Windows Phone Radio 31

Windows Phone Radio 31

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Hello everyone, Windows Phone Radio number 31 is now flowing from Windows Phone HQ and we have a great show in store today. After a brief recap of the week’s events, we go right into a great guest interview with Steve Cosman and Elliot Kirk from the Windows Phone Augmented Reality team. We invited them into the studio to elaborate a bit more on the Q&A from earlier this week. We heard some of the inside scoop on what it took to develop and test this cool new Bing feature. Tune in on the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, with your own RSS aggregator or streaming direct here.

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  • Pretty good post. I just found your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.In any case I'll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again sooner

  • @Jason Lefevers, it's funny you should ask that.  I was trying to locate a place I could get an "I heart Windows Phone" t-shirt as well.

  • @csmikl, I guess that's where preferences are different.  I found the Windows Mobile Contacts too small and annoying compared to the ease of viewing and location on WP7.  The virtue of the old Contacst was that so much was squeezed onto the screen that less scrolling was involved.  But it was tiny.  But can get to the dial pad on WP7 as quickly as you can get to it on WM.  I think I might be able to get to anyone of my contacts as fast as you can on your WM device.  It would be an interesting contest.  BTW, number of steps doesn't necessarily translate to faster or better.  Ultimately, your preference is different than mine, and mine is different from someone else.  There's only so much differentiation you can have before you have a hodgepodge OS.

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  • Sheeds
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    Cheers for the feedback @Michael :)  Whilst the email address is pretty awesome, you REALLY need to get onto Twitter!  lol  I'll throw some more ideas at the email and see what sticks :)

    On the ZuneInsider Podcast I asked DaveMacMS (along with others I'm sure) why some of the cool ZuneHD games (PGR racing, bowling, The Music Trivia quiz game that draws from your music collection etc) have yet to be ported across to WP7.  ZuneHD has some very good quality apps - so hopefully we can shout out to their creators to get them into the WP7 marketplace....

    Also Michael - Paul Bryan has been blogging of late re: WP7 for the enterprise.  My company here in Australia just weeks ago finally added WP7 HTC Mozart's to it's approved smartphone list for eligible employees.  I wrote an editorial on this which I am interested in some feedback on. :)

    Hidden away in Technet is a MS Case Study discussing the WP7 rollout to MS Staff (56K of you!) - interesting reading and worthy of a Blog post or brief discussion in the PC maybe...

    L8r :)


  • ne1 else having issues with zune software with response times and download speeds? several of us are getting really slow downloads and when we try and stream it takes for ever to play and then skips and tries to buffer?

  • KR
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    @Michael Stroh,thanks for the tips it really helps.BTW I love the email address ""

  • @ csmikle, Kenny Rawlins: You guys are obviously much more popular than I am! For you popular folks, here's another tip for quickly navigating a long contact list: Just tap the big colored # and you'll see a menu of letters, tap one to quickly jump to that part of your contact list.

    More tips here:

  • @Strider_Auz: An awesome, thoughtful list of ideas--as usual. Thanks, mate. I'll see what I can do. I like the monthly regional story, in particular. If anybody wants to feed me some ideas from your home countries...I'm all ears:

  • One of the best feature of WM7 is the screen sensitive search capablility - need the old WM 6.5 search? Click the magnifying glas while on the People page, type a few letters in the search box and you will have your quick access to the phone number.

    Of course you can always pin a contact to the main screen for quick access.

  • KR
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    @ csmikle,totally agree with your points. I have a huge phone book and i got to say its a pain in the ass when i need to call someone whose name starts with W,Y or Z on my WP7

  • csmikle
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    WM6.5 was superior for contacting someone quickly. Press a green button then start tapping whatever.. a name or a number.. and within 3 taps you had the right person. The address book was also superior as a list, because even though the alphabet squares from Zune look cool, they require scrolling then tapping, then another tap then a lot more scrolling. When Contact lists have the alphabet on the side, one tap will take me to that letter.. not a huge touch target but always worked for me. We are already using space somewhat inefficiently in Metro meaning we have to scroll more, so two taps just to get to a certain point in the alphabet (and not having some kind of super-scroll option) is less than ideal.

    Swiping to and through the Recent Contacts also takes time. It really should be easier to contact someone in 3 seconds without pinning them.

  • Does anyone know of a good place to buy Windows Phone t-shirts. I've been asked about them and wouldn't mind getting one for myself. I checked Microsofts online store and was unable to find any?

