Tune in to our press conference tomorrow

Tune in to our press conference tomorrow

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We’re hosting a little press conference on Tuesday, May 24th in New York City to talk about the future of Windows Phone. Some of you might have heard. If you’re eager to watch the event live—it starts at 10 a.m. Eastern—you’ll find a link in the Windows Phone Newsroom. See you tomorrow!

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  • King
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    great presentation guys. you wet our appetites and we want more!. but i know if you present all 500 features at one times our heads would explode. so in the best interest of your fanbases health you are resigned ot giving us small doses of awesome over the next few weeks and months. *sigh* fall cant come quick enough

  • Krush You
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    @geddy - actually it is Samsung's issue - they updated the firmware and made changes without informing MS

  • @Krush You, thanks for the suggestion...I'll see if that gives me the goodness ;)

  • edm
    27 Posts

    Beginning of summer?????  As in late June????????

    Of course, AT&T probably gets an asterisk.....

  • @SparkedFire Microsoft is well aware of the specifications of the phones that Samsung produces.  It is not Samsung's responsibility to make sure the updates work on each phone, that is Microsoft's job.

  • Blame Samsung for your v1.4 issues.  Not Microsoft.

  • Looking forward to this. Microsoft, please make this update work !!

  • Wow still no update on the Samsung Focus Rev 1.4 NoDo update.  Glad I made a good choice for a phone.

  • just don't forget the 7392 update for Deutsche Telekom Omnia 7

  • myan
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    wohooooo I'm soooo excited.... MANGO MADNESS  :D

    happy happy happy!

  • Fixie
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    Great news, ill be there for sure

  • @AriesDog yes! I'm under 18 without a credit card so how am I supposed to pay for apps?

  • www.engadget.com/.../steve-ballmer-promises-over-500-new-features-in-mango-teases

    So, I don't think new phones are going to be announced (and it's already 11AM 24 May in India, i have to wait till night, sigh) ..

    @Kenny :  Samsung Omnia 7 , is the most beautiful phone I've seen till now, and i've been waiting for it for 6-7 months now. I'll get it this june, so i don't want to wait for another june :D... I hope new phones would have at least 1 which looks exactly like Omnia 7 but with all the extra hardware.

  • Krush You
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    @Scuba - you could check out engadget liveblogging or cnet

  • Krush You
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    @bnkamalesh - yes, the update will be available for all current models - new models which are expected to be announced today will come with Mango

  • KR
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    @Scubadog,u should ask that question to website developers,all I do is browse and a great majority of sites still rely on flash.its not my fault if most of the sites I visit have no substitute using HTML 5.

    @bnkamalesh,you wouldn't need to get a new device for mango,there'll be an update for old devices but I can promise you that the update on old devices wouldn't carry all the new functionalities of the OS,because some of the new features are hardware linked,since Microsoft had strict hardware requirements for Gen 1 WP devices.so if you'll like to have a full experience of the update you'll definitely have to get a new device and I'll advice you in case you'll get a new device to get one only by June 2012

  • Sorry for the double post, but can anyone tell me if the mango update will be available for old phones (i'm more concerned about Samsung Omnia 7) . Or will it require a new hardware ? It's gonna be very sad if not, also the updates after mango... <worried>

  • It's really confusing, 10AM Eastern, what time would that be in India ? When you are specifying time, use International Standards, like GMT, UTC etc. please.

    Now about the update, I became a die hard fan of WP7 the day it released , and waiting for the mango release is killing me :D

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    I just don't get why people want to hang onto Flash.  Why do people insist on using that old, tired plugin?  It's horribly bloated.  I deleted it off of my desktop long ago.  I would rather go to sites that are moving FORWARD and using HTML5, which is much lighter and much faster.  And it's not up to Microsoft regarding Flash anyway.  It's Adobe.  Why not sleep on their doorstep.

  • Can't wait to see new features

  • Are there any plans to open marketplace in India ,this year?

  • I wish they could fix Zune in Canada... apps are cool, but music would be better. As well PayPal in market place would be great. Many of the Mango feature will definitely be broken outside the US... :(

  • tsrblke
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    I'm hopign we'll see some more solid dates and maybe assurance that the update process is smoothing.  Although given the slowness with the security update no such luck I'm sure.

