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Latest update news

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Hi everyone. Today we started delivering the February and March updates to the HTC Surround on AT&T and to customers of Deutsche Telekom in Europe.

We’re also now delivering the March update to Optus customers in Australia and scheduling it for Telstra customers there. Where’s my phone update? shows the latest official status. Update Central is the place for info on how to install or troubleshoot an update.

As I’ve said many times, we're not resting until we complete this job for everyone. We know there's more work to do—including tracking down and solving issues as they come to our attention.

Issues we’re tracking

We’re currently working on two issues that could temporarily prevent some of you from receiving updates.

As some of you know, we recently halted delivery of updates to Samsung Omnia 7s after learning of a technical issue that required a new update software package. The new package is nearly ready, and we’re eager to resume updates to this model. Once I have a start date, I’ll let you know.

We’ve also been looking into reports from a small number of Samsung Focus owners on AT&T who haven’t received an update notification. Here’s what we know so far:

To accommodate high demand for the Focus last year, two separate sources of flash memory components were required during manufacturing. Focus models are identical in all other ways.

Most Focus owners are receiving our updates. But some customers with handsets containing the alternative memory component aren’t. We’re now working closely with Samsung and AT&T to test and deliver an update for this group. As soon as I have more specifics, I’ll let you know.

The “7392” update

In addition to our ongoing updates, this week we also begin distributing a small new update that adds no new features to your phone. Its sole purpose is to fix nine fraudulent third-party digital certificates.  Once installed, you’ll see “OS version: 7.0.7392.0” when you tap Settings>About>More Info on your phone.  You can read more about 7392 on our Update History page.

How you get 7392 depends on your mobile operator and what updates you’ve installed. Customers with Deutsche Telekom and Optus, for example, will receive 7392 and the March update together. If you’ve already installed the March update, you’ll receive 7392 as a standalone download or bundled with a future update.

Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • My Focus 1.3  has the mango update.  I have lost the ability to edit or delete my office files.  How can I get that back?

  • I've owned a Samsung Focus since May ... and still no update.  Really unacceptable.  I expected to have copy/paste when i purchased.  What is the timeline for rolling out the release?????

  • Regarding "Most Focus owners are receiving our updates. But some customers with handsets containing the alternative memory component aren’t. We’re now working closely with Samsung and AT&T to test and deliver an update for this group. As soon as I have more specifics, I’ll let you know."

    Has there been any update on this?  I recently purchased a Samsung Focus and I have not been able to get any updates.

  • thank you people for my fabulous phone. i have a focus and it updated fine.

    what is the deal on the memory card use in the focus. can i add one now that i have been using my phone since february 2011?

    but who cares really ? I love my phone!!!!!!!

  • gbpucci
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    PLEASE solve the Omnia 7 issues !!!

  • From what I understand the main reason for NoDo update for Samsung Omnia 7 being pulled / delayed is due to inconsistancies across the devices manufactured and shipped (see This is all well and good and no doubt a complete headache for the Microsoft engineering team who have to work out how to deal with multiple scenarios and ensure they don't end up "bricking" customer's phones but surely someone must have an ETA. I would have hoped that this is the 1st thing asked of the team every morning when the leadership walk into the office. Putting something on would be very helpful - especially for those of us who are simply sat waiting and looking into the void of non-information. If a date is published and cannot be hit, simply amend and let us know why (i.e. we've done some further testing and "bricking" is still occuring). Surely this is a small thing Microsoft can do to keep their customers happy?

  • trying one more time to get some kind of "statement of direction" or explanation re: the security issue why there is no API for developers or app phone feature ( like myPhone)  for backing up a thread of SMS messages to cloud, Zune, via Bluetooth or ???? .... see my posts on the WP7Developer and WindowsTeamBlog forums ....

  • jburch
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    I think it is ironic that you guys did a Q&A session with the lady who created copy & paste for WP7 on the Windows Phone Blog and I still can't download the update for my phone (Rev 1.4 Focus).  If the only difference between Rev 1.3 and 1.4 is the brand of memory used then what is the big deal?

  • D-Burrs
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    @Michael_Stroh, okay, so I guess I can handle not having the 1.4 Samsung Focus added to the Where's my Phone Update? chart if update status is communicated more regularly on the blog, but we're now over a week out from the last word on this (your post, 5/4).  Not that I need weekly updates per se, but some sense as to when we might see updates would be nice.  I'd rather have some expectation management than suddenly get an update notice two months from now without any communication in between...

    5/9, you posted "there's nothing new to report" on the omnia - I'm guessing we're looking at the same for the Focus as well, but is there any indication whatsoever as to the timeline we might anticipate?  NoDo / Security Date / Mango roll-up release in Q4 for 1.4 owners?(say it ain't so?)

    Point is, I'll take any information you can throw my way - thanks!

