New SkyDrive features coming in Mango

New SkyDrive features coming in Mango

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If you’re curious about the future of SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud-based storage service, on Windows Phone, check out Mike Torres’s new post this morning on the Inside Windows Live blog.  Mike details some of the sweet SkyDrive-related changes in store for Mango, our next release arriving this fall. In Mango, for example, you’ll be able to:

  • Share photos stored on SkyDrive via email, text, or IM
  • Share your video on SkyDrive
  • Browse your documents stored on SkyDrive
  • Search your SkyDrive documents

The Windows Live team also put together a pair of videos to show off some of the new features. Click on over to their post and take a look.

SkyDrive photo sharing

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  • Cedric
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    The Skydrive synced storage folders (via Live Mesh) are stil not useable with Windows Mango phones. This is the one BIG FAIL on an otherwise astounding product.

    Please please add Windows Phone 7.5 to the devices one can sync to.

  • techieg
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    Why can't we see the content synced via Live Mesh in SkyDrive? This is the part that remains to be updated in the SkyDrive UX just as the rest of it was updated. The SkyDrive drop down in Hotmail should also have a "Windows Live Mesh" link as well as be present on Windows Phone in SkyDrive. The reason why the data is synced is for easy access and not bringing Live Mesh front and center in SkyDrive negates that fact.

  • One of the things that bugs me about Mesh, SkyDrive, and Windows Phone is that there is no way to sync favorites to the web! You can sync favorites between two PCs, but there is no longer a way to access your favorites from the web when you are away from your home computer. Plus, no way to sync your WP favorites at all.

  • bigjim01
    27 Posts

    Integration with SkyDrive is ok, but what would be far better would be synchronization directly over the USB cable to my desktop computer. I do not want to use the cloud or email files to myselft, that is just plain stupid. Companies have NO business not allowing me to do what I want with my personal files. They can just take their draconian ideas and shove them. If they do not want me to save files from work from my phone to my desktop, then it should be restricted. But if I create a file on my phone, then I have every right to put the file directly to my desktop.

  • 1 thing i'd like to see is a native sideshow app like what they did with wm6 except instead of BT connection how about wifi

  • Okay, one thing I think, based on all these discussions, that would be a fair request of Microsoft is a clear public acknowledgment that WP7 is not intended as an enterprise solution.  I never thought it was from the beginning, and I'm shocked that ANYONE actually thought it would be.  The mere fact that there was no encryption should have been the first big clue.  That they adding a FEW corporate features does nothing to convince me anything different.  They are simply adding a few of the most frequently found enterprise features and ignoring the more dramatic, but less-used ones.  WM6 was pretty well matched for the enterprise and, as a government user, I saw how well it worked.  I just hated it as a phone (at least, the Treo) -- it was horrible.  I don't have a need for that now.  I have need for a consumer device that has certain extended capabilities (e.g., a more enhanced mobile Office, for example).

  • KR
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    And that's why I said I'm happy with the fact Microsoft is not giving a precise date on when mango will be released,I prefer they just announce it the day it is released to unbranded devices while branded device owners will start debating with their carriers

  • KR
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    @Scubadog2011,promise in my previous statement referred to the timing of the updates not features,you can bear with me that Nodo as Microsoft said was a March update,idk what calendar you use but we are in June right now and still some people are running 7004.tell me isn't this a broken promise ??

    As I have told ya before,I have never blamed Microsoft for promising a feature which they haven't brought,I usually just complaint about what I miss,and I made it clear to you that it was my fault because I bought my wp7based on my experience with wm6.5

  • @Kenny Rawlins, I believe you'll find that for the past few months Microsoft has done much better in making clear, as they discuss features, which ones will be available where.  They can be faulted in be less than obvious early on, but I've seen that particular complaint be addressed quite regularly since.  And, again, you insist on referring to promises they made and aren't keeping.  You and I clearly have very different definitions of what a promise is.

