Productivity takes a big step forward in Mango

Productivity takes a big step forward in Mango

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I'm in Atlanta this week at Microsoft’s annual TechEd conference for developers and IT pros, where we’re showing how Windows Phone helps bring a new level of productivity to business. As part of this year's event, I'm excited to share some of the new capabilities that will be available in the next version of Windows Phone—codenamed "Mango” and slated for release later this year.

While there are a wide range of new features in Mango that you’ll hear more about in the coming weeks and months, at TechEd we’re highlighting a number of new capabilities designed to help you stay productive on the go.

Customers tell us they’re continually trying to stay on top of their busy schedules. With this in mind, Mango is designed to make you even more productive right out-of-the-box—helping you quickly and easily stay connected with the people and information that are most important to you. For instance, we’ve heard that you like how the Office Hub helps bring together Office documents like Word, Excel, One Note, and PowerPoint in one place. In Mango, we’re adding the ability to save and share Office documents through Office 365 and Windows Live SkyDrive, ensuring you have access to the latest documents when and where you need them.

During the TechEd keynote today we also showed a range of additional capabilities in Mango that will help you reach a new level of productivity. These include:

  • Pinnable email folders: Pin a folder to the start screen for quick access. This could be an email folder for a specific project, from a specific group or person (like your boss), or an RSS feed you’ve set up in Outlook.
  • Conversation view in email: Emails in your inbox are organized by conversation, bringing replies to a thread into a consolidated view so it’s faster and easier to stay on top of the conversation.

Threaded email, coming in the next version of Windows Phone, makes it even easeir to keep track of who said what.By popular request, the next version of Windows Phone also makes it possible to read rights-managed emails.

  • Server search: Search your email server (e.g. Exchange Server) for older emails no longer stored on your phone, giving you ready access to all of your mail.
  •  Lync: Lync Mobile brings the Lync experience to Windows Phone customers by delivering Unified Communications capabilities, including instant messaging and the ability to see the presence of your co-workers. The Lync app will be a free download from Windows Phone Marketplace and will be enabled with support from your business organization.

In addition to helping you stay productive, Mango also includes new capabilities for IT. With new features such as complex (alpha-numeric) password support, Information Rights Management support for protecting e-mails and Office documents, and support for access to hidden corporate Wi-Fi networks, your IT organization can stay on top of its game—providing you access to information you need while meeting corporate requirements.

We’re also excited about the thriving ecosystem of developers writing apps for Windows Phone. This week, we expect to exceed 16,000 apps available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. With new capabilities for developers in Mango (e.g., HTML5 support, Targeted Distribution of apps) we expect an even larger number and wider range of apps for Windows Phone in the future.

In the weeks and months ahead we'll have even more to share on new features coming in Mango, but in the meantime, if you want to learn in more depth about the IT capabilities of Windows Phone, be sure to visit the Windows Phone for IT Pros blog.

Paul Bryan is a Senior Director of Business Experience for the Windows Phone team

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  • So I am now on the mango build and still not Lync Client.  How long before we have a client for our Phones.  I can see the other moble platforms taking longer but not the Windows Phone Platform.  Please tell me it will be out soon.

  • gays I am vy much confused tat"WILL MANGO WORKS ON OLDER WINDOW PHONE 7 DEVICE LIKE HTC HD7,FOCUS etc"that is which i have now...i am vy much crazy abt MONGO plz say anyone

  • Hi,

    Can we search contacts in this new version in:

    - Nick name

    - Address

    - Notes

    - Etc ...

    Can y put the contacts by NickName order, instead Name ?



  • Sheeds
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    Paul - I heard your interview over at the WP7DEVPodcast and got inspired to write up a story re: your renewed business emphasis with Mango (and the Technet Case Study on the MS deployment on WP7):

    WP7 for the Enterprise; MS leading by example. | Sheeds' Blog  :)

    Interested in your thoughts. :)

  • OlafE
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    My biggest complaint currently is the contact list.

    I dont want my Live contacts on the telephone (forget those which are doubled now with no usefull information - my mobile phone goes to other hands from time to time, and not each contact I have from whatever purpose in Live is needed in the phone anyway or should be seen by others).

    And cleaning up the phone removes the contact from Live as well - which makes Live unusable for any other than the phone purpose ...

  • I wish that Microsoft releases a Security Client version for Windows Phone Platfrom so we can have more security in WP.

  • Wp7User:  In Mango it will be easier to connect to a SharePoint 2010 server. We will be adding the option to access the server over HTTPS. This will enable access to any SharePoint that is facing the internet, Office 365 or others.  We have integrated auto configuration of Office 365 services in Windows Phone Mango, so when you enter your email address and password to configure Office 365, you will automatically get Exchange email, SharePoint 2010 team server and Lync for IM and presence.  When you access any SharePoint server over HTTPS in Mango using the browser, it will be available to you from the Office Hub too. You can of course continue accessing SharePoint Server 2010 through Forefront UAG using the steps outlined in the following post from our Windows Phone for IT Pros blog.

  • Hey Windows Phone team, I'd also consider fighting fire with fire with Google in your Office Hub.  Since Google has a plug-in for its cloud users called Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, consider fronting Android with a Google Docs access point in the hub in the same list where Office 365, Sharepoint, and SkyDrive will reside (, especially since Androids "sync" of its own Google Docs sucks and, when needing to edit an original Office format document, Google Docs ruins the integrity of some Office formatted documents saved as such to GDocs as users must allow their original Office document to be converted to Google's formats, losing the original Office-based formatting.  Not only as a SkyDrive user, but also as a Google Apps user, it'd be nice to see Microsoft return the favor by enabling cloud sync to Google Apps, enabling users to retain a cloud back up of the original and also allowing them to edit while mobile.  Kind of a kick-in-the-nuts for a kick-in-the-nuts (eye for an eye).  The only reason I ever considered using Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office was because of its accessibility on smartphones in mobile browsers, but Office on Windows Phone 7 is proof of a stronger mobile solution for Excel and Word document editing.  I only use Google Apps (Standard *cough*free*ahem*) for Google Docs as a cloud back-up for my domain.  As a SharePoint alternative, it is only missing the component of really competing with retaining the integrity for Microsoft Office-formatted documents during in-browser editing.  At this time, that's where the unfulfilled (un-promised) promise of Windows Phone has its hooks in some power users.  If Microsoft moves to differentiate Office 365 even more from its own Windows Live Admin Center for custom domains, it might be worth the additional cost, but for now, it's won't be once it's finally pushed to the Office Hub.

  • Larswa
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    I also 2nd Henrik Laursen's etc. comments on having the ability to subscribe to multiple calendars from the same provider. For instance a number of Google Calendars and so on....

    I was seriously considering a Windows Phone, a couple android phones ago. This is a killer feature for my 4-5 calendars, and until WP7 supports this, I am not going there. A shame because I love the OS, and the ability to build small apps really quickly.

  • @ elderbury .. regarding the Zune software and it opening everytime you plug in the USB... I found how to stop it.

    open your Zune software > Settings > General > uncheck the 'Start Zune software when I connect a compatible device'...

    Done :)

  • Nater
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    Quoting:  "@elderbury, not everyone wants Flash.  I get a little miffed when people generalize as if to speak for me.  I hate all things Flash.  It's old, tired and bloated.  It zaps your battery life horribly.  I would rather see a full-on push for HTML5---which is what IE9 emphasizes.  I avoid, as much as possible, sites that rely on Flash.  "

    Yet your opinion that flash isn't good is to be taken seriously?  I'm confused.

