Marketplace status

Marketplace status

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Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that we’re investigating reports that some people are having problems downloading apps from Windows Phone Marketplace.

I’ll keep you posted and provide an update as soon as we know more.


Looks like we’re back up…but root cause is still under investigation. More when I have it. Meantime, let the downloads begin.


The Marketplace team has finished their investigation. Here’s the takeaway from them: “Earlier today some Windows Phone users were unable to download applications from Windows Phone Marketplace for several hours and instead received an error message saying, ‘Can't get this info right now. Check back in a little while.’ The problem was identified and fixed in a matter of hours. The Marketplace service is now fully available.

We regret any inconvenience this disruption caused the impacted customers and our developer community. The problem was the result of scheduled maintenance being performed on Microsoft’s infrastructure during the night.  The root cause of this issue has been identified and steps are being taken to help prevent future disruptions to the Marketplace service.”

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  • Anyone have the issue where it gives you a credit card error, but when try to add news ones they don't show up in your list. I guess Marketplace doesn't want my money :)

  • Tring to download the Adobe Reader App from market place and this is the message i receive. "The windows Live ID service is unavailable at the moment. Try again later".Time is 11.49 Am in  India (06.10GMT). Have been trying to download it since 3 days..errors still continue. Can access Market place but not able to install any app. Is there a problem with Market Place. you say its up and running, but that doesn't seem the case.

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  • nrausch
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    Hello Michael,

    How about an update on the WP7 app vor WHS 2011?  I'd leave a comment on the WHS Team Blog but it's disabled.  Wasn't this demoed way back in Janurary?

    Can't find any "recent" news on it anywhere and have been waiting for and wanting this app really bad.


  • I've always received that error message - for months; I can't even get Acrobat reader. I do have "Live" in manual mode because it mysteriously erases all my contact information, then starts adding empty duplicates. I once got several dozen empty entries with the name, "Q" - thought I was on Star Trek. Cookies are enabled. Model: SGH-i917  I did install Zune on my computer, but I don't usually connect the phone to the computer.

  • Thanks folks for the helpful status report.  This issue had been resolved but the service seems to be down again.  I am seeing this error today 10th May for the last few hours.  Phone info below.

    HTC HD7 T9292

    Nodo (7.0.7392.0)

    Network UK O2


  • techieg
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    Any updates on MS Live Messenger IM/Presence integration in People Hub?

  • why cant i use zune on my computer to download things from the marketplace it keeps telling me "sorry, the requested item isn't available in your location " whats up with that

  • @Michael, is this still an issue? I am trying again to download apps but getting the "Can't get this info right now. Check back in a little while." message. This is quite annoying!


  • @kendollmelb: as far as i know wp7 is not the problem on is full capable of hardware encryption but the hardware vendors didnt deliver any device with this feature.

  • stefan00
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    Any new information when we get the update?

    I also love my Samsung Omnia 7 and had never any update-problems (NoDo).

    Germany <3

  • Michael, any update regarding NoDo for Omnia 7?

  • Kentrepid
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    @Michael Stroh

    Could your customers who bought phones expecting to be able to sync to their work Exchange servers please be able to by MS providing full support and hardware encryption for Exchange Server syncing for corporate email:


  • Typhoon87
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    I know this proably is not the best place to post this but does anyone with an HTC Surround have Color banding issues after applying the NODO/Surround firmware update? I have found multiple posts and threds online but so far the only way to fix it is with an reg  hack on unlocked phones. Its rather annoying in some picutres as well as blatently obvious on the new att boot screen in the firmware update.

  • Michael, this is with all due respect to you.  I blame neither Microsoft or AT&T for the update blunders, I blame them both. Microsoft for not putting pressure on AT&T for releasing the updates when expected; and AT&T for taking too long to test the updates. If both want to avoid this mistake for the Mango update, then both need to start being more aggressive on this front instead of laying corporate BS and giving us the PR spin. Mango is coming this fall and this is THE ONE TIME in WP7 history that neither company can afford to be wrong. If they are going to be more active as they claim, now is the time to prove it..

