Now in Marketplace: Angry Birds!

Now in Marketplace: Angry Birds!

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At last. Angry Birds is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace—a few hours ahead of schedule and so fresh it hasn’t even been rated yet!

Be the first—or just hunker down with your phone and get dem pigs.

The game, the last in Xbox’s Must Have Games series for Windows Phone, is free to try and $2.99 to buy.

 Get Angry Birds now

Angry Birds is now available in Marketplace

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  • jimtube
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    Is there a version for windows mobile 6.5 I would like to get it.

  • giunda
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    in the site <a href=>Angry Birds Rio pc</a> you can visit and play!

  • I don't care if it's supposedly expensive...this is the first and only game/app I've ever bought from the Marketplace, and probably will be for some time to come, so I don't mind.

  • Krush You
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    @buckeye - ok so now it says its going to charge my card

    so here is how it looks

    1. hit buy to purchase item - when I hit buy it tells me it will be charging my card

    2. at this point I can either cancel, change payment (on the change payment it will tell you the last 4 digits of your card or my other option is at&t app center which bills it to your mobile carrier)

    or buy

    3. after hitting buy the transaction is complete

    I also don't use a credit card for renewing xbox live but I do use it for purchases - so you might want to check your xbox acct and see if you have a card listed under acct settings and then billing

  • @ Krush You - Thanks for replying! I didn't see any messages or links like the one you make reference to.  I only had the option to hit the BUY button and then a message popped saying something like "The order will be charged to my credit card" but never asked me to enter any numbers.  And no, I have never added my credit card info to my Xbox account.  Anyone with a HTC Arrive who can help?

  • Krush You
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    @buckeye - when you buy an item from marketplace

    there is a picture of at&t (for mine at least so I assume it works the same) and says it will be charged to my mobile carrier. (its in a light gray font so its possible to miss it)

    Below it in a White hyperlink you can change the method of pymnt

  • QUESTION: For anyone who has purchased this game here in the US, when you buy this game on the Marketplace, does it get charged to your phone bill? The reason why I am asking this is because I decided to buy this game yesterday (since my son loves it) but the system didn't ask me for my credit card info and I don't have one already set up with my Xbox account (I always renew my Xbox Live membership with a code).  So, I am not sure were it was charged to... Is there anyway to check that? Thanks.

  • To quote Charlie Sheen - "ahhhhhh...   Winning"

  • tsrblke
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    You right, the "It has achievements" article doesn't make sense from a work load standpoint.  Somewhere though, some acutary arrived that the "this is what we estimate the market will bear" number.  whereby the number of lost sales is more than offset by the price, and the likely sale that we'll see in a few weeks/months will further their profit.

    It's sucky, but its how it rolls.

    I'm on the fence about buying it.  First, the trial seems actually fairly long (then entire first level) so I may just play until the trial runs out (and forgo any acheivements lost.)  And see if when I reach that point it goes on sale.  Or I may buy it, dunno.

  • kevine
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    Disappointed as my phone (Mozart) seems to trip a bug resulting in it exiting when trying to load the next level. I get to do level 1 and that's it. One of the reviews indicates similar behaviour. After crashing, it also manages to prevent Ilomilo from starting until the phone is rebooted. Hopefully a fix is in the works as something as big as Angry Birds being buggy on WP7 would not be good PR for the platform.

  • Captiosus
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    @Opus5001 - There's the inane "it has achievements" argument!

    I'm tired of hearing that it's somehow oh-so-hard to program achievements. Having achievements "unlock", pop-up, and write to your XBL profile is handled by the WP7 XBL API, which was made by Microsoft. All Rovio had to do was: Create 20 achievements with titles, add the code for each - which, if you look at the achievements, they are nothing but simple counters and if-then statements - then pass the true variable through to the WP7 XBL API to do the rest.

    Yep, coding "if intLevel="1" AndAlso intSublevel="1" then { intAchievement1 = "1" else..." (using VB as an example) and then passing the "1" through to the API to cause WP7 to unlock the appropriate achievement takes OH SO MUCH time.

    Look, I get it takes a BIT more effort. I don't mind that. If this version of Angry Birds was IDENTICAL to iOS and Android AND had achievements, I'd completely back it being $1.99 for the extra effort. But it's not identical. $2 more just because it has achievements is ridiculous.

  • Captiosus
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    @ScubaDog - $2.99 reasonable because we pay 49.99-59.99 for full console titles? Hardly. Your post sounds like the dozens of justifications I've read since the game went up on marketplace, all more inane than the last.

    Here are the facts:

    This version of Angry Birds is identical to the version from June of LAST YEAR, meaning it only includes the first four chapters plus the Golden Eggs. It's missing Ham 'Em High and Mine and Dine. That means this version of Angry Birds is already a year out of date and is missing almost half of the same content available on iOS and Android.

