More 7392 update deliveries underway

More 7392 update deliveries underway

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Hi everyone – just a quick status update today. 

7392 is now rolling out to Windows Phones on Sprint in the U.S. and Orange in Europe. If you have an Omnia 7 on Orange, you won’t be receiving an update just yet. We are going to update those phones separately.

We’re also now rolling out updates to Omnia 7s on Deutsche Telekom across all of Europe (where some folks know it better as T-Mobile), with more Omnia 7 deliveries in the queue.  As I mentioned in last week’s post, remember to see this support article if you get stuck installing 7392 on your Omnia.

We are still very focused on starting updates for the flash memory variant of the Samsung Focus. The teams are working hard to test the update, get it scheduled, and get it into your hands.

Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • Grotta
    5 Posts

    Why all the BS,

    I am stil waiting for Feb update so I figure it will be August 2012 before we see Mango and, oh yeah my phone contract will be up by then so I wont have to worry any more!!!

  • Heywood
    3 Posts

    Bump!  Not having copy and paste is REALLY making me miss my iPhone!

  • I too am stuck on 7008, with bootloader version (Omnia 7 with Orange UK).  Had a rant at Samsung and Orange today.  Neither seemed particularly aware of the issues people are experiencing.

  • Laeon
    1 Posts

    Hi Rakk. I have Orange FR Omnia 7 and have the same issue as you. Still stuck in 7008...

  • RaxX
    2 Posts

    I have a OrangeFR/Omnia7 (lucky one)

    i am still stuck to the 7008, zune tell me that I am up to date ............


    does someone with OrangeFR/Omnia7 is still stuck to this update or does it come from my own phone ?

  • If my Samsung Focus 1.4 doesn't see an update in two weeks, I will probably get a HTC Inspire. I really don't like Android because its lame.  I don't want to get stuck with a phone that will have problems with future updates or might be a non-upgradible phone.

  • What a surprise today, "your phone is up to date, software version 7004".  I am not seeing why the difference in the memory vendors is delaying updates to the phone for this long.  Is 1.4 unstable and defective?

  • It's going to be a big problem if it takes this long for carriers to "test" SECURITY updates.  (please get on AT&T, they are the worst)

  • sirrusty
    122 Posts
  • Oh & just to add to what you said. Your well right, I have no dignity, no shame, and no respect so you can FUC* off n' all.

  • @FLORINRADICA, I'm being nice when I say, shut the hell up. ;)

  • @letsrockit :O no WAY will you talk like that on this website!!!!!! I hope you get banned for good and somehow blocked from ever signing up for another account! You have no dignity!

  • @sirrusty, SHUT THE FUC* up YOU pathetic KNO*.

  • I have a Samsung Focus rev 1.4 that I check everyday before work.  The same message appears:  Your phone is up to date, Software version 7004.  I just got this phone last week, and to my knowledge, there have been several updates since 7004 dating back months ago.  There really isn't a good excuse for this at all, especially when two big names are involved:  Samsung and Microsoft.  I am also assuming AT&T isn't involved with the software updates, nor should they ever be.  If they are by chance here is my thought directed at them -  Don't install your crappy ass apps on my phone so you can charge my bill more per month!!!! If there are strict guidelines for WM7 phones, then the update process should be painless.  Microsoft needs to go into full Boss mode and call the shots, and fix this mess.

  • Captiosus
    103 Posts

    Hmm, this all seems familiar. 7392 is a security update that is supposed to be going out to ALL WP7 devices, correct?

    I run the update check every other day or so and, thus far, I have yet to see any further updates for my LG Quantum on - you guessed it - AT&T. Still says 7390 is the latest software. In fact, I'll run a check as I type this.

    This is the reason why I have been steering people clear of this platform. Sorry to beat a dead horse but all these great statements about Mango are MEANINGLESS because you can't get updates out to devices. Samsung isn't alone with this issue; AT&T is, once again, blocking updates from being delivered in a timely manner. How long do you think it's going to be once Mango is out of your hands before most of us actually SEE it? I'm guessing it's going to be MONTHS. It's taken months to get MINOR updates, including NoDo which was minor by all metrics, out to users.