    Microsoft can push HTML5 all they won't, but it won't change the importance of Flash because Android phones and tablets have a high marketshare, Blackberry's Playbook and QNX Smartphones will have Flash.  Tons of other smartphonces have Flash Lite (Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc.).  I'm pretty sure WebOS Tablets will have Flash and their smartphones will get if, if they haven't gotten it already.  Flash will remain dominant for YEARS to come, and devices that don't support it will always get bashed becasue of it (as the iOS devices do).  Support for a technology is only great if that technology is widely used.  HTML 5 Audio/Video is good, but useless if there's hardly anywhere to use that support.  Flash is EVERYWHERE.  Same for stuff like NFC and even components like FFC and the like.  If hardly anyone Video Chats, the FFC is useless.  Et cetera...

    What actually would be useless is Silverlight support in the IE browser, becuase Silverlight is not really that widely used.  Microsoft had a good chance to try to compete with Flash but they didn't seem to push Silverlight well enough to make much of a dent in it.  They did the same with XPS vs. PDF among other things...

  • Nater
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    Quoting:  "@Nater, I don't get the reason for your post.  You just hate.  It sounds like you are an iPhone or Android lover, or something like that.  Why just come on and proceed to do nothing but trash the OS and the developers?  None of it is constructive.  At least the other posters are raising concerns in a reasonable manner."

    I raised my concerns in a reasonable manner months ago.  Patience is not infinite.

    I'm not an Android lover.  I'm not loyal to any platform.  Choice is good.  That's why I brought a WP7 device.  Do I regret it?  Yes.  Am I starting to not care about what Mango brings?  Betcha.  It won't be anything revolutionary and pretty much all of these features except for the Live Tile Gimmicks and XBL that isn't Live already exists in other major smartphone platforms.

    If you are willing to bend over everytime they make some useless post about a non-feature, then they will continue raping you.  Smartphones and Smartphone Services/Data Plans are not expensive.

    I find it insulting that people are suggesting we pay even more money for Office 365 just to Sync Business data to the damn phone...

    Everything I wrote in my post was accurate, and change for the sake of change is useless.  A grid of Icons makes way more sense than a never ending scrolling list of apps and the lack of universal search in the OS on release is embarassing.

    WP7.0 is a feature phone OS.  Maybe Mango will actually be a smartphone OS, but right now this OS isn't worth what the devices sell for.  They should have been more forthright in how they planned to develop the OS.  Lots of early adopters would have just gotten something else until they released something that was largely usable (of course it's usable to you, we know that...  but don't act like the entire world shares your thin list of requirements...).

  • Nater
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    @ ScubaDog201:  Don't troll me...

    The reason why I'm pissed is because these phones are an investment.  Mango is coming out ~ a year after WP7 releases.  For people like me who got the devices when they released:

    $199.99 for the phone on a 2 Year Contract up front and monthly:

    $39.99 for your Rate Plan (Minutes, a small one)

    $20.00 for Unlimited SMS/MMS (can only use 1/3rd of the MMS functionality on WP7) or Family Unlimited Texting

    $4.99 Premium Insurance

    $15-30 200-Unlimited Data Plan

    So, by the time Mango gets released, we will have paid $1159.75-1339.75 before we get our feature phones upgraded to smartphones.  That's without taxes, by the way, which probably add over a hundred to the cost easily.

    That's in addition to not even being able to properly take advantage of what we're actually paying for (like the crippled MMS functionality in the phone, and the lack of decent IM clients).

    This isn't FUD.  This is economics 101.  People like to get what they paid for, and with WP7 we got only a third of what we could have gotten with any other smartphone platform, even Windows Mobile or Symbian are better RITE NOW because even they have more useful apps than this platform has, and aren't missing so much functionality.  God forbid you were also paying for Tethering or needed that, adn brought into Microsoft's lie that they would iterate quickly on the platform.

    It's not 2007 anymore.  People are tired waiting a year or more for basic functionality to make it into a smartphone OS running on devices that cost over half a grand...

  • Sogeman
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    yeah, apps really need virtual back buttons or buttons that bring you back to the main app menu. Wonder why no one uses one. The Hardware button isn't very useful in apps. I hardly ever use it, only while surfing the web and there I'd like a virtual button better too.

  • StevieBallz  @JBundyLive:

    Using the standard back arrow in "Panoramas and Pivots" vs. apps isn't always clear, but thanks for the feedback.  After over a month of Crackberry -ish abuse, I still manage to kill an app or remain in a page using the bottom arrow because it has an inconsistent purpose appointed to it throughout the OS.  #Losing


    Thanks dawg, I'm aware of the announcement of SkyDrive integration and more.

    As far as my focus, I really didn't have any one focus, but you gather wrong in assuming obsession or a disconnect from reality for that with which I took issue.  If anything, you over accessed my concern.  To be clear, in terms of the Hotmail app, it is essentially a half native app, half web app a la the poorly done Gmail app on Android with its own capabilities and features unique from the other email access points allowed on Windows Phone.  Features pointed out that are lacking that are accessible via the desktop-browser are WEB-BASED (which is where a lot of Windows Phone 7's abilities originate) and would take less coding than there be a need for any more processor power and minimal additional native coding.  If I wanted a smartphone to duplicate the desktop experience, I'd only seek out desktop-formatted websites (which I don't do) and complain that the full versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint were missing in addition to the absence of Business Intelligence programs like Access and MS SQL Report Builder.  That's not at all what my complaint was about.  Duplicating the desktop is about the dumbest thing you could do on a smartphone.  Remember Windows Mobile?  If anything needs to be REPLICATED or REBROADCAST on the device, its the WEB-based Windows Live abilities and settings that are accessible in the desktop browser that don't require more horsepower or additionally cumbersome native code execution other than what would allow the device to connect to the web in the expected way.  Windows Mobile sucked overall, but it at least had more features fully exploited than what's currently available.

    | j

  • SJaMor
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    @ Michael Stroh

    For me HD7 is a business tool rather than social network bauble. So it's great that we're seeing more functionality for the office hub and better connectivity for Office365/BPOS and hopefully sharepoint within that (one of the reasons for opting for WP7 over BBY or IPhone).

    As you asked about calendars.....

    One area that would make the WP7 better for me as a business tool would be a way better implementation of the calendar - one of the key functions on the phone for me:

    - in the day and agenda views - tell us the day of the week as well as the date

    - No week view is a major omission (my old win mobile 6 had a working week view)

    - having a month view that gave an overview of busy AM/PM or full day would be much better than the illegible current rendering (just like my old win mobile 6)

    - getting a year overview so I can go forwards quickly would be great as well

    What is the likelihood of seeing some of these upgrades as well?

  • @elderbury.. I have to agree with you on two things..

    1. The sensitivity of the three buttons at the bottom... not sure if it's HTC or Microsoft can help here but someone needs to tone it down a notch.

    2. Connecting to Zune needs to be a manual thing.

    [Here's the solution for now] When the zune app opens and you get that 'CONNECTED' screen on your phone all you have to do is close the app on your computer and you can go back to using the phone as normal. ie browsing pictures, listening to music etc etc.

  • @Scubadog  -  Thanks for the tip on the 'spacer tiles'  didn't know about that. must read up on it.

    Just so you know, HTC phones also have BING as their search engine too.

    Great comments, mate. Thank you. :)

  • I have one issue:

    When I view this forum via the Mozart most of the letters of the words on the right hand side of these comments have been cut off .. i.e. if the word is Visited I'll only see Visi...  because the rest have been chopped off. It's like the right justification line has moved in just a little too much

    First I thought it was because I was holding it in Landscape but they don't appear even if it's in Portrait mode.

    Any idea how to get the words to appear properly? :)

  • @Nater, I don't get the reason for your post.  You just hate.  It sounds like you are an iPhone or Android lover, or something like that.  Why just come on and proceed to do nothing but trash the OS and the developers?  None of it is constructive.  At least the other posters are raising concerns in a reasonable manner.

