Update: Verizon HTC Trophy now on sale

Update: Verizon HTC Trophy now on sale

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Just a quick reminder that Verizon Wireless today started selling its first Windows Phone 7 device—the HTC Trophy—via its website. The phone hits Verizon stores next week.

If you’ve been waiting for a Verizon-branded phone, it’s a good time to buy: There’s a raft of ongoing deals and promotions.  Verizon is offering a $50 rebate and a free Xbox console game worth up to $60 (Xbox offer expires July 15).  Microsoft, meanwhile, is offering $40 off Office 2010 to anyone who picks up a phone by June 30.

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  • when will the trophy get 7392 build?

  • I have had a bit of time toplay with my new Trophy & I really like it. There is however a major flaw. There is no notification for a low battery while in a call. I have had many other "dumb" phones as well as a win 6.x & all of them have told me my battery was low well before they cut me out of a call.

  • murphy1
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    I've been a Verizon customer and Windows Mobile phone (6.x) user for many years. I was very excited to hear that Verizon finally has a Windows Phone 7 device. While doing some research today, however, I came across 3 challenges that make me hesitant. These are: (1) No USB tethering support (note: I use PDA Net from JuneFabrics on my WinMo 6.5 phone and it works great while traveling); (2) No Pandora radio app; (3) No app that allows me to play audio books I download from Audible.com. These are 3 things that I use quite often, so it's making my decision tough. Any idea when any of these 3 may be addressed?

  • I just got the HTC Trophy from a corporate Verizon near Philly. I migrated from Android on an old Eris. WP7 is not as mature in it's development as IOS or Android, but I will say that as a well thought out and logical UI, it is excellent. Back in the mid-90's I had the opportunity to listen to MS devs talk about UI design at an AutoDesk conference. I can see the legacy of MS's emphasis on usability in this phone's OS. The live tiles are simply brilliant and the ease of which all of the settings, people, apps and content can be accessed is matched only by Apple's iOS. Because of the fragmenting of the various Android iterations, that OS will always be more challenging to navigate. MS needs to market the hell out of WP7, and make sure Mango gets into the upgrade queue no later than Nov. of this year to keep the momentum going.

    I'm pleased with WP7. Sure it has a ways to go to get right up there with it's iOS and Droid competitors, but it is far more enjoyable to use than those other OSs IMHO.

    BTW, the Verizon salespeople made no effort whatsoever to recommend WP7 over Droid. In fact, I had to travel to three Big Red stores to even find the Trophy and each time they asked me to consider Android instead. MS has to call them out on this. If you can't fight the Droid push in Verizon, then problems will be brewing getting widespread WP7 acceptance.

    MS, you have a really good start on a better than the others phone OS. Don't screw it up with any shenanigans.

  • I have had my Trophy since Friday at 2PM and I am Loving It!!! It took me less than an 20 minutes to set it up with my work and personal e-mail accounts and it has been nothing but easy!! BTW I ordered it at midnight on Thursday the 26th! It feels great in the hand and so far I've been getting almost a day's use out of the battery (light use). I have it synced to my sync-system on my Ford Focus (09 SES) and have stream Zune to the stereo as well as made several call with it.  All great audio and easy as pie! The Outlook integration is fantastic but then again it should be. Thank you Microsoft and I am really excited to see what Mango brings!! Just excellent!!!

  • graf702
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    @ Michael Stroh.  I went into a Verizon store today to buy a WP7 for my father.  He had been usin my Focus and was excited to get his own, but he's on verizon.  All was good until the sales rep opened his mouth.  He said  "windows phone is and always has been very hard to use and it was my lucky day because they didn't have any in stock so I counldn't make a mistake even if I wanted to".  I asked if he'd looked at the new windows phone and he said "no his boss said it wasn't worth the time it's the same old windows" then tried to sell me a driod. Sad!!!!   People need to touch and feel WP7 it is the best.  How about a blog and/or a podcast for store employees they need better info.

  • wsantosf
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    Always check wireless.amazon.com: the HTC Trophy is only $99 over there. And AT&T phones are only 0.01.

  • King
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    I've been reading that some places are sold out of it so congrats on a successful launch. My walmart just started carrying a bunch of recent android releases (Droid X2, incredible 2, charge, thunderbolt) and for whatever reason we no longer carry any of the windows phones for ATT or T-Mobile so Im really really hoping that we will carry the trophy so i can sell it like crazy like i did when we carried the focus and the HD7.