  • I AM SO TIRED OF ALL THIS BS. Microsoft is a huge company and used to be innovative and great! Now it seems to be struggling to keep up with the competition!!!!

    I was the biggest advocate for Windows Phone 7, but the fact that you let carriers block updates, especially security updates, gives you a bad reputation in the consumers eyes.

    Please go ahead and poll how many customers are still happy with their windows phones because I know I'm not anymore!

    Get your act together, stop the bureaucracy, and get the updates to the users.

  • Elastep
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    soooo??? At least why not to say WHAT exactly is wrong with Omnia 7 update and why is it taking sooo long????

  • This is ridiculous Eric - you've released a security update, not only does it see the light of day later than the desktop and server counterparts but we now find ourselves with yet another update that carriers appear to be blocking!!

    You really have got to get your act together as I suspect you're loosing even the most loyal of customers - as a long time Microsoft fan, developer, Technet subscriber, Microsoft MVC (Consumer version of a MVP) and now a WP7 developer & user and I am at a point where I am about to turn the phone off and stick it in a draw.

  • it is incredibly frustrating. I have a 1.4 Focus and my 30 days was up 3 days ago, so I am now stuck with a dead ended phone. I don't have a lot of faith in this being resolved as there seems to be only a few people with the Focus 1.4.

  • Actually, I was referring to the overall rollout.  I already have NoDo.  But not everyone on AT&T has NoDo (the owners of Focus 1.4).  Since they apparently stopped the NoDo rollout because they're working the issue with those devices, I was thinking that this ALSO stopped 7392 from rolling--even to those who already have NoDo.  You see, that's the part of the rollout process that's still unclear.  I sync'd up this morning and still no joy.

  • @ ScubaDog2011 yes, the 7392 patch is dependent on the NoDo update. Since the windows phone is a 'state machine' (see brandon watson's post on the win phone dev blog), you can only go forward to the next state (i.e. release number) so that the phone will only ever be in one of a set number of states. When Microsoft used to release hotfixes for individual issues on server software, getting support was next to impossible as you never knew exactly what versions of what files were loaded on any given server. Now MS only releases hotfix rollups to servers which have the current fixes *AND* all prior hotfixes. So that if you want the current fix, you must install all of the other hotfixes. This ensures that when you call for support on a server product (sharepoint, exchange etc.) you can easily identify what level the product is. The same theory applies to Windows Phone. In order to get the 7392 security fix, you *MUST* install all prior patches to ensure that the phone is always in a known state for support and software compatibility.  All software development is a series of tradeoffs between multiple evils. Granular, out-of-order patching equals greater flexibility, but is a support nightmare. The 'state machine' is less flexible, but easier to support. Additionally, the sequential update process is the only crowbar MS has with the carriers. If a carrier blocks NoDo, they also must block security patches such as 7392 and that is potentially a publicity nightmare for the carriers.  WP is still a young product. Windows has been working on getting it right since NT 3.1 back in the early 90's. This will take a while as well.

  • FuchiStar
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    Why would you bundle a security update with "a future update".

    You are really screwing this up, MS - and you must know this is your last chance for a lot a people...

  • @ScubaDog im just saying a choice whether to keep the exisiting layout of the home screen as is or at the very least allow us to do custom Tile theme colors.

    My friend just got his 7392 update for his HTC HD7 today (T-Mobile).

  • Something just occurred to me.  If the 1.4 versions of the Focus are not compatible with the NoDo update as it was finally being deployed, and that they had to stop the rollout in order to rework the package, does that bottleneck all other updates for the Focus?  If so, then that would explain why 7392 seems to be stagnant on AT&T.

  • @Elastep soon means ~winter 2011, you get nodo when mango will be released...and of course mango....maybe you get it in summertime 2012, so stay tuned, you receive very soon exciting new features - of course, you can read of them but not use...

  • The 'Copy and  Paste' update was released on March 30th. Now, over a month later, there are still many of us who have yet to receive this update and consequently the 7392 security update. I have a 1.4 Focus. Should I return it as being defective since I cannot update it? Who do I go to for support? ATT says it is not in thier control. Samsung doesn't respond and Microsoft says to wait. I know this is a complicated process with many moving pieces, but setting some expectations with customers goes a long, long way in easing frustration. While I realize that most users have the updates now, us who do not are still customers and should be treated no less. I am not asking for you to define a specific date when this will be fixed. What I would like is to know that it can indeed be fixed, or if I need a replacement phone as mine is defective.

  • VictorWPB
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    I think Microsoft is not able to deal with the update problems and it is not going to update current phones. I was watching Google I/O keynote and now that the new version of Android is coming in Q4, if Microsoft fails to update Windows Phones in a timely manner, many of its few WP users will switch to Android and iOS. I'm using a Samsung Omnia 7 factory unlocked and reason that I bought an unlocked WP is to receive future updates as soon as they are made available. The way that Microsoft is handling updates is very disappointing and I'm really considering switching to a more reliable platform. Microsoft should not treat its early adopters like this. MICROSOFT KEEP YOUR PROMISES, IF YOU DON'T, IN THIS COMPETITIVE MARKET YOU WILL BE LOST.