    Microsoft said they learned from the previous update issues, but apparently that was just lip service because here we are again with the EXACT SAME scenario over a small, but IMPORTANT SECURITY, update.

    Update check done, what a shocker:

    "Your phone is up to date.

    Current phone software version: 7.0 (7390)"

  • sirrusty
    122 Posts

    and you may need to take your keyboard back to the shop you got it from too.. That caps lock key seems to keep getting stuck.

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    thank you for proving my point :D

  • @Krush You(rs). MOVE THE FU*K on. DO YOU WORK FOR MS? I happen to have moved to the iphone, but I've still wasted 500 quid on one of these handsets. HENCE MY FRUSTRATION. YOU DEARR NEED TO SHUT THE FU*K up and MOVE THE FU*K on. I am not interested in battling it out with you over a flipping blog. Unless you work for MS DO NOT RESPOND TO MY COMMENTS. I don't care, they should have provided their customers with the updates when they planned to provide them. & actually FYI I am grilling SAMSUNG harder then MS I've been offered a full refund by the SAMSUNG GROUP. BUT THATS NOT ENOUGH. I WANT TO KNOW THE FULL REASONS WHY WE COULDN'T AND CANT GET AN UPDATE. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ABOUT PRODUCTS THAT WE BUY, are they faulty ETC? I DONT CARE ABOUT THE FIRMWARE, MS HAD SET OUT GUIDELINES AS TO HOW THEY WANTED THE PHONES. SO PLEASEEEE. THEY ALSO BRAGGED ABOUT HANDLING UPDATES THEM SELVES. SO PLEASE FUC* OFFFFF.

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @letsrockit - so many things wrong...first, there is no R in my name.  Second, didn't you leave and move onto  Android? Why are you still whining? I make a ridiculous argument? regardless of the issue - people still have families and holidays set up, This is not a huge issue as only a small amount of people are having issues.  Its both parties not just MS, go yell at Samsung as well about their phone's issue.

    You seriously need help that you get set off that easily, wow...

  • @KrushYours SHUT THE F*** up. You make absoluteley a ridiculous argument, stop defending MS I guess you've had the bloody update. You just need to understand your arguments look pretty pathetic at the moment. & for the rest who seem to be disagreed on the idea of an American holiday claiming that Microsft have been working on the update, would be even more bullshit because we were told that updates were being rolled out to customers which would suggest that the updates were finished. So we can only assume that they've taken their holidays while the consumers are left battling it out on a fu***g blog. I do apologize but I can only express my frustration on a flipping blog, where Eric Hataula is now not even commenting, which again could mean they've messed up. I DO FEEL SORRY FOR MS customers at the end of the day, MS have lost a lot of customers, and I guess it is right that they have because the lack of communication and false promises are absoluteley disgusting. Now FU*K OFF @KRUSH YOURS.

  • Hey guys, this is off topic, but you guys should check out this game call "Cyclops BallZ" in the Marketolace. It's a 3D game for Windows Phone and is pretty well-done. Could probably be an XBL title for WP7.

  • A nice touch would be if microsoft would offer us some form of official way of converting a phone with say Orange firmware on it to the unlocked carrier free firmware. Then this would no longer be an issue as I would unlock the phone to get rid of all Orange ties and use the official pure unlocked release for updates.

  • Web63
    19 Posts

    comeradealexi I agree, enough is enough we deserve an answer on this. So, Eric... WHEN?

  • I'm an Omnia 7 user on Orange UK and am still waiting for this update! We've had no word when its going to be available or anything we've been completely kept out of the loop! It really is ridiclious! When is it coming!?

  • Freypal
    59 Posts

    @gadgetebz - You can try telling Orange that however they won't listen. Their line is that the software is from MS and therefor for them to deal with. They merely sold a handset. The fact I was updated to a faulty bootloader was apparently not covered by them.

