Windows Phone Radio 24

Windows Phone Radio 24

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Happy Friday! Windows Phone Radio number 24 is ready for download in Zune Marketplace, iTunes and direct from the Web here. This week we talk about the latest on phone updates, the recent Nokia deal, our awesome contest results and a gaggle of other topics. Thanks for listening and enjoy!

Here are the winning contest entries:



@DataQ - Entry

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  • Hi Guys,

    I really enjoy the show - I'm so glad to have my Focus on NoDo!

    My comments are in regards to this website and the deal with Nokia. First, this website should use .NET credentials - I was surprised to have to create an account just to post here. Second, as a life-long Nokia user, my Samsung Focus is my first non-Nokia phone. Imagine my surprise and delight that Nokia will now be developing hardware that is compatible with WP7. However, in order to win over many of my Symbian toting brethren, Zune needs at least a couple features that Nokia Ovi Suite does very well and Nokia users will expect, namely (1) Bluetooth syncing, (2) sending/ receiving SMS through the PC software client, and (3) “real” software back-ups.

    (1) Why Bluetooth syncing when you already have syncing over WiFi? Although WiFi syncing may work ideally when Zune is on a desktop (because it can be left always on), the future of computing is laptops and tablets. In a typical user scenario, a laptop owner will only be on a home network (or other network that Zune is configured to wirelessly sync with) a limited amount of time relative to the total time that the laptop may be active and in the vicinity of a WP7 device.  

    (2) Why care about sending/ receiving SMS messages through the PC software client? Even with my most recent Nokia device, the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, I would carry around my laptop (synced to my phone via Bluetooth) and be able to send and receive SMS messages like a chat client. This is a game changer. Being able to type out SMS messages with a keyboard is huge. Being able to SEARCH SMS messages is huge. Savvy Nokia users will expect this.

    (3) Why are syncing or SDD images not “real software back-ups? If I change devices, I have to reinstall all my apps, re-setup my start page, and reconnect/ re-associate all my contacts across MS Live/ Facebook/ Google.  Zune sync does not currently capture this information. Same goes for if I want to install a MicroSD card into my Focus. I bought one such card and I haven’t installed it because I don’t want to have to reinstall everything and go through my 1000+ contacts and  merge them across all my services. Nokia Ovi Suite could do this/ iTunes does this/ Zune should be able to do this for me also. I currently dread the day when Nokia finally comes out with their hardware because I know I’m going to be compelled to buy it and go through the painful process of re-setting up my phone to the way I have it now.

    Anyway, just a few thoughts – like I said, I really appreciate the show. You guys are doing great work and I appreciate all the progress you are making.


  • Xaevion
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    Hi Guys,

    You do a great job with the podcast.  It really keeps Microsoft connected to its peeps.

    I have a question about gapless playback of music.  I have some mixed CD's that would sound better without the gaps between tracks.  Are there any plans to implement this feature for the phone?

  • Hi Brian,

    I searched everywhere for your email, but I understand that it is hidden. Anyway, here is my message: this afternoon, I listened the new radio podcast (I always listen to this good podcast) and I heard that you are a poker fan. I'm a huge poker fan and Windows Phone 7 fan. I developed an application for the WP7 that can ease the host of a poker game and to keep track of statistics. I invite you to check: Ultimate Poker Manager on the Marketplace. You can have a better look at

    Thanks for podcasts


  • @ScubaDog @tc4101 that "YouTube" app with the worm is from the same ones who did LazyTube which is a paid app but full featured also. Glad atleast some apps are getting more features and details into them.

  • @ScubaDog - always with the passion! My point was that look at music consumption from the service standpoint is actually quite liberating! Look at music like your phone, cable, internet. You pay a fee, you get on demand and portable music content. Thus the notion of "my collection" is not as important. The marketplace is your collection! I too have very specific tastes in music, but lifting the burden of per track transactions let's your taste move more naturally, rather than always playing it safe.

    The wiping my phone of music once a month is something I like to do to keep that discovery moving forward. no more, no less.

  • ScubaDog
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    @TC4101, there already is a better YouTube app.  It's called, confusingly enough, YouTube.  The logo for the icon has the typical YouTube logo but adds a worm to it.  Try it out.  I'm of the opinion that if third parties do it  better I don't need Microsoft to do it.  And, personally, I have not use for turning off autorotate nor do I have a use for changing the brightness outside of using the normal way via Settings.  Also, I can already search for apps, so I don't know what you're complaining about there.

    @Brian Seitz and company, I completely disaggre with your  suggestion that we "nuke" our music periodically.  Your premise was that we want to try out new songs & artists.  Not everyone is a "music whore" and are quite happy with our collection as it is.  Many of us have more discerning tastes and don't feel the need to assault our ears with what, in my opinion, is a largely insulting array of music that makes up the stable.   Rest assured, if we run across an artist or songs that strike our fancy then we add them to our collections.  I have a 32GB card in my Focus, so I have plenty of room for music, etc.  I don't see the sense of wiping all my music off.  I'm betting most folks who might have more limited storage do whatever appropriate file management is necessary to allow for a balance of their favorites and new music.

  • tc4101
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    how about getting the little things right. the ability to turn off auto-rotate, make a decent youtube app, ability to change brightness on the fly, turn off mobile data, turn off wifi on the fly, ability to search for apps and show more information than just list the apps, show what apps you have installed in the search,

    come on get with it MS

  • Adan
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    Thanks for the podcast, Brian and Matt. It's great to hear honesty from within the MIcrosoft corportation. Makes me feel secure when using your porducts, not to mention feeling valued by Microsoft. Have a great Easter, dudes!

  • dkb1898
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    This is seriously an embarressment to professional engineers! As a software engineer when I hear talk of Zune playing music or video in the background while the software is updating even making it out of engineering, let alone testing I find somethign seriously wrong. Then in review, your project management says, ohhh ok we'll call that a feature since it seems to not do any harm. Then later you find out it can actually screw up the update process! Absolutely pathetic! What self respecting software architect or engineer would allow an obvious bug like that to make it into testing? Then testing misses something so obvious? Then someone finds it late in the process, and PM decides to call it a feature, and test doesn't discover a bug in that "feature" which can actually cause problems during the updating of the phone? Then to top it all off, YOU TALK ABOUT IT on the podcast like it's funny! As a fellow engineer, someone who takes pride in my work, I find this extremely disturbing from an architecture, engineering, and project mangement point of view...never mind the whole marketing point of view. This podcast is a joke, and worse it gives insight into just how poorly this part of the company is run...get Sinopsky to take over this group already, and get some real engineers in there please!!!

  • Sheeds
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    Nice PC guys. Just started up my own Blog - focusing on WP7 Down Under - and hope to have a WPRadio page (with links and info about the PC) up by this long weekend :)


  • The Rowi app is a really good twiiter client with Live Title and Push Notification, I have no clue why the regular Twitter client didn't include them features from the start.