  • @elderbury, not everyone wants Flash.  I get a little miffed when people generalize as if to speak for me.  I hate all things Flash.  It's old, tired and bloated.  It zaps your battery life horribly.  I would rather see a full-on push for HTML5---which is what IE9 emphasizes.  I avoid, as much as possible, sites that rely on Flash.  However, Adobe apparently said they are developing a WP7 compatible version of Flash, but Microsoft can't control how quickly that happens.  IE9 for WP7 is ready now.  It would be foolish to hold off on that just because of one piece of bloatware.  If Flash really is that critical for you then probably moving over to an Android device would be a better choice for you until either Flash FINALLY dies or a compatible version is released for WP7.  I'm sorry to hear you are tied to Google search.  Bing really is set make Google search look like a granny, in my opinion.  I hated Bing at first, when it was available for the desktop.  But over time the concerns I had got addressed and I much prefer it over Google.  You might have preferred going with HTC WP7 devices, if memory serves--I think they defaulted to Google with the search button.  Also, I don't think you can have "multiple home screens".  Either it's a home screen or it isn't.  Anything else is simply doing the same thing as iPhone or Android.  Page after page of tiles.  When Mango arrives you'll have a jumplist on your app list page, which will make moving to the ton of apps people will have much easier.  Reserve the home page for your truly often used apps.  Also, there is a tutorial on how to create images (with whatever color or picture you want) to use as "spacer tiles" on your home page.  It's actually quite slick.  You can create them to have a title like "People", "Messaging", "Entertainment", "Business".  I saw it recently on one of the other WP7 enthusiast sites.  This might give you what you're looking for there.

  • @Nater.... what the heck do you mean "Make the phone look like an iPhone and then 'deal with it'?" Are you nuts??

    why on earth should I have to 'deal with it', I don't want a damn iPhone clone?! %*($* no.. I hate that UI [amongst other things]...

    One of the cool things about Wp7 IS its UI [surely you knew this before you bought a WP7, right?]

    I pray to God they don't change it !! I bought the phone because of it!

    As for the app list; be a bit more damn patient and wait till Mango arrives with it's search app feature! Geezzz....

    adding multiple home screens is not the answer to everything! Even with multiple homescreens packed with icons it's going to take you some time to get where you want! With a search feature it will take a second!

    Have you not been following ANY Mango update videos? did you not know that the Marketplace search will be modified?

    I don't think it's fair to be lashing out so much at an OS that's so damn new and trying to break away from it all.....  This OS is no more "anemic" than any other OS when it initially came out.

    SO WHAT!!! Be a bit more patient and wait for the updates!! GEEEZZZZZZ!!!!!

    and what's so retarded about having the 'Forward' button in with the Reply?! COME ON!! Stop nitpicking!! It's no more hidden than the other menu options within the (...) menu ....You just have to find it ONCE and that's it... you know where to look next time!! Unless of course you've got Alzheimer's and keep forgetting

    [An App is 150% requires and 550% more useful than even touching People Hub.] I don't even understand what that means but I'm sure it's something silly...

    The facebook integration works as it should do! what more do you want. So it doesn't update in background. Big deal!  It only takes  like 3-4 seconds to pull up the latest info.

    you're just being a bit unrealistic over certain features. but I suppose Wp7 will always have its, for lack of a better word, haters; just like every other OS has theirs.

    It's not depressing to use it AT ALL!!

  • @JBundyLive, checkout the details of what's coming with Mango.  You'll see that better Skydrive integration IS coming, so problem solved.  As for the threaded email issue, perhaps that's not an important feature to you, but it's apparently important to enough people that Microsoft felt resources needed to be applied to add it.  I have long ago deleted Messenger from my desktop and have no use for it on my Focus, but it's apparently quite important to a lot of folks out there---hence, integration is coming with Mango.  As for not liking that they referred to it as a step forward, the fact is that it IS a step forward for an OS that didn't have that capacity.  It doesn't really matter if it's "catching up" to other operating systems.  I gather from your focus that you seem to be obsessed with having a smartphone be almost a duplicate of your desktop experience.  I'm not convinced that  this is a realistic--much less desireable--expectation.  True, there are certain things that make sense being pretty close to their desktop counterparts.  But I don't think there are as many features as one might imagine.  The smartphone is a different animal.  I think that devices like iPads or other tablet devices are smarter platforms for this.  BTW, read up on IE9 for WP7 that's coming with Mango.  I suspect many of your issues may be answered with that (e.g, landscape mode, for example).  Again, I think you may have missed a lot of the information that has come out already on what Mango will bring to the platform.

  • @drhinder, maybe I didn't explain correctly.  Let me try again.  Keep in mind that almost everything Microsoft did in their approach to the design of this new OS was to maximize performance yet give a unique environment.  What I was pointing out is that it is a fact that with any system or process that if you have variation it's always more wasteful than something static in process.  For instance, you'll notice that if you make your CPU do something different on your notebook or desktop you'll usually hear the fan kick up.  This tells you the CPU is working harder, generating more heat (waste) and requiring the fan to work harder to cool it (waste).  Now, looking at WP7, you have the live tiles which change frequently---this means they vary in what they present.  This always comes at a cost of CPU, power and memory.  I'd be willing to bet you that having a static, uniform color across the platform (your theme) helps (but likely doesn't completely make up for) the cost associated with live tiles.  Now, I don't think it would matter what that static color is (except maybe with super AMOLED screens), as long as it was static and uniform.  What I'm saying is that it likely would cost more in resources to have pretty little pictures as a background behind the tiles because of how the OS would have to draw the screen as you scrolled up/down/left/right with the tiles.  That's the kind of variability that I'm referring to.  Of course, the designers of the OS could confirm whether or not my assumptions are accurate.  But, I guess if people wanted the choice to trash their performance by task loading the device, what more is there to say.  I think it's useless and superficial to sacrifice performance for uber-customization, but then I crave performance above all else.  If I could somehow force the live tiles of all apps to conform to the theme color I'd be happy.   I relish the fact that I can go head to head with my wife's iPhone 4 and easy get things done much quicker.

  • @ Michael Stroh

    Thanks for you question about the calendars i would like to add.

    First if we take the live calendar, here you have the posibility of adding severel calenders etc. private, work, church, sports and so on.. - also you have the birthdays calender.

    It would be great if I could add these to the calender with different colors (just like each default account has its own color).

    It would also be great if you just could add shared calendars via. the XML / ICS links. (since it not normal to have username/password for the account sharing the calender)

    These link can both be generated on google accounts and live accounts.

    Etc. in my church we have several calendars for senior-, youth-, -children services. - all these calendars are collected on one google account. To import this, we need the google account username and password to add it in WP7, and if we have this, we can only add the default calender. - and not the youth calender.

    It would be great if one could add a shared calender only through the shared calender link.

  • For those saying they won't sync business contacts etc with your Live account you should probably look at getting Office 365 to give yourself an enterprise like email solution for £4 a month!   Something I'm sure even small businesses can afford :)

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    BTW, when I got my HD7 it was shiny and new.  After trying to use it as a daily driver it just doesn't cut it.  The OS is too anemic and the system is way too limited.  I had to switch back to Android.  I hardly ever pick it up now, and I'm getting ready to ETF that line and sell the phone.  I just hope Mango raises the value of it, because no one around here even wants to hear about a Windows phone.  They'll just laugh at you.