  • I have yet to receive the 7392 update on my US Focus.  So, is AT&T again holding back a release?!?  Or, do I need to wait for my turn int he schedule?  I hope someone can answer this question, as it is quite frustrating to know my phone is vulnerable to a security exploit.

  • Elastep
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    I understand that there may be some tech. issues.. Ok.. But JUST KEEP IN TOUCH.. Inform us what's going on.. Even in common words.. But never say "No new information". It's not the thing we want to hear. And if you're unsure about the release why say "VERY SOON"??? Don't you understand that such a lie will make people angry? I think it's the worst thing when you give a promise and then nothing happens. With every day of delay and keeping silence of what's going on more and more people who bought the device are feeling unhappy. I don't understand if it is so hard to report just any status? Is it SOOO secret information?

  • @ Elastep - Lol, lol... It seems that "soon" has its own translation and meaning in the Un-popular Republik of Microsoftov...

  • a688
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    You need to remember that the WP7 team works on a time scale that is vastly different from "regular" people. For a "regular" person such as yourself, "soon" could range anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours, or possibly even a few days. For MS, "soon" ranges somewhere between a few weeks and never. Sort of like how their "soon" announcement back in late 2010 ended up being the "January", I mean "February", I mean "March" update. And then the "Feb" and "March" updates ended up being released approximately in "April", in "May", and never.

  • giobooo
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    Well... no news about Omnias... im really starting to think that i've done a pretty bad deal with this phone. Maybe it's already time to sell this thing and change os! I bet this will be the first terminal to be announced not to recieve Mango. What a shame!

  • =(  No update this morning, fyi.

    On the background issue, I have to say that I'm in disagreement on that.  It's the uniqueness of that start page that I believe sets WP7 appart from iPhone and Android.  Believe me, as someone who came from the PocketPC/WindowsMobile world, I certainly did my share of customizing (Lakeridgesoftware is the master in that).  But the difference between WP7's visual approach and the other two OSs is so dramatic that I think it's a huge mistake to muddy it up.  I can't conceive of a customization on the startpage that wouldn't make it look like garbage, other than having full-spectrum theme color customization.  Of course, it takes fatter code and more juice to put a picture as the background there as opposed to a flat color.  I prefer the smaller OS, thank you.  Just my opinion, of course.

    On the battery, etc., indicators, while I'm perfectly okay to keep my screen real estate by the auto-hiding of the top bar, I agree that having an actual percentage readout would be good.  of course, all we had was a bar graph on PocketPC/WindowsMobile, so there's really no change there.  It's just that we COULD go into the System Information and see percentages....we can't on WP7 (Well, we CAN on the Samsung Focus, but it requires calling up the diagnostic code for that readout).

  • Mod74
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    As 7392 is a security update, and as my T-Mob UK Omnia 7 is still on 7004 I really don't appreciate you leaving my phone languishing without a security update. Not fit for purpose?

  • Hojsn
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    "Omnia 7 updates are just about ready to roll again"  - May 4th, 2011...

    "But there's nothing new to report yet on Omnia...." - May 9th, 2011...

    I've been a convinced Microsoft user for half my life and I know that this delay in WP7 should not change my opinion on other MS products but I'm starting to lose confidence on the success of WP7 at all... Another great approach which might end up in the trash or as a small notion on wikipedia - just like webOS or Maemo...

  • nesher
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    "Where's my phone update?" page is useless for Samsung Omnia 7 owners :(

  • Leigh
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    BTW, Where's Windows Phone Radio?   We missed Friday again.   Is the intention to publish this radio show on a fixed schedule, or what?

  • Leigh
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    @Eric and @Michael: some more transparency and detail regarding 7392 is needed.   We just reverted back to the same sort of minimal and almost useless approach that garnered so many comments the bloggers all were up and arms and that caused the creation of the "Where's My Phone Update" page in the first place.

    @Joe indicated that the update process would get better, and I believe that, but recent actions on 7392 don't look as if that is happening with any speed.   (Joe?   Remember me?  I was the one who said "Joe Rocks!" in an earlier post).

    I assume the the entire dev team is working toward either the Mango tools release, or testing, or kitting updates for the various phones, but a few minutes to explain 7392 update progress, and to post that progress on the WMPU page will go a long way.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!



  • Elastep
    4 Posts

    @Michael Stroh  ok, no news is bad, but... what do you mean when you say very  soon?

  • @VictorWPB & sleepy: Sorry for the silence. But there's nothing new to report yet on Omnia....

  • The "dark" or "bright" backgrounds are so lifeless. They definitely should let us customize all kinds of things and give users the choice of sacrificing their own battery life for a more stylish look.

