Latest update status

Latest update status

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Just a very quick progress report this week.

We’re now scheduling the February and March updates for the HTC Surround on AT&T and for customers of Deutsche Telekom in Europe. We’re also scheduling the March update for Optus customers in Australia. Where’s my phone update? has the latest status.

We understand there’s still more to do. We’re not resting until we get this done globally.

Remember to visit Update Central for step-by-step installation instructions, troubleshooting steps for common errors, and other updated-related info.

Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • Is there any news yet on the Omnia & NODO update???

  • jburch
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    Is there any word on the Focus Rev 1.4 issue?  It is kind of ironic that you guys did a Q&A session with the lady who created copy & paste for WP7 and I still can't download the update for my phone.  If the only difference between Rev 1.3 and 1.4 is the brand of memory used then what is the big deal?

  • I have an unlocked T-Mobile branded Omnia 7 in the UK and I am yet to receive the pre-NoDo update :(. Its getting frustrating now.

  • KR
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    @johnny.g,i was like you before the Nodo update,i never had any issue with my HD7,but for the bluetooth issues and Marketplace freezing occasionally,i didn't mind these two bugs,what pissed me off was the severe lack of features on WP7 especially having moved from a WM6.5.I was hoping the Nodo will fix these bugs,but shockingly Nodo brought me one more bug,the SMS bug,since i updated to Nodo i frequently can't send a text and even when i click on try again nothing happens,at first i thought it was a signal problem,but this happens even when my phone has full reception.going through this made me understand the frustration many people have been going through

  • @ johnny.g - I might be wrong but you seem to be new to this blog... But anyways, you belong to the tiny group of about 3-5% of WP7 customers who seem to believe everything is right and runs smooth on WP7 OS.  I have a HTC Arrive -which I love, and although I have never experienced all the problems most people complain about here related to pre-NoDo (only because my phone already have NoDo), I cannot help to realize that WP7 OS is still way behind its competition and still lacks of essential features found on iOS and Android.  Don't get me wrong, I still believe this is the best UI out there, and the OS has so much potential, but unless I see prompt patches and updates, my worries about the future of this OS will not go away...

  • I use Bluetooth daily without any probs.. also Marketplace has never frozen on me.. just my personal experience  - I accept others might have different. As to research - I assume the BBS would be awash with noise if there really was  one or many critical bugfix/es which NoDo is fixing - perhaps "improving the experience of using Bluetooth Headsets" counts as critical in some people's books but I'm doubtful.

  • Marek
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    @johnny.g What about Marketplace bug?! It's cool when Marketplace freez and xbox hub stops responding too. B)

  • ammughal
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    @johnny.g NoDo is supposed to fix the legendary Bluetooth issues with WP7 which you dont have a clue about so please do your research first. Because for  me and many others Bluetooth is a very basic function and event the cheapest phone can handle it very well

    and most of the us are just annoyed about the lack of information passed back to us not about the time they are taking , just let us know how long its gona be and what are you working on - thats it!

  • I don't understand the drama on this thread - is NoDo fixing some critical bug ? No. Have people paid for it & not received it ? No. It simply has some nice, useful, features (which I'm looking forward to, therefore following  this thread ), but the language used by some posters is totally inappropriate. Besides, as any software engineer will tell you, continual nagging is counter productive - and exactly what would you do with the statement "there's a problem in the UDP function when pin #333 is high" ? not much I suspect.. let them fix it & ship it when the guys are ready. Not before please.. if my sweet little phone gets mucked up by a badly tested update then the invective may well be justified !

  • D-Burrs
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    I'm going to have to second WiiWake, and push for an update to the "Where is my phone update" to include info around all those models (omnia 7s, focus REV 1.4s) where problems have been identified in the update process. ANY information would be helpful, no matter what that information might be - target date for problem resolution, estimated problem resolution process timeline, date of next status update - ANYTHING.

