App picks from NFL’s Matt Hasselbeck

App picks from NFL’s Matt Hasselbeck

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Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck did a brief Q&A with the Seattle Times today about his new Windows Phone. Curious what apps an NFL quarterback checks out between games? Matt is big on 4th & Mayor, the popular Foursquare client, and TweetCaster. Not surprisingly, the weather also appears to be on his mind. He checks WeatherBug daily, he told the Times.

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  • enahs
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    @ Wear That

    They were purchased from Microsoft's official partner for selling phones for developers (no contract phones). Past return time. So I am just SOL.

  • KR
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    @Windows phone team or anyone who can help

    whenever i am listening to music on my HD7 and try to increase the volume from the headphone volume + button,it instead reduces the volume,if i keep going it keeps reducing until mute,then when i press it a couple of times it then starts increasing the volume.i started notising this after updating to Nodo,which i did the proper way

    Secondly using the headphones during a call is completely useless because the volume is so low that i almost don't hear any thing.i can't find a way to increase the volume

    Anybody else having these same issues??help please

  • KR
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    i'm of the same opinion,what kind of phone a star or even anybody else uses,has nothing to do with me.

  • Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't care less what some NFL player thinks about his phone...  

    On the other hand, since this guy has enough clout to get such special attention, I sure hope he has a Samsung Focus that can't get NoDo, and I hope he starts making noise about it.  

    Maybe THEN Microsoft and/or Samsung and/or AT&T  will actually fix this problem???  We can dream, I guess.

  • @enahs

    Take the phone back and get one that you can verify is not rev 1.4 before leaving the store.  Make Samsung eat the losses because its obviously not concerned enough with fixing it.

  • enahs
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    Perhaps you should focus on getting NoDo out to everybody and stop pissing off your customers and developers. I am a developer still on initial release because I have a bunch of Samsung Focus(s) that are hardware revision 1.4. Its been over 8 weeks now since everybody else got the update; and still no information for us.

    What is even more ridiculous is that as a developer I have several top apps in the various categories; and I do not have NoDo yet.

    I completely have stopped my development for new apps that take advantage of the new features in Mango because I do not believe I will get Mango in a timely manner. If it takes 2+ months for us rev 1.4 to get the update with just these little extra features; I do not believe we will ever get Mango. And Microsoft has nobody to blame but themselves with lack of communication! So; I have left WP7 development and I am now complaining as a customer!

  • This is awesome. 4th & Mayor is a fantastic app, I'm sure developer Jeff Wilcox appreciates the publicity.

  • Sheeds
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    Maybe someone tech orientated at an NFL team can use the new find hidden wifi api/enhancement with Mango to snoop their opponents devices and "borrow" their play book and game tactics :D