    Speaking of battery life, why isn't there a good App to let us see the battery percentage and other kinds of details? Is it because access is blocked to the developers?

    We should also be able to have a choice of keeping the battery, signal, wifi bar at the top without it auto hiding. we could swipe up to get rid of it. Give the us some more choices and you'll start to win over alot of the Android users.

    Just a thought.

  • ScubaDog
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    Just finished syncing up, still no 7392.  Very perplexing.

    In position news, however, if the recent leak is accurate, we'll be getting handwriting recognition!  I have to tell you, if it's as accurate Transcriber is on Windows Mobile, I'm going to be a very happy camper.  I got so fast using Transcriber that I regretted ever having to go back to a keyboard.  I've seen there is a fingertip stylus that works with these screens, so........

    I'm anxious to see what comes additional info comes out 24 May.

  • @BuckeyeTico LOL yea it's fraustrating that this whole update mess hasn't been smooth at all cause of the carrier control for testing but i do hope they get their sh** together by the release of "Miss Mango" as you so nicely put it.

    @ScubaDog yea i believe many of us here mentioned that the feature updates should be split up to try and get it to users faster but that seems very unlikely. Perhaps after "Mango" they can do smaller updates cause this Service Pack style thing just isn't going to work specially with the long carrier testings and waitlist we have to deal with smh.

  • VictorWPB
    47 Posts

    @Michael Stroh Could you please tell us when the updates will be released for Samsung Omnia 7 unlocked. Thanks

  • Elastep
    4 Posts

    Any news? WTF is going on with Omnia 7 update? "We will resume soon..." What does this "VERY SOON" mean? And what will be with future updates??? Microsoft is really strange. Don't they understand that they are killing themselves

  • Any update for people with a Focus that won't update?

  • jalf
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    So, as someone who doesn't yet have a WP7, but who is considering buying one, what I want to know is, what happens from now on? Ok, so you completely and utterly dropped the ball on the first updates, including the very first minor feature update, and including an absolutely critical security update. I can live with that, because it doesn't affect me.

    But what happens next time? My PC browser was updated within a couple of days after the Comodo hack. WP7 users are going to be vulnerable for what, a month or two? That's how it works today, and well, it's not ideal.. Will it also be the case the *next* time you need to push a security update?

    Say a similar problem happened again in, oh, let's say 3 months time, and you'd need to update the root certificates once more. Would you be able to do that within a week, for *all* device owners? Yes or no?

  • sleepy
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    Can we please get some information regarding updates for Samsung Omnia phones ?

    Thank You!

  • @ ThaRebeliouZ – Please don’t get me wrong, but I stopped getting excited about what Mango could eventually bring to the picture.  It’s like making out with a girl that you know you will not go pass second base (for now), but she still manages to seduce you with sexy lingerie and sensual movements.  In the way this process goes, most of us will not get Mango until Spring of next year.  Just think about it, a lot of people are still waiting for Pre-NoDo and NoDo updates, and I bet you it’s going to take a long time for all of us to get 7392.  I have an HTC Arrive with Sprint and I haven’t heard anyone (anywhere) saying that they have already received this update –and don’t plan on driving myself crazy about it.  Although Miss Mango looks beautiful –at the distance, I am going to pass on her –for now.

  • @ThaRebeliouZ, I'm pretty sure I read that the reason behind the home screen choices being battery life, at least as a primary concern.  The more pixels you have on, the more power you use (which is why it is a BAD idea to have a light background.  I can guess that live tiles take a toll as well.  Now, on the theme color, I admit to finding this perplexing.  I unlocked my Focus and have my tiles set to a particular shade of purple.  It's certainly a minor thing, and I wouldn't give up the Focus if I couldn't do that.  But if it's doable via homebrew, why wouldn't it already be available?  Same thing with the LED flashlight.  It's a joke that there are 30 flashlight apps that all simply turn your LCD panel white, when the REAL flashlight is your LED.  It works quite well as homebrew---why on earth would that not already be available?  And clearly some OEMs have created their own apps to take advantage of features not immediately available on the platform, like HTC's Voice-to-Text (which works as well on the Focus).  Again, why not universally available?  Indeed, very perplexing.   So, exciting things on the Mango front.  However, having said that, I just finished listening to the latest Windows Weekly netcast and Paul Thurrott posed a very appealing idea about how Microsoft should posture itself regarding WP7 updates.  He suggests that M$ quit trying to drag out the batch-and-queue methodology they now have and engage us with a monthly update.  What they would do is say, "Okay, of the following three features which one would you like to see roll out next?"  A monthly update would be kicked out quickly with that update.  It allows them to continue working on other features, but keep customers happy by making them a bigger part of the update process and it would get features out quicker.  I wonder why something like that wouldn't work?