    @Krush You - That's the problem with the Focus. The Omnia is different and appears to be purely a software issue and we have been offered no explanation as to what has caused this.

  • brianm76
    61 Posts

    @Florin Radica MS work Nights?  Weekends?  Holidays?  On an issue that on this very blog they state impacted a small number of customers.  If these issues really mattered they would have been fixed by now.  Everyone can see these are not priority issues for MS to fix.  They said on this very blog that the number of users impacted is minor.  I would be happy if they had worked through the holiday to fix these issues but they didn't.  At the end of the day, if you care about your customers you put the time in and get issues impacting them, even if perceived to be only a small number of customers.  If a similar issue came up with my employer and we didn't fix it and there were this many customer complaints, I would no longer have a job.  When you can show me that progress was made between Friday 5/27 and Tuesday 5/31 then you can say they were hard at work getting these issues fixed.  Until then it was a group of folks working their 40 hours and going home for the long weekend.  Also, we are talking about updates that should have been delivered to my phone 2 and 3 months ago!!!  How would this be acceptable to anyone let alone the folks who worked on these updates. These are the very folks that should be the most pissed off as their hard work is being trashed by angry and disappointed people like me because of their leaderships' incompetence along with the carriers blocking (oops testing) the updates each and every time there is a change for months at a time.  I love my phone but when an update is available to one it should be available to all.  We pay too much for monthly services and a little less in upfront costs to not have the most up to date software and features available for our phones.  I refuse to stand by quietly and patiently wait for updates that never should have been delayed this long in the first place.  Finally, let's talk about the complete lack of full cummunication regarding these upates from both MS and the carriers.  There is no excuse for not telling us when we should expect updates to be delivered.  MS nor the carriers have ever given any definitive information as to when to expect each update.  Perfect example of this lacking is in the Where's My Update page that has not been updated sine 5/4 (almost a month) yet there are still phones not being updated due to "issues".  What about the security update that was released weeks ago???  I have a Focus with the 1.3 firmware rev. and My wife has a Focus with the 1.4 rev. Why dont' I have the security update yet???  Why is the security update not pushed immediately when it offers protection???  

    Don't tell me about people working hard.  Obviously they are not working hard enough or this entire rant would not have been necessary!  Don't tell anyone else here to calm down or to not post about their anger and frustration.  Until MS fixes these issues and takes every step necesary to prevent a repeat I will be here, making my opinion and how Ithis makes me feel known.  I will not stop and neither should anyone else that feels they have not received they kind of service they feel they have paid for and expect.

  • gadgetebz
    19 Posts

    The thing is MS have not said what the issue is you guys are just guessing!!  MS have not said if we will have this same issue with Mango and other future updates.... MS promised that updates would be problem free unlike Android!!  Now I have an Omnia 7 on Orange UK and we are not being told how long we must wait.......... no satisfactory explanation at all... I am tempted to call Orange and tell them I have been sold a defective phone and  whats the situation if I want to cancel the contract or want to exchange it for an Android device.

    I trusted MS on this and feel bandly let down..  I thought I had left all the Windows Mobile crap behind having to change ROMS every week to get a decent experience. If these issues happen with Mango I am gone as an MS customer 100% for a long long time ................If Samsung has an issue admit it and let them offer some free APPS or Games as some sort of compensation to customers who have been treated badly.........   A  mobile phone is a very personal device and people get annoyed when you start to take the pi$$ !!!!!!!!!!  as you can tell i`m not happy............. now can you tell me how long until I get the updates on my Orange Omnia 7 plz??

  • @brianm76 how do you know they're not in there working their butts off instead of assuming they took a lounging, lazy day off?

  • brianm76
    61 Posts

    Where I work if there is anything impacting our customers, we work until we get it fixed.  Yes, that includes holidays if necessary.  I hope all the MS folks enjoyed their long weekend while at the same time pushing away current and potential customers.  At the very least we are looking mid June now before the Focus w/ firmware rev. 1.4 Feb/March Updates get to ATT for testing.  They will take a month at least to test so we should now expect Feb/March updates Mid July at the earliest.  Nice work MS!!!