  • Nater
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    The problem with Windows Live on Windows Phone 7 is that it was integrated in the most half-assed fashion.  Google Natively integrated their services and they created apps specifically tailored to work with their services.  You have Priority Inbox, Labels, Conversations, everything in the Google Gmail App on Android.  Microsoft rushed the hell out of WP7 and just implemented some old-assed version of ActiveSync to get a quick fix to syncing the data.

    You don't get functionality like Sweep in WP7 because they went about it in a retarded fashion.  They should have done it the way they did it on Windows Mobile.  Outlook Mobile for Exchange/POP3/IMAP and a suite of Applications specifically designed for Windows Live - like Windows Live for Windows Mobile.  Instead, they rushed to implement an old ass version of the ActiveSync protocol to bolt it into the OS and put a less than cute icon there with some text on it.  There you go - Hotmail integration yay!!!  BTW, hiding the "Forward" option under the reply button has to be one of the most retarded design decisions I've ever encountered.  It's even dumber than the camcorder not saving its settings...

    They desperately needed a decent IM Client integrated into the system, and they failed colosally on that front.  Microsoft could have developed a much better Facebook Client, but they failed there as well.  They should have developed their own Twitter client, cause the Official Twitter Client a disfunctional piece of crap.

    The lack of WLM would not have been such a big deal had the OS not been neutered from a communications standpoint, though...  SMS client is as barebones as it gets - same for the email client.  No Support for Voice Notes and Video in MMS.  You can't even email a Video from the device using the email client.

    People Hub is useless.  It doesn't update in the background.  No Push Notifications even though Windows Live Hooks into tons of services on the serverside (via Connects).  The Facebook integration is as close to useless as it gets.  An App is 150% requires and 550% more useful than even touching People Hub.  The only reason I even bothered to hook my Facebook account up was so it could Sync Contact Pictures...  Other than that, it's useless.

    People are talking about how Microsoft marketed WP7 for Consumers and not Enterprises...  That's cool.  Why did they ship it with SharePoint integration and no SkyDrive Integration, then?  Seriously, this OS is so neutered from an Enterprise POV that it just isn't worth using an WP7 device when you can get cheap HD2s or other WM devices, or Blackberries...  Other OSes have better Exchange Support than WP7.  There are tons of networks where the device can't even connect to the Exchange Server due to poor policy support.

    Even with NoDo, search in the marketplace sucks.  They need to let you search from main screen and then have 3 panes of results:  Music and Videos, Apps, Games.  WP7 lacks Universal Search.  That is a big deal.

    They desperately need to let users change the app list into icon tiles.  Yes, it looks like Android/iOS.  Deal with it.  But the never-ending list of apps has prompted me to remove even useful apps because I'm just tired of the endless scrolling.

    Push Notifications.  Hardly any apps utilize them and some apps that utilize them have some severe limitations (like 3 notifications a day).  Also, Push Notifications and Live Tiles are volatile and can stop working forcing you to Factory Reset your device or hack the registry.  Need to have support for apps updating data in the background in response to a Push Notification.

    Hardware...  Microsoft needs some stricter hardware requirements when it comes to screen and sound technology in their phones.  Sorry.  My HD7...  It makes my Vibrant's external speakers sound like a Surround Sound system.  I've literally stopped using my HD7 as a PMP and put all of my music on my Vibrant because the sound is better.  I don't even need a headset with the Vibrant, but I have to put the HD7's external speaker to my ear to somewhat make out what I'm listening to on the phone.  The sound is terrible.  The screen is also terrible.  Samsung did it right putting sAMOLED on the focus.  The HD7's TFT LCD display is borderline useless unless you're indoors or it's cloudy outside...

    Desktop Syncing:  Another thing I've basically relegated to my Vibrant.  Can't Sync with Outlook....  No biggie...  But inability to copy documents to the Office Hub from the phone.  Inability to Sync Favorites/Bookmarks from IE to IEM...  The poor codec support forcing a lot of video files to be transcoded by Zune (which in some instances makes them look worse).

    The inability to create platylists on the phone (at least not easily).  No Smart DJ.  No Podcast management (supposedly coming).  Etc.  I canceled my ZunePass subscription because I'm out of the house often these days and it's too damn clunky to use on WP7...

    There is so much wrong with this OS...  It's just despressing trying to use it right now.  Put things into the proper perspective.  Yes, this mango stuff is good, but what have your customers been using the past 6 months?  The fact that the mango update is so damn big is a pretty good indicator of how anemic this platform is RIGHT NOW.  It has less usability than a feature phone, but looks better and performs faster?  Is that the current selling point for WP7 devices that cost twice as much as a feature phone and significantly more than mid-ranged Android devices that have better consumer and enterprise support, in addition to more apps and being way better communication devices with better browsing, codec support, sound output, call reception, and in some cases have 4G radios in them (i.e. Exhibit 4G coming out soon)?

    I don't see myself sticking to this platform, or recommending it to anyone.

    P.S.  Letting carriers lock the Browser search to Google without giving them a way to change it other than hacking the registry:  dumb.

  • wow, threaded emails is a wonderful idea and it would surely improve the email experience, like how it has in my Outlook 2010...Cant wait for Mango :)) Ty @Paul for the updates

  • What I'd like to see is some further control of key programs. For example, I hate that half the time when im moving my thumb to press something in the top left of the screen in portrait, I'll inadvertently hit the search button and Bing will pop up in my face, oh and on that note, a little more freedom in search engine would be nice too. I prefer Google search, mainly because im used to it and it shows slightly different websites first sometimes, there's always a slight sting of being forced to use Bing when I type in a website name and the one that comes first in Google doesn't do the same in Bing, but ah well guess I'll get used to it.

    Back to the system buttons, I'd like a safety switch for apps thatwhen turned on means that an 'are you sure' menu pops up whenever I hit those buttons in an app, something that could be turned off for certain apps too though?

    Oh and with general improvements, I am really hoping you know what you're doing with ie9. You have something great here, and right now you have an opportunity to add a feature that the iPhone seriously lacks that would definately put you on top....FLASH. We want it! Having access to half the internet isn't good enough and its something iPhone customers constantly complain about, you could win them over by enabling and advertising that!!

    I love the integrated Xbox live and email, it all fits in nicely with the texting by just showing me at a glance, now can I please have your version of Skype and windows live too? 3Rd party versions can't match up.

    And I love the tiles but agree with the comment before about having multiple home screens, I know everyone else does it and you want to be unique but you still would be! Tiles plus home screens! A little more customisability so that you can have some of your personality in your w7 phone, make yours unique! Colours was a start, now how about seperste colours between tiles? If you do multiple home pages, do what no other phone company has done and allow custom titles!! That would be cool right? Not iPhones 1big dot various small dots or androids line against various faint lines, im talking this is my social apps screen, my phone apps screen, games screen, all distinguished by colour tones between each page and the title at the top :D

    How about this idea? Landscape tiles, slides right and left instead of up and Down?

    Oh and for the love of god either add or if its already there tell me how to stop Zune from syncing my phone the second its plugged in, I don't like my music being cut off suddenly because 'cant access that content while synced view in zune' when i only plugged my phone into charge in the first place, yes i can just switch headphones to the pc and resume the song from there, but its another thing im forced to do, part of my feeling from w7 right now is being enclosed in a Microsoft cage :/

  • looking forward to the threaded Emails!!! Excellent!!

    Please please please don't bring in pages and pages of icons, haven't we got enough phones like that?! ... I love the two page UI.

    There is a 'Search apps' feature that comes with mango so if your app list gets too long use the search button .. who the heck wants to keep swiping right and right and right just to find something.. yuck!!

    I hope they have a fix for my Numerical Keyboard issue...  :(

  • @JBundyLive: Some of your major points have already been anounced to be improved upon in Mango. E.g. IEM9 will show the adress-bar and the settings in Landscape orientation. Also SkyDrive integration for the Office Hub was anounced as far back as the Mobile World Congress 2011 in February.

