Windows Phone Radio - 32

Windows Phone Radio - 32

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Window Phone Radio number 32 is for all the developers or wannabe developers! Ben Lower and Larry Lieberman from the developer evangelism team come by the studio to talk about Windows Phone developers and some of the cool new things coming in Mango. Ben and Larry have great advice for new or veteran developers looking at Windows Phone apps. In fact, they say developing for Windows Phone is much easier than developing apps for other smartphone operating systems. Taking their advice, I have signed up to try my hand at developing an application for Windows Phone. Deadline? End of August. You can find Windows Phone Radio in the Zune Marketplace, in iTunes, the show RSS feed here or streaming direct here.

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  • KR
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    @scubadog,I'm soo looking forward to owning a W8 tablet,i've been wanting a tablet but non of what is out there is really interesting,well the touchpad is something I'll like to try,but webOS,is actually on its way to its funeral

  • ScubaDog
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    I think you're likely correct, @Kenny Rawlins.  Sinofsky's description of their mindset going into Windows 8 (which I LOVE, so far!) includes the realization of two important flags: 1) Windows 7 actually improved capability while simultaneously lowering hardware requirements and 2) smartphone hardware is pretty much at the base specs for Windows 7.  In other words, Windows 8 could well be the first truly ubiquitous OS ecosystem.  Clearly, the UI for Windows 8 is tablet-ready (as demonstrated by their demo videos) and looks so close to WP7 that it's obvious where they are going.  If this really comes to fruition then all the security elements will be there to be accepted by the enterprise.  I'm excited to see some more on Windows 8.

  • KR
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    @scubadog2011.LOL.really another day to mark i totally agree with your above points.

    I think microsoft will probably release another OS for entreprise purposes,or may be on WP8 if will be kinda linked to W8

  • One last thing....I don't have any idea where Microsoft sees the enterprise where Windows Phone is concerned.  From the start, it was very clear that the consumer market was their target, with only a passing nod to corporate users.  Mango seems to be adding some more bits to that, but it really does leave a large portion, if not a majority, of corporate users in the wind.  I can certainly say there's no chance of WP7 entering the government/military environment.  I'd say that until Windows Phone can be accepted into the military network, it will not be ready for the enterprise.  I would not hold my breath waiting for that to happen.  In fact, I think it would take a completely different paradigm in networking and security....clearly, the current enterprise market implements a wide variety of network approaches.  We don't even use WM6.5 anymore because it couldn't keep up.

  • I will say this, though.....that Apple can only bring iOS5 up this far, adding some features that the WP7 ecosystem brought first (or better), tells me that Apple is a little nervous---and might be running out of steam on iOS.  

    You know, I think Android will reach a point where, because it is SO open and SO customizable, it will fragment itself to pieces.  I do think it became what Windows Mobile WANTED to be (the power and customization I took advantage of even on WM2k3 held me until WP7).  But the downfall for WM was, in my opinion, the fact that the OEMs completely owned the updates....and, of course, DIDN'T update them.  Android suffers from some of the same issues that constrained WM, but the updates are all over the flippin' place.  I'll go out on a limb and predict that, unless a significant mindset is changed, Android will eventually reach an implosion point, collapsing under the weight of wild fragmentation.  Apple, on the other hand, may continue to push some cool hardware ideas (e.g., gyros) to keep their platform fresh, but will continue the same path they have from the beginning, but with the added force of looking across to see what Microsoft is doing with Windows Phone.  I think the UI and user experience in WP is unique enough that the only thing that will hobble it is the lack of agility in Microsoft.   I mean, seriously....look at what Apple has responded with.  iCloud.  Um....Microsoft was there first.  The number of users of Skydrive is HUGE, but strangely secret.  Live tiles, toast, integration.  Microsoft was there first, but here comes iOS playing catch-up.  Hardware acceleration browsing/video?  Again, Apple kind of got caught with its pants down.   Granted, they are now responding in kind....but it's a response, a reaction.  And I think the only way Android can answer is to somehow get their ecosystem to get their widgets to integrate the way WP7 has apps integrating.  I think the Hub concept is just so innovative and potential-laden that most really don't get it.  I said early on that I didn't even think Microsoft fully grasped how big this is.  So far, the info on Mango shows me they DO.  Microsoft will blow it if they neglect to fully exploit it.  Developers will blow it if THEY neglect to fully exploit it.  In the Windows Phone ecosystem (and, I think, the entire Windows ecosystem), if developers continue to think in a titanium stovepipe, they can kiss their future goodbye.  The developers who reach out to other developers to say, "Okay, I'm writing this app and I think I have the perfect way for it to hub with your app" are the ones that will own the day, in my opinion.

  • @Kenny Rawlins, what can I say, another day to mark:  I'm in complete agreement.

  • KR
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    i don´t think Microsoft can afford waiting longer to release mango just for them to implemebt a few performance enhancements so they can surpass iOS 5,right now WP is so lacking that waiting more will make a lot of current customers leave the platform and secondly Mango is not the final update it is just the begining and wouldn´t beat apple on the first shot may be Apollo will but not mango.Mango is meant to bring WP into the competition.