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    letrock@ exactly and Samsung did not report to MS they changed firmware and used different components

  • @letsrockit you've got issues man, just calm down, will you??

  • & Holiday f*cking weekend? LOL, I do apologize but mucking in on your American holidays while the rest of us are waiting on an update that's been promised to us for two months now. :)

  • Ermmm @Krush Yours, not being funny babe but I remember when the handsets came out Microsoft set out guidelines to what the phones should include in hardware terms. So I'm not being funny, but then again we come back to Microsoft. :)

  • jasuk70
    3 Posts

    I hit the omnia 7 update issue as well. Running the tool from Samsung fixed the issue and it got past stage 6 this was an un-branded phone using the Three network.

  • For whatever it's worth, AT&T's own support page for the Windows Phone lists 7390 as being the current version number.

    I would surmise that either they're slipshod in updating their own website or they are yet again moving slowly in releasing this update.

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @lets - Good Lord you need to calm down - it was a holiday weekend in the US  - they have been updating us as much as they can as they have agreements they must follow as well - Its also not an MS issue, its a firmware problem - MS doesn't make the phones they only provide the OS.

  • Now that I don't have a windows phone 7 I'm going to shower the criticisms on Microsoft. Firstly, of course were going to blame Microsoft, quote, ''we'll be updating Samsung Omnia 7 handets on Orange seperately". Which means they've got the update sorted. Customers on Orange haven't been given a specific time, which again shows the lack of communication between Windows and the consumer. Originally Microsoft Windows Phone 7 team said that they would update all the handsets from one platform, so we can't be blaming the manufacture and it also means they have taken up responsibility I would also like to point out, that the Windows Phone 7 team, said they do all the updates originally. Which would also means that any faults with the updates is of course a windows phone 7 fault, if there were any problems with the Samsung Omnia 7 handsets. We should be told, as consumers if it is fixable. If not we should be given a replacements or a full refund. For people not covered by their money back guarantee or insurance.

    According to their terms and conditions Microft should be providing us with information on updates and providing us with updates. :) SO F*ucK me for blaming Microsoft.

  • I think it's safe to say, that even after the last comments Microsoft hasn't even bothered to reply to anyone. That's how bad things are with the communication. :) Bear love though for Eric Hautala, the guy who things a couple of wall posts on an internet website is sufficient communication for customers who pay good good money for their handsets.

  • It's now been two weeks since the update was announced to Orange customers & then told we would be updated seperately and then not even being told anything. F*** Microsoft. I'm converting to Apple for my PC to. :) F*CK THiS.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    I'm on AT&T with a surround and I still don't have the security update so I'm thinking it's not a Focus issue for that, just AT&T being slow again.  MS really needs to bust their chops on these updates, or I'll have a new phone before I have Mango.

  • Why are Microsoft not commenting here on the Orange update? If my customers complained on my forum I would answer them. I love windows phone 7 but I might buy an hp pre 3 in disgust at this whole lack of communication

  • Freypal
    59 Posts

    @ScubaDog2011 - I completely agree. That there are problems I can deal with, these things happen and I believe Samsung are more at fault here. However my gripe is the lack of communication after being told countless time on here that they are listening to our comments and would be more open in the future.

    Just a simple - We are sorry for the problems, here's the deal. This is the problem and this is what we are doing about it.

    That would aleviate my gripes.

  • King
    32 Posts

    For those on ATT its highly likely that they will push this out along with mango this fall. I'd be thoroughly suprised to see it any sooner.

  • gadgetebz
    19 Posts

    I am sorry Eric but your posts should be a little more open and definately the word sorry would go a long way to calming things down,  I am an Orange Omnia user and not happy at all with the communication we have received on this issue. It really shows you are not a consumer focused comapany... No point being excited about all the Mango stuff if people dont believe they will have it on their phones until next spring because your update process is a total shambles.

