HTC HD7S arriving in AT&T stores on June 5

HTC HD7S arriving in AT&T stores on June 5

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And the hits just keep on coming. Moments ago HTC said via Twitter that the HTC HD7S is expected to hit AT&T stores on June 5.

Keep your eyes on the AT&T website for more details in the days ahead.


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  • i think suggestions made by namesake are really great in terms of customization, because people like to individualize stuff.

    to me current tiles are ok, but seeing the two samples provided by namesake i would really really want to have this kind of tiles. they look amazing.

  • Why Microsoft have to be one generation behind apple and Google??

    What Microsoft should do to catch up with these two companies is to be one generation forward. It releses WP with 3g while everyone else is going 4g. Well how about microsoft releses 4g and already work on 5g. that what microsoft should do. I know there is not a 5g yet or whatever they will call the next generation of data transfer but microsoft with all that money spent on R&D should at least provide customers with 4g. In addition, why microsoft does not catch up with apple right now with cam on both sides?? that what should do.

    WP should come with higher memory than Iphone since Microsoft is behind 2years. You guys need to give more to catch an eye to the consumer. The benefits that customer receives from WP should be much greater than those from Iphone or Android not just release of phone with same features.

    And look hard at @namesake post. Those little things will make WP cool. Microsoft should forget about profits in short-term and look in long-term. Exelent idea was giving away Xbox to studens that purchase $699 windows 7 PC.

    Why not give them a choice XBox or WP7 with the features above??



  • @NiFl: Meant to include you as well. Thanks for your comment!

  • @namesake: Welcome to the blog...thanks very much for your input!

  • I know it is not related to this post but related to Windows Phone OS.

    Although metro UI on windows phone looks nice but I feel still there is room for improvements.

    Here I have few suggestions.

    1. Live tiles size should be resizable. Its transferency level can be set or it should be transferent.(Just like windows 7 Air theme)

    2. It should be possible to select color for tiles.

    3. It should be possible to set wall paper for background.

    4. Tiles should be rounded rectangle. (Or at least configurable)

    5. Battery charge, Network signal information etc should be available for home screen also. It might be smart phone. But still lot of people use features like this.

    I found following concepts are very close to my dream Windows Phone smart phone. Yes still it can be improved.

    6. Provide us good file manager. I should able to use phone as USB drive and explore folders in PC.

    I agree Windows should avoid fragmentation. But I dont think Windows Phone will become fragmented if it provides solid theming features suporting above points.

  • NiFl
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    @Captiosus, while I do appreciate your input one thing you have to understan is that not everyone is into Android, or IPhone, Personally I am not, and for no Money in the world I will give up my Windows Phone. This phone has everyting I need. I was once sold on an Android and I returned it so fast that your head could spin. This phone is probably not for everyone, but so is the IPhone an Android...not for everyone. Having a phone that will fit your needs is a must.

  • @ Jason: :-) Nice link.

  • King
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    Another nice phone. Im drooling over the Galaxy S II but knowing that my focus was based on the original galaxy s Im really hoping that there will be a focus 2 based on the GS2

  • Looks like Android users want a piece of Windows Phone. Check this out guys:

  • And what's your point? (But make it short please)... (Just kidding)

    No matter what I say to you, you believe what you want to believe (and that's fine since you are entitled to your own opinion).  The problem here is that I am not against you saying what you think; I am against you undermining what others say.  Some people write here to complain (such as myself), some others to ask legitimate questions (I have done that too), some others just to vent (guilty as charged), some others to just share thoughts and own experiences with WP7, etc.  I myself sometimes think that some posts are dumb but I tried to keep it to myself since I have probably posted something that others might also think that is dumb.  My point is that all opinions are valid –one way or another.

    But this is how we are going to fix it: why don’t you give us a list of everything we should, can and may say in this blog AND please, be as specific and extensive as all and every one of your posts... Cheers!

  • I don't know, but "AT&T Sucks! Bring this to Sprint or Verizon!!" sure sounds like a pretty definitive, exclusive statement to me.  I'm getting at this: it's completely a waste of effort to just come in here (or anywhere) and just lob "You suck" and "No, YOU suck" vollies.  It accomplishes exactly nothing.  In fact, I doubt you could make a good case that it's even cathartic, given that all it realy invites is more angst.  Now, finding agreement or not, MOST of the people come on these boards and express something useful about why and what they like or dislike regarding the topic at hand.  Yes, we all, to some degree or another get a bit out of control with the emotional part of it.

    But look at this very thread.  It announced a new device coming out.  Another thread announces the Trophy.  Is there any pretense that either of these actually present blazing new tech?  Nope.  However, this same announcement drove the first post to express what seemed to be a liking for the device and a hatred of the carrier, while your post seemed to indicate you don't like the device, regardless of carrier.  So, SOMEone probably is inviting the device.  I'll point out that there seem to be new Android phones coming out every week---are there any real differences between any of those?  No more so than with the WP7 devices.  Oh, and of course how many iPhone 4 devices do you see?  

