North America, US etc)

    - Region Applicable for (eg Global, Australia, etc).

    The first allows me to filter what I can and cannot access for my phone.  Imprtantly I want to see what isn't available for instance in Australia, because I might be a local DEV there looking to make an app with simialr functionality here (ie filling the market gap).

    The second allows me to say - OK I'm in Australia - what Apps have specific functionalty applicable to my region/country.  It may be a globally available app - even from a US marketplace submission - but it functions in Australia or for Australian content.

    This sort of improved categorisation and dice and slice of the marketplace will just become more important as the size of the market (and app crossover/duplication) grows.

    Cheers. :)


  • dexxan
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    The Groupon app cannot be installed from Canada (eventhough it says it is for US and Canada).  I tried it from Zune Desktop and on my WP7 handset and I do not get the Install button.  All the other apps are fine.  Has it been released to the Canadian marketplace?

  • @Strider_Auz: I hear you and understand the frustration. I'll try to indicate when an app isn't available worldwide when I can.  But  the reality is that I don't always have that info at my fingertips. Still, I'll do my best.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Grrr  US & Canada WP7 owners only obviously.  Please qualify each app review with region it is available in TY !