    Oh, wait a minute....silly me....because the carriers still have control.  Nevermind.

  • Eric, what is it about the process of applying phone updates that can ruin battery life? I have seen numerous reports on this around the web. I now have the same problem since updating my open market HD7 from NoDo to 7392. I'm sure the actual changes of 7392 are not the problem because it's just a security update, so it must be something about the update process.

  • @ScubaDog Mango is going to be sweet (No pun intended lol), definitely like the new features that are coming. Hopefully they add some Customizable settings for us like changing the color of our Live Tile theme's to our own custom ones and ability to add a background pic instead of just the "dark" and "bright" settings. I would also love to be able to have weather and other info displayed in the lockscreen.

    But first give "NoDo" and the "7392" updates to those who haven't received them yet.

  • ammughal
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    @Eric The new Package is nearly ready than whats the hold up ?

  • XIII
    5 Posts

    @Michael Stroh: Hi!

    Did you have some news or a date for the release of the update for our Omnia 7?


  • So long time to get update for my Omnia7......

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    On the good news front, it looks like those of you who care about turn-by-turn voice nav will get it with Mango, and those who want voice-to-text will be satisfied as well when Mango comes out.

    On the bad news front, still no certificate update.

  • i have a focus on at&t an still did not get the "7392 update "

  • C'mon guys, throw us a bone here!  What's going on with 7392?  I know some people with the Focus on AT&T have received it, but many of us still have not.  So what's up?

    Shall I assume you've found problems and have halted the distribution, as happened before?  Or maybe AT&T has decided they want to "test" some more?  Or maybe your oh-so-fragile update process is unhappy with a bit or two on my phone and won't offer it to me?  (And, for the record, I have an officially updated, branded Focus).  Or maybe that same delicate process is only allowing you to offer it to3 lucky people per day?  Or...

    It's incredibly sad that you've once again demonstrated that you simply don't have a handle on and/or control of your own update process.... even for what is supposed to be a very small, critical security update.  Heaven help us if a truly severe bug ever gets found in WP7.

  • Kentrepid
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    Thanks for the security update!

    Now how about hardware encryption for Exchange Server syncing for corporate email:


  • giobooo
    8 Posts

    @Michael Stroh : Are we owners of Omnia 7s in danger of not recieving future updates? (es. mango) Because this nodo is taking a really long time now.

  • Hojsn
    10 Posts

    I convinced my girlfriend to buy a new HTC HD7 (which got Nodo btw), bought myself an Omnia 7 (no NoDo after all) and quite a lot of my friends are surprised by how fluid and quick WP7 is but I still can't recommend WP7 100% to them considering the whole mess w/ updates, new features and the process behind that "fiasco"... so where's Nodo for Samsung's Omnia 7 in Germany and where's 7392 for all other phones - considering it's a "security-related" update, it's quite a long time...

  • Opherus
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    I am also still waiting for the Nodo update on my Omnia 7..... and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and selling my phone and never buy again WP/

  • GBK
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    @scuba..  i don't think it matters how far west it went.  these roll-outs are ridiculously slow/unpredictable and just plain horrible experience for the users.

    i'm in the midwest.. still got nothing.


  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    7392 T+4.....Amtrak isn't here...neither is the update, LOL.  I wonder how far west it actually has made it.  Kind of a silly way to deploy software that's just going out over the internet.

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    Darn.  All sync'd up and no place to go.  sigh.

  • gahbmwm5
    16 Posts

    ****Sorry meant v7392 SSL update****

    Chris W had a interesting post on his blog regarding the update:

    What’s in your 7392 Windows Phone Update

    May 42011

    So, we’ve woken up to the “SSL” update this morning.  Only to see MSFT have included a few more fixes than just SSL cert updates.

    How the update process works

    Once you’ve got an update pending, Zune will download the appropriate CAB files to “patch” your device.

    Now these cab files, they aren’t full files.  They’re differential updates, which are merged with the existing DLL’s on the phone.  They’re then re-signed with the certificate specified in the DSM  

    There are two types of CAB files.  There are language packs, and software packs.

    As the language pack name denotes “0410”, this is an Input locale, typically the language(s) installed and available to change in the Keyboard settings.

    So if you’ve got multiple INPUT languages available on your phone, Zune will download all the appropriate DIFF language updates.

    I won’t go into how the MUI files work on Windows Phone unless people want me to

    What’s in your update

    Managed Assembly Updates (IL diff changes to come)








    System.Device (location sensors)






    AvCore (Camera Operations)



  • STILL waiting to be offered 7392 (AT&T Focus in California), and STILL waiting for an explanation from Microsoft as to what's going on with this update.  Did you learn nothing from the whole NoDo experience?  Do you really believe that saying how/when we'll get it "depends on your mobile operator" is sufficient?