    I guess I just don't understand the point of running into a room and throwing a grenade.  Your post came off as a sarcastic implication that nobody SHOULD want the HD7S because it didn't bring anything different to the table.  I'm not saying you can't be sarcastic---I'm guilty of it enough, even though I shouldn't be.  But one thing that might make it more attractive than the current lot, aside from a better screen that its brother, the HD7, could that it may already have all released updates on it.  Given all the publicity about update problems, I think I might be swayed to choose the HD7S if I knew it was already up to date.  That's just a thought---I'm not actually in the market for a new device until my contract is up again.  

    But you could poll all you want, and get a thousand people to generically proclaim "AT&T SUCKS!" and I would stand up and tell you that you are wrong.  That's how unproductive that is.  I'm not saying I expect people (though I usually do it) to "AT&T sucks from my perspective".  But don't for one second think that someone can't come right back and tell them they haven't a clue.  Of course, I sit here realizing this entire discussion has been a waste.

  • @ ScubaDog2011 – So, are you saying that whoever makes a statement such as “AT$T sucks” has to literally state the ownership of what it was said by including the noun on the sentence? (Does it make any sense what I just wrote?)  

    Please correct me if I am wrong but don’t you think that about 90% of what we say (and no, I don’t have any scientific data to back it up) comes from our own experience or perspective of any given situation? If I say, “Ford sucks” is because I have had really bad experiences with what they build BUT perhaps you will say the other way around ALL based on your own experience.

    I don’t think GoodThings2L was trying to speak for everyone here, but I would love to know how many of you, AT$T customers, are thinking the same thing… that AT$T sucks!!

  • In related news, I saw on Winrumors that WM6.5 will be sunset on 15 Jul.  Basically, no new apps in the Marketplace, no price changes, etc., essentially all substantive support for the platform goes away then.  I suspect there will remain a pretty vibrant homebrew community for a while, as long as there is still a sizable user base functioning.  I know I was still using and adding apps to my Dell Axim X3i until last November---talk about a dead platform that was.  But, I could still get batteries, etc., for it, and it still worked just fine.  And even IT had features not yet available on WP7.  Feelings hurt or not, there will probably be a quiet undergound of WM6.5 enthusiasts for some time to come.

  • Wow, @Captiosus, do you just hate life in general, or is this a phase you're going through? The HD7S does have one or two features (or combinations) that might make it more attractive to customers.  Surely you didn't really expect any newer designs ahead of Mango--I know I certainly don't.  And I said pretty much the same thing about the arrival of next gen devices, though I don't think Samsung is going to bow out.  LG might, but if Samsung learned its lesson about screwing with the specs after Microsoft blessed their devices, then I think the future of Samsung WP7 devices will be good.  I certainly have yet to see anyone touch the Super AMOLED screens.  Yet.  Nokia will likely set the pace since they're already working on their post-Mango prototypes and the hint that at least one will have dual core and front-facing camera means everyone will probably follow suit.  Developer tools for Mango are only just hitting the field this month, so I think things should hit their stride early 2012.  I got to thinking about developer devices, and it wouldn't surprise me if Nokia is being pressed to come up with those first, and quickly, so that the developer community can be ready to flood the Marketplace as the next gen stuff comes out.

  • @BuckeyeTico, I phrased it the way I did to make a point of how exclusive his statement was.  I don't actually believe any particular carrier "sucks" for everyone--because none of them have it exactly right ALL OVER.  I basically reflected his ill-presented complaint back at him.  Just coming on and saying "AT&T sucks" means nothing and proves nothing.  A more accurate statement would have been "AT&T service for ME sucks".  Yes, I've heard many people whine about AT&T signal service.  Neither I nor my wife (who has an iPhone 4, as a matter of fact) have never EVER had dropped service.  But every single one of my friends who have Verizon or Sprint in our area complain about dead spots.  So, for ME, AT&T has excellent service.  For others, Verizon provides much better service elsewhere.  So, it's what you have and where you are.  To just come on and make an all-caps blanket statement like that is just trolling.  I see this on the AT&T Facebook page quite frequently.  I'd say the same thing (and have) when people come on and just make a blanket "WP7 SUCKS".  It may suck for THEM, but that doesn't mean it sucks for everyone.  Of course, in a few of those cases I'd probably be able to find out the problem is user-error ;)

    And, personally, I'm not trying to win you or anyone in particular over to the future of WP7.  I have certain hopes and expectations--none of which are presumptions of promises, but simply what information has leaded out from various sources--that I see on the horizon and am looking forward to them.  OEMs, carriers and Microsoft could all or individually destroy the potential, of course.  So I have no unrealistic expectations.  I do know that there's no way in hades that I'll every buy an iPhone.  I hate Apple.  Android, in contrast, holds a certain attractiveness that may actually come to its full potential if Google actually defragments the platform on the phones AND their tablets (I don't really see this happening, though).  BUT, there are very specific things about the Android UI that I don't like and very specific things about the WP7 UI that I love.  When I see people posting what amounts to making the WP7 UI begin to look like Android, my hackles go up.  If you're going to make WP7 feel like Android, then just go get an Android, in my opinion.  I'm convinced that Microsoft can bring pretty much all the features of the other smartphones (and then some) without sacrificing the UI and experience.  But, as we've seen with copy & paste, implementing those while keeping the UI honest is apparently no small task.