  • 2011-05-07 02:10pmPDT. For th last three days, since original mktplce "problems," i haven't been able to either download new apps or update existing apps on my Samsung focus.  NoDo was installed successfully.  When trying to update apps, i get a "queuing..." screen, with a win live login screen grayed out and inaccessible underneath.  when trying to install apps, i get the grayed out login screen along with the well known "can't do that right now, try later....." error msg (or whatever th words are -- i didn't write it down!).  SO THE PROBLEM STILL EXISTS FOR SOME OF US!!!!!

  • jvs
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    Marketplace working.

    Changed Allow cookies on my phone on IE, and that fixed the issue.

  • Thanks for the clear communication on this issue.  It's good to see this happening in light of how some previous issues have been ignored.  Definitely a move in the right direction.  Keep up this level of communication and hopefully there will be more positivity in the community.

  • Okay - working for me now - UK

  • jvs
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    Still getting (on May 6, 10 AM EST):

    There is a problem completing your request. Try again later.

    Error code: c101a24b

    LG E900 - Optimus 7 - Telus

    Looks to me that started after the latest security update to WP7.

    Anyone has the same issue?

  • Marketplace down again. My updatss are queued but download is not starting.

  • edm
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    About 1 hr ago I couldn't connect to the Marketplace.  I was getting a error code, something like C8xxxxxxx.  Now I can access, not sure if I an actually download/buy.

    AT&T Focus (Florida, USA)

  • Yep - down again for me too. it started working again last yesterday evening, but now I get the "Can't get this info right now" message when I try to Buy or Trial and app. I'm in the UK.

  • be05x5
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    This website and the RSS feed is a brilliant idea. I have this in my outlook and read up on news and messages every day. Keep up the great work.

  • Well looks like it's down again or something. I'm getting the "Can't get this info right now. Check back in a little while." error in the marketplace when attempting to buy any application...... Seems this issue is happening again? And I did reboot the phone to to make sure it wasn't something with the phone. I'm on a Samsung Focus, Also I noticed that the phone when going into Xbox Extras I get a sign in error, but I can log into normal Xbox live fine. Everything else is working on the phone data etc except for these two things.

    I'm in Arizona Samsung Focus ATT

  • TLguan
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    I'm  having the same problem with Marketplace in Taiwan using HTC Mozart 7.

  • I'm having trouble setting up my account - just got my phone (Focus) yesterday, and updated to NoDo this morning.  When I try to download from the marketplace, I go through the account setup, and my phone gets stuck on "Creating your account" and doesn't seem to do anything from there.

  • It was unfortunate that there was trouble with the marketplace service but it is nice to see the progress on this problem being reflected here on the blog. I'm from software development myself, so I know it is not always easy to know imediately what and where a problem is but an anouncement of: we know and we're looking into it is always kind of a relieve for customers.

    Keep up this communication, especially when it comes to the updates and people will complain much less :)

    Any news on the new Nodo package for the Samsung Omnia 7?

  • homer94
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    Hello, same for me from France with HTC Mozart 7

  • @Tiago: Thanks a lot.

    I'm sure #WP7 team will add features suggested in the address @Tiago provided.

  • has any1 found good replacement wp7 headphones? tried samsung, att, and all over the internet and cant find any that have the 3 button conrfig that work right? HELP! att give me1 free pair but said no more and they wont sell them to me?

  • @Michael: 1. Is there any better place to request or suggest features? (UserVoice?)

    2. I was just going to suggest what @MielieSpoor said: Integrating messages into people hub. (May be emails too?)

    3. Support RTL languages (persian) in IE & Silverlight.

    4. Love my HTC mozart. WP7 is just amazing. Keep up the good work.

  • By the way, if youre looking for tests of Beta phones/software.. drop me an email! Love stuff like that! :D

  • Windows Phone is advanced in many ways. But as a user comming from a Blackberry to this is practically a downgrade. Now im stuck with the phone, so much needs to be done! Basics as well like being able to send a contact to another contact. Selecting a mobile number on webpages to call or text, or addresses to email. Making updates faster. release it at the same time.. i dont understand this scheduling?! release and then we download. why make it complicated. Its the Microsoft way to make it complicated! chaaaanngggeeee! The list can go on, and Orange themselves are telling customers to give feedback as apparently there is alot of negative feedback!! There is loads to say but I need to go lie down for a bit lol. I love you Microsoft but you always make it hard to positive feedback!!