    I was looking forward to the first post-NoDo update (whatever that ended up being) -- not for the contents of the update itself, but for validation that Microsoft had indeed learned from the NoDo mess and ironed-out all the testing, distribution, and communication issues that have so tainted the whole WP7 experience.  7392 is clearly demonstrating (to me, at least), that nothing's changed.

    This whole update process is so fundamentally broken that it's hard for me to even understand why you bothered to release 7392 at all.  It just starts the "cycle of frustration" all over again...

  • @Freypal That's a very good question and one I'd like answered too.

  • mahdihaj
    30 Posts

    telstra is in scheduling state . it means that it is going to release update 7392 ?

  • gahbmwm5
    16 Posts


    You may be correct via v7032 SSL update roll out being geographically related...(US based). As I typically do a thorough review of all Window Phone 7 related blogs daily prior to posting up on any related blog, forum...As I see that you are located in SW and I'm in NW (USA)...seems that I recall those who did receive the update (all branded, unmodified AT&T focus users) were_are located in NE (USA)...Possibly...?

  • I keep meaning to post this question and am finally remembering to do so.  Are there plans to expand the capabilities of the WP7 versions of Word, Excel (especially!) and Powerpoint?  I realize that WP7 was designed more for the consumer than the enterprise.  But the editing and formatting features of Excel in particular are extremely weak.  Only three colors for fonts or fills?  Seriously?  I use spreadsheets and charting a lot in my work and came to rely on the Windows Mobile Office capabilities.  It would be nice if the Office folks plan to ramp up the power of the WP7 versions.  Also, I was a bit surprised when I first got the Focus and discovered that I could only edit existing Powerpoint slides, not create any.  With copy & paste back, I really could use the ability to build slides on the go.

    Never hurts to ask ;)

  • I think @MWA1955 works in the Department of Redundancy Department ;)    

    Seriously, though, I think the kind of info the Omnia users are looking for is similar to what we eventually go on the Focus side.  In other words, what was the issue that showed up, causing the halt in deployment of NoDo and a rework of the package?  Was this another case of the OEM tweaking the firmware/hardware and not sharing that news with Microsoft?  If that's what it was customers can't really do much about that, but it definitely adds strength to the case for Microsoft having strict hardware standards---standards that OEMs had better stick to in the future, lest potential customers say, "No, thanks, you guys keep screwing up your hardware".  When we were finally told how Samsung slipped a mickey into the Focus I didn't have a burning desire to know what the change was, but was satisified to learn that Samsung didn't follow the rules and that had the consequences we observed.  I bet a similar "clearing of the air" would satisfy most Omnia users.   Just sayin'......

    BTW, 7392 Deployment +3, still no update available. If the fact that @gahbmwm5 hasn't seen the update yet is any indication, I wonder if the rollout is east-to-west.....hmmmm.

  • MWA1955
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    Sorry Eric, I got tired of all this drama. Between You all and AT&T, what a soap opera! Took my Sim Card and put it back into my HTC Tilt 2 where I have Bing Navigation, File Manager, Task Manager, and tethering! Put the Samsung Focus in the dresser drawer next to the Blackberry Curve! See Ya! Hope you do get it right!

  • MWA1955
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    @Eric Sorry Eric, I got tired of all this drama. Between You all and AT&T, what a soap opera! Took my Sim Card and put it back into my HTC Tilt 2 where I have Bing Navigation, File Manager, Task Manager, and tethering! Put the Samsung Focus in the dresser drawer next to the Blackberry Curve! See Ya! Hope you do get it right!

  • Marek
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    @ Michael Stroh Some news about Omnia7s? Mine from T-Mobile CZ(Deutsche Telekom ) still on 7.0.7004 :/

  • can anyone help me here ive got a samsung omnia 7 i got the pre nodo update on my phone so my os version is 7.0.7008.0 i was stupid an forced the nodo update on my samsung omnia 7 but last week restored my phone to before i forced the nodo update i just wanna know whens the nodo update coming on the samsung omnia 7 an am i gonna have any difficulties getting it because what i done thank you

  • Freypal
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    @Michael Stroh - I would really like to know if I am going to have future issues because of this Omnia 7 problem. It is not fair to tell us that there was a problem with the original release of the update and then give no further info to customers who have already recieved this "problematic" update.

    I have not forced the update in any way and am then told there was an issue leading to it being pulled. Can I please have some word on this? What was the problem and is it going to give me cause for concern?

  • I'm in the UK and for my Omnia 7 2 days ago, no updates showing yet and I am still on 7004.0 but I am happy to wait for a bit.

  • gahbmwm5
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    Interesting to see that some of my fellow AT&T ‘Still Branded’ Focus users are getting the resent SSL Update v.7392, through Zune…While others are not, including moi…*****

    Will patiently await ‘official update notification’ hopefully coming in the ‘very near future…’

    Went through v.7004—>NoDov.7390 (also still branded, no Walshie, or other forced updating methods) without issues.