    Basic queuing psychology dictates more information should be given than less  While it's one step in the right direction to acknowledge the problem exists, let's be more forthcoming about progress/status until the problems have been resolved, please?

  • WiiWake
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    I used to use an Android phone, and even though I was mighty impressed by the Windows Phone 7 phones and the whole metro experience, I was still reluctant to go with a V1 MSFT product. So, when I heard NoDo updates will soon start trickling in I went and bought myself a Samsung Focus.

    Only to my dismay, after 2 weeks of patiently waiting for the update, i learnt I had one of the REV 1.4 models and for now, not eligible for it. Sure, the update can come later, it's not a game changer anyways! But what saddens me is that my fear of tagging along to a MSFT V1 product still holds true.

    I mean, how may Windows Phone 7 phones are out there, 1-2 million? How many handsets - 5-6? In comparison, compare it to the Android matrix, it's easily a 100x matrix and I used to get the updates OTA and without much fuss.

    I am in 2 minds right now to go return the phone before the 1 month return policy expires and get myself back to my Android phone or a Focus REV 1.3 model but then again Zune doesn't have a Backup and Restore option... Sigh!!

    Atleast an acknowledgement of the problem and a possible due date would help..At the very least, I sincerely hope the Windows Phone 7 group takes this as a serious feedback and improvises upon their future rollout process.

  • a688
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    They won't even list ATT on the US page, what makes you think they would do put something as important as phone versions on that page.

    @WP7 Team/Eric Hautala/Michael Stroh

    When are you guys going to start being proactive in updating us (your CUSTOMERS) about the update problems that are still happening? I have 0 faith in your ability to push out ANY update at this point.

  • WiiWake
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    @Windows Phone 7 group - How about updating the 'Where is my update' link to include Samsung Focus rev 1.4 status as well?

  • Marek
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    @Michael Stroh Do you have some news about Omnia 7 update pause?

  • Samsung Focus are receiving updates dependent of their REV. REV 1.4 is not updating yet... altough this was not mention yet my microsoft... as the omnia pullout, only after inquired by users... MS you need to be totaly transparent and not trying to elude your customers... people will always figure it out, always...

    please more transparency next time...

  • Microsoft needs to market Windows Phone more aggressively. Need high energy Ads showing people what WP can do and try getting some popular names to throw the name around. Convince people why they should own a Windows Phone and please fix the download problems with users already!

  • got the samsung update today  on my focus

  • KR
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    @Michael,My greatest frustration with my wp7 comes when i compare it to my wm6.5(with which i do more things and easily).when i see the features which mango will bring advertised,there;s some hope for my frustration and disappointment in wp7 to be over,but when i look at the journey NoDo is going on it gets me frustrated more,thinking i'll obviously have the Mango on my phone by February 2012,implying i'll have to carry my HD7(an awesome phone) running wp7(the most unproductive platform) and at the same time carry along my Omnia 2(because wm6.5 for now does way more very useful things than wp7,though its slower) for another year!

    when i think i spent 600$ to get my Bell HD7.I id this so i wouldn't be tied to a carrier but i just noticed it was a big mistake buying a wp7,since Microsoft presents wp7 as the most carrier friendly phones(this just turned me off wp7),meaning no matter what you are still tied down to your original carrier and this limits certain features of your phone.Noting that in Canada you can't buy and unlocked phone.

    MS is trying to make carriers happy,so they'll help MS market wp7,but what is shocking is the way carriers are instead not promoting wp7 devices as they highly do for Android and iOS.I walked into various Bell,Rogers and Telus stores in Calgary,Edmonton and Montreal,non of the agents in any of these stores recommended a wp7 all they knew was the hardware specs of the device but when you ask them what you can do with the phone all they say its Xbox live(i wouldnt blame them because thats the only special thing on wp7),but when my question was on android and iOS phones they talked less about the hardware but said a lot about the productive nature of the phone

  • Gabrielk
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    It's nice seeing some progress, all you have to do now is make those bastards at Telefonica stop "testing", they are too busy firing 20% of their employees in Spain to actually do anything.