  • Hasta la muerte means "until death" It is in the marriage Vow.  Until Death us do part.....

    kind of in the vein of ... " you can take my HTC Trophy when you peel if from my cold dead hand"

  • Brien
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    I'd like to hear a show on marketplace security. I keep reading articles about Google finding and deleting apps containing malware from their Android phone store. How does MSFT avoid this problem? What kind of app review is done, etc.? While on that topic, how about WP7 security -- the OS software on the device itself?

  • @Brian Seitz, have you had a chance to check this out?: .  It's a pretty thorough comparison of ALL the major cloud implementations.  While it doesn't take into account what has been announced for upcoming changes to Skydrive, it's pretty fair.  Unfortunately, Skydrive could use even more thought in preparation for Mango, in my opinion, in order to leave Google & Apple in the dust.  Curious to know your thoughts on the article.

  • @Krush You, I'm with you....I tend toward the voice command above the other methods.  In fact, I'm hoping that the expansion of Bing Voice and some of the other capabilities will completely open up the ways I can direct things on WP7 via voice.  In fact, I could really get excited if WP7 could be put into a sort of passive listening mode, just waiting for a preparatory command to go into active listening.  Similar to the way, in Star Trek, they could simply say, "Computer" and the ship's computer would listen for the next command.  Of course, it would probably suck the life out of the battery.

  • Krush You
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    6.5 was an attempt to make Mobile touch friendly - it was garbage and needed to be thrown out and start over as the OS was only getting worse.

    I don't see how calling a # was easier on 6.5  -On WP7 hold windows button say name and its calling it - one button!

  • KR
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    @scubadog2011,now that explains why everything is so better for you on WP and you just feel all of what I say was better on wm6.5 is just BS,but I owned an Omnia 2,and it was awesome as a PDA and for the call log issue,it just showed you one number per outgoing or incoming call,but clicking on the number gives u all the history of calls from that number.I don't have any problem with the way WP handles its call logs.for me its find like that

  • @FTC is precisely correct.  It's just a list a recent phone activity.  I suppose if you prefer the way MS Office handles Recent Documents the WP7 and WM6.5 way is annoying, but I actually prefer the way phone activity is tracked to be much better the way it is.  It's particularly helpful when I get a number of calls from multiple people NOT in my Contacts.  Sometimes I use the frequency of the same number to help me return calls to specific people based on that information.

    Oh, and personally, I felt the WM6.5 was a HORRIBLE phone.  A very good PDA, but a horrible phone.  That's why I stuck with my Axim X3i until WP7 came out.  I just couldn't stand the Treo (which is what we were using at work).

  • FTC
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    @llisasukeeill is a log to show you all incoming and outgoing calls. I find it convienient to track my calls. Actually my WM6.5 device did it exactly the same way. And you can delete any single call or the entire list if you feel like..

  • ScubaDog2011

    you're right .. but there is another thing . it's really annoying .. If I call someone 5 times in arrow , then, the name will appear 5 times in the phone hub .. what do you think ??

    imagine that how many times you call your wife or your mother .

    the bottomline is they need to improve the phone hub a little bit . not concentrate on it .

  • KR
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    on my Omnia 2,to be more precise

  • KR
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    I meant it takes more steps to call a number which is in your contact list,on wp7 than it was on wm6.5

  • @Strider_Auz, excellent suggestions!

  • Why is making a phone from the Contacts not smart?  I completely disagree.  It's my primary way of making phone calls.  I can either BE in the People up or pressing the Phone hub tile and selecting People from there.  Also, after hitting the Phone tile I can bring up the number keypad to dial the old fashioned way.  It's not any different with iPhone.  You press their dedicated phone button and either press their keypad icon or the contacts icon.   I have to say that I used the voice command feature more frequently for dialing than any other method.  I don't understand what else is needed.  I guess, if you insist on have a "keypad tile", you can download one of the apps that does exactly that.  I don't find that necessary or least not enough to warrant throwing another tile on my start screen.  So, two steps to make a phone call.  Not an obstacle course.

  • KR
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    @llisasukeeill,IMO "smartphone " is to communicate in smarter ways,and phone calling is just one of those ways,but I have to agree that calling someone from your contact list on wp7 is not that smart compared to wm6.5,

  • FTC
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    ...aehm... push the phone tile and dial the number.... what is the problem?

  • there's something I wanna share with you ;

    what the major thing for buying these devices ( smartphones)  ????

    to call someone ,, right !!

    well, there's planty steps to make a call , really????

    it's not easy to make a quick call to someone you really need him for the first time..

    Am I right ??

  • The right audio channel for the last two Podcast are either too low or do not work. Can the team sort out the quality for the next Podcast please?