    But as a former WM6.5 user and ‘heavy participating’ member @XDA…man it is tempting…lol :)

    Have viewed the Windows Phone Dev Blog BWatson, and feel quite refreshed that their is a 'huge common bond' to rectify the issues for those who chose to 'force pre_NoDo and NoDo updates...and the Windows Phone Dev Team...nice!

    @ScubaDog2011, also still have not felt the v7392 update with my focus in NW USA area.....

    @Michael, you have jumped in and have done nice communicative interim job....

    I personally feel that Windows Phone will  keep improving with bug, stability, feature updates...I am in no hurry, and am completely enamored with the GUI, and integration of OS...:)

    {Info obtained through reviewing various Window Phone 7 Blogs} *****

  • Leigh
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    Okay, @Eric, @Mike, is the process different for this update than the "March" update?

    If so, how?

    If not, PLEASE update the "Where's My Update" page, and let's stem the tide of owners in angst.    Though the update has no user feature changes, most users are going to be VERY interested in when they can get this update which plugs security vulnerabilities.


    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!


  • ScubaDog
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    Cool, glad I could contribute something constructive.  In the meantime, I sync'd up this evening and the 7392 update still hasn't made it's way to west Texas.  Here's hoping for tomorrow....and for the rest of the folks to get NoDo.  It definitely is a worthwhile update.

  • "The update process, the slow feature additions and the number of missing features (all 3 combined flaws) are turning away customers and I hope MS is listening. If updates have been coming faster or more frequent, if carriers have not been blocking the updates and delaying them for months or if WP7 has come out with a lot less missing features, people would not have been this upset. Also, the promises MS made (and are not fullfilling) are making this worse."-MalazNJ


  • @ScubaDog2011: I like your MIX suggestion. Let me see what I can do.

  • @Nater, I think I get nearly as frustrated as others, but there are certain things that I simply don't assume are "easy".  When you ask "what's so hard" I can't help but wonder if you understand the challenges.  Surely you've seen the issues already with what most would qualify as "small updates".  Also, did you really not know what WP7 was capable of versus not right out of the box before you purchased a device?  "Let the buyer beware" is as valid today as it ever was.  Nobody is asking you to wait until Mango to have a usable device.  The difference is that your definition of a "usable device" may be different from what others call it.  I knew the shortcomings going, because I researched the heck out of it.  Yes, there are certainly aspects that I found myself disappointed with (based on expectations), but I absolutely consider my Focus to be a usable device.  And I'm absolutely going to wait for Mango.  Based on what's been released so far, I'm sure that there will still be plenty of features missing after Mango, and I'll be in the crowd lobbying to get those things added.  But I'm not going to throw in the towel.  If you live & die by the features you're concerned with then it's in your best interest to move to another platform and maybe revisit the device when it matures more...perhaps with WP8.  But I think it's completely unfair to assume that WP7 is as easy to update as Android or iOS.  In fact, I'd guess that it's actually harder because they've designed so much integration in it AND designed it to be extremely easy for developers to write apps for.

  • Thanks, @Michael, it's the little details that can confuse or frustrate folks.  I hadn't seen anything defining specifically how you guys were working with the carrier---it could have been interpreted either way.  Of course, you won't be able to please everyone.  I think it creates a bit more confidence to know that the rework on the package is being done jointly so that when you announce it's ready that folks will be able to expect it to roll out without delay.

    On another topic, I wonder if it might be possible to pin the MIX'11 thread to the top and encourage folks who want at least some idea what's coming later this year to look there first.  I think at least some of the angst about "when are we going to see these features added" might be stemmed.  While that was geared for developers, there's no mistaking that the bounty of things covered are also of great interest to users.  As more info is released about what will be in Mango perhaps it could be dropped in there, too--sort of a running feature/fix list.  Just a thought.

  • I have Samsung Omnia7 on T-Mobile UK and no update so far not even Pre NODO :(

  • Nater
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    Lol...  You guys should be pushing out features as well.  What's so damn hard to understand:  WP7 is basically a feature phone OS right now.  It's unusable for a ton of people who are forced to doublefist Android/iOS devices because it's missing even trivial features.  Feature updates, please.  Or as least a semi-tentative timetable when one will come out.  I can't wait until Mango to have a usable device.  I'll be forced to sell this thing in the next month or so.  It's a waste of a data plan at the moment.  Would have been better off just getting an iTouch.

    Also, when will you or HTC address the borderline useless radio (poor reception/call quality) or speakers (can barely ehar them) on the HD7?

  • MalazNJ
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    This security update (7392) highlights what many customers and IT folks have been worried about. It is one thing (as in-execusable as it is) to delay an update that adds features, it's another to delay a security fix.