  • I completely agree with Razor.  If customers have to wait 2-3 months to get Mango, that should put them right around Christmas time when folks typically get "gifts" in the form of new phones.  If you tick off enough WP7 users, you'll lose them.

  • Could you guys create a page showing where this update is at?  I'm still back on 7390 on AT&T.  Is this going to be another carrier hostage-taking crisis like the updates that came out 3 months late?

  • @tchnorton........exactly, agreed.

  • @Freypal, that's part of the point I was making.  It's a situation that actually happened.  What I was trying to say is that while Microsoft has taken the slow boat to actually sharing the gory details of what's happening (as in my scenario), it's not fair to accuse them of intentially "changing their story", no more than it would have been fair to accuse my auto shop of changing their story when the fact was that a number of issues showed up that they didn't anticipate.  Had this surprises not come up my auto shop would indeed have met their advertised completion date for my repairs.  Now, we can get into a separate debate over whether or not Microsoft SHOULD have anticipated these issue, but for the purpose of this discussion I think their biggest "sin" has been exactly your contention---not enough details over EVERYthing that's hanging up the fixes.

  • Razor
    53 Posts

    It stuns me that people are still waiting for the March update when it is almost June. I hope that Microsoft gets it's crap together for Mango, because it will really suck for customers to have to wait 2-3 months to get it. It will also suck for developers that want to release apps that are dependent on the new APIs in Mango. Developers must be concerned that a slow release of updates will impact their ability to make sales.

  • If we assume there is a problem with the Omnia 7 hardware from Samsung, will the work put into this update mean, future updates will not be a problem.  With Mango coming soon I would hate to think this update delay will be a continuing problem for the life of the handset.

  • Freypal
    59 Posts

    @ ScubaDog2011 - Using the analogy of taking your car into a garage. How would you feel if you took it in and they said "Yeh it's broken. We will fix it at some point soon"

    Would you not want to know more? IE, what is broken, how did it happen and when is it going to be ready?

  • tchnorton
    10 Posts

    Amongst the ranting there is a clear message. We understand that problems happen, but don't like being in the dark. If we could be given a time frame then we can just forget until then. But being told to keep manually checking just builds up the disappointment and resentment. Come on windows.

  • @letsrockit, I'm not sure their story has actually changed.  Poorly communicated, definitely, but I can track pretty steadily what they've said.....when they've said something, that is.  But, if you have examples of how the story has actually changed, I can be convinced.  Maybe it's really the difference between what they intended to do versus what actually happened because of things nobody took into account.  Kind of like taking your car into the shop.  When they first look at it they tell you "Okay, based on what we know, we should be able to have this back to you in two days".  Then they discover that to get to the part that's broken your particular car has a unique configuration that required tools they didn't have.  So, they have to locate a vendor for the tool, order it, wait for delivery.  Now, they have remove the part from your car and discover that the replacement part listed in the catalog isn't actually the right one---the manufacturer started using the version designed for the next model of your car.  So, they now have to wait until the correct part arrives.  NOW, they're actually able to to stick to the original timeframe...install the part, reassemble the rest of the pieces, test it out.  Here you are, two weeks later, finally getting your car back when you were told it should take two days.  The story is that the actual removal and installation DID only take two days, but all these surprises confounded the repair.   ( I happen to have experienced something very much like this with my Isuzu).  Even more frustrating than the longer wait is the NOT knowing exactly why it was taking so long.  The equivalent here would be the shop only telling me---after several phone calls---that "we're working dilligently to solve the issue with your car and we'll have it back to you soon" instead of coming right out and giving me the gory details.

  • Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,

    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

  • Such fragmentation.  I thought Ballmer liked the vertical way of doing things.

  • You know this is getting to be a motherfing pi**take. I don't know where to start, every single flipping week we get another story just give us a bloody date, so then we can wait till then, in stead of constantly checking your flipping blog, which isn't much of a help. WHY ARENT THERE EVER ANY ADVERTS TELLING US WHY NOT TO BUY THE SAMSUNG WP7? FML!