    Or maybe just release the update and forget about them like you should have done in the first place.

  • mahdihaj
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    telstra is so lazy to release march update  ! sham

  • I am in exactly same position as @OverLord & was really feeling frustrated but thanks to @Michael Stroh for clarifying about the delay in updates & now i believe its worth waiting...Its great that guys @MS discovered the issue with Omnia 7 & decided not to proceed with the updates until everything is fixed and thus saving inconveniences to their customers..

    Thanks again @Michael Stroh & look forward for the update

  • @Michael Stroh thanks for the info on Omnia 7, I really don't mind waiting I just wanted to know why. Glad to finally have an explanation. Good thing you guys noticed the issue early

  • Simmo3D
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    @Michael Stroh. Thanks for updating people on the situation I think I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate you very much :) I updated my unbranded Omnia 7 to JK1 firmware then updated to NoDo via Hungary VPN trick. Experiencing dropped calls more often now and battery life seems worse than before. Is there anyway I can scrub my phone completely back to normal or is there any firmware newer than JK1 that I could update to? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

  • @BobR, I thought the Trophy came with NoDo already.  Are you saying you don't have copy & paste?  Or is it just the U.S. ones that are coming with NoDo.

  • BobR
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    HTC Trophy owner UK, open phone so no carrier issue but NoDo still NoGo. I suppose in a perverse way it is positive for users to know that paid up developers of are not prioritised and fortunately I'm in a position to be cool that my first app release to store has now to be put back to late summer. Still, a bit of a nuisance and hope this can be resolved when you aim for the mass market with Mango. Can I expect the NoDo updates will be finished by late Summer?

  • AT&T customer with stock Samsung Focus and I have still not received the update notification. Purchased phone on 4/12.

  • @Teufel Hunden: Welcome! Yes, please join the party. It's a good bunch here. They don't complain--much. ;-)

    I'm off for a few days, guys. See you next week!

  • D-Burrs
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    @ Michael Stroh, Thanks for the information on the Samsung Focus NoDo problem.  Knowing that MS has acknowledged there is a problem and is working to resolve it is better than the simple "Be patient" response I got in the MS answers forum.  I will continue to track back to this thread to see if there are any updates.

  • a688
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    @Michael Stroh

    Re: Memory Cards. I saw in a developer slide from MIX the issue you guys saw in the speeds of various microSD cards in different scenarios and I see that ATT is now releasing certified cards. Is ATT the one certifying these or is it MS? Can you guys release a free "Speed Test" program to allow us to see if a microSD card we already own SHOULD work well with WP7. I can understand you not guaranteeing that a card somebody owns will work well even though it passes the tests. This way your CONSUMERS could have a BETTER experience with their WP7 phone w/o having to purchase overpriced microSD cards from ATT to expand their phone's memory.

  • @ Michael Ball - That's because Eric has realized that he has lost all and any credibility and support here.  I read some comments here asking him questions about updates and so on; he has NEVER answer any question, not even one.  And M$ calls him GM of Customer Experience Engineering? Pity!

  • @Michael Stroh...Mike, i have to say that your pretty responsive.  I think I will start hanging out here instead of some to the forums.  I can't handle all of the complaining that goes on there.  Any, i would like to say you guys are doing a good job.  I'm ok with the pace that your team is releasing information.  I believe all your competitors have their eyes on WP7.  Alot of the media might see WP7 as a threat, but I'm sure Google and Apple can see the writting on the wall.

    I was also excited from the news that came out of MIX11.  As a WP7 user since launch day, the most exciting thing is that there more consumer side features that were not talked about at MIX11.  That means Mango is bringing some serious goodies to my phone.

  • XIII
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    @ Michael Stroh : Thanks to be the first to give us a clear answer to the nodo quaestion!