    My IT folks in the company said that from the beginning, the update process with microsoft does not allow any security updates and it'll take MS months to release one minor security fix, that was one of the reasons they blocked WP7 from accessing company resources. Unlike WM6 or 5, the WP7 platform is closed (which is OK) but combine that with a slooooooooooooow moving microsoft, you end up with a disaster in the making.

    Carriers (and MS incompetence) are now going to cause this security update to be delayed months, at least for some customers. Simply unacceptable. What happens when there is a more serious security problem? The process and microsoft are not prepared for that!

    The update process, the slow feature additions and the number of missing features (all 3 combined flaws) are turning away customers and I hope MS is listening. If updates have been coming faster or more frequent, if carriers have not been blocking the updates and delaying them for months or if WP7 has come out with a lot less missing features, people would not have been this upset. Also, the promises MS made (and are not fullfilling) are making this worse.

    When the first iPhone came out, I saw the number of missing features and I said no way I'll buy it (Apple didn't say what feature will be added when so I said I'll buy it only when it has the features I want). With the WP7, we were promised many things and we are not getting them (more control from MS for updates, series of significant updates in few months, a SharePoint integration (which is only half implemented), a WiFi capability (which is until recently only half way implemented), an Exchange compatability (which is only half way implemented by not supporting many authentication protocols) and many other things that were promised but not fullfilled). I bought the phone because I trusted MS and I regret that decision now. If microsoft didn't make these promises, i would not have bought the phone and I would have waited until the platform is a little more mature.

  • How about adding the status of 7392 update and all future updates to "Where's my phone update?" page?  You need to set and control expectations. Thank you!

  • @Scubadog2011 (via @Dreamerbala): I meant it's very close PERIOD.

    re: Marketplace status. I just posted on that....but am now hearing some reports that the service is back to normal.

  • KR
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    Marketplace is down,can't download anything including updates my bell HD7 is updated to 7392,anyone else having this issue?

  • i used the "unsupported method of forcing to 7390" but later on i got an update called "samsung update" am i good or still in deep s***

  • ammughal
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    its not because of updates, I dont have any updates on my Omnia7 and Marketplace is down since this morning - Its not just Market Place other applications that connect to microsoft to collect data like Project Emporia App is also down

  • edm
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    I'm also having issues with Marketplace on a Focus on 7390....not related to 7392....

    Michael, do you have any info on this?

    Yet more bad press coming soon......great!

  • after installing this update marketplace keeps giving me an error when I try to select install. I have two dates waiting, when i tap on update all, it gives me the error. "Can't that info..."

  • FYI, still nothing on the 7392 update on my Focus.  

    I just finished finishing up on something I was finishing ;)  (Steve Martin)

  • @Dreamerbala, you are aware that a problem was discovered with the update for the Omnia, right?  That's why it's on hold.  The last report I saw was that a solution is very close.  Of course "very close" doesn't tell us if that means that Microsoft is very close but that the carrier will still demand time to test it, or if that means it's very close PERIOD so that it will begin rolling out immediately when done.

  • I have an unlocked T-mobile branded Omnia 7 in the UK. Still no pre-NoDo :(

  • doktorg
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    +! @Imperial Dynamics PLEASE solve the Omnia 7 issues.  It's a very popular phone

    and the best! :) so MS please hurry up and get the updates out to it. the where's my phone update international page should show the different models as it currently says for optus - delivering update but I'm with optus and won't be getting the update till the omnia issue is fixed.

  • fxmldr
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    That's a very good point.  Yes, give us a freaking chart because I'm pretty sure our carriers customer support would be the last to know anything anyways, and better to hear it from the horses mouth.

  • OK, so the presence of the 7392 update is just starting the whole "when will I get my update" nightmare all over again.  As usual, I've not been offered the update (Samsung Focus, AT&T), and I have no idea if it's because AT&T is once again "testing", or if it's rolling out slowly, or blah blah blah....

    I really don't want to know all these nitty-gritty details of your update process.  I really just want it to work.  But since it's not, can you please add details of the 7392 update to the "Where's my update?" page so we have a clue as to what's going on and when/if we can expect to actually get the update??  PLEASE?

    I'm well aware that 7392 doesn't offer NEW functionality.  But that doesn't make it any less irritating to know there's an update out there than I can't get, and to have no idea WHY I can't get it.

  • With all these new issues cropping up, That's exactly why we need another update to fix bugs and tighten what we already have on our OS before unleashing Mango.

  • Mine
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    Has anyone noticed colors being distorted on surround after update? I have updated 2 Surrounds and both experience this I rolled one back and and the problem goes away updated again and it is back. It looks as if the screen is not 32 bit color.

    Image should look like this

    and looks like this on the screen

  • this is kool think about it :)

  • Does anyone know if my AT&T HTC HD7s will come with the 7392 update ? By the time they get around releasing it F'ing Mango will be out!   Sorry, I realize I am venting since no one can tell me why AT&T has announced this phone a month ago and it still not here...