    IMHO,i think Microsoft should release mango as early as possible and may be 4-5months after mango they can release a minor update to enhance and speed performance for the OS  as a whole or IE9 mobile specifically,just as NoDo brought copy and paste in march after the lunch in october2010

  • @TheNewMozart, actually, I read that it was 30fps for iOS, so I guess it depends on who was running the tests.  However, in the realm of smartphones, I think it's significant enough that the race is now on.  One has to ask, given how much Microsoft was touting their speed reading demo, if they can allocate enough resources to speed WP7 and mobile IE9 up enough to pull back ahead--and stay there--before both Mango and iOS5 come out.  There are two competing targets, here.  Customer expectation is that Mango will be out in Fall.  I've heard reports claim, confidently, September, October and November.  The other factor is the release of iOS5.  So, you're working feverishly to push out your next version of OS....what do you do?  Resign the browser aspect to iOS5 in order to concentrate on buttoning up the final code of Mango in order get this out somewhere close to your target, thus pleasing your customers?  Or do you press a little harder---and a little longer---to keep one step ahead on Apple, but risk angering---again---your customer base?  Your point was that the difference wasn't all that significant.  Apparently, Microsoft place a fair amount of bragging creds on their amazing IE9 on WP7, just to watch it not only be caught by Apple, but surpassed, even if by a little.  Apple can afford to wait a little longer in order to eek out more performance enhancement.  Does Microsoft have that luxury?  Do they even have the desire at this point?

    Personally, as a customer, I'd rather see Mango get out on time.  This brings WP7 pretty close to the competition.  If they want to squeeze even more performance out of WP7 in general or IE9 specifically, they will have bought some time to do that, in my opinion.  However, my deep and utter hatred of Apple would LOVE to see Microsoft be able to surprise everyone in September with a Mango release complete with a decisively faster-than-Apple-can-dream-about browser.  But that's just me ;)

  • @scuba : stop exaggerating .. here are the results.

    iOS5 - 27fps

    Wp7- 22fps

    Android - 14fps

    not really 'beating the pants off' now is it?.. what would call the comparison to Android then .. lol..

  • @Strider_Auz, LOL, classic "Spaceballs".

  • KR
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    This is what I love about apples strategy,they just look at the features which their competitors are so proud of and just take to the next level on their I products and at the end they appear as being the best overall.Microsoft made so much noise about IE9 and now Apple just told to shut up and watch.haha

  • Sheeds
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    @Scubadog201 - "....I see your Schwartz is as big as mine" ;)

  • Ruh-Roh!  Pocket-Lint did a side-by-side comparison of Android, iOS5 and Mango to see how the browers stacked up....and iOS beat the pants off of IE9 on Mango!  I think the guantlet has been thrown!  Is there time left, without delaying Mango, to tweak IE9 enough to overtake iOS5?

  • Sheeds
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    Here's something I saw (and blogged tonight) that might be worthy of a regional Australian News Story for WP7...

    * Windows Phone – Featured in a prominent Product Placement on Australian TV | Sheeds' Blog

    No news releases or info on the Microsoft, HTC, Telstra or The Block websites that I could see yet - however screenshots, commentary and a brief video excerpt on my blog article. Interestingly - "GPS enabled Mobile Phone" - Was not aware that we had that available in AUS yet?!


  • goodmen
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  • I'd like to see a Windows Phone Blog app with a live tile that pushes the latest story headline to the tile on the home screen.

  • great ideas guys. I was thinking something along the same lines - a Windows Phone Radio/podcast app.

  • KR
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    I  like the idea of the windows phone blog app

  • Sheeds
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    Also - If you want to hear more about Mango, ChevronWP7 team and WP7 Developing make sure you check out THIS podcast:  'Must-Listen" internet :D

  • Sheeds
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    Interesting podcast again Brian.  That Lower guy seems to be hanging around the place a fair bit these days ;)

    So here's my idea for an App for Brian. Expand the Insider App - or create a Windows Phone Blog Insider App.

    - Include All the latest Blog posts for WP and WPDev Blogs (viewable in APP)

    - Ability to post comments etc from the APP

    - Messaging from APP - link registered user accounts to Twitter (add Twitter link) so we can message each other!

    - Links to all the WPRadio (RSS) feed.

    - Bio's and contact info for all the WPBlogteam reg's - You, Michael, Skipdeez, Eric, Brandon, Ben etc.

    - Marketing updates - what initiatives, adverts etc from WP globally are going.

    - Easter Eggs (like the Halo Avatar WP download available for ALL OF US not just U.S.!)

    - Marketplace Stats from you guys direct (live No Devs, No. of Apps, Per week additions etc)

    - Maybe even a ChevronWP7 page!

    What do you think?  That's a Pinworthy App right there ! :)

    l8r guys.