Windows Phone Radio 25

Windows Phone Radio 25

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Good evening. Windows Phone Radio is ready for download in the Zune Marketplace, iTunes and direct here. This week we welcome a special guest, Stephen Danton developer of Windows Phone games Akiak and Ninja Boy. Stephen provides great information and top considerations when developing a Windows Phone game title. Enjoy.

Brian (@brianseitz)

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  • Putting the nightmare of Windows Mobile behind me, I really enjoy Phone 7.  It's easy to use, the icons are big enough for those who use reading glasses to see without changing glasses, and won me over very quickly.

    I knew it would be a while for the apps to catch up to Apple and Android, but what I find discouraging is the overwhelming amount of services/manufacturers who don't bother making Phone 7 apps.

    In particular, Garmin has come out with what is supposed to be a great navigation app.....only made for iPhone and Android.  My local paper, the Dallas Morning News, has an app for iPhone but no mention of Phone 7.

    Games are great, but more businesses looking to expand into the mobile market need to include Phone 7 as well as iPhone and Android compatible.

    Any way you can lean on Garmin, TomTom, and the rest to include Phone 7 GPS apps (as a start)?  The Maps app on my Focus is OK if I'm riding shotgun but can't be used while driving without running off the road.  ATT Navigator gets mixed reviews and is too overpriced:  Google navigation is a free app for Android and iPhone (unless I'm mistaken).

  • Guys, I hate to say it.  I was a huge fan of the phone but the experience has been really been degrading.  I was able to overlook the really easy loop stuff you missed like contact list favorites and a text message function for every phone contact.  Not to mention the other big things that were missing.  But now, this phone is getting really buggy.  I’m having issues like the phone freezing up, locked volume controls, screen hangs, and even contact relabeling….yes contact relabeling!  I’ve always been a big MS fan but not this time.  And from listening to you guys and reading what the management team is saying I don’t think this is just a platform problem.

  • aerotjk
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    Does anyone now the name of the panoramic app Matt was speaking of in this week's podcast???

  • I'm in a tremendous hurry to install the certificate update, so I'm fine with the slow-roll.  But, just to help folks gauge how fast it IS rolling, neither I nor my other WP7 friends in our area have received the update yet.  I see where other AT&T customers have received it, but it will be interesting to see how gradual AT&Ts rollout of this is.

    @ThaRebeliouZ, it definitely doesn't help to hear bad press.  However, I could find similarly bad press on Android and iPhone if I chose to, and I could even generate that bad press myself (my wife has the iPhone 4, so I have familiarity with the unit).  The thing is that it's actually good to remark on where the weak or problem areas are, because that gives the vendor the best indication where resources need to be applied.  In the Lean world we believe "Red Is Good".  If everything is green then it means that you've either achieved your goal or you're masking the issue.  Let's just say that rarely are goals truly reached (that is, if you've set worthwhile targets).  So, as long as the bad press is taken as a "here's where you still need work", then it's all good.  I just get sick and tired of the ignorant "WP7 is dead" garbage.  Plus, in this particular case, I take that souce with huge dose of salt.  Saying someone is "well-connected" does NOT impress me in the least.  Also, I'm suspicious anytime a poster leads with "as a former Microsoft employee".  They probably worked at a mall store ;)  And then there was the "Microsoft products suck" that the poster went on.  It really will be up to those of us who really like the platform to keep the pressure on Microsoft on one hand while promoting the benefits and potential on the other hand.

  • This is not the type of News i like reading about when it comes to the Windows Phone platform: - "Catastrophic" used to describe Windows Phone 7 sales numbers - Microsoft acknowledges more Windows Phone update bugs

    Must move fast and right the wrongs!

  • @ScubaDog2011 I was just about to ask about that update, i checked on my Zune Software and nothing popped up so i guess it's going to be the same ol mess(?)

    Anyone know when TouchXperience will be released publicly? That user interface already has more functionality than our current phones and just about everything is customizable. It's almost a shame that the homebrew community seem to be ahead of the curve smh. I really want to start promoting/recommending my WP again but without the key missing features till Mango, I am unable to do so.

    Help us help you Microsoft!

