New behind-the-scenes videos and more on Marketplace

New behind-the-scenes videos and more on Marketplace

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Normally I try not to duplicate what we publish on our sister blogs, but today I wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss a few things Todd Brix talks about today in his post on the Developer Blog, since it’s stuff that’s interesting and relevant for any phone owner.

First, Microsoft’s Channel 9 today is publishing a series of fascinating behind-the-scenes interviews with some of the engineers who created the new Mango features we just announced. While the videos are billed as being for developers, don’t let that scare you off. Even if you have only a casual interest in the phone, I think you’ll find them enlightening and worth 10 minutes of your time. Here’s the lineup:

  • Ian Todd talks about the new email, texting, and instant messaging features coming for Windows Phone and how and why they were designed.
  • Jared Brown discusses Local Scout and some of the other Bing search-related innovations on the way.
  • Andrew Clinick runs through the new capabilities coming for app makers. (Yes, this one’s a tad more technical, but still provides a fascinating peek into what kinds of cool apps you might be seeing in the months ahead.)

Next, check out what Todd has to say about a pretty exciting service coming later this year: An online version of Marketplace, which will make it easy to browse and buy apps and games for your phone on the web. While we announced it yesterday, I think it got lost in the sea of cool new Mango features. It’s going to be really handy. Here’s an early peek—look for more screenshots in Todd’s post.

Finally, head over to our Facebook page and check out our fun (albeit very unscientific) poll of what Mango features people are most looking forward to using.

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  • bigjim01
    27 Posts

    I do not really care about accessing the marketplace from a web browser. As a matter of fact, I do not care about accessing anything from a web browser. In some cases I have to, I just do not like it. Another cool feature to add would be able to directly access my Windows Home Server much like a SharePoint site.

  • what about talking of an support lifecycle?

    android has 18 month

    ios hast (how we saw in the past) about 2 years

    where stands wp7?

  • MiSahEL
    10 Posts

    Heading to the facebook page now. However I haven't heard if Mango will 1) Fix the absolutely aggravating Camera setting reset "feature". 2) Have a method of taking screen shots on the devices themselves.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    Thanks Michael,you are the best :)

  • @Kenny Rawlins: Kenny, I swear it's nothing personal. :-) I try to get to as many people as I can...but the comment volume here often gets ahead of me. Thanks for pointing out the issue reading comments. Haven't heard that one before, but I'll ask the folks who run the blog platform to see if they have any answers.

    In the future, I'll look for you. :-)

  • KR
    503 Posts

    Hi Michael,idk if this happens only on my HD7,but whenever I'm reading the comments on this blog on IE mobile 3 to 4 letters on each line of comment is missing i always have to guess what the last word on each line is,but this happens only on this blog's pages.Any solution for me?

  • You know what a fast and easy way to buy apps and games for your phone would be?

    If we could use Microsoft Points to buy them.

    Seriously, I won't add my credit card to my account, but have lots of MS Points to spend.

    I wonder why you can buy music and videos through Zune with points, but no apps.

  • cmwind
    71 Posts

    heard through WPR that "local scout" was internally called "neighborhood." not sure that is better. personally i would jsut prefer "bing scout" much like "bing vision"

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Michael Stroh,Just wondering why you never answer any of my Questions?and secondly i honestly don't believe Microsoft has changed or learned anything,because Microsoft is still putting carriers in between Microsoft and Customers(according to what was said on yesterday's mango event that carriers are still your partners and they add value).If you guys say you do  things centered around customers not producers then you'll have to get rid of Operators because from all the comments ever posted on this blog,every customer both happy and angry have all blamed Carriers and dont want to have anything to do with them except provision of network.