  • Freypal
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    Also to @Michael with that comment too. Doh!

  • Freypal
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    @Eric - Thanks for the update regarding the Omnia 7.

    Since I am one of the ones who has already updated when prompted by my carrier can I be assured that I will not suffer any negative effects due to this "technical issue with the update package"


  • I own a Focus, rev. 1.4, and haven't received my update yet... still 7.0 (7004).  Both Zune and my Focus say I'm "up to date". I'm annoyed that there's two updates I can't get.

  • Have you noticed that Eric's posts keep getting shorter and shorter?  Pretty soon, they'll just be Tweets.

  • dgaust
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    Can Microsoft please provide some comment/answer on the following

    1. When does 'testing' become blocking? Have Microsoft have imposed a time limit on carriers in which they must complete testing of their update, or can carriers continue to test indefinitely allowing multiple updates to build up.

    As an example, Telefonica in Spain are still testing the pre-NoDo update as well as the NoDo update (which according to public statements from Microsoft employees would contain the pre-NoDo update). So effectively, Telefonica have blocked two rounds of updates. Telstra were also in the same boat for a period of time, but have now started delivering pre-NoDo.

    2. If a carrier has 3 different devices on their network, do they have to approve the update for all of their devices or can they choose to approve it for only a subset?

    Again, as an example, Telstra Australia currently sell the HTC HD7, HTC Mozart and LG Optimus Q. The HD7 already comes with NoDo, while both the Mozart and LG are 7008.

    A senior Telstra Manager has informed me, that Microsoft are telling them that they have to approve the update for both the Mozart and Optimus Q before Microsoft will release the update to the phones. This effectively delays the update for the majority of users as while the Mozart is quite popular, the Optimus has not sold that well so Telstra don't put as many resources into testing the Optimus.

    This does not gel with the experience of AT&T users where the majority of phones received the update a couple of weeks before the update for the HTC Surround was scheduled (which indicates that approvals weren't done in a batch).

    As a developer, user and supporter of the WP7 platform, I'd appreciate feedback on these questions - minus the corporate spin.



  • Sheeds
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    scathing post @ Telstra Australia for their handling of WP7 updates:

  • @Tiago Fouto that website user community page is a good idea. Hopefully the WP Team is looking at some of the most requested features and ideas to implement to future updates.

    After "Mango" i think Microsoft needs to go the 'small frequent updates' route specially to quickly patch up any bugs/security issues that might arise.

  • gadgetebz
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    @Michael Stroh............  thanks for the update re Omnia 7

  • @Michael Stroh...... I have a focus

  • @top gunnah: Many apologies for the delay in getting back to you. As far as I know, everybody in the Virgin Islands with a Windows Phone should be receiving an update. What model phone do you have?

  • OK, I've asked about the technical issues a few of you are reporting and here's what I have:

    @ericsansone et. al.: Yes, we've temporarily stopped sending updates to Omnia7s. The team discovered a technical issue with the update package for this model. The work of fixing and testing the package is nearly done, and the team hopes to resume update deliveries soon. When I know more about the timing, I'll pass it along.

    @Geddy, D-Burrs: In the last few days, the team has seen reports from a handful of Focus owners in the U.S. who haven't received an update notification yet. They're looking into the situation, but I'm afraid there's not much to report yet. As soon as there is, I'll post it.

  • @Michael Stroh.......will the people from the virgin island get the NODO  UPDATE

  • @SCubaDog: Agree. I don't know how geeky we'll get yet--I'd still like these to be an entertaining and informative read--but I agree the details and decision making and compromises that go into creating a product--whether it's a smartphone, a book, or a new candy bar--is fascinating. That's what I hope to offer at least a small taste of.