    The back button navigates consistently backwards through pages - only thing complicated is that Panoramas and Pivots are treated as one page, albeit one that does not wholy fit on the screen which is why you can pan around. Having grasped that the back/forward navigation in WP7 does from my experience work A LOT better than the Back-Button in Android.

    Luckily we won't have to go through the Apps step by step with the introduction of Fast-App-Resume/Multitasking in Mango.

  • Please pardon my frustration but ... how the hell is this important when users can already search for related messages within the inbox? You get a few nanoseconds of productivity gain with threaded messages.  Of more priority for productivity improvements are the following:

    - Mandate development of in-app "Back" soft buttons for in-app navigation to reduce inconsistent function of the mandatory back arrow located left of the Windows button


    - Enable/Mandate most programs to be landscape compliant in all areas, including providing on-screen accessibility to menu bars, settings, etc.  Internet Explorer Mobile (IEM) SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS when it comes to this.  I can only view the web page, but have no access to the settings, or a back and forward arrow (which aren't anywhere and SHOULD BE!)

    - Stop introducing OLD features like threaded email as a big step forward. That's not what it is.  It's catching up.  Nothing more.  Be honest that WP7 started FAR behind and will still be after Mango without a change in philosophy towards DIFFERENTIATING.  We adopters know what it is.  Do not patronize us, though.  You can get left.

    It behooves the WP7 team to be aggressively prudent.  The initial WP7 code is clean and works well for what it does.  The concern lies in what it doesn't do that basic functions the desktop Windows 7 or browser-based Windows Live counterparts do offer.  For example, compared to desktop browser-based Windows Live, which can be accessed in IEM (albeit, painfully *tear* #stupid IE7/8), users can't even "Sweep" emails within the Hotmail app inbox on the device to create rules in their Windows Live accounts.  While not a simple functionality to program, the concern, once again, is that differentiation appears to be stagnant in favor of catching up to competitors.  On that note, Apple was not in a rush to get apps until the following year.  Apple was more concerned with the uniquity of its platform and its "native" abilities than catching up with copy/paste and allowing apps.  It eventually did catch up, but because of the strength of its core competencies, it has surpassed and remained a simple yet efficiently performing (and selling) platform.  I simply want the power use that WP7 potentially has for individual Windows Live users, especially seeing how well my Office 365 SharePoint experiment with my domain is working on WP7's Office Hub.

    For TRUE productivity gains for end users, program SkyDrive into the Office Hub so users can sync their documents to it in order to remove users having to email those documents to themselves to keep their previously saved versions of those files located in other places up to date.  In addition, in IEM, users have few options when it comes to deleting history.  It's an all or nothing affair.  Users do not have the choice to delete only "temporary files," only "history," only "cookies," or only "saved passwords from the internet."  They can only delete ALL.  Also, users can only access the address bar or bottom function bar in portrait orientation.  Landscape support sucks on Windows Phone 7 and IEM is a strong example of where improvement is sorely needed.  When using IEM, it kills "productivity" to have to reorient the device each time a user needs to change tabs or go back or forward a page in a tab.  To that end, why aren't there arrows for back and forward anywhere on the bottom bar in IEM?  The back arrow (conceptually copied from Android) next to the Windows button is confusing and inconsistent in its use across the different applications on WP7.  Wouldn't a development requirement of a soft "Back" button within apps reduce the use of the arrow button and reserve the arrows button for more system level items, like leaving a program, which it does depending on which program you're using (Baked-in intra-OS fragmentation anyone???). Overall, it seems productivity for users and productivity within Microsoft have two different meanings altogether.  Would productivity gains for the WP7 team equate to "keeping up"?  I would hope "differentiating from the competition" instead of meeting them would be of greater priority.  That is usually done by DIFFERENTIATING.  Office and Windows Live are some of WP7's major differentiating elements.  The Office Hub is a great start, but is very much a half-baked effort for non-SharePoint users.  Half-baking is Google's territory.  Do better.  I pray for more precise responsiveness to consumers and precision in general by the WP7 team and look forward to post-Mango improvements.

  • All the good stuff coming with Mango sounds great.  I just really really [REALLY] hope that Microsoft's productivity in delivering this update to us also takes a BIG step forward.  Please.

  • @ScubaDog2011 - I completely disagree with your assertions about the use of color on the system apps.  "Try to remember that variability creates waste"  What's that supposed to mean anyway?  Using a system color versus using a static color makes absolutely no difference in performance.  (If anything, using the system color is more costly to performance than using the static color.)

    My point is that by removing the variation in color from the icons results in one less factor that allows the eye to quickly distinguish betweeen the icons.  Try it!  Scroll quickly through your secondary apps list and if you are honest about it, you will see that it is easier to pick out the Office or Now icons than it is to distinguish between the Calculator or Camera icons.  

    I also understand that third-party apps can use any color icons they want, but there's clearly a significant number of them that have chosen to follow suite and use the theme color.  As soon as they do that, they are no longer easily distinguishable from the system apps.  In my (less-than-humble) opinion, the only value that consistency in color between the system icons provides is the ability to quickly identify them as system apps.  As soon as third party apps start using the theme color on thier icons, even that value is gone.  It also seems to me that microsoft has encouraged third party developers to use the theme color in their icons.

    To the usefulness of being able to re-order the secondary app list...

    I guess what I'd really like to to have an addition pages of tiles.  As the number of tiles on my single start page increases, it becomes more tedious to scroll down to find something.  If I could add additional 'start' pages (with full-sized tiles and not mini icons and titles), I could group tiles onto pages- panning through the pages and thereby adding a second dimension to what is currently only a one-dimensional array.

  • @moonman, you're missing the point entirely.  Nobody's debating the security (or lack thereof) regarding not broadcasting the SSID.  It keeps the honest people honest, as they say, and the fact is that anyone--corporate or home user--who chooses to keep their SSID from broadcasting can't connect to those routers with WP7.  Period.  The only way to connect to them is to turn on broadcasting so that WP7 can see it, thereby allowing you to enter the WEP or WPA code (if you have one) so that you can connect.  For any other device you can simply manually enter all the appropriate info in order to connect to a hidden router---there currently is no way to do this on WP7.  So, regardless of whether you feel hidden SSID is secure, the rest of us consider it a welcome improvement with Mango.

  • Do you know if the new update will allow ability to enter an Exchange username with a 'space' in it (first last)? I would like to use my WinMo7 device at work but out accounts are not configured as 'first.last' or 'first_last' so I've never been able to set up my work email. Very frustrating!!!!

  • moonman
    5 Posts

    "hidden corporate Wi-Fi networks"

    OMG... Corporate sysadmins who think they are "hiding" their network by disabling SSID broadcast needs some kick in the butt. It's like the ostrich, if I can't see them, they can't see me. Lame.

  • Sogeman
    51 Posts

    Will Gmail finally work like on iOS with Mango? Like deleting stuff and it actually deletes it (not just stuffing it into all mail) and showing the real inbox? ( I moved one email from all mail back to the inbox and WP doesn't show it.)

  • @Dan Morrall, which view of the calendar are you talking about?  The day of the week is there no the start page view of the calendar.  If you are in the Day view the fully qualified day/date shows up when you select a day other than Today (the assumption is that you KNOW what today's day of the week is).   And when you're in the Month view the day of the week is across the top.

  • @Mantvydas, why are you going that route?  Why not go right to the People hub?  You've got the jumplist there, which speeds things up.  You just select the contact from there and call whichever number is appropriate (mobile, home, work).