  • KR
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    @scubadog2011,of course you'll vote no because you are in the US,though I'm not in the US I'll got no,but then they should state it very clear that what they're lunching will be available in the US and not use it as publicity in the whole world,wherever the feature is not available they shouldn't even talk about it there.for example when you go on the Zune website for Canada under products,you see only the Zune mp3 as the only device because it is the only device available for Canada,the same should happen with new features and updates it should be clearly visible on the sites or they should even produce a table for different countries and what is available there like a where's my phone update kind of thing and give a link to it on their home page

    The Zune devices are not doing that well because its a US only thing were the iPod touch is ruling,so if Microsoft keep on being innovative on US only features wp7 will end up like Zune.Apple has more of its features available in all countries they operate and the difference and what make's Apple better is that they don't promise and don't talk a lot they just do things and market them well.whereas Microsoft promises and then can't keep to their promises

  • FYI, apparently not all the "great services" Apple is rolling out with iCloud will available outside the U.S., either.  Hmmm, evidently they are running into the same problems Microsoft has.  Gee.  The word is that media licensing IS different from country to country.  So, while I think we can all agree that the same availability should be out there worldwide, actually implementing that idea is more challenging than we imagine.  So, I can't help but wonder....would everyone prefer that Microsoft (and Apple, now) hold off on releasing ANYthing until it's fully accessible to EVERYone?

    Personally, I vote "no".

  • Just one thing. Everything should be WORLDWIDE! I'm gonna get a Windows Phone soon but I'd be highly disappointed if features like Bing services, Zune services, skydrive etc are not available here in India. But, I'd buy a Windows Phone, definitely. That's for sure. No matter what. Metro is the best experience ever! :-)

  • I'd love to see Mesh and SkyDrive work together to sync things like my browser favorites to the phone.

  • It's great that we'll be seeing this integration with Mango. One thing that I'd like to see is the option to have photos upload to SkyDrive at native resolution rather than web optimized resolution. Maybe this could be done by letting users choose to use Mesh with the phone. If Mesh is ever phone enabled it could be set to only work over WiFi to address data usage concerns.

  • LOL, it just happened that I ran across this comparison of Apple's iCloud and Microsoft's Skydrive.  I don't think it's exhaustive, but it seems to be fairhanded.  If accurate, I'd say Apple was the one playing catch-up.

  • I love using OneNote to coordinate things like shopping lists with my wife, who is using the OneNote app on your iPhone 4.  We no longer have to ask, "Do you have that on our list?".  A small annoyance, though, was the discovery that the iPhone app doesn't support accessing OneNote notebooks/pages that I share.  So, I had to have her create the share on her account, which I'm able to access easily from WP7.  Annoying, but not a deal-breaker.  But one that that HAS bitten us a couple of times is the sync issue.  Her app syncs on opening of the app, whereas WP7 only syncs on open of the page (though I've noticed this isn't 100%).  If I'm not careful to force a sync before I actually edit a page she has shared, we can get a conflict.  The end result is we've had to completely delete all instances of the page, recreate & share it again.  So, it seems to me that a look at how the Skydrive juggles the differences is in order.  I noticed that MS Word on the desktop does a pretty good job of tracking & merging changes from multiple users.  OneNote seems to be less forgiving.  For better groupwork, the multiple edits should really be more seamless, in my opinion.  Again, not a show-stopper, but it could be improved.

  • I think at this point a good idea would be to post a comparison chart.  Show the features (and whether they are global or regional) of Apple's, Google's and Microsoft's execution of cloud services.  And be honest about it....if there are things that competitors will have that we won't, show that, too.

  • I you guys don't change the name from Skydrive to something related with CloudDrive for example. You need to show for everbody that you already have cloud services for consumers.