  • @nevadah.....I with you.  Oh, and don't forget the OEMs.  I'm pretty sure it's because Samsung decided to jack with the devices after Microsoft had blessed the original some incompatibilities cropped up.

  • Guys, I think you're missing the message on the update of Omnia 7 devices on the Orange network.  The first part of the post is saying that those networks are now rolling with the 7392 update BUT because of firmware issues the Omnia 7 (which shares a similar problem with the Focus) will roll separately.  Remember, ALL updates are a phased rollout, mostly broken down by carrier.  It's taken this long for the phasing of Spring, Orange and Deutsche.  Sadly, the Focus and the Omnia have special problems (ahem, SAMSUNG) causing additional delays and more work on the patch.  I think it's fair to say that IF the fix for Omnia/Focus devices had been ready then ALL of the Orange WP7 devices would be rolling.  Hopefuly I've helped clear that up.  It's not pretty, I'll be first to side with you there.  The Focus WAS updating fine until they discovered a bunch of 1.4 versions out there and that put the brakes completely on.

  • nevadah
    1 Posts

    Another Samsung Focus user on AT&T that has not yet received the 7392 update. I have version 1.3 hardware and am successfully running NoDo. It concerns me that a security update has not yet been deployed to all devices. One guess I have is that either Microsoft, AT&T, or both are waiting until the issue with updating 1.4 hardware to NoDo is resolved before releasing 7392 to AT&T Focus users. However, it's been a long time and I'd expect that issue to be resolved by now.

    I love the platform, and I'm really looking forward to Mango. This update isn't critical for me since I do exercise care when surfing the web and it's probably unlikely if not very difficult for a site using one of the fraudulent certs to negatively affect my phone. However, I do hope that MS and AT&T learn the lessons they need to from the updates so far and that deployment of the Mango update goes much more smoothly.

  • I have a Samsung Omnia 7 with boot loader, now it's boot loader is at, after the T-mobile UK update for 7392 that I just recieved today.

    Now patching required, and now it can enter download mode :)

  • Eric - Thanks!  Focus v1.4 variant, waiting patiently...

  • Zulhardy
    26 Posts

    Its quite likely that Orange is adding some custom software to the update like ATnT's address book function. I know Tmobile update comes with a new firmware upgrade for the Omnia 7 that fixes accidental capacitive button touch when playing games or surfing web.

    However this firmware upgrade did not make it to the rest of Omnia 7 users around the world.

  • I agree with @Freypal. Update these phones separately? This just upsets people. You should send the update out to all phones. Not just a few for X model from Y manufacture on Z network... Just frustrating and confusing to the consumer. It would be better to get all phones ready then boom send out the update.

  • Zulhardy
    26 Posts

    Typo:- It's those phones that can't enter this mode that is having problems updating.

  • Zulhardy
    26 Posts

    If your phone can enter USB->PC mode, it doesn't matter if you can't enter Download mode. To check if you can enter USB-> PC mode. Just hold down the camera button while turning on the phone. If you see the Phone and PC logo, then you can update. It's those phones that can enter this mode that is having problems updating.

  • Freypal
    59 Posts

    Update these phones seperately? Seriously without being rude have you guys learened nothing from the comments here? Just give us an explanation as to what and why. What is different about Orange handsets and why? What form will this seperate update take? We are left high and dry again.

    To those who are stuck with it is possible to get into download mode and apply the patch - I managed np just search on the previous blog entries or on XDA for the resistor bootloader jig. It's very easy to do.

  • SURVEY: I think it could help the WP7 development team to know how many of us have received all, part or none of the updates.

    Please reply to this post with your phone model, carrier and whether you have received all (pre-NoDo, NoDo, 7392), none or which one of the official updates.

  • stefan00
    11 Posts


    what about the Omnia-7-Firmware-Update?

    The German Forum "pocketpc" says, that there is a new firmware, but only for "Deutsche Telekom" in Germany.