  • The behind-the-scenes idea sounds great.  I'm sure we understand that SOME features might be unique enough that sharing them too early would tip off the competition, but as a geek I'd love to get insight as to why certain features (either ones that other phones already have or simply ones a lot of us have asked for) are more challenging to accomplish.  I think it was very informative--if a bit frustrating--to learn the reason originally behind not being able to save camera settings.  It was an honest answer, even if most of the users were left asking, "seriously?".  So, if a feature isn't there because of a thought process, that would be good to know (gives us a chance to, as customers, counter the argument logically).  If a feature isn't there yet because of the uniqueness of the OS, that would be good to know in some detail, too.  "Maintaining the user experience" runs very thin quickly.  But doing a comparison between how WP7 approaches something and how, for example, iOS or Android does (sort of the way the multitasking has been described) and making the connection as to why it may be more difficult to implement something would go a long way.

  • @Casper7, if I understand you correctly, you're saying there is no 3G in your area.  If that's the case, then you need to get on AT&T's Facebook site and petition for info on deployment of 3G.  Unfortunately, if you're in a G or Edge area, you're going to have a lot of limitations.  It's not an issue with the device.  I know this because in a similar circumstance until 3G finally arrived.  Even now, though, we only have a single 3G tower, so depending on where I'm at, I'll see the signal go from 3G to G to E.  Comes with the territory, I'm afraid.

  • 7mowin
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    T-Mobile HTC Mozart user here. Currently in Finland. Very disappointed with the update process. Never received the pre-update and NoDo is *still* nowhere to be seen after, what, 30 days from the announcement? Loved the Metro UI from day 1 and trying to convince people give the Winmo7 a chance but the stalled or blocked updating catastrophy HAS TO GO.

    Keep up the hard work but please let us bypass the carriers if they fail to deliver updates. And are we expected to wait for month(s) for possible critical vulnerability fixes to arrive?

  • @bv2, ericsansone, geddy, Freypal, XIII, et. al: Sorry, was distracted by other projects. I'm looking into your questions now...I'll report back later today. Hang tight.

  • casper7
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    hope this update helps with data connectivity or its back to verizon we go.  no 3G where we are at so its G or E.  my wifes surround is on E and has better connection than my focus which jumps back and forth but mostly on G.  love the phones when we are at home and connected to WiFi but other than that, kinda sucks rocks.  i know thats an at&t problem and not a wp7 problem but just hopen the update helps.  now off to the at&t site to see if they are doing anything to help us in mid Nebraska.  prob not but one can hope.   hope those who are waiting for an update get it soon!

  • I am also in a need to know basis about NoDo on Samsung Omnia 7.

    Bought a new, open market, unbranded Omnia7 about 2.5 weeks ago.

    I was using the unit and got offered the Feb 2011 update which I did install via Zune.

    Since then nothing happened: no more notifications, no Mar 2011 update and Zune always tells me the unit is up to date.

    From what I was able to deduce the Omnia 7 Nodo update must have been pulled around first week of April.

    I would appreciate any information specific to this unit, there must be people @MS who would know about it?

  • D-Burrs
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    That's great that more phones are getting the update scheduled - I just hope these other phones get access to the update AT THE SAME TIME, as opposed to Samsung Focus owners who got the update based on their hardware version!.  There are still those of us with Samsung Focus hardware version REV 1.4 who are waiting on answers as to when the NoDo release that went out to all REV 1.3 version owners will be available.with ZERO feedback from microsoft answers forums other than to "be patient."  

    @ GeddyThePolack, check your REV version under your battery, next to your IMEI, and I bet you'll find you're in the same boat as the rest of us in that you are a proud owner of Samsung Focus REV 1.4, which, according to Samsung, has not yet been scheduled for the NoDo release (no further information provided).  See ms answers string on the subject here:

    Maybe someone on this thread can give some answers?  Anyone?

