Windows Phone Radio 29

Windows Phone Radio 29

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I thought I would drop in quickly before the Memorial Day weekend here in the states to remind folks we published Windows Phone Radio 29 on Tuesday this week. The show featured a special guest interview with corporate vice president in Windows Phone, Joe Belfiore. If you have not had a chance to tune in, you can find the episode in the Zune Marketplace, iTunes and streaming direct here.

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  • @Strider etc if yous didnt catch the article on forbes it was indicated where MS services weren't currently available Nokia's services may fill the gap, things like Nokia Music etc Whether this will be the case however time will tell.

  • @brian no problem

    I realise this might be difficult to answer but I am trying to gauge the best course of action, now that yous know what the problems were with the Omnia 7 will it result in a much faster mango release for that device? If not I will sell it now and get a decent price and pick up a nokia phone in Q4. I have really come to love WP and mango is gonna rock.

  • ........oh, and still no movement on the updates for Focus.

  • For some reason the podcast that downloaded for me, though calling itself "29" appeared to be a repeat.  I'll have to delete it from my collection and try to download it again.  In the meantime....

    @ThaRebeliouZ, I totally agree.  While this is nothing new when you realize that most of the apps for iPhone and for Android are similar garbage, it would be nice to see a little bit more discrimination in our Marketplace.  I get that Microsoft wants to make the app approval process less painful, but I can't help but wonder what the motivator is for people to create spam apps like that.  They certainly shouldn't count toward the app count.  Maybe it's just me, but I don't consider something that's essentially just a document as an app.

  • Thanks for the help @garymoncrieff.

    and thanks to the rest of you for supporting the podcast

  • I'm of all them stupid Real Estate Apps spamming the Marketplace,  I thought there was going to be Quality Control for Apps?

    Boasting about rapid growth in the Marketplace and then taking shots at Apple and Android talking about we rather have quality Apps than large quantity, well that's not happening. This needs to be fix cause the Marketplace is turning into a big joke right now.

  • tsrblke
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    @ Dudu.B

    Ideally "linking" contacts would perfome some sort of merging goodness in your live clients.

    Sadly this does not seem to happen.  Furthermore if I merge contacts (like someone's home and work number that got ported in from my old phone.) it seems to go a little crazy.

  • Dudu
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    Great work on "Mango", it looks amazing.

    Can someone comment when does "Hebrew" keyboard will come to WP ?

    one thing that i notice today.

    in the People hub youcan link contacts together, but when you erase the phone this work is deleted.

    i would love to see a way for this work (linking contacts) to be synced into Zune maybe. and then sync back after you erase your phone.


  • Sheeds
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    Got a nicely made Aussie App Review for you - with something special for all the surfers out there in AUS: :D  Weather & Surf AU in the marketplace now.  Michael and Brian, this is a really cool Surf report and weather app (definately pinworthy for Aussie WP7 users!)...

  • Sheeds
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    Catch Walshie discussing WP7 Mango "under the hood" for DEVS - LINKS from here: :)

  • The Mango update looks good but it's definitely overshadowed  Australia by all of the functions that are currently excluded for us Aussies.

    Is there any plan to make the Windows Phone experience a fully unbroken experience outside the US and UK? The lack of Zune music and pass is so long in the tooth is starting to look like I'd be better off giving up waiting on it :(

  • Hey Brian, do you have an RSS feed for the podcast? I'd like to subscribe but prefer a third party app to either iTunes or Zune for the time being (no offense!). I know the blog has both RSS and ATOM but I'm looking for a podcast link that doesn't hit just one episode at a time.


  • Sheeds
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    Oh, and Brian and Michael - re: Joe's guest spot on WPRadio for Mango:  Open Plea to Microsoft on Mango release outside US… | Sheeds' Blog :)

  • Sheeds
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    Episode 30 coming this weekend....?

  • King
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    Good deal Brian! i remember asking for Joe B some weeks ago but i didnt think he would come grace our ears for this podcast lol. Major Kudos to him for taking time out of his schedule to talk to you and conversely talk to us. It was cool to see that alot of things he likes about mango are the features that Im most anxious to use/have (bing vision, local scout) but Im suprised he's not a big web surfer. Guess just a stereotype i had of him.  

    Question on groups. He said you go group chat on IM, will that only work for Msn messenger chats or facebook as well? What about text messages? If i had for say 4 friends in a group but we were all just texting, would each person see everybodys text?

    Thx for the awesome podcast and cant wait for the update.

    Brian, while your getting big wigs on the show.... Steve Ballmer should be next on the show. I'd pay money to hear him say "Developers Developers Developers" on the podcast and here his reaction to all the songs out there sampling that lol. Have a good weekend team