  • I'm surprised a new thread hasn't already surfaced regarding the certificate update that's now being pushed out to WP7 devices.  I'm guessing that the deployment tempo is the same as it was for NoDo (unbranded first, carriers in a cascade).  I saw one comment on another site that this also does a backup.  Sadly, I have consistently had to completely uninstall everything from my device (and factory reset in once instance) in order for updates to work on my Focus because I have it so full (32GB card with only 20GB remaining).  When the update notification shows up on my device I'll let folks know if this one also fails initially because of device storage.  Hopefully NoDo actually addressed this issue, but I won't know that until I get to load this new update.  BTW, what I discovered is that the previous updates weren't failing because I didn't have enough free was failing because I had too much USED space (had to get it below 3GB....others found the same issue).  So, we shall see.......

  • @BuckeyeTico, I think it's precisely because AT&T is the the premier partner (though the events of this year have made many of us think that isn't such a big deal).  But, I do note that AT&T has the largest variety of WP7 devices in its stable (again, that's not saying much, but in relation to other carriers....well....).  Last, but not least, I think Microsoft is working as many angles as they can to increase the customer base.  We may not all agree that some of the ideas are good ones, but we're not the marketing gurus.  There's one more aspect that we might not be considering....AT&T's pockets.  The pricing/subsidizing structure they have may be allowing for more of a discount and value-added sales opportunity than the other carriers.   Just a thought.

  • @ Michael Stroh (and anyone who wants to comment)  – Why does Microsoft only reward AT&T customers –when buying a new WP7; first, by giving away free Xbox games, and now by giving away a 3-month subscription to Zune? Nothing against AT&T customers –as long as they are WP7’ners, what I don’t understand is why Microsoft is ONLY helping increase the sales of their “back-stabber premier partner” with this kind of incentives.  What about the rest of us? With “premier partners” like this one, we don’t need enemies…

  • tsrblke
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    @ tweekism

    The Zune insider podcast has actually covered the "international podcast" issue across several episodes. At the risk of sounding Ameri-centric it hasn't affected me so I don't rember what they were saying.  However I do reccomend you give it a listen.  If you can take anymore Skipdeez in a week.

  • WP team - after you manage to deliver the "NoDo" update to everyone, please give us some bug fixes before "Mango" gets here. Alot of HD7 users are having probs sending text msg after NoDo but I've had that problem on my LG quantum pre nodo. The one work around I managed for this is to click on the name of the person I'm trying to text and select text msg from the contact profile and then it works.

    also how about giving us the ability to screen capture and share. I think we can help promote windows phone alot better if we have this feature

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    Good show this week.   Even though it took a long time to come out the NoDo update is great and the update process is solid.  I had an issue unrelated to Zune or the phone that caused my system to blue screeen halfway through the process.   After a quick hardware fix and a reboot the update kicked off and completed perfectly.  One suggestion it would be nice to able to control how incoming text messages display.  I show my phone off a lot and I don't always want everyone to see my incoming mesasges.  Being able to keep my messages private would be great.  

    Samsung Focus running a 32gig SD

  • i cant use zune on my computer it keeps telling me "sorry, the requested item isn't  available in your location" that sucks

  • @tsrblke

    Yeah I found that, but I mean in general to find podcasts...

    Now listening to all of these eps and in i think ep 14/15 somewhere they talk about pod cast and international support, it'll come I'm sure :)

    I was trolling the interwebs anyway because Telstra still haven't given me my NoDo update.

  • King
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    Soooooo can Matt give us at least a hint at the super awesome stuff he's bringing to zune this year and working on. Sooooooooo rude to casually mention something that important and then not elaborate on it at all. *sigh*... or Im just impatient.

  • Sheeds
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    @hankster  I believe the issue is to do with the API for direct camera access being locked, so expect it after Mango - when this is changed,

  • tsrblke
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    I thought they had released an RSS feed link somewhere else.  It's not entirely clear, but clicking "View All" on the sidebar of this website under "Windows Phone Radio" takes you to it:

  • Re: pano apps - why is Photosynth on iOS but not WP?

  • Open iTunes, search, subscribe to podcast, go to podcasts, right click - copy url, open zune, add podcasts, pastes url, sync with phone.

    Now I sound like a WHINY BIT... uh Australian, don't I? I don't mean to.

    Other than that I LOVE podcasts on my 7 Mozart. <- no sarcasm on this one :)

  • Sheeds
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    Sounds good - and nice timing guys, another reason to enjoy getting home from work at the end of the week :)