  • brianm76
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    @ GeddyThePolack I feel the same....wife has Focus w/ firmware rev. 1.4 and no update, no time frame from MS, ATT has no idea there is a problem, and Samsung support keeps sending me to the Where's my update page.  MS can plan and conduct event after event and tomorrow hyping updates to the OS when they can't even get the existing phones out there up to the most recent version of the OS that has been released.  Thinking this was not the best purchasing decsion I have made :(

  • KR
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    @Michael Stroh,is there any hope for adobe flash on WP7 in the nearest future?silverlight is a good idea,flash is a better idea,and android devices are getting it even the new webOS devices,given that i'm planning to get a touchpad may be my next phone will be running webOS(well when HP will have phones with 4.0" screens) if theres no hope for flash on WP

  • KR
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    @Arrow22,you are completely right bing map is crap in Canada,at first i thought it was Calgary,then i was in Lethbridge and now even in Montreal its still useless,i can't get directions to an address,it recognizes only postal codes,the search never returns results for me,i'v been misdirected twice in less than two weeks by bing maps and just crown everything it calls Université de Montréal McGill University,wtf

    @wurstsalat,i support the idea of a Mobile version of this blog,it sucks to have to scroll through out the page on IE mobile when there're about 50+ comments

  • The most interesting thing you can give is a fixed release date for every(!) wp7 User out there

    btw i hate writing english on German wp7...anyway, why is this Blog not availible in a mobile Version?

  • dkb1898
    167 Posts

    @Soyerski - Fall begins Sept 23rd, MS has repeatedly stated Mango is a Fall 2011 release. Hence 4 months minimum. The only bone they could throw us, is to have another minor release in between and add a few things here and there, maybe one nice big feature like Maps. Not holding my breath and they HAVEN'T made any promises, which is GOOD.

  • Lets have another update before you can even figure out why Focus owners with Rev 1.4 can't get NoDo.  Thanks Microsoft.  Really beginning to wish I would have went with an iPhone again.

  • I just do not want to wait for mango update 4-5 months. Please do not make all wp7 users angry.

  • dkb1898
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    Looking forward to it, but at the same time doesn't do me (or my MS stock) any good if everything is not going to be available for 4-5 months, which is the Mango timeframe. I wish you guys would only talk about this stuff until it's 2 months away at least, preferably a few weeks, unless of course you can provide a lot of us with a beta. Otherwise we just get teased for the next 4-5 months, much like Google users! Apple knows how to do this, and it sure does help their stock.

  • Sheeds
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    That's midnight tonight for Eastern Australian Windows Phone fans!  Awesome!!!!!  :D

  • Sogeman
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    Sure, Bing (and probably all Mango additions to Bing as well) are useless outside the US. Changing my locale to Germany (I'm in Austria) at least gives me access to search for addresses in maps. Before that I was able to look at the pretty satellite picture.

  • Ouch....sadly, my work blocks all streaming media (don't get me started).  So, ya'll need to share as much detail as possible.

    I don't think it's unrealistic to LIST the 500 features.  But, I don't think we'll actually see details and context for all of them if they do list them.  And, by the way, I think Ballmer said "over 500", so there's your wiggle room, @WinPhonePhan ;)

  • arrow22
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    I hope for an announcement regarding Bing Maps in Canada.

    Right now, Bing Maps in Canada is useless.

    The search does not include business in its results at all, generic terms like "Pizza" don't return any useful results, and even when searching for an address, it sends you at the other end of the world unless you specify the name of the city you are in.

    An acknowledgement of the issue would be a great start... I sometimes fear that these issues outside of the US simply go unnoticed. There are many discouraged Canadian customers out there.

    Any other international Windows Phone users having similar problems?

  • jschroedl
    24 Posts

    I am not expecting that each feature be listed. As a developer, I realize that's utterly unrealistic in the real world. I expect to see "planned" features but also will not be surprised when some are cut due to realities of shipping/testing/localization.

  • Each and every one of the 500 new features is expected to be listed. If it's so awesome that you can't reveal it, give us a better sense of sort of the feature area so we're not thinking you're lying. Sometimes features need to get cut, so maybe you should announce 550 features, which will give you wiggle room to cut what doesn't make the quality bar.

  • Gurtej
    24 Posts

    Looking forward to 500 updates under the Mango banner.

  • I have my fingers crossed for the marketplace launching in India! If you're gonna use Microsoft points instead, please make that service available in India too! Also, when are the Zune marketplace and the Live services gonna launch in India? Please make that happen soon. Windows Phone is the best OS ever! Keep rocking guys! :)

  • Crosses fingers that sooner rather than later the Windows Phone Marketplace will accept Microsoft points.