  • I just bought 2 HTC Trophies from Verizon.  The deals are great, but Verizon took way too long to get this out the door.  Here's hoping they do a better job going forward.  Windows Phone is awesome as is, but Mango looks spectacular!

  • ScubaDog
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    You never know, as the Cloud meme really takes hold, Microsoft may do something like that.  In the meantime, though, you really out to look into Mesh.  Since it automatically syncs any file you have in the Meshed folder with the Skydrive, that would be very similar to what you're looking for.  Another option (though it's not free) is Office Live 365.  That is a full-blown web-based MS Office.  Since that is also going to be hooked into WP7, it may be an even better solution for you.  The integration between WP7 and Office Live 365 isn't happening until Mango is deployed, though.

  • @scubadog I appreciate your comment. I would wish maybe in the new office/windows version that there would be a quick button to just click on when you are in a document on windows and it sends it to Skydrive. But your comments are great and brings me to my next point: people here at Microsoft (both workers and participants) are the kindest and most helpful people. The MSDN and this blog are great examples. Please sustain this, and I will keep promoting by word of mouth these great products.

  • @BuckeyeTico

    Regarding the 3 months of Zune, thats only if you got it starting May 1st. I got mine the week prior (last week of April) and my thanks from Microsoft/ATT NADA. I love the phone but seriously kinda a smack to the face.

  • jschroedl
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    Ordered mine at 7:30 am!  Pity I don't own an Xbox console.

  • It looks like the Trophy is already sold out online.  Did they underestimate the market that badly?  I can understand if they did that at stores.....it's exactly what happend when AT&T launched---we only had three devices on launch day and all three of them sold within 30 minutes (mine was the first).

  • @msavic13, on the Excel front, I'm assuming you are referring to starting with a spreadsheet on your desktop or laptop and then wanting to access it from your Windows Phone.  The short answer is "no".  Unless Microsoft decides to go back to the ActivSync meme where you sync up files locally between phone and deskto, you're not going to see that capability even when Mango comes out.  BUT, you can use the Skydrive as your central point of file access.  This is called utilizing the Cloud, and it's the meme that Microsoft is pushing (as are Google and, now Apple).  At the moment, the Skydrive is only one-way where the Windows Phone is concerned.  This means you can pull files from the Skydrive but not send them back.  With the exception of photos, you can only email files back to yourself (which allows you to access them either in Hotmail or in your Outlook).  For now, you have a couple ways you can go.  One way is to install Microsoft Mesh on your desktop and let it create a shared folder.  This folder will sync with a special location on your Skydrive.  Anything you put or update in your Mesh folder will sync with the Skydrive.  Then, using the browser on your Windows Phone you can open files from Skydrive and save them to your phone.  If you make changes while on your phone you'll have to email them back to yourself in order to save them back to your Mesh folder.  Once Mango comes out your files should sync both ways.

    As for your streaming quesion, I'm not sure I can help there. I don't do gaming consoles, and I stream music from my home network or over satellite.

  • I'm sorry if this is the wrong place, but I see that employees actually read the comments, so I will post it here. Is there any way that all my devices can link together? For example, I would like to finish a excel sheet on the way to wherever. I wish I could press a button "Send to Windows Phone" on Excel and have it appear? Or just put my phone on the side and stream music from it through XBOX 360?

    Side note: I'm sorry if I posted this in a wrong spot, but I am very appreciative of MS employees actually reading this area. THANK YOU!

  • Alright Michael, I'll settle for this... I guess.

  • @Buckeye: Let me right that wrong: THANK YOU! As for your other question, it's a good one...but I don't know the answer. Folks on the biz and marketing side are always hatching new deals and promotions. One correction: the Office offer, as far as I know, is available to anybody who buys a Windows Phone, not just folks who buy a Verizon one.

  • @ Michael Stroh – I was wondering if you can answer this question: Why is it that AT&T, T-Mobile and now Verizon are able to offer a “special promotion” to customers when buying a new phone BUT Sprint didn’t offer anything? I remember when the first WP7s were first sold back in November; MS gave away free Xbox games to buyers.  Now, anyone who buys the new WP7 phone from AT&T, get 3 months of Zune AND whoever buys the new WP7 from Verizon, gets a free Xbox game and a discount for Office 2010.  In the mean while, no one even said THANK YOU when I purchased my HTC Arrive from Sprint back in March… Pity!