  • to add to what nat45928 states, how about fixing it so that users can choose that Mesh and SkyDrive are one and the same for their accounts?  Ars Technica wrote a great article on this LAST YEAR! (  Not much seems to have changed since last June.  And from the current announcements, I still won't have access via Office Hub to my Windows Live Mesh folders that are sync'd SOMEWHERE on SkyDrive but not on the same track as those documents that are created via Office Web Apps. They are segregated in storage.  What school of thought allowed this to happen?  Why is there this odd disjointed-ness?  While Belfiore remarks on the basic appearance that iCloud copies Microsoft's efforts that aren't creative enough to even be considered IP, iCloud actually surpasses the stale messy state of SkyDrive.  SkyDrive needs a more fundamental upgrade whose changes are then mimicked and filtered to the desktop and Windows Phone user.  Picture adding a picture, video, or creating/editing a document on your pc, your Windows Phone, or in the browser using your Windows Live account in Office Web Apps.  When you open the Office Hub on Windows Phone, the new/updated document is THERE.  When you open your SkyDrive folders in the browser, the new/updated is THERE.  When you open the corresponding folder on your home PC, the new/updated document is THERE.  At this point, SkyDrive and Windows Live Mesh still aren't connected in this way and shouldn't be, because by this point, they should have already been made one and the same, and users should not be capped to only being able to sync 5GB from the PC via Mesh.  Why cap below the 25GB SkyDrive allotment per user?  You guys have screwed up since Live Mesh Beta, which was a step in the right direction.  Microsoft needs to create a clear path of interchangeable access to documents, photos, AND MUSIC that are backed up to the cloud and can be sync'd on the PC, in the browser, and on Windows Phone.  I hate Apple, but here's where Apple will not only "copy" some of Microsoft's ideas, but it will have surpassed them and the Windows ecosystem for users who are in the niche of wanting a full ecosystem that accommodates full access to documents, video, AND MUSIC anywhere.

  • KR
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    just i said Microsoft will always be playing catch ups,Joe Belfiore twitted that zune pass and speach will be available in a few more countries,now i have to keep my fingers crossed Canada is one of those few more countries.while waiting for the blog post containing details as he said

  • Aaaannd how much of this will be US only?

  • KR
    503 Posts

    I have to be honest here,though i am a Microsoft fan boy and an Apple hater,Microsoft will always have to play catch ups,most features people have been demanding regarding the skyDrive intergration on WP have been announced in iCloud and most of them wouldn't still be available on WP even after mango,and more to that apple takes it globally(no US-only BS) and see how they intergrate it on all their devices "WORLDWIDE" which will all get the features at the same time.

    lets face it,a capitalist market is all about copying one another and doing it better,and apple just took the skyDrive experience we are still hoping will be available to all WP users worldwide,To a next level on the iCloud.

    An advice to Microsoft,Instead of keep on being innovative and creating great features which a severely restricted to a minute portion of the globe,i think it will be a better idea to focus more on first making the current available features available globally before looking forward to enhance that experience and take it to the next level.

    till you've done that then will you conquer the global smartphone market

  • what no cloud storage for gfwp game saves

  • Theo33
    7 Posts

    Will this work with synced Mesh files, that is one of the only reasons I migrated to Mesh after I used Dropbox for so long. And if Mesh doesn't work on this it has no point.

  • The autoupload feature is nice, but claiming that no cables and no PC required is silly. The auto uploaded versions are pathetically small for preservation of memories. Just change that to auto-upload full size on WiFi (to preserve bandwidth/data charges).

    Also, a huge missing piece is video uploads. The video shows one-click upload but not auto-upload. This is not good. I want to use my SkyDrive as an automatic backup (like KIN Studio). Even if I have to wait to plug in to AC power and be connected to WiFi, I am ok, but don't exclude video from the auto-upload feature.

    And how about enabling expansion of the storage just like Google (and soon, Apple)? SkyDrive is so close to being the ultimate solution ... and yet so far.

  • KR
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    @Michael Stroh,this is really great news since it will reduce the pain of transferring files from a PC to a WP,but I still wish there was a way to bypass the SkyDrive stage,like just by USB connection,since its not all the time someone might have access to internet on their PC and wouldn't be able to upload to SkyDrive and might need that file on their phone immediately.Good work though and hoping we can enjoy all the goodies of SkyDrive in Canada and the rest of the world .

    P.S.any news from your team regarding the problem I have viewing the comments of this blog on my HD7?