  • I hope the Zune music marketplace(including zune pass) makes its way to ireland soon, after all the server farm for the service is only a stones throw in dublin:) Another minor feature I'd like to see is checking battery status etc while inside an app and especially games! I was thinking about ways in which notifications could be addressed more in mango, you could use the multitasking feature and when one receives an email or text, that email/text appears in the previous card to the one that your on if you get me, and if several messages are received it just opens the email/messaging hub. Less hassle than navigating around after that banner disappears! AND you could come up with a new 'buzz' word and call it something like the 'time warp' feature or something(i'm no good at making names) that shows multitasking apps and previous notifications. Anyway looking forward to mango no-doubt!!

  • Theo33
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    Please dive into visual voicemail.... please

  • KR
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    @james,Microsoft acknowledge wp7 does not support it now and that they are working on bringing it to the platform but did not say will be included in the mango update

  • @kenny Mango does support IPv6. Look it up, I saw it on some blogs recently like wmpoweruser I think.

  • KR
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    and BTW microsoft which is claiming to be looking forward to the future of web browsing by encouraging html 5 and rejecting flash,produces a phone which does not support IPv6 and still will not after mango,

  • KR
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    i just noticed today that one of the big bing features we're expecting in mango is already available for the bing app on iphone,i mean the app search thing.the question i asked my self is,how then is WP7 Special?the answers i could find are:the metro UI,the hub approach and the life tile(which are just like big icons in some regions,no animation).

    i have given up on functionalities on wp7,just waiting on the touchpad to be available in canada to get a tablet i'll use in place of my wp7.

  • KR
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    @strider_Auz,totally agree with your suggestions

  • Sheeds
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    Oh - btw new editorial at my WP Blog: Windows Phone…realising its potential. | Sheeds' Blog :) Interested to hear all your thoughts.

  • Sheeds
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    @graf702 - Tnx, that was the primary motivation in raising that.  Whether MS like it or not, their Carriers are their delivery partners.  Joint activity and public engagement likes this should drive more accountability. Show me a SINGLE instance of a joint Carrier and Microsoft event that discussed issues and how they were working on them and I will NEVER mention Zune Pass for Australai again ;)

  • graf702
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    @Strider_Auz  I love the idea of having a featured carrier of month. WP7 needs carrier support quickly.  The sales people are killing the sales.  I have been to 2 stores trying to buy a WP7 and both times the sales guy said iphone was better and WP7 is no better than old 6.5 phones.

  • Sheeds
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    KK - Here's some ideas on what you could rotate through perhaps on a monthly cycle (ie featuring an engagement from MS via the PC x1 month on each of these areas) on the Blog - and filter the more interesting into the PC...

    - A regional news story x1 per month; Be it a Developer Interview, a feature on WP in that region - eg getting the MS head for Australia or Brazil or Asia etc to post about WP7 news in that region.

    - Pinworthy (as already stated) - bring it back regulalrly (weekly Michael!) :)

    - How about a feature on "WP7 Blog Community"  - linking or discussing a fan site/associated WP Blog, a resource or positive contributions of members of the WP global market in supporting or promoting WP7. (remember the old webrings of the 80's/90's?).  Maybe even a "WP Supporter" logo or badge for Blog sites to use.

    - Interview the Marketing Team more re: Upcoming promotions, activities and campaigns for WP7.

    - Get a " Featured Carrier of the Month" section going, where a representative of a partner carrier comes in or is interviewed about their support, promotion and sales of WP7

    - Some Polls - why not include some polls for the Windowsteamblog readers to aprticipate in.

    - Introduce a messaging system on the Blog between accounts.  At the moment you can see people's profiles and post activity, but you can't PM people if something interesting is posted (unless I'm missing something???)

    There's some ideas for starters - consider it a brainstorm (there is no bad idea in a brainstorm! lol)


    PS - Just putting it out there for Aussie readers that I no have a dedicated Windows Phone Forums launched as well as a Aussie Developer Hub (for full listing of games and apps by Aussies) in development at my Blog"

    * WP Forums | Sheeds' Blog

    * WPDev Aus Hub | Sheeds' Blog

    :D TY

  • Sheeds
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    Not trying to be a broken record guys - but I don't think that Avatar Easter Egg is available outside of the US.  Looked this morning and can't see the Join Laura section in the XBOX Spotlight, where the Easter Egg (Avatar prop WP handset) resides.


    Surely you guys could have cross-promoted Windows Phone and the XBOX Live Avatar experience better than this.  You should have each WP handset as a separate Avatar Prop - so any person that buys a Samsung Focus for eg - gets a redeemable code for d/l the same prop from the Avatar Marketplace!

    Simple cross-promotional marketing that promotes both platforms.