  • Very good stuff. I am eagerly waiting for the Nokia Windows 7 phone. Hope it come with video conferencing. The turn by turn directions is the reason for me to move to win phone 7. Would be nice if I could upload my music in skydrive and play form any device.

  • @PaulWPark, while I understand your concerns regarding the cloud, I'd like to suggest that the servers and mechanisms that Microsoft has in place to protect your sensitive data are many orders of magnitude better than you would have on your computer running Outlook.  I run a full-on domain at my home, as well as two websites and email server, and I've engaged as much security as I possibly can.  But I still have more confidence in Microsoft's security than all the security and redundancy I've put in place on my domain.  And, if memory serves, Microsoft does have a SAS solution for small businesses needing Exchange support.  I think you might benefit from talking with someone at Microsoft who can settle your fears of relying on their cloud services.

  • @ ScubaDog2011 - I completely disagree with your assertions about the use of color on the system apps.  "Try to remember that variability creates waste"  What's that supposed to mean anyway?  Using a system color versus using a static color makes absolutely no difference in performance.  (If anything, using the system color is more costly to performance than using the static color.)

    My point is that by removing the variation in color from the icons results in one less factor that allows the eye to quickly distinguish betweeen the icons.  Try it!  Scroll quickly through your secondary apps list and if you are honest about it, you will see that it is easier to pick out the Office or Now icons than it is to distinguish between the Calculator or Camera icons.  

    I also understand that third-party apps can use any color icons they want, but there's clearly a significant number of them that have chosen to follow suite and use the theme color.  As soon as they do that, they are no longer easily distinguishable from the system apps.  In my (less-than-humble) opinion, the only value that consistency in color between the system icons provides is the ability to quickly identify them as system apps.  As soon as third party apps start using the theme color on thier icons, even that value is gone.  It also seems to me that microsoft has encouraged third party developers to use the theme color in their icons.

    To the usefulness of being able to re-order the secondary app list...

    I guess what I'd really like to to have an addition pages of tiles.  As the number of tiles on my single start page increases, it becomes more tedious to scroll down to find something.  If I could add additional 'start' pages (with full-sized tiles and not mini icons and titles), I could group tiles onto pages- panning through the pages and thereby adding a second dimension to what is currently only a one-dimensional array.

  • scm
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    I cannot emphasize how important the Outlook sync issue is to me and a lot of other people I know.  Right now I'm using a Blackberry.  The fact that my Blackberry has a far superior ability to sync to Outlook than a Windows phone astonishes me and anyone else I've spoken to about this.  No direct sync.  No tasks.  Limited calendar functionality.  Limited Onenote syncing.  My god.  I was planning on buying a Windows phone until I heard about these issues.  It's ludicrous that a Windows phone isn't the most complete, robust, easy to use Outlook companion.  It's just unreal.   Hopefully this gets resolved before it's time for me to buy a new phone.  If it can't do Outlook 10 times better than an Iphone or Android device...for me there's no upside.

  • @Michael, I think that's a good approach.  Especially if, as more detail CAN be shared, that running list is updated to show the context.  For example, the teaser that came out on "support for corporate hidden WiFi" is now being talked about on some websites as support for hidden WiFi in general (implying that even those of us with WiFi routers set to not broadcast are also included).  I think that what sometimes happens with these information releases is that they are just vague enough to leave pros and laypersons alike extrapolating, leading to frustration and anger when they find out what they THOUGHT it meant is something different than what really came out.  I know that Microsoft wants to protect the unique features that might be coming out, avoiding potentially tipping your hand to Apple or Google.  And I get that you might even need to guard details of HOW you're going to implement what may already be a common feature (because sometimes the innovation is in the how, not the what).  But, where you can, context provides encouragement and reduces FUD.

  • wizll
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    let's take a bigger step. VPN, full exchange policy support please

  • Kentrepid
    13 Posts

    Love the features of Mango that have been detailed so far - bring it on MS!  Can't wait - looks awesome - if you deliver it on time and to ALL devices - it will begin to blow the competition away!

  • sirrusty
    122 Posts

    I think it would be fair to presume you guys probably stopped reading the replies and questions in the comments on Erics last post about updates after it descended into personal attacks on him and the resulting arguments between your customers that followed (which i took part in as that to me was unacceptable, I am not proud about the way i defended him and the way I worded it.). if you filter out the rubbish in the comments there are some valid questions in there.

  • sirrusty
    122 Posts

    @ Michael Stroh I think i see a mix-up here somewhere. The most info any one can find on the Omnia is "we've pulled the update" I may be wrong but the technical reasons for that pull dont seem to have been explained in another post and we have all been getting extra paranoid thinking we have bought dead end phones... what you say there about it hopefully not effecting mango is all a lot of us wanted to hear.

  • I 2nd the request from Henrik Laursen. Integration of shared/imported calenders, that are already in Live Calendar or Google. E.g. my Live Calendar (web/desktop version) already imports birthdays from Facebook, but these are not shown in my calendar on WP. Another example would be holidays, that are easily imported as a shared calendars on Live or Google, but will not show on the device.

  • I just hope Microsoft release a feature for Zune (desktop software) where we can backup all the data on our phone and migrate them over to a new handset since I'm definitely getting a new one with the gyroscope which comes out later on in the year or early next year.

  • @cdc101: To answer your other question, the technical issues currently affecting these models (which we've detailed in previous posts) are pretty specific and shouldn't block them from updating to Mango.

  • @VictorWPB, cdc101 , spinnak3R: Sorry about the silence, but there hasn't been anything new to report. I believe Eric will have some news about Omnia in his weekly update on updates tomorrow. I haven't heard anything about the Focus, however.

  • @spinnak3R search for the free "Youtube" App with the worm or purchase "LazyTube" which is by the same creator. Both are full featured YouTube apps aka "REAL" Apps

  • @Code Layer i like that tile slicing feature request. I would also love to be able to make certain tiles wide like the pictures and Calendar ones.

    Btw for those of you that haven't seen some of the new Productivity features in motion, here goes:

    Really looking foward to that Mango update, I hope we get it sometime around Aug or Sept. if not sooner lol

  • I love it how the Windows Phone Team goes all quiet as soon as someone mentions Omnia7 or Focus. Microsft has always lacked customer communication skills, competence and the patience to develope something unique. Apple has the same attitude towards communications with customers but damn it they deliver an awesome product/updates/patched whatever in a timely manner with flowless smoothness. Microsoft, I have posted here a couple of times with no reply or response, I am an owner of the cursed Omnia7 and a previous owner of the iPhone and Andriod, my Omnia7 is on ebay for sale and as of this morning Im using my Droid. i thought you would have learnt from your Vista experience and got your act together.

    PS. a link to a website is not an App, make a real Youtube app for your users.

  • cdc101
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    Hey Paul

    Sorry to be a bit of a wet blanket on the Mango parade, but I would like to ask a question on behalf of Omina 7 and Focus users.

    Given we have not yet received our nodo update yet, will MS commit to making sure that it addresses the issues that are delaying the nodo update so that Omnia and Focus users get Mango at the same time as everyone else?

    It would really look incompetent if these issues are not addressed by then and again Omina and Focus users are made to wait again.

    P.S. So far in in Oz, I have had to wait 2 weeks more that everone else to get my nodo.

  • Krush You
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    @drhender - it would be nice if their were specific colors only for 3rd party apps but unfortunately, there is not. The colors are the way they are as they are designated the system apps - If you try purple or pink you will see that the only time you see this color in the app list is for system apps (ones that cannot be uninstalled)

  • From all of the things that I've heard about the Mango update, I get more and more excited for it. I can't wait till it comes out.

  • Mr. Bryan,

    Mango looks really, really great.

