Windows Phone Radio - 33

Windows Phone Radio - 33

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Windows Phone Radio number 33 is out and ready for download in the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, streaming here and the show’s RSS here. This week we welcome Andy Haon, a member of the team responsible for building the Games Hub on Windows Phone to the studio for a brief chat. We also get a special person back this week…can someone say awesome?

Also check out a recent addition to the Windows Phone Marketplace, Foodspotting!


Shake Shack!

Foodspotting CEO Alexa Andrzejewski on why they built a Windows Phone app:

“We actually had requests for the community for it, and it’s just so pretty.”

Aww thanks Alexa, we agree, Windows Phone is pretty hawt!

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  • w1ngnut
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    Hey, one more great podcast and welcome back Matt! It's nice to hear so many new cool features heading to WP. Hope to taste mango soon!

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Hrush You - not here in Aus - but my comment is more about the missed marketing opportunity here to MS.  ALL users shd be able to get their own personalised (ie Focus, Mozart, HD7, Quantum etc) WP7 handset avatar prop.  That would be cool to have one matching the brand/make of phone you use.

    If I was at Samsung for instance, I would organise this with MS and send a unique code out with each phone handset in the box - redeemable on XBL.

    <sigh> So many ideas - so NOT working in the right field! :( lol

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @strider in the USA ( I know MS really needs to offer their stuff to other countries more often) but  for US customers your xbox avatar can download a free windows phone prop that he uses and plays with.

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Hey guys - just wanted to say Welcome back Matt - and Congratz again.  That parental leave sure is sweet!  I got one week in my company - which is better than none I guess.

    Nice to see some Game Hub focus...A question - Why not make available for each Avatar a handset matching the OEM/make of each WP7 user.  So the code becomes XXXX for a Focus, YYYY for a Moazart etc.  Make the codes open to all - and make the avatar prop prominent, so even XBOX gamers that don't own a WP7 device yet wanna download them....and then maybe they will go on to get a WP7 device for their next phone!

    Marketing + Corss-promotion + Games Hub/Avatar Fun.  It would be Sweet.  I want my Avatar to have a Focus prop - so all my Aussie gamerfriends see the "awesomeness" of my phone!

    - and yes, Podcast AWESOME and COOL quotas were well and truly back to their long-term averages with Skipdeez back.  Mountaid Dew reps however were said to be scanning the job classifieds as share price plummets with no mention for 6 weeks in a row now !


  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    WP7 is great as long as you can get the current updates...even updates that are now months old.  

    How about you people focus, no pun intended, on taking care of your customers who have Samsung Focus'!