Verizon HTC Trophy on sale May 26

Verizon HTC Trophy on sale May 26

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At last.

I know many of you were eagerly waiting for this one: Verizon Wireless today said that the HTC Trophy, its first Windows Phone 7, will be available on its website starting May 26—and hit Verizon stores a week later on June 2. The phone will cost $149.99, after accounting for a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year contract.

For many folks, that’s probably good enough reason to buy. But check this out: Verizon is sweetening the deal with a free Xbox 360 console game (up to $60 in value) for anyone who picks one up before July 15. Well, Halo there!

Here’s the press release and the some Trophy spec sheet highlights:

  • 1 GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 3.8-inch WVGA touch screen
  • 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash
  • 720p HD video capture
  • Virtual surround sound with SRS WOW HD
  • 16 GB on board storage
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n


HTC Trophy front viewHTC Trophy side viewHTC Trophy back view

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  • The Trophy is great except they left out a long list of simple things that everyone needs on their so called smartphones,  first the easy ability to transfer any file locally, second skype, third something that tells me the battery and other statuses and forth, how about some mobi pocket book reader readers and local html readers.....  Who came up with this OS and left out the simple most obvious components of a smartphone.  Hurry up Mango update.... Oh and I am almost ready to go back to the RIM BB Storm, that should tell the whole story...

  • noerdar
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  • noerdar
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    Just got a HTC Trophy from my friend. Its super nice.

    <a href="">HTC Cover</a>

  • Leigh
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    @Captiosus -- I think you misspelled your own name.   It is supposed to be Captious see


    All, let's all try to completely ignore this guy and hope he goes away.  Just pretend that he isn't posting at all.  Deal?

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7!


  • @Buckeye:  Glad to help...but I'll be disappointed if I don't hear from you. :-)

  • @ Michael Stroh - Thank you so much for your reply! That will keep me quiet for a while...

  • @ Buckeye: No you unfortuntely can't. Yes it will.

  • @Captiosus I have a new name for you. Negative Nancy.

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    Late to the party, again. Verizon isn't going to give a damn about trying to sell this phone. Why? Because they've got two monumental sellers in the iPhone 4 and the HTC Thunderbolt. They're pushing 4G LTE, hard, and this phone doesn't support it. Sure, the iPhone 4 doesn't support it right now either, but they got the iPhone 4 months ago, not in May 2011, after Verizon started their 4G LTE advertising blitz. If you walk into a Verizon store now, all of the employees are actively trained to try to upsell people on smartphones that can support 4G LTE.

    Verizon will have this phone out for a couple of weeks and then shove it in the back corner. Just as Sprint has done with the HTC Arrive, just as T-Mobile has done with the HTC HD7, just as AT&T has done with the Quantum, Surround and Focus.

    The next iteration of iPhone will likely support 4G LTE now that Verizon is a partner; Meanwhile, Microsoft seems to have no adoption plan for future technology with future WP7 devices. How much do you want to bet the NOKIA phone still won't support 4G LTE? Trying to play catch-up only works when you actually make some strides. Instead, Microsoft is spinning their wheels and staying perpetually behind the competition.

  • @ Michael Stroh – So, you are saying that Sprint is responsible for only allowing the US English package to be installed on the HTC Arrive? Is there any other way to manually force my phone to install other language packages? Will this issue be resolved with Mango?

    @ Any with an HTC Arrive phone – How many different language packages do you have installed on your phone? Have any of you already have 7392?

  • @BuckeyeTico: We do give our partners (carriers and handset makers) some ability to customize. Mostly you see this in the form of custom apps or ringtones or (in a few cases) icons. We've mentioned this in our help and how to content. I don't know the specifics of HTC/Sprint and the keyboard, but it sounds like a customization.

  • @ Michael Stroh - Would you please be able to confirm or deny (or find out) if carriers determine what keyboard language package is installed on our WP7? I have an HTC Arrive and it ONLY shows the US English package.  I read that some owners with different phones and carriers have multiple keyboard language packages AND if Sprint is the one limiting me to only US English (I am multilingual) THEN I will have to deal with them (or them with me) directly.

    @ Everyone else with an HTC Arrive – Have any of you already received the 7392 update?

  • Please have hTC consider 4G LTE, front facing camera & Wi-Fi hotspot for the next version.

  • Please, Please, Please, launch a 4G LTE phone for Verizon.

  • I really wish you would bring the HD7 or the Focus (or comparable updated versions) on Sprint.... I like the Arrive, but I have an EVO now, and I just can't give up the big screen that it has.

  • I'm glad to see this spreading over to big red, but to be honest, I'm so put out with them I'm still jumping ship. What with only 1 model to choose from, and no rollover minutes, I'm finally leaving them at the end of the month. I readily admit here, I'm dying to get my first windows phone and will likely go with the Focus. What bugs me though, is after Mango, and Nokia, I'm sure within a few months, there will be better phones out there (hopefully anyway) and I'll regret. But I'm tired of waiting. I'm ready to dive in.

  • Here's an idea: $60 in credit to buy XBOX Live games for Windows Phone

  • @Jason: Nice work! ;-)

  • Just advised two Sprint users about Windows Phone and they ordered theirs yesterday and another friend, advised by me, is waiting to pre-order their HTC Trophy from Verizon as soon as he can. When these people play with my Focus, they can't help but want one themselves.

  • depend
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    What's the plan for WP7 supporting Verizon LTE 4G?

  • Still just the LCD, not the SLCD?