Windows Phone Radio 30

Windows Phone Radio 30

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Happy Friday! Here we are with Windows Phone Radio number 30, and we are staying with the music+video theme this week by inviting Richard Winn, who is responsible for managing the Zune music marketplace. He has some great insight into how the mechanics of the store work, how Zune Marketplace has been continually improving and a taste of his music preferences. Tune in now and download from Zune Marketplace, iTunes and streaming direct from the Web here or the RSS feed for the show here.

Also in case you missed it last week, did you see the Samsung Focus on AT&T scored high marks in a recent PC Mag reader survey? I know this is not news to all our Focus friends but, hey tell someone else!

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  • seadev
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    Just heard the podcast. Wanted to send a shout out from another loyal female listener!

  • I am glad to see the Samsung Focus score high marks, even though it is crippled by a lack of updates at the moment.  I love mine too!  Still patiently waiting :)

  • emanucy
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    Just found out my company is going to discontinue supporting my Windows Phone 7 because it doesn't support encryption. They claim there are laws which require encryption and they can no longer grandfather me in. This is a big deal to me because I use my email, calendar and contacts from work all the time. Is there any update on when encryption is coming so I can lobby for an extension? It looks like all they are going to support is iPhone and BlackBerry. I can't believe we have hit a point where an Apple product is supported more at work than a Windows product. Afterall, every computer in the place is Windows based. I am a proud early adopter of Windows Phone and I have previously used the Tilt and back in the day I carried a Dell Axim. I have no desire to get an iPhone. This is going to really create a hardship. Please help!

  • KR
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    though i might sound really angry on some of my comments on this blog regarding WP,i have always been a Microsoft fan boy,reason why i am probably the only person of this generation who has never bought or even use/own an ipod, shop on itunes or use a mac. I have always wanted a portable music/video player but was waiting for a good one from Microsoft in the meantime i have always used my phone as mp3/video player but always have to carry 2 batteries on me.Now seeing the Zune HD i really want it if its usable in Canada that is

  • KR
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    @Brian Seitz,IDK how but interestingly its today i discovered the zune devices and honestly they look really awesome and i will like to get one, but i'm in Canada and idk if its sold here,because i'll like to play with it first and also are the feaures available in Canada??

  • Sheeds
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    Brian I hear you - I know MS (like most large corps) are reticent to publish dates.  Dates change.  They slip, and move based on unforseen events, issues and sometimes competitors actions and shifts in the market impacting direction.

    We know this (just look  at #NoDo or Angry Birds release WP - re: re-inforce MS intense distrust of public release dates).  We get it.

    That's why my proposal was more "intention based" - the status I provided was basically just a red/yellow/green light type check on whether you intended to release for other markets etc, were in progress etc.  I think the strength of feedback MS are receiving right now re: localisation and feature sets across regions should be taken by MS in a similar way they have approached the update process.

    Acknowledgement --> then move to improved engagement to your customers over your plans/status.  No true MS fan/watcher would be expecting an actual date (really - even if they might WANT one).  But they do feel they deserve some sort of openness by MS over their plans for feature set equality.

    Add to this - in the case of Zune Pass for eg, it's not that we don't appreciate the delicate and difficult complex negotiations required to bring a music subscription model to each country - it's that we don't even have a status or clear statement of intention by MS for the various markets.

    There can be a happy middle ground that delivers improved engagement but avoids MS being held over a barrell fro a slipped date or a change in strategy/direction/effort etc.

    You guys just have to be motivated to find it - like you were with the WP Update status...

    Cheers - and ta for your reply. :)

  • Hi all. Hope you had a great weekend.

    @Strider_Auz, @Circut, @King @ItsTosse - I would love to get more specific on status of new services for some other areas of the world, I understand how much it means to the Windows Phone fans and customers out there. But, until we hear things are a-go for a specific country, I am hesitent to give a number rating per  your comment, because there is always a chance complications could arise.

    @StephiJo - thanks for commenting, listening and supporting Windows Phone! Great to hear how the phone is helping you. Hope to see you commenting more!

    @SteveMac - the phone will choose the cheapest and fastest data connection first. This means if you are at home or another location where you would have access to WiFi and a data connection, the phone will choose the WiFi connection automatically.