  • @MielieSpoor: First, welcome! Thanks for posting. The engineering team--all the way up to and including our engineer-in-chief Terry Myerson--does monitor this blog and comments closely. I know this for a fact. So feel free to post your thoughts, suggestions, gripes, and compliments here. The team would love to see them.

  • @MIchael. I was having the same issues over the last few weeks. I got two errors randomly. One was Can't get this info right now... and the other was Can't connect to the Live Id or something like that.

    I was able to download again today. I will monitor it.

    HTC Mozart with MTN, South Africa.

    Where can we post suggestiongs to you guys on the platform? I would like to suggest that sms/mms conversations and maybe also emails to also be accecable from the profile of a person in the people hub. Sometimes I am viewing the profile of a contact of mine in the people hub and want to see what was the last sms I received from the person - I then have to exist and go to the Messages and find the conversation with that person. It would be nice if it all got integrated a bit more?

  • Working now, was down earlier. (Tampa, FL, US)

  • KR
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    @Michael Stroh,my HD7 bing map app does not recognize any address i type in to get directions,it only accepts postal codes,whenever i type in an address it tells "we couldn't find a match for your ending point which must be an address" and also i can't even select a point on the map as my ending point,and lastly i can't chose the means of transportation,these three features were all present on my google maps app on my Omnia 2(wm6.5),please is there a solution for this or should i expect that to be fixed in Mango?right now the Bing map app on my wp7 is useless(is there a way to uninstall it? so i can free some space,its just crap)

  • KR
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    Had this problem in the morning with my Bell HD7 in Canada,but now it works just fine

  • @ All - No problems at all with Marketplace downloads/updates on my HTC Arrive here in Columbus, OH.

  • Razor
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    Seems okay here in Canada. Just downloaded a game from the Marketplace on my Focus.

  • Everything is working fine for me in Mexico :)

  • Update:  Everything seems to be working fine now with my Samsung Focus w/NoDo.

  • Again, thanks for the status everyone. If you're still having problems, please also include the country or locale you're in. Thanks!

  • Back up -- US, Samsung Focus with official Nodo. Just in time for me to use my Zune Pass song credits which expire today.

  • I was having trouble with the Marketplace about an hour or two ago, but I can update apps and browse just fine now. At&t/Focus/NoDo

  • tsjDEV
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    Hello. I'm from Germany (Vodafone) and have the same problem with the marketplace. I've tried to install an app with Zune and it told me that everything is working finde, but the app isn't at my phone and I cannot install it directly from the phone...

  • I'm in NY on T-Mobile.  I had problems with updating apps all morning, but it appears to be working again now.

  • idloco
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    I'm having problems too, downloading new apps and updating the ones already installed.

    My phone it's a Focus with Nodo

  • Korn1699
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    I couldn't get app updates on my focus or download new apps, but it appears to be working now.

  • eso pasa no se pueden actualizar las apps, hay que des instalarlas y volver a instalar..

  • kitron
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    It is now working for me. I am using a Samsung Focus. It wasn't working about an hour ago.

  • i think its my data connection its not to good where i'm at

  • axy108
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    It is working now in Mexico...

  • Yep, getting the same thing as ChroniLogic.  I have a Samsung Focus with NoDo, can browse the Marketplace, just cannot download from my phone.  I can download from the Zune client on m PC.

  • Using Samsung Focus and updated TuneIn Radio & my Bible app without issue.

  • How can I help you?


  • It is working now just fine. I had the same problem two hours ago, though.

  • marketplace wont let me download my updates

  • Thanks for the field report @ ChroniLogic. Anybody else?

  • FYI, I can access the MarketPlace, it just won't allow any updates.  It gives the error:  'Can't get this info right now.  Check back in a little while.'  This is shown on the following site: