Introducing the Me series: Real people and their Windows Phones

Introducing the Me series: Real people and their Windows Phones

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Curious how other people use their phones? This week we’re debuting a new collection of documentary-style shorts called the Me series. Each film essay explores a day in the life of someone interesting who owns a Windows Phone.

This first installment profiles New Yorker SuChin Pak, co-founder of the Hester Street Fair. Located in the city’s diverse Lower East Side community, the popular open market fair offers an eclectic mix of vintage home accessories, gourmet food, designer fashion, and other wares. The episode not only offers a peek at an entrepreneur’s life, but also shows how Pak uses her Windows Phone to coordinate with local vendors and keep customers updated on special deals, upcoming events, and more.

The first episode in the new Me series explores the life of New York City entrepreneur SuChin Pak.
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  • Grotta
    5 Posts

    Ill tell you why the video didnt show anything useful.

    The phone doesnt do anything useful. Certainly nothing better than most phones have been doing for years.

    Looks pretty but really offers nothing .

  • IRB
    3 Posts

    @Kenny Rawlins : You might be interested in this recent deveopment re WP7 unlocking,

  • gadgetebz
    19 Posts

    @Michael Stroh @Brian Seitz

    I didnt like the "Really" Ads too much and thought the "What If" Ads were much better.....

    Showed this "Real People" thing to some friends male and female - they mostly were bored after 2 mins and learnt nothing about Windows Phone as a product !!

    I am afraid if this was the Apprentice whoever made this should be in the boardroom 100%

    If you do this sorta thing you need to somehow focus more in the phone which is hard to do without being too obvious. Maybe Script it so you feature one of the major features each movie and do something unique with it.

    But if you were clever you could also use these movies to demo and inform about upcoming mango features -

    so every week something new...

    So for example every Fri night the blogging sites waiting to announce some new features from Mango seen in the latest WP7 mini movie...

    Some features could just be a hint of things to come like a glimse of an icon or screen. Other features could be shown in greater detail. Come to think of it tease new hardware also like the Lens of a new Nokia WP7 camera :-)

    You could make this Awsome -people would be sending links to friends and colleagues if you made it interesting enough - some creativity PLZ.......................

    btw my sister and her friends really liked this Ad !!! said it was sweet

    I think it could be improved if you did something with a romantic angle a relationship breakup/makeup scene a scene of celebration scene like passing exams/driving test...

    Oh .... Any chance of giving Free Mango phone to really helpful loyal fans who give constructive feedback that you find helpful :-)

  • All fair points. Thanks again gang.

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    @Brian S.

    I'm with you on plenty of room for content theory.  But this is a horrible hybrid.  If it's just that you guys feel like promo-ing WP7 owners as they do their thing, that's actually totally cool.  But then it's not "Real people and their Windows Phones" (this blog's words) it's "Real people who are cool and happen to own WP7s" (my words.)  Make that and don't feel the need to have her say "Windows phone" at all, just let it flow about her life.

    What you have hear is a hybrid of that, part ad, part minidocumentary.  That discord rings sour in my ears.

    Sorry to be harsh, but I'm at least honest! ;)

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Brian Seitz,so from what i understood,the "Me" project is just like a windows phone youtube in which all videos in which a windows phone appear in someone "INTERESTING" life,will be posted,so not actually advertizing WP! but i believe itś of no interest to "MOST" WP users and potential customers to know what kind of phone people you consider interesting are using.Just as scubadog2011 said i belive it will be better if the videos actually focus on how WP makes a difference in someone´s life.

    you can look at the comments on Michael Stroh´s post about the NFL player using his WP.who cares

  • I think that you @ microsoft need different approach when promoting Windows Phone.

    You need  to show the capabilities of the phone. This is it. This is whats important - capabilities, smoothness, features, connectivity, etc...

    For example, i actually like those "Really?" commercials, but to be honest, they are not enough informative. I hope that when Mango (& Nokia phones) comes out you will make better ads.

    For example, these videos

    are great. People can see what Windows Phone is all about, how it actually looks, how smooth is, which features has...

    Video from Joe Belfiore

    is also great.

    Also you have some great videos on Microsoft Showcase website, where businesses and organizations explain why they chose Windows Phone.

    Videos like this SHOULD run as a commercial and you need to do more videos like this in the future.

    Because, I'm sorry but a lot of people doesn't actually know how Windows Phone looks, what capabilities has, and with videos like "Me series" you they still wont.

  • @Brian Seitz, okay, i get that.  I guess it would help our evaluation if we understood better who and where your target audience is for the "Me" series.  It doesn't preach well to the choir, since most of us are already sold on it and aren't seeing anything particularly "wow".  And, as you describe, it's not a TV commercial (though it might work in an infomercial format).  I don't think any of use are mistaking it for a "how-to".  I believe what we're saying is we think it would benefit from showing the benefit this feature or that feature is providing the user in the video.  The target audience won't initially care about the step by step or technical aspects of a particular feature, but if the user in the video remarks, "I needed to be able to do X as part of this project and I found that Windows Phone 7's Y feature answered it perfectly" <voiceover while showing a quick example>.  The Jamie Oliver clip that's making the rounds hints at what I'm talking about.

  • Hey gang. thanks for the feedback on the video. You are all right, this is not a commercial or a how to type video. I think there is a place for all sorts of content here, some of it informative, some of it more entertainment - just like on TV. You will continue to see stuff across that spectrum here on the Windows Phone blog, since we have a very diverse group of readers.

    I really appreciate the feedback here and we always take it into account here on the Windows Phone blog and the podcast.

    thanks again!

  • Interesting look into this lady's business, doesn't seem to touch on her use of the WP7 OS at all.  Would like to see more about what can her phone do that makes it a great phone for her.  Specifically what can her phone do that iOS and Android can't, or at least don't do well.  Facebook integration could be something she uses and uses quickly to get the word out about her business without having to launch an app.

  • pedah
    6 Posts

    A very poor look at WP7, great promo for the market. Pushing Windows phone as an enterprise useful device will take a bit more than this. Quaint, but the series would do better to highlight power use of the OS. My WinPho replaces my PC when I'm on the road!!! Cheers :)

  • nbx
    1 Posts

    Desperate times, desperate measures   - I guess to promote WP7, if you rollout the updates quickly it will be a much more useful thing to do. I think WP7 is not in a situation where you can rollout new features once a year.  Also why you can rollout security update quickly, but can't rollout feature updates.

  • Agreed. But I'm happy with any publicity WP7 gets! Anything to make up for the marketing failure on their part when they sold the Zune..

  • VictorWPB
    47 Posts

    Microsoft should reconsider its WP advertising plan; this video doesn’t say much about WP.  WASTING MONEY!

  • Alright, I'm going to jump off topic, sort of.  One of the things that will be important to emphasize is not only how the native device and apps fit users' needs, but to show how well-done third party apps augment this.  However, I just read something that, quite frankly, has angered me immensely.  I don't use Messenger.  I just don't have a need for it when I have SMS and Facebook.  BUT, I know there are a LOT of people who DO using Messenger.  It's no secret the the Messenger that Microsoft is pushing wasn't even written by them.  It's third-party.  Now we hear that IM+ is about to be released--which allows multiple messaging services--and Microsoft is forbidding it to be released capable of accessing Windows Live Messenger services.  This is completely unjustifiable.  It is unacceptable.  You've got an app that, by all accounts, is horrible, and when someone ELSE writes better software you get all childish and tell them to chuck the code that allows it to integrate YOUR services?  Would you folks care to explain yourselves?

  • Okay, while a bit long, I liked the video.  I totally agree these could benefit from showing more indepth HOW the persons are using the Windows Phone to help them...particularly if they can draw attention to how it was more of a challenge when using competitors' devices.

  • i agree with KTGiang. What's the purpose of this ad? How is it related to WP7? Looks like free commercial for her! i was hoping to discover some new apps or perhaps how Mango is helping her out but...

  • agreed - i'd love to volunteer to be filmed talking about how WP7 has changed my life specifically because of its features

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    Yeah to join the fray here, and be brutally honest, this video is a disaster.  It's 2:58 before she says the words "Windows Phone" and she only says them that once (that I noticed.)  You only briefly show the live tile screen (which is what differentiates you from everyone else) and only so long for her to launch an app (Which really defeats the purpose.)

    Any smartphone (and a few dumb phones) can tweet, take pictures, use weatherbug.  The ad team in charge of this missed the mark, entirely.  Show us the ecosystem, show us people using onenote or making edits to a Word Document or a powerpoint on a plane, show us people using live tiles (which are still woefully underultilized) to save time.  Don't show us other people's products and companies.  If you do, make them charities so at least you can take the tax write off.

    It almost seems as if you couldn't find anyone utilizing the phone to even half of it's potential (or at least ultilizing things that make it different than iOS and android) which is a little scary, because it makes me wonder if people don't know what differentiates it.

  • ginger
    3 Posts

    Windows phone is an ecosystem. MS through their professional developers provide services to professional customers while the customers offer their support and feedback to the developers/business. The ecosystem can only be as good as what the product and everything about the product is. Putting out a video like this for even the most loyal customer to be disappoint really says one thing, you heart is not in what you are making. Frankly, there are people making personal videos on youtube that could have even made a few videos with much better content. A better way will be to create a Me serious crowd-sourcing site and have people upload a 2-3 min max video with a short description. Yes, some idiots will upload unwanted or hateful videos but you just don't approve them. Then let windows phone users vote on the videos (through the site, facebook, etc) and comment on them. Pick the winning 2-3 min video every month and make a professional 5-7 edited video about the person and how they use their windows phone with a 60 sec (summary of the 5-7 min video) windows ad on the web for that month. All if this will cost you less, with real users and free content.

  • Have to agree with KTGiang & hoda9801, I was waiting patiently through the video to see or hear anything about how Windows Phone is used to help her business. It's a nice little commercial, but I feel it could do more to promote the brand and it's features.

  • Theo33
    7 Posts

    Windows Phone Marketing really needs to step up there game... your current commercial's tell us nothing about the phone and why it's better then the competitors (i.e. iPhone, Android). You should rip off of Apple since they "borrowed "so many of Windows Phones features in IOS5 and do an "I'm a Windows Phone and I'm an iPhone" type thing.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Michael Stroh,sounds good regarding the commercial,i will be volunteering in Calgary after the mango release to promote WP.and thanks for the reply too,hope they got a special offer for non developers who want to genuinely unlock their devices.

    I wouldnt mind being a dev,but first i have no time to develope apps for commercial purposes more to the fact that the only programming language i know is C++

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @ StevieBallz,thanks for the reply,sounds like i´ll only have to do it the old fashion way,now i´m waiting patiently for the XDA  developers to do what they do best"breaking the limits"

  • @Kenny - Developer Unlocking your HD7 will mean that you will have to register at AppHub and pay the same 99$ / year as everyone developing applications does.

    @Michael: This is a three minute video showing the actual phone for perhaps half a minute and showing none of the things that set Windows Phones apart from other Smartphones (e.g. SkyDrive OneNote-Integration, Live-Tile notifications, etc.) The Really Ads where catchy in that you remembered them although they were not good at promoting the phone but these videos now simply fail at showing the topic "phone" at all. If I didn't know it was about the phone beforehand I simply wouldn't notice it. Be that real live experience by a satisfied user as much as it is - it won't make people want a Windows Phone and that's what's the reason for  creating PR material, is it not?

  • @KTGiang, et. al: Thanks for watching and sending the feedback. I've passed it along to the team that's making the series.

    @Kenny: Generally speaking, they're always working on stuff--but they keep new ads secret-- so I don't know what might be in the works. As for your unlock question, let me ask around.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Michael Stroh,

    I wish to "developer unlock" my Bell HD7,but i want to do it through a legitimate way authorized by microsoft and also how much it will cost me.BTW my phone is up to date 7392 and i am not an app developer

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Michael Stroh,i´m just wondering if the WP advertisement team is working on a new commercial for windows phone,because i will be honest here,watching this video just remembered me how the "REALLY" WP commercial makes no sense,it doesn´t put forward anything special about WP.

  • jschroedl
    24 Posts

    Gotta agree. I love my WP7 but this doesn't show me how she uses it other than running WeatherBug, taking pictures and sending a tweet. Maybe a mention of her favorite parts of the phone or fav apps would make this more intriguing.

  • I agree with KTGiang....The video was an ad for her business and didn't even show how she used the phone to run her business.

    But hey, great job on promoting her business, if I lived in NY I'd go check it out!

  • KTGiang
    34 Posts

    I'm going to be honest here. The video was kind of interesting but it really doesn't feel like she is... using the Windows Phone. So while it may seem more like real life situations, her details of the Windows Phone are so generic that it feels like you could've tacked on any phone to that and still have the same story.