  • In attempting to share with the unwashed the benefits that WP7 and, particularly, the Mango update will bring to the smartphone meme, I've tried to come up with an analogy to help describe the hub concept and the ability of apps to talk to each other.  It occurs to me that it's like "dynamic association".  Most Windows users are familiar with how files with certain extensions are associated with a particular app: .pdf are Adobe Reader files, .doc are Word and so on.  But with WP7 we're not limited to file extensions, but are dealing with a variety of data types, whether local or web-based.  And while there may still be a "default association", the ability of apps to pass control is a bit like having a dynamic association.  It's a much smarter and transparent way to "Open with....", all going on between apps.  The only thing, as I see it, that will hobble this would be if developers don't take advantage of it properly.

  • @Stevemac72, that's misinformation.  I've got a 2GB plan with AT&T.  I stream a LOT, and I just barely passed 1GB this past month....I rarely have wifi available (except at home, which I spend very little time at).  WP7 is actually quite smart about it's battery and data usage.  So, fear not!  It doesn't really use anything while on standby, and you'd have to try really hard to eat up 2GB of data, much less 3.

  • I am very very interested in getting a windows phone 7 phone when my contract ends in 2 months but I heard that some wp7 phone would use up 3g data when they are on standby and not use WiFi.  This would be a sad deal breaker for me because I would have to get at&t's smaller data plan.  Was this fixed or was it just a rumor?

  • Guys is Nokia Music available in Australia, if so there might be a silver lining on the cards as rumour has it Nokia music will fill the gaps where the Zune Music store doesnt reach.

  • Sorry guys, it's hard to get excited by Zune when the experience is heavily limited to those outside the US and major countries in Europe.

    Look, I live in Australia. I'm prepared to live without Zune Pass, but it would be nice to be able to buy music and search a podcast directory. Heck, just podcasts would get me by. But we can't even do that, for Pete's sake.

    Trust me, I want to leave the Apple ecosystem behind. I want to go all-in on Windows Phone. But it's just not possible given that we don't get any attention unless we are US residents. And it's really, really sad.

  • This was a great podcast, I'm glad it was focused on Zune pass since that was the reason I brought my phone and I have not regretted it since. I had my zune pass for years now and have multiple Zunes in the past. I now have a Zune HD 32Gig and a Sumsung Focus. I love them both very much. I've read a lot of these comments and I did not realize that Zune pass was so limited worldwide. But I believe that Microsoft is working to make agreements so that Zune Pass can be in as many countries as possibe. Let's hope that those agreements can be made sooner rather than later.

  • @ItsTosse.

    When I bought my WP in November 2010, I was fully aware of the fact, that some features were not available in Denmark. It's sad to hear, that some buyers were not aware of this fact. But another truth is, some of the missing features were NOT exclusive to US by launch dates and stil is NOT exclusive to US:

    Zune Pass/Music Marketplace is NOW available in: France, Italy, Spain, UK, and US. Germany don't have Zune Pass but do have Music Marketplace.

    App Marketplace is NOW available in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, NewZealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

    By the time Mango update is released, the following countries will gain access to the App Marketplace (announced on May 24th): Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republicm, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary , India , Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa , South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan.

    It's still uncertain when/if Zune Music/Zune Pass service will on local markets as this is dependant on license agreements. I know these facts might not be fully satisfactory - not even to me - but it clearly shows, that Windows Phone/Microsoft does not ONLY care about US-buyers. The truth is much more balanced.


  • And one more thing, the US is the only country you care about. A lot of Xbox functionality is only available in the US. Do you want to know why the Zune devices was such a failure? Because you only sold it in the US. Want to know why the KIN phone was such a failure? Because you only sold it in the US. WE WANTED IT. But you didn't care. You don't live in Norway or the rest of the world. You guys live in the US and that is the only thing you care about. Apple is ALWAYS making their products and services available in the whole world. AT THE SAMME TIME, or ALMOST the same time, just a few weeks between launch dates. But with you guys it takes either several YEARS to launch stuff in the rest of the world (always with very limited functionality) or it just doesn't launch at all.