  • In what way is " If you have an Omnia 7 on Orange, you won’t be receiving an update just yet. We are going to update those phones separately." an appropriate comment. What is should have read is "we apologise to Omnia 7 users on Orange but you will receive the NoDo update and the 7392 update on ____. We are very sorry about this and promise that all future updates will not be segregated like this." All we want is a date, even a rough one. All this smokescreen business is really getting to me

  • D-Burrs
    15 Posts

    Thanks Eric.  If the teams are currently "working hard to test the update for the flash memory variant of the Samsung Focus", that's the best news I've gotten since NoDo was "officially released" 4/19.  Hoping there's a great big log of lessons learned over the course of the process (particularly with Samsung) that won't delay all of the Mango goodies later this year...

  • ammughal
    25 Posts

    Finally got  NoDo and 7392 on my Omnia 7, took about 30 mins

    all went smooth,

  • sirrusty
    122 Posts

    @ ScubaDog2011 i'd presume they are all stopped because there is no way the update process and notifications could know which one you have till its pushed out.

    @squeakstar read through the comments in the update blog post from last week with about 284 comments.. there is some usefull info in how to get your phone into download mode if the 3 button trick don't work.

  • Another Samsung Omnia 7 owner with update difficulties on 7392 and pesky bootloader. This situation is pathetic, there's no actual fix listed for the error code I get in any of the MS trouble shooting sections and I can't get my phone into Download mode to update the with the drivers from Samsung. FFS please get this phone sorted out and kick Samsung's butt. The Omnia 7 was by far thes best looking phone of the initial launch, it performs beautifully overall, but I'm pooping my pants I'll never get the mango update and i'll be stuck with nodo forever more until my contracts up which will be about a year. This is such a sad suitaution to be in :(

  • @TwiceBitten and @Strider_Auz, I have the 1.3 variant, AT&T-branded.  It is updated to NoDo but I still have not received 7392.  So, I'm convinced (though everyone refuses to say one way or the other) that ALL updates to the Focus are currently stopped.

  • @Wurstsalat  : That means, there should always be some special update for Omnia 7 ? Or the normal updates will work on it ?

  • @Web63 : you should check on XDA developers really, pretty good tutorials on how to do that. Unfortunately if you have the wrong bootloader (on Omnia 7 that is) you will be stuck having to use a USB jig to get into download mode or if you do not want to go that route you will have to hope someone comes with a suitable solution from MS or Samsung.

  • Web63
    19 Posts

    @FreelanceX : Can you tell me more about what you did to debrand it?

  • Thanks for the update. I am one of the (unfortuante) Samsung Omnia7 owners on Telefonica Spain. How is it possible that Telefonica blocked the initial pre-NoDo update and are still in testing for NoDo? How can this be serious at all? I have yet to receive a notification for any update for my phone and whereas I am happy with the phone overall it would be great to have copy/paste and some more speed on starting apps and in the marketplace.

    Will the 7392 update be forced upon my phone through Zune this time round and will it then also include NoDo? Will I get an update notification at all???

    Also, I understand that neither NoDo nor the 7392 update will change the bootloader version on the phone, will this mean I am stuck with a bootloader (version that will not permit me to do any updates at all, apart from using a USB jig? Are MS and Samsung working on this at all?

    I must confess I had high hopes for WP7 but up till now I am not impressed really, even though Mango looks great and my current phone works (more or less) as promised minus the updates. I have come through WM2003, WM6.1, WM6.5 so it is great seeing more and more improvements but the uncertainties keep stacking up, so some official comment from MS would be great!

    (FYI Samsung will simply tell us to talk to MS, MS tells us to talk to nearest support center - that does not help either).

  • KTGiang
    34 Posts

    HTC Arrive updated quickly and smoothly. Keep up the good work.

  • its just the phone on contract/branded one.

    so dont worry, if you have an unbranded free market phone you will receive update as soon as any omnia 7 gets the update (this is why i flashed on my omnia 7 an unbranded rom)...

