Now in Marketplace: Bank of America

Now in Marketplace: Bank of America

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Just a quick heads up to Bank of America customers: the company’s much-anticipated new mobile banking app arrived in Marketplace earlier today. Check balances, transfer money, pay bills, and locate ATMs—directly from your Windows Phone (U.S. only).

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Bank of America app for Windows Phone 7Bank of America app for Windows Phone 7

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  • WP7Star
    6 Posts

    Yes, an official Windows Live Messenger is very desirable. Miyowa version is useless. You guys also need to step up your game and get a front facing camera model out ASAP!

    2 Posts

    Would appreciate some Euro/UK Apps getting highlighted. Also you should chase up companies like Amazon and encourage them to give us local versions of their US Application.

    PS: Where is an official windows live messenger? Have been asking for this since launch and nobody at Microsoft has ever answered why we are stuck with a poor third party application when every other mobile platform has a good/official app.

  • I'd like to see more banking and finance apps on WP7. How about a Wells Fargo app?

  • axy108
    2 Posts

    We need something like this in México, I hope banks create windows phone app soon....

  • WP7Star
    6 Posts

    Since Windows Phone 7 OS is suppose to be an international OS, you should work with banks like Citibank and get them to launch an app for the phone. Customers in US, Australia, India and even Europe would benefit from a world bank app rather than a local bank like BofA app. That would have been a better strategic move. Good start nevertheless. Now, get Citi and Chase to get an app for WP7 as well.

  • jbclt
    1 Posts

    (1)When is WP7 going to get Visual Voicemail?

    (2)When are you going to make the Marketplace available to Mac users? Even Apple, the most proprietary company there is makes its App Store available to Windows users.

  • Been waiting for this app since I bought this phone, Works great and I love checking my accts from the app.

  • schmeed
    1 Posts

    Very can we get someone to please create a CHASE BANK version!!  :)

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Thanks for the (US Only) info Michael :)

    Kinda figured that one at least, given name "Bank of America" - although if it was a Captain America App - then that better not be US only !!! ;)

    Australia has a St George Bank and Bank S.A. App - and I know CBA (Commonwealth) is working on a WP7 banking app.  I think theirs will be awesome based on their great Netbank online service.


  • Freypal
    59 Posts

    Sigh. Another featured USA only app.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    Hopefully Canadian banks follow the trail

  • Albert
    94 Posts

    Awesome!!! Have been waiting for this app for quite some time now...this is great news to me =D

  • I like this app as well, i'm using this and "Pageonce" for Banking stuff, both are really good Apps. Nice to see Windows Phone is stepping up in the quality of Apps, need to keep em coming!

  • brianm76
    61 Posts

    Great app.  Awesome work Bank of America.  Hands down the best banking app i have used.