  • Captiosus
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    Sweet, another phone for AT&T to ignore. It'll fit nicely on the back wall with all of the other WP7 devices (which, by the way, have the same base features as this one and came out back in November). I'm sure by July, this phone will be on the EXACT SAME $49 new contract or upgrade path like the rest of them.

    As for Gen 2 handsets - I doubt we'll see them until NOKIA enters the fray late this year or early next year. And when that happens, I expect Samsung and LG to bow out of it because they've both been critical of WP7. So far, only HTC seems to be actively involved as an OEM. If there are next gen phones, which is, on some level, questionable in and of itself, I'd only expect them to come from HTC while NOKIA catches up.

  • @ ScubaDog2011 – Interesting insight of what 2012 COULD bring to the table; I just wish I was as excited as you are.

    BUT, I can’t help to notice that you seem to dismiss or undermine other’s comments when they don’t concord with yours OR at least that’s what I noticed on your last response to GoodThings2L, OR at least that’s my perception.  I myself think that AT&T sucks too, not only because of what they have done to WP7 BUT also because when my ex used to be their customer, in most places she didn’t get any reception, my Sprint phone was able to.  But, once again, that’s just my perception.  

    We ALL have been guilty of trying to impose our position on any given subject at any given time BUT shouldn’t we try to agree to disagree? ;o)

  • SjanUK
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    I like the Office365 (hope self-employed consultants do not have to pay for minimum 5 users for the service) and WindowsLive integration but when is there going to be a Windows - Motarola Atrix type phone, I want external monitor, keyboard, mouse, I want to plug my phone in to my laptop using a USB lead and use the MicroSD as a flash drive. I want the media player to play avi, not just Silverlight, I want java apps to work - Wishful thinking?

  • For those who keep wondering when next gen WP7 devices will come out, I wouldn't expect anything close to the sort until after Mango is deployed.  Nokia apparently is looking at at least one of their models have dual core.  Since Mango will add support for gyros (and exactly zero of current devices HAVE gyros) all your OEMs are waiting until that comes out at least before they venture down the next gen path.  BTW, don't assume that just because a hardware feature isn't currently implemented in devices that the OS doesn't support it already.  Only a couple of devices had microSDHC card slots in them, which wasn't part of the minimum specs given to OEMs, but clearly the OS supports them (as I sit here with my 40GB Focus).  So, I'd say 2012 will turn out to be a spectacular year for WP7, starting with what Nokia cooks up.  Since the min specs have actually lowered (at least that's how it looks), Nokia stands the best chance to create a low-end device to capture the less-than-well-healed crowd and cutting edge devices to make us drool over.  It's up to Microsoft to listen VERY close to the voice of the customer and then be extremely agile in capitalizing on all these new partnerships and acquisitions.  I'm actually quite excited over the possibilities.

    Oh, and @GoodThings2L, go troll somewhere else.  I'm a happy AT&T customer.  In my part of the country it's Sprint and Verizon that "suck", since you can hardly get any signal here (much less 4G) but I never get dropouts on AT&T.  The only thing I don't like about AT&T (which I don't like about ANY carrier) is that they have any part to play in the approval and deployment of updates to smartphones (WP7 or otherwise).

  • sirrusty
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    haha I hate how fast technology moves!! I just got a Gen 1 device and people are already talking Gen 2!! will I ever be up to date?

  • @Strider: I'm not sure how much we'll say publicly. But if we do say something, we'll say it here (or on the developer blog).

  • I have a Focus and am curious about the comparison between SLCD and AMOLED.

  • Sheeds
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    It would be nice if we had some GEN 2 handset announcements, all these GEN 1 handset coming to new carriers only isn't anywhere near as interesting <I imagine customer's of the carrier's in question might beg to differ!>.

    Michael will MS offer any roadmap on changes to Hardware specs for WP7 post-Mango?

    On the subject of the SAMOLED screen, I love my Focus.  I do however notice that 6 months in, if I display a grey screen on my handset, I can see almost a screen-burn effect with outlines of where tiles would be.  This is not an issue with black or white screen backgrounds, and seems to be isolated to just the occasional grey app splashscreen or background.

    Not major - but there.

  • nealpat
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    This one is a big step in the right direction in terms of hardware design!  

    I own a Samsung Focus.  They say its Super AMOLED screen is better than the Super LCD technology used on the HD7S, but I am anxious to do a comparison with my own eyes.  I like the form factor of the HD7S better, and if the tradeoff between screens isn't too bad, I may go for it.

    HTC Trophy and HD7S - great announcements this week!

  • When can we expect a WP device with a front facing camera?

  • I got a Focus 6 weeks ago because I thought this had the same screen as the HD7.  Not too disappointed though.  The Focus is a very nice phone too.

  • AT&T Sucks! Bring this to Sprint or Verizon!!