  • gadgetebz
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    @Michael Stroh and Eric Hautala

    I have an Omnia 7 on Orange UK and received the NODO update late March/early April  but because of a hardware fault Orange swapped my phone out. However now on the new phone I only get the Feb PRE NODO update. So I would also like to know if the NODO update has been pulled from Europe. I have asked Orange and Samsung and they have no clue whats happening which is a bit worrying...

    Any chance you could give device specific information on the "where`s my update" page ?????????

    In about a year you will have a great product im sure but right now this is such a frustrating ride!!

  • ammughal
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    I strongly agree that Microsoft should place a deadline for testing

  • So it took Deutsche Telekom 60 days to approve pre-NoDo and 30 days to approve NoDo? While it is great news that they have finally approved them that is too long and must be reduced for Mango (at the moment I expect it to take much longer). Come on Microsoft, you need to enforce a deadline of 20-30 days on the carriers.  When Mango comes out you can bet the carriers will hold off testing for existing devices so that we instead renew contracts to get a new Nokia phone with Mango pre-installed.

    I'm also extremely nervous that carriers are having code integrated into updates (AT&T), it was always promised that carrier specific features would be provided through applications which could be removed if end users did not want them. I agree the OS should provide the API but that should be to all not a specific carrier.  Anything else is the road to fragmentation or even longer testing times for updates.

  • XIII
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    @Wurstsalat Of course, my Zune is update, and that's my how have open the thread on XDA ( where you can see that I'm an not alone...

  • So waiting until the update delivers to the people, but it seems to getting better

    @XIII do you have updated zune?

  • @dkb1898  - I definitely would like to hear more on those technical aspects of Mango. - 3 Promising Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ Features

    Hopefully we'll start seeing some high quality apps very soon after the Developers get the new tools next month so we can atleast be somewhat more patient till Mango arrives in the fall. I would like to see some Instant Messaging, Streaming Radio, Photo apps in the coming months. The sooner the better!

  • Still no NoDo for me in the US. I have a Samsung Focus on AT&T.  No notifications on my phone.  Updated Zune. Plugged it in and no update found. Did the Windows Phone Recovery Tool and still not update.  I'm getting very angry about this whole update process.

  • XIII
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    I'm interested in the Omnia 7 NoDo update too.

    I had the notification on my phone, but when i connect to Zune, Zune says my phone is up to date...

    Where is NoDo for Omnia 7?

  • ammughal
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    At last the word we have been waiting for thanks Eric

  • Freypal
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    @Michael Stroh - It is being reported on many forums that Omnia 7 users who were alerted that an update was available and didn't update right away have not been able to get it.

    There is a thread on XDA Devs - which details the problem. It is not carrier specific with unbranded phones also being affected. Has the update been pulled in Europe? I don't understand why so many people would get the notification that the update was ready to download, then when waiting a few days losing this update.

    People who had previously updated to NoDo - rolled back and tried again also cannot get the update.

    For myself, I updated when I got the notification some weeks back and it went flawlessly so thanks for that. Some word from MS on this would be greatly appreciated though.

  • Thanks for providing the update.

  • How about an update status for Samsung Omnia 7? Many Omnia 7 users have unlocked, unbranded phones and still have not gotten the NoDo update with no explanation and no expected date, even though the update site says the update is being delivered to open market phones.

  • Typhoon87
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    @BOB : check this link      specifcally the 5th comment down. Supposedly they have the abiity to update IE independantly of full firmware updates. Wheter they choose to use it or not is another story.

  • Actually it was not me who created this uservoice site, i am just helping to manage and admin the site as there are some duplicates, and ideas that are not very clear and need more detail.  We are hoping to release a wp7 app of this uservoice site so users can vote directly on their phones. Dont have any estimate date yet. I think that altought this dont reflect Microsoft priority of implementation on future updates, its great for users so they have their voice on what they want/need for wp7.

  • bv2
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    Hey just wondering something here. I'm in Australia and have a HTC Trophy with Optus and it's great that you're about to roll out the March update, but I am yet to receive even the February update. I bought the phone in Singapore, but I don't suppose that would make any difference right?

