Windows Phone Radio 27

Windows Phone Radio 27

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This week we welcome Ben Lower to the show. Ben works on the developer ecosystem team, and dropped by the podcast to talk about the team’s current Spring Cleaning campaign for developers. He also spends time talking about key considerations when building apps for Windows Phone and the idea of team office hours. Windows Phone Radio is available in the Zune Marketplace on your PC and streaming from, iTunes and direct from the web here.


Ben and Mike.

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  • Jskel1
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    How about commenting on Zune and the use of "Digital Copies" we are all geting with our bluray's now?

  • Mod74
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    Just to say that as a UK user "Windows Phone Radio is available in the Zune Marketplace" is incorrect. The UK Marketplace has no Podcasts whatsoever. Why it's impossible to just give us the exact same listings/search as the US Marketplace gets is beyond me. I'm sure this has been mentioned before but hey.

  • i hope someone might work to import the contacts (phone and mobile numbers) from PC outlook  through syncing without configuring Hotmail or Live account or Facebook.

  • Sheeds
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    Nice Michael - and on a Sunday to - dedication!

  • Spam: Zapped it!

  • SPAM alert, I see the post has been hit by the spammers, seems no matter where we go they pop up.

    Over on XNA-UK we've battled hard against those guys and understand just what it takes to clean up after them (since no matter what we do it seems even people and not just bots propagate this stuff)

    On the lighter side, yet another great new show and loving Striders shout out, here's hoping for more such events, UK anytime?

    Did you guys also take part in the #devchat madness that went on last week, that was such a rocking experience that I missed but looking back over the transcripts it seem like a lot of guys and gals had a lot of fun, especially good to see some devs work in progress.

    Looking forward to the next one and best wishes to Matt and his new arrival #flowers

  • Great podcast guys I love my wp7. we bought everyone in our office a wp7 device everyone loves them great work.

  • Sheeds
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    Hey guys - loved Ep 27.  Was absolutely floored by the the shout-out :D  The accent could do some work though Ben - came out all Meryl Streep "A Dingo ate my baby" lol  I would say spend some more time with Dave Mac - but I reckon' his accent's been watered down (like the beer there) by too much time in the US ;)

    Really appreciate your support of your supporters.  Quite frankly - Brandon and Ben and the Dev team offer more support than Christina Hendrick's push-up bra!

    Keep up the great work - and make sure you let us know if your coming down under.  I'll shout you a real Football game if you can make it to Melbourne before Nov :)


  • That was a great shoutout to strider! i feel inclined to say that!

  • King
    32 Posts

    Great podcast guys. Its refreshing to hear you all reiterate that you guys take notice of not only the comments but who's writing them as well. You guts should plan a windows phone meet and greet somewhere in Seattle. I'd love to come and meet the team and other like minded listeners who love windows phone. And a special congrats to Matt on the birth of his child. Have great weekends guys