  • "We are going to update those phones separately."  Will this affect Unlocked/Not on contract , Omnia 7s ? I'm yet to buy, i just need to know if my Omnia 7 will always have this problem or it's just for phones on contract..

  • WP 7
    7 Posts

    Hi, Ok thanks so I am waiting for mu update.

    Greetings, team

  • Zulhardy
    26 Posts

    Oh and this new firmware upgrade fixes the capacitive button touch while playing games and surfing web. I want this new firmware and I'm with Singtel Singapore.

  • Zulhardy
    26 Posts

    How come TMobile Omnia 7 users are getting a new firmware upgrade but the rest of us (Singapore, Australia, etc) are not? I want an explanation please.

  • nsaditya
    10 Posts

    If a security update takes this long, its hard to trust this platform. Looks like you didn't learn anything from the first update. Atleast stop talking about FUTURE UPDATES till you deliver the current ones properly!!!! [Samsung focus/at&t user]

  • Is Samsung focus getting this update?

  • PhilS
    2 Posts

    My Sprint Arrive update installed w/o a problem.

  • Will Microsoft be giving us Omnia 7 users some kind of explanation why our phone is constantly having trouble with updates.  I understand it may be difficult as the issue may be with Samsung and you would not want to publicly put blame on them, but I think we deserve some kind of explanation.

    Also why would Orange UK/Europe have to be delayed, but not T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom?

    I thought long and hard and picked the Omnia 7 because of the AMOLED screen, and its speed compared to the HTC phones.  I am starting to regret that decision now if I am going to be suffering update problems until I am eligible for an upgrade in 2012.

  • When will the 7392 Update be available for the att htc surround?

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  • MKFM
    2 Posts

    In last week's blog post, why did you give the impression that those with an Orange Omnia 7 would get updates this Tuesday?

  • Grrrrrrr... Samsung seem to be giving WP a bad name. You guys should really consider before partnering with them again.

  • I have an Omnia 7 on Orange in the UK. Before NoDo and the pre-Nodo I dev unlocked my phone and I used a registry fix to remove Orange Uk from my operator key so it appears that my phone is unbranded. I got the pre-nodo, nodo, and the security fix as soon as they were released and I have been fully up to date since last Tuesday. My phone is running without any problems and the update went super smooth. So for all the Omnia users out there, you could quite easily get your phone updated by removing one registry key... Or wait another month for the official route.

  • Thanks for the status update, Eric. Out of curiosity, is there any reason the May security update isn't on the "Where's my phone update?" matrix?

  • roteague
    26 Posts

    Sad, can't even get SECURITY updates distributed correctly.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Echoing TwiceBitten.  I have a V1.3 variant AT&T Samsung Focus running in Australia.  I have run the Walshie (MS approved) De-Walshie your phone fix, and no 7392 for me either.....Would be good to know if only unbranded V1.3 hardware variant Focus handsets got the 7392 patch, all V1.3 or whatever the case is....??? Cheers.

  • Web63
    19 Posts

    Hi Eric, when is 'seperately', any chance of an appproximate date?

    Like tchnorton asked, why are Orange users being singled out, are our Omnia 7's different in some way? Cheers

  • Can you at least confirm, officially, that you have stopped delivering 7392 to ALL Samsung Focus/AT&T phones, including those that are NOT the 1.4 variants and as such have already been upgraded to NoDo?

    If you won't confirm that, then I'll just ask again (and get no answer, of course): Why has my Focus not yet been offered the 7392 update?

    While everybody is still on a Mango high, I feel compelled to point out that as of today (some 7 months or so after launch), Microsoft has still not delivered even a single update to 100% of its phones.  Remarkable.

  • tchnorton
    10 Posts

    Eric, thanks for the update but could we poor Orange Omnia 7 users be given some hope? Are we talking days or weeks until nodo? Is there a reason we are singled out? Thanks, Tom

  • KR
    503 Posts

    and there we go again,same crap,its june in a week and people are seeking for February updates