  • @tiago. I've already passed that link around. Nice work. :-)

  • @Michael Stroh ok good enough. meanwhile feel free to watch and show to your MS colleagues what are users most wanted future requests of wp7:

  • dkb1898
    167 Posts

    @Michael Stroh - Thanks...there is probably a difference of what many of us would like to see, and whats not going to give your competiors an advantage or create expectations. For instance, talking about specifics for Mango is something I'd LOVE to read, but at the same time I'd be very conservative with building expectations until your positive you can deliver it to all current devices within 2 months of talking about it, and that new phones won't be released with it before all existing phones are scheduling the update at the least.

    Having the people on who create the features, talk about them is a great idea...much like IE Blog, and Engineering Windows 7 does. In my mind those blogs are the models to follow, and possibly improve on. Showing charts for effeciency gains, battery gains, storage gains, security gains, etc, etc... compared to Windows Mobile 6.5, previous versions of Windows Phone (Only 2 versions so far), and the competition. As long as you can promise and deliver, this is great.

    Example would be a techical breakdown of the difference in startup times of a few applications between RTM, and NoDo. Battery, speed, memory use between CPU/GPU, Storage use, etc... Same for Mango eventually, as Scott Guthrie was showing with the Facebook app using less memory and is smoother with an update to the silverlight framework. Seeing how this smoothness, and speed update effects battery life, memory use, CPU/GPU utilization, etc... would be wonderful to see especially if you can compare it to other platforms...most likely harder except for IE9 Mobile. The way existing controls were sped up, again like Scott Guthrie was talking about with listbox scrolling...actually showing improvements to the actual controls, and how those framework updates speed up existing apps. XAML processing improvements, and talking about how coding for a framework has distinct advantages in that the controls can be sped up compared to the competition without having to rewrite, recompile, and reinstall an existing app.

    Performance improvements gained by new features like using SQL CE as your backend. And also how this effects storage space, hopefully it saves it as you can compress columns maybe?

    How WP apps compare to the competition as far as storage space required. With so much built in with SQL and the framework, apps don't need to be as large thus saving valuable space, this could be talked about. How effeciency gains with SQL CE compare to the competition.

    The advantages of GPU acceleration, and how you were able to bring over Direct2D to DirectX9 hardware...I'm assuming that's how IE9 is accelerated. This isn't really something that's seen on a PC with Directx9 hardware so obviously something is new in the graphics stack that's really interesting. Does this also open up some DirectCompute functions to Directx9 hardware, that would be amazing. How using this GPU acceleration (Direct2D which already seems to exist) helps with battery life compared to the competition.

    Web usage scenario's for IE9 Mobile compared to the usage, battery, speed, page loads, etc...

    Ok, that's enough for now...whew

  • Does anyone know if we'll have the screen capture feature in "Mango"? If the Homebrew community already managed this i really hope we get this, specially for blogging. Should be a  great way to show non WP users what some of our fav apps look like and might actually draw more interest into the metro UI.

  • @Michael Stroh The in depth behind the scenes sounds incredible. As a software developer (who is currently working on his first Windows Phone app), having a look at how WP7 comes together and the people that make it happen would be great.

    I do however, have to join Strider_Auz in complaining about Telstra's lack of pace. The day before WP7 came out here in South Australia, I walked into several carriers to see how they were building up for the big day. By far I was very impressed with the knowledge and training Telstra staff had about the release. They were definitely the 'premium partner' I was expecting - enough so that I switched to them to get my WP7 phone knowing that I'll get that special premium service that WP7 deserves. Since then, however, Telstra's really dropped the ball. Nodo over a month late is becoming laughable from a company that has invested so much into WP7. Can we get more transparency on why Telstra is taking so long? I am sure the customers wouldn't mind if there's a good reason for it - it would just be nice to know.