  • Fed44
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    Your argument is plausable, but only really for photos. Images can also come from other sources and may be missing such metadata. Even if they did have a date, I certainly wouldn't be able to find it using a date. Filenames would be a good start for searching but that is again useless for photos. I'm not trying to suggest the phone should evolve around a filesystem like a PC, but if you have integrate applications like Windows Live Photo gallery that organize your photos with tags and use that as your main photo viewer with the option to open other images using a file system. Also remember that the pictures are currently somewhat categorized.

    Documents is a similar story. I don't always know the name of my document, but I will know it's category, which will be reflected by it's folder path, allowing me to narrow down the list. The current office app hub can show max 5 documents in the list and these are not even sorted by name so even if I did know it I would have a problem if I had many documents on my phone. Metatags are a great way to make things go faster but there will almost always be situations where they will not suffice and then a custom way to sort things using a filesystem will always be a backup solution.

  • hades32
    21 Posts

    @StevieBallz: No, at the moment when I upload to SkyDrive, my phone automatically publishes a link to the photo on SkyDrive on Facebook. I don't want this to happen.  I just want to store it on SkyDrive.

  • myan
    19 Posts

    Looks good.... I have 3 questions:

    1.    Are there certain limitations for countries outside the U.S?

    2.    If there is an mp3-File on skydrive is it possible to stream it to the phone?

    3.    If I "attach" a photo from Skydrive to a text message (SMS) - will this photo be sent as an MMS?  What happens if

          I send this photo to lets say an Android phone - will they see a link or something???

  • Will we be able to view Synced folders from mesh the same way?

  • arrow22
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    Perhaps a metadata (tags) based sorting system? Pictures should already have enough metadata to filter them by date, place taken, and with the coming addition of face recognition, by the people in the photos on top of custom tags.

    I prefer a move away from folders, which inevitably require tedious moving and copy pasting of files and instead move to tags, which are much more powerful and flexible.

  • Fed44
    17 Posts

    So having an online storage viewer is fine, but browsing your own phone must be a matter of chaos? How come all my photos must go in 3 folders: saved images, camera roll and other pictures. Surely there should be atleast a method of sorting/manipulation those, because that is probably the most useless catagorization possible. Same goes for documents except for the fact that they are all in one list. Can't specify what type of file you are looking for, not that that would be a decent categorization either.

    Please, please, please have give some sort of file system access. There are sections where certain word docs and pictures belong together, other folders just pics and some videos. Those who want to put all their stuff in one folder, fine by me but don't inflict it onto all of us. It would also allow for some cool synchronization between phone and skydrive.

    I know you want to keep the os simple, but why would an online skydrive browser be less complicated than a phone file browser that goes straight to the my documents folder? Or is this a matter of control?

    This post may seem quite negative, but I still love the platform and I love my phone and I would love an answer too!

  • @hades32 You can select that your phone should automatically upload pictures to Facebook instead of SkyDrive in the Settings or did you mean that you wanted to be able to say "Share" and it will upload them to all your default sharing services selectable somewhere?

  • How about giving developers an API to access the SkyDrive as well? Currently WP7 Apps have to go with DropBox if they want to get anything of the device as even with Mango things can't be mailed or synced on/off device to an App.

    SkyDrive-API would best use the User credentials for this but even if people had to input there credentials to the App themselves it would be of tremendous help. Also with the users inputting this data themselves no Apps can sneak access privileges by the user and it could be provided as an extra assembly with no tie in to the featurewise already finished Mango update.

    Pretty please...

  • arrow22
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    And the Facebook/Skydrive not appearing in the Pictures Hub thread:

  • arrow22
    50 Posts

    That's great and all, but a fairly large number of us can't see any Skydrive or Facebook albums in our Pictures hub, much less upload files to those services.

    Still no help from Microsoft apart from a suggestion to do a hard reset... something I'm very unwilling to try given that some people are saying the problem can persist.

  • hades32
    21 Posts

    I would already be happy if my Photos that I upload to SkyDrive would be automatically shared with Facebook :(