    I have a suggestion regarding live tiles: I love them. I think they give better UX than just some static icons. And I love that they are big enough, BUT:

    In some cases I think it would be really useful if there are some options to slice them a little bit. For example, you shown a new feature at teched - adding mail folders from exchange on start page. Beautiful thing. But I think there is no need to use a new live tile for every folder and fill the start space. Sliced tiles option would bring to outlook users more practicality if they use direct folder access.

    And there are definitely many other similar cases when sliced tiles option would be very practical also, because you get 2 or 3 (or even more if this is done on full width tile) links from a single tile to application at start page. you get faster and more practical navigation. i think this would be very beneficial to all users.

    I've done two examples:

    slicing full width tile:

    slicing small tile:

    I hope you'll take this suggestion under consideration.

    thanks, code

  • sirrusty
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    @ Michael Stroh I'll second that request for a comparison table by  ScubaDog2011.. A good idea. like the ones you do for different versions of windows desktop.

  • @ScubaDog: So you mean something like a running feature list that shows what's in Mango or what's new since v.1? Maybe some kind of comparisoin table? Hmm...

  • VictorWPB
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    Impressive features, GOOD JOB, Windows Phone Team.

    PLEASE PLEASE, let us know if Samsung Omnia 7 has some unfixable problems that block future updates. We want to have Mango update on our unlocked Omnia 7 devices as soon as the update is released . THANK YOU

  • Any chance of havind the day of the week next to the date in the calendar.

  • wp7user
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    Can we also get out-of-the box support for https SharePoint from a user point of view and not without having to mess with the server side setting? It's just a shame that I can access SharePoint from my phone browser but office hub wouldn't sync with SP.

  • Mantvydas
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    Besides, searching for a contact to dial is nigthmare. With old HTC WinMobile 6.5 it was so nice. You just tap numberpad numbers and it guesses all the possible variations. Now only similar functionality is so many taps away (Phone -> Contacts ->Search -> Type to search) instead of (Phone -> Tap to search).

  • What about full Task syncing with Microsoft Outlook if we don't have a Exchange Server account and don't want to pay extra for one?  And the limit on 1000 contacts? Many WM6 phone users are very unhappy about this and not upgrading to the WP7 as a result.

  • This look's exciting, I miss the "WEEK" view in the calendar...

  • @drhender:  With regards to your landscape texting issue, if you just move the focus away from the text field, the keyboard collapses and you can view more of your history with that contact.

    Not necessarily the most intuitive option, but implicit in it's execution.

  • How about syncing with Outlook?  I have a small business and I do not want my contacts, notes, tasks, calendar synced with my hotmail acocunt, nor do I have an exchange server to sync.  I currently use Win Mobile 6.5 and it syncs with Outlook just fine.  I know having data in the cloud works great for some but for someone who has a lot of info that clients would not want in the cloud, give us the option to sync locally with our PC/Outlook.  I may have to go to an iPhone since it gives the ability to do both.  I want a Win Phone 7 and this is keeping me from upgrading.

  • Mantvydas
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    Whatever happened to MyPhone service? It was so fantastic to have SMS messages backed up on the web. In case of a device change all my SMSes were intact.

  • techieg
    25 Posts

    Good stuff, now we can't wait for it to land already!

  • Doh, @Michael!  I know you guys are going to release more in the coming months, that's expected.  I'm just suggesting that putting up a consolidated "Here's what we know so far" picture with as much context as is currently available would help immensely (particularly with all the nay-sayers).  Maybe putting it in the Answers site so it would be a sticky.   I'm just sayin'.....

  • @drhender, welcome to the family.  On the landscape texting issue, unfortunately for you Microsoft chose to give you more keyboard room than screen room.  You get more of that back in portrait mode.  So, basically, you have two choices: see more of the message or have an easier time typing.  For those with larger fingers, the landscape keyboard is much better.  You can't please everyone, I'm afraid.  Personally, I HATE the iPhone keyboard, period, whether landscape or portrait.  On the theme color, not all tiles are colored by the theme.  That's a programming choice by the developers of the apps.  If they want to be minimalist they just let the OS pass the theme on to their tile.  However, look at the Facebook tile or Seesmic or Weather.  Those don't rely on the theme.  Personally, I prefer the majority go with my theme color.  Try to remember that variability creates waste.  The more variability you allow or introduce comes at a cost.  For computers it's in the form of speed or storage.  Microsoft has focused a LOT on keeping the OS as fast as possible.  It's much faster than iPhone or Android (at least in my experience.  You'll see much for capability with tiles, however, once Mango is out.  Tiles will be two-sided and be able to pass you more info.  I'm betting more can be done with them that we aren't even aware of yet.  Lastly, Mango is going to modify the app list to be a jumplist, just like with your Contacts and your music list.  It will still be alphabetical, but it will enable movement  to your apps faster.  I don't see the value to rearranging your applist, though.  If you really do have frequently used apps, just pin them to your start screen.  Why leave them only in the applist?

  • @bluvg, what one person calls nonsensical is what another calls a marketing strategy.  I didn't say I agreed or liked what they initially planned to do with WP7 when it comes to consumer-focus vs. enterprise-focus.  I'm just telling you what they have consistently said.  I started out with PocketPC and followed through to WM2003se.  In my work I also used WM6 in the enterprise, and I thought it was a very apt platform for that.  Of COURSE Windows Mobile is the end of the line for that platform.  What I'm saying is that you, and many others, keep clamouring for all the enterprise features we enjoyed with the Windows Mobile platform and that's just not where Microsoft marketed WP7.  Now, clearly, they've heard a LOT of complaints about what would, by most standards, be very basic enterprise features and they are clearly making some inroads there, if you follow the announcements ant MIX'11 and more recent releases about Mango.  Just don't get upset if they don't happen to intend on ever going hard over for the enterprise on WP7.  Besides, who knows what WP8 will be?

  • Is there ever going VPN support? Or remote assistance tools?

  • I am a proud new owner of a WP7 phone and really like usability of the device in general, but there are a couple of things that I find less usable than the iPhone.  Here's a couple of things that I'd like to see changed...

    *  When texting in ladscape mode, I can ONLY see one line of that I am typing and nothing else.  If a text comes in (from the other party in the conversation, I have to scroll just to see what they sent.  On the iphone, I get to see the line of text that I am typing and 2-3 lines of the previous messages in the conversation in a scrollable region above.  Much more usable...

    *  I know the idea of the UI was to keep things very clean.  I get that, but I think you've gone a bit too far-- especially with theme-color usage.  Reusing the theme color as the background for the icons on all (or almost all) of the system/standard apps makes finding the app that I am looking for more difficult.  Email, phone, IE, messaging, calendar, marketplace, even a lot of third-party apps... all of the icons use the same background color.  I believe it would be easier to locate the app I am looking for if there was more variety in the colors.  IE's icon should be the standard blue E with the yellow ring.  Outlook's icon should be the standard orange (like on the desktop).  More variety would make it more visually interesting as well.

    *  Allow re-ordering of apps on the extended app list.  It would be nice if I could re-order the list of apps, moving my favorites to the top, instead of forcing an alphabetical list.  While you are at it, I'd love to be able to turn off the titles, increase the icon size and show them in a tiled view more like iOS.  (Of course turning off titles might make it touch to find things without also providing more variety in the icon colors.  See above comment.)

    In all, I am pleased I have left my iOS device behind.  I look forward to the updates in Mango!  Here's to hoping that an already great OS keeps getting stronger!

  • sirrusty
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    Will 'codename' mango support different power profiles such as keeping the screen on when running on USB or in a car as a sat-nav etc without having to change screen and lock timeout settings everytime? or does it already and i'm just doing something wrong? everything else seems really logical with this OS and am looking forward to the future of the platform.