  • @nadirreloaded -- Would be even better if we had a Hub built into our phones directly for providing Microsoft/WP Team with instant feedback but we would probably crash the servers lol.

  • cdc101
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    What an amazing process – I can feel the relief already. Pity those Telstra customers. Telstra is supposed to be the premium telco in Oz and that they are beaten to the punch by Optus on this is embarrassing for them and frustrating for their customers who (rightly, because they pay for it) expect the best. I am sure Microsoft is learning too, WP7 is a fantastic platform.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Aussie Blog post update - Telstra, where's our Nodo ?

  • @Tiago: Sorry, but that has to remain our little secret for now. But as soon as I'm at liberty to say more, you'll know. :-)

  • request you to start a customer feedback suection for wp7 so that we can give our ideas and suggestion on what we wish to see in future wp7

  • Bob
    9 Posts

    Any possible way to update IE mobile with IE9 BEFORE Mango?  The browser is severely lacking in supporting some cool mobile sites that just plain suck on WP7 due to the lack of geolocation and such.  They work fine on other smartphones though.  :(

  • @Michael Stroh any hint of when will we ear any new glimpse of new Mango features? Any event, blog post, etc? Thanks...

  • @dkb1898: Thanks for the comment. We have plans to provide a more in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at various Mango features in the months ahead--and the people here who create them. I'm thinking some articles, Q&As, maybe even some behind-the-scenes videos. I think you guys will dig it.

    My intention is for this blog to have broad appeal--from people new to Windows Phones (and smartphones) to folks like you like to geek out on techie details. To that end, I'll also be looking to *you* to help me steer coverage (you didn't think you just got to sit back and read did you? I'm putting you guys to work!)  and tell me what you want to see more or less of.  Although, so far nobody here as been too shy about expressing themselves. :-)

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    As a surround owner, I'm really really really happy right now.  I can't wait to see the update.  I hope mango and the security update go a lot smoother though.

    I also hope you move from "Scheduling" to "Delivering" as fast as you did for the other AT&T phones, which I think was basically 3 days IIRC.

  • dkb1898
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    Some info for those of us who Walshed our phones would be nice too!

    As for Eric, honestly since he's taken over, things have been slowly getting takes time to do a 180. Especially if your diving into a huge mess!

    Now can the horrible podcast, and do an engineering blog...once it's rolled out to everyone you should be talking up NoDo like IE Blog is talking up IE9, and like Eng Win 7 Blog talked up Windows 7. No reason you can't get into some of the engineering advancements now that it's been released. This would create positive NEWS, and put pressure on competition especially with regards to security, smoothness, etc...

  • It's good to see you all working to get these updates out to all of us. Please keep up the good work and thank you for all the hard work you all are doing.

  • Sheeds
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    Telstra.  EPIC FAIL. Hasn't your nightshift cleaner got around to approving the #NoDo update for the HTC Mozart yet? You really should think about resourcing your PREMIUM PARTNER freakin' relationship with MS over WP7.  What a joke. If Spain can just finish their siesta and move to scheduling, Telstra will be the WP7 Testing "Robinson Crusoe" of the whole world.  Go Aussie Pride.

  • Glad to see that the final(?) wave of NoDo updates are being scheduled now.

    Lets see how the security patch update in May goes ::fingers crossed::

  • Marek
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    Finally some good news! :) I hope that MS have learned more from that update. It's not fair If we are hostage of mobile operators :-/.

  • Typhoon87
    27 Posts

    Very happy to see the surround is finally making its way forward towards delivery.

    Once you are done and to the deliving stage to all operators will you guys do a post on what you learned and how you may work with OEMS and Carries to allievate the major issues you faced delivering this first update?

  • Come on Michael -and not Eric since he is useless!!! Please respond to our friend in Virgin Islands (top gunnah)!!!

  • will the people from the virgin island get the NODO  UPDATE

  • Albert
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    Awesome! As an HTC Surround owner, this makes me very happy =D