  • Seriously, you guys and the rest of Microsoft NEED to care more about THE REST OF THE WORLD. USA is not the only place in the world where people lives. I live in Norway and everyone here is like super exited about the Windows Phone 7 and stuff, but when they are told about the limitations with a Norwegian Windows Live ID they get really disappointed. I get really disappointed. Time after time. The Zune software is great, the Zune HD is/was great. The Windows Phone 7 is great. But if you think you can catch up with Apple and Google you guys HAVE TO SPEED THINGS UP! When Apple can do it, Microsoft absolutely should be able to to it! It is so annoying, and so disappointing that you just can't seem to make this right. And the ONLY reason is because you are not going fast enough. When or IF you guys ever comes close to where Apple is today, Apple is way ahead of you. They will ALWAYS be, when Microsoft is moving forward like a turtle. I HATE bying music via iTunes, because i don't like iTunes. I love the Zune Pass concept. LOVE IT. But there is no Zune Pass in Norway today, and Microsoft Norway told ut that when Mango ships and we actually get norwegian WP7's and BASIC bing search. We don't get any of the cool bing functionality, we don't get access to the music marketplace and Zune Pass. Why is everything always so SLOW with Microsoft? Apple is WAY ahead of you, and believe me, I don't  like that at all. I am a Microsoft fanboy, but I'm a VERY tired and disappointed microsoft fanboy. If Microsoft doesn't change the way they do things, then I don't think there is going to be any "Microsoft" in 10 years from now.

  • KR
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    "r survey? I know this is not news to all our Focus friends but, hey tell someone else!",tell someone else that what??that the samsung focus is crewed??or that Micrsoft's update process for WP7 is a complete failure??

    BTW,I'm a Canadian in Montr/al who loves his HTC HD7 but feel so bad for my fellow focus owners in the USA more to the fact i'm tired of crying about how WP7 is kinda not impressive here in Canada due to the inavailability of its functoins here,from bing maps to zune pass via bing search itself

    i had hopes but the mango event just confirmed how much Microsoft only cares about the USA

  • Sheeds
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    Brian and Michale - expanded my post below to a full editorial: Zune Pass Music and WP in Australia – or “I want my Zune Pass too” | Sheeds' Blog

  • Hi guys! I'm one of your female listeners - we're definitely out here!

    The more I learn about the Zune Pass, the more I want it. If you guys ever figure out a way to use separate IDs for Zune Pass devices, I'm in!

    I'm a professional and mother to a busy teenager. I love my WP7 phone because I can accomplish so many things while I'm away from the office or home. I can do so much with my phone now, that rarely use a full-sized computer outside of work hours.  

    And yes, I do show-off my pretty phone to everyone!

  • King
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    Hey, guys, i agree with strider, if possible would be great to have the marketplace expansion plans laid out and in addition if you guys could just give a brief summarry of why it takes so long for it to reach other markets. Im assuming its do to licensing agreements. Itunes is pretty straight forward, we buy the songs the labels get a portion of that. But with zune pass you guys pay they labels to let us download and stream whatever we want for 15 bucks a month. And so im assuming labels and content providers are alot more finicky about that and where you have license to distrubt their content as apposed to a strict pay per play like itunes. neverthless the path to world domination and costumer satisfaction is always slow and tricky so keep at it guys!

  • Circuit
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    Just listening to the latest podcast, please guys remember that most of the world including Australia where I am don't have access to Zune pass.

    We don't have any access to the Zune music store, so yes I'd just love to get my 14 day trial but I can't. If Apple can make it happen surely Microsoft must value its customers in Australia too.

  • Sheeds
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    Hey Brian and Michael,

    I did have a Zune Pass in 2010 for music - it was amazing I agree, but with WP7 I needed an AUS based Windows Live ID and had to drop the US Live ID. Now I miss that service heaps!  Is there ANY chance that MS could put up "Where's my Zune Pass" page....with a market by market summary.  Status could be for each WP7 market;

    1 No current plans

    2 Intending to release - but no current status

    3 In negotiation

    4 Release TBC

    5 Launched

    It's hard for those like me in an overseas market - we try and dampen our hopes so that we don't get disappointed - then we hit a new MS press release, blog post or podcast where the Zune Pass is spruiked for the US market and your "Crushed Excitement" Rollercoaster ride starts up again :(

    At least if the status was 1, I can give up hoping. If 2 - I stop thinking about it if someehere b/w 3-5 I stay patient and hope!

    What do you say ?