    This said,i believe Mango is gonna go through the same dilema as Nodo

    Honestly i have been a fan of Microsoft all my live,reason why i have never used an apple product not even Itunes,but after moving from a WM6.5 to WP7,i have lost complete faith in MS,

  • brianm76
    61 Posts

    @Michael All I see at this point is talk (very little information) and no action.  Getting the updates to the Focus customers with the 1.4 firmware revision is obviously not a priorty for MS.  If it were (regardless of the fact that this should never have happened in the first place) the update would have been ready by now. What is worse is that once you finalize the update for the 1.4 Focus customers ATT will sit on it while they perform "testing" just like they are doing now with the security update released by MS weeks ago.  Since we are not even at the point of MS releasing Feb / March Updates for the 1.4 Focus and we are approaching a holiday weekend, it will now be some time in July before my phone receives the update.  That is if MS releases the update next week (which it won't becuase Monday is a Holiday and everyone will be coming back to work on Tuesday from long weekend.  This means that if we are lucky, MS finalizes the update the 2nd week of June.  Now, add at least a month for ATT to "test" (block) the update I am in the 2nd week of July before my phone gets update.  Oh, I forgot, us Focus users with firmware rev. 1.4 are a small population of customers which makes us low priority.  I have a suspision that my Focus won't be updated until Mango is released.  This will mean I won't have any updates on my phone until after the new year.  Wouldn't be surprised at this point.  

    Well, I have said what I need to say in a much more pleasant tone than I would have liked.  Had I posted this based on how I really feel at this time the post would certainly be deleted.  I will avoid clogging up your posts with any more of my complaining.  I hope that you prove me wrong on my comments above but with the level of disappointment so far I would only set myself up for more punishment and I am not willing to take anymore.

  • @StevieBallz: No, it's a fair point on timing. You're right: Tuesday is typical. But this week was a little special, so we delayed a day. That might happen on occasion. But normally aim to have Eric post on Tuesdays since, as many of you have probably noticed, that's typically when new update waves go out.

  • myan
    19 Posts

    wow thanks Michael! I really like the way you guys ("changed") to communicate.... :)

    The videos are great - brandon makes cool interviews :)

    Although my Omnia7's update process is kinda broken... I am very happy about Mango!

    Thank you so much - WP7 is great... love its speed, clean design and stability!!!

  • Oops - still one more question - sry ;)

    Will the voice recognition/reading for SMS messages be available in other languages than english. E.g. German?

  • I guess people just got used to getting news on the update progress every tuesday because that was the case for about a month now. This week this kind of clashed with the new anouncement so there is lots of new stuff on Mango and for whatever reason this week no update on the update-progress.

    Even if it would have been "working on it, still some bugs to fix" like it has been before. But that wasn't even the case. The next wave of updates is hitting Omnia 7 users (T-Mobile most prominently) and the HTC Arrive is also receiving the updates as far as I have read.

    I'm happy my Omnia was updated last week. One thing the free Omnias miss and that T-Mobile users receive (or free Omnias through a firmware update by Samsungs Service centers) is that when swiping down the screen onto the capacitive buttons they no longer activate - a huge improvement, because you don't accidently cause actions anymore. Would be nice to see this on all Omnia 7s.

    Another interesting part that was changed on the Focus is that the Camera's Anti-Shake is enabeld now by default. I would love to see this on the Omnia too!

    All in all: give people their weekly update-progress post so they feel they're not forgotten and possibly know when to expect their Nodo-Goodness.

    One last thing: really looking forward to Mango - although it will still miss tethering :(

  • @Geddy: Eric will be posting later today, but nothign new to report on the Focus.

  • Any news on the update for Focus rev 1.4?

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Thanks Michael - I look forward to catching the videos over the weekend.  Added some ideas to Todd's post re: the new marketplace.  It looks good! :)

  • @brianm76: Thanks for your comment. I promise this isn't a smokescreen and that you're not forgotten--not by a long shot. Eric Hautala and his team are working hard behind-the-scenes to fix and improve the update process. Eric would be the first to tell you they're not done, but they are making solid progress. Why posts like this? Because we also have to keep an eye on the future. Once the update process has been fine tuned and the kinks removed, we know our customers are expecting lots of great new stuff on their phones.On the blog, we'll focus on both present and future.

  • brianm76
    61 Posts

    Yet another post about future changes and nothing about fixing issues you already have.  You have pissed off customers right now.  When are you going to fix these upgrade issues?