  • bluvg
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    @ScubaDog, that is nonsensical.  WM 6.5 is effectively EOL for that platform.  WP7 is Microsoft's only mobile solution going forward.  Microsoft isn't getting great traction against very strong competitors in the consumer space, BlackBerry is on the ropes because they have a poor consumer experience despite a superior business offering, and the advice is for Microsoft more or less to let this opportunity slip past them and continue to their consumer focus?  Sticking to the original "marketed as" message at the expense of opportunity is foolishness.

  • Don't you want to save this news for the upcoming mango event?

  • BTW, at what point does a "codename" no longer qualify as a codename?  I just chuckled when I noticed the phrase "codenamed Mango".

    Oh, and one other thing that came to me as a concern.  As users, we'd generally like to see the updates come faster.  With the acquisition of so many opportunities (Nokia's Navteq mapping, Skype, etc.) I'm guessing the tempation must be huge to keep expanding the feature set for Mango.  But here's the issue.  I think you should draw a line in the sand---make that concrete--where you won't allow more features to be added if you won't make your target deployment.  Perfection is the enemy of progress.  If you keep waiting for the perfect feature set for an update you'll never get the thing deployed.  Most of us would rather say "gimme what ya got" right now and see the other features in a future, but less distant, update.  Otherwise, it will simply degenerate into a constant, "hey, I can add this little feature, too, just gimme a couple more days".  Days stretch on to weeks, months, etc.  Also, the more you try to pack into a given update the more "testing" AT&T and the other lame carriers will insist upon, thus delaying the release for a ridiculous amount of time.  Believe me, I've seen this kind of thing show up in process after process.

    Just a thought.

  • KTGiang
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    I woke up this morning and thought: "I wonder when I am going to be able to load my older emails."... *Goes to search.* The first hit was released 3 hours ago and happened to be this. Awesome timing on the post. Now, the only news I need to hear that'll make me happy is the ability to pick and load the language keyboards. I don't like how it is currently left to the manufacturers/carriers to choose whether or not a user needs a certain language keyboard. What if I don't use my phone for music and would prefer to have the keyboard instead of a little bit more space(which is always why carriers choose this option).

    Hoping to hear official confirmation of Mango leaks as well as even more information(if that's even possible). Cheers on all of the amazing features getting released.

  • @Stryder: WIndows Phone never sleeps....

    @Henrik Laursen: Thanks for the comment, Henrik. What calendars would you like to be able to add?

    @ScubaDog: We'll have more to say on Mango shortly...and have in-depth coverage planned throughout the summer.

  • @bluvg, you have to remember that Microsoft never marketed Windows Phone 7 as an enterprise device.  It was pushed as a consumer device.  Anything that it adds down the road to support the enterprise is icing on the cake.  Now, does that mean that, if the demand reaches a certain level, that they won't go full-tilt into updating WP7 for the enterprise?  Nope, they certainly could (and should, I'd argue).  It might be that you'll only continue to see modest enterprise features added (as with Mango) or it might mean that Microsoft adds a development of something like Windows Phone Enterprise.  I dunno.  But make no mistake--WP7 was not sold to us as an enterprise solution.  I'd suggest sticking with WM6.5, Crackberry or some other device if full-scale enterprise mobility is what you're looking for.

  • Sounds awsome only if u guys can release it within 2 months...

    Otherwise iPhone will get iOS5 Andriod will get IceCream...And as usuall WP7 will have to play catch up

  • so, no front facing camera yet???

  • Wow this all really great.  Definately excited about Lync and hidden wifi the most.  I am so excited for the Fall wave of devices to finally get on board the Windows Phone train!

  • This is GREAT

    Another thing -not quite enterprise stuff -

    but when will it be possible to add other calendars than the default calendar from live calendar or google calender.

    Hope you can answer

  • Just keep wondering when Windows Phone 7 will be available in Brazil market!? I´m so anxious to get my hands on one of it!


    Paulo Oliveira.

  • I don't think you're going to see Microsoft go the route Apple did, with a single device.  I'm convinced Microsoft will stick with executing somewhere between how Apple and Google does it.  The fracturing in the Android community is absolutely horrible, a stupid way to handle it.  If you think the complaining in the WP7 front gets bad, you should really read the various Android blogs, particularly at carriers' sites.  However, if Microsoft does buy Nokia, I think a "branded" device will be inevitible.  It will just be one of several devices you can get.  The smart way to play that would be to make the "Microkia Phone" available on all carriers simultaneously.  That way, you know you CAN get a WP7 device regardless of carrier, but you could get a specific device from a specific OEM if the carrier so chose to carry it.  The upside there is, of course, that Microsoft would have soup-to-nuts control of its phone and, if all else fails, we'd know their devices would always deploy updates on time.  Other OEMs could still jack with their firmware/hardware and cause unforeseen delays in their updating.

  • bluvg
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    What about full Exchange ActiveSync policies support?  Lack of on-device encryption prevents us from deploying WP7 devices, and it's rather disappointing that other devices support Exchange better than Microsoft's own.

    WP7 has a huge opportunity in the business market if they want it.  Currently, iPhone and Android have a strong consumer story and a weak business one, and BlackBerry has a strong business story (though BES 5.0 is big step backwards, IMO) and a weak consumer one.  WP7 has a decent consumer story, but its business story even weaker than the iPhone--yet Microsoft is better positioned than *anyone* to provide the best business offering.  Microsoft could offer something that its competitors would have a very hard time matching... that is, if Microsoft wants to do it.  So far, it seems like the focus is almost entirely on the consumer side.

  • I wonder if there is a way to actually track who hasn't received the various updates yet?  I know I still haven't received the certificate update and many haven't received NoDo.  But with the "Where's My Update" site showing all platforms out for delivery on NoDo, I think there must be some point when one should know they aren't going to receive the updates and know what entity they need to contact to figure out why.  Seriously, this is a new platform with a LOT of variables in the processes.  It's not difficult to imagine that some devices might have issues that nobody anticipated or has encountered that are resulting in the update process "overlooking" their devices.  If carriers are the gauge, then there should be someone at each carrier whose job it is to be able to say, definitively, "We have pushed the update to all devices...if you have not received it by <insert date here> contact the following office."  I should be able to contact AT&T, for instance, and speak to someone and have them tell me something like "We started pushing the certificate update two weeks ago, but phased it across our network.  Currently we have released it to all devices east of the Mississippi."  Or whatever. Unfortunately, users don't know very much about the mechanics of how these updates roll out.

  • Although our confidence on when Mango will actually make it to our devices is less than sturdy, I have to say that as more information on the features contained therein is revealed I'm excited for what's in store.  You know what would really be helpful at this point?  If you guys would put together a more comprehensive list w/context of features that you've released.  We're hearing bits and pieces, which is fine, but I think you've "leaked" enough that consolidation would really be great.  Getting more context would help, too.  Some of the more recent features are a bit nebulous, and many of us might interpret them differently.  For instance, "WiFi Hotspot Support" conjurs a little different idea depending on whom you ask, and what qualifies as a "corporate WiFi"?  Complex password support could mean simply at logon (which would be great) or it could mean we can password protect Office files (like I use to do with my Excel files).  So, great stuff on the horizon (wherever that horizon turns out to be), but wouldn't mind a bit more flesh on the bones, if you get my meaning.

  • Fixie
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    hmm i bet it will come sooner than my NoDo update :(

  • Have any of you heard about the possibility of Microsoft buying Nokia? If this isn't just a rumor, our OEM's compatibility issues could finally end.  This is kind of my wish, to have a phone that looks about the same across carriers; brand identity.

  • Just don't stop and bring it on, good work!