    Rovio set the pricing on every other version EXCEPT FOR this one and the intel AppUp PC version, the latter of which being outdated by the free Google PC version. For WP7, Microsoft set the pricing, as they do with every game tagged with the Xbox Live moniker. I'd love to hear what Rovio would have charged for this game if the pricing had been up to them, and I'd also like to hear how much of each $2.99 they actually get.

    So you get half of the same game available on competing platforms for 3x the cost, but this one includes achievements. And that's "reasonable"? Your gas/city analogy is silly; Yes, we're locked into WP7 but that somehow justifies the fact that the same content - no, half of the same content - is OK to cost more? The comparison isn't Android vs. iOS vs. WP7, it's Angry Birds vs. Angry Birds vs. Angry Birds and $2.99 for half the content *of the same game* available anywhere else is unjustifiable.

  • @Kenny Rawlins, I did say I thought SOME people were too cheap.   You're absolutely about the utility-to-price ratio...that's essentially what I just posted.  Some of the folks were just getting really miffed over $2.99.  I don't understand why it matters what it cost on the other platforms.  It's kind of like being upset that gas costs differently in the next city.  That's the next city, and not my market.  I'm in this city and gas is what it is.

  • Opus5001
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    Didn't Angry Birds come out first on the iPhone?  They priced it at 99 cents and sold a bazillion of them because there are a bazillion iphones out there and it is a popular game.  Also, a lot of games were sellng for 99 cents on the iphone at that time.  I'm sure if Rovio had it to do over they would have charged more for it.  But it's kind of hard to raise the price of a game when you've already sold millions of copies on the platform for 99 cents.

    I've read that the game is free on Android because it is ad supported.  Any truth to this?  Would you want a free ad supported game on WP7 or $2.99 with no ads?  I prefer no ads.

    I'm sure there are a variety of reasons AB is $2,99 on WP7.  Some is porting and customizing for Xbox Achievements.  Another reason could be that the game is now immensely popular, they believe WP7 users are dying for the game and will pay more for it.  They probably also look at the numbers and realize that the pool of potential buyers of the game is much smaller on WP7 than on iphone, at this time.  It's supply and demand.

  • KR
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    "those you call cheap constitute a majority" is what i meant in my first comment @scubadog2011

  • Oh, good grief, @a688.  Do you work for NPR or something?  They tried that same statement with Juan Williams.  I'm not trying to "justify" anything.  You see, here's how this who free enterprise system works:  someone produces a product or service that they hope other people will place a demand for.  Now, no product or service is worth any LESS than someone will sell it for, and no MORE than someone will buy it for.  When those two amounts meet, you have a sale.  So, apparently, on Android that nexus is zero.  On the iPhone it's a dollar or so.  And on WP7 it's $2.99.  If, to the WP7 users, it turns out NOT to be worth $2.99, then there will be no sales and Rovio will need to decide if they over-valued the selling price.  And, as I said before, I don't begrudge any vendor for trying to make money off of their work.  Speaking for myself, it was worth $2.99 to have it on my device to compare against my friends with other devices sporting the same game.  So, I can actually use it as a marketing tool.....and, of course, play the game ;)

    So, if it's not worth $2.99 to you, then just play it on the Android.  No big mystery.

  • Mod74
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    "Since when does $2.99 equal to £2.99?!! " Are you looking at the same store? It's been £2.49 all day. I realise that still isn't even approaching a fair exchange rate but it's better than the dollar/pound parity they've been pushing up till now.

  • KR
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    And also even many mobile gamers don´t do intense gaming on their mobile phones due to battery and and other factors which i dont need to list the idea of achievements (XBL) is not a very important feature compared to may be Multiplayer gaming.You might tell me XBL games on WP7 are selling more than the indie games but i will tell you why,the simple reason is that XBL games have better graphics and a in general are better games and secondly Microsoft promotes those games more than they do for the indie games (if at all they even care about them).

    This brings me to point were a price of 2.99 $ US is due to the XBL achievements and not even the Angry birds brand

    reason for all the mobile gamers´s complaints about the price tag

  • KR
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    @scubadog2011,I am not a mobile gamer so I don't care about any game which is not free but you don't have to call cheap those who find it expensive,people pay a price for a service depending on their utility to price ratio,so if this ratio is high for you thats find but doesn't give you the right to call those who have a lower ratio cheap.and as from what I see those you could cheap constitute a minority which means its indeed an issue.

  • Hawk
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    I paid .99 cents when I was using an iPhone.  $2.99 seems a little too high but I guess time will tell.  Pandas vs Ninjas is pretty cool and free.

  • QuackXP
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    I plunked down the $2.99 for angry birds. For this game I would have paid $5. But I have skipped allot of other $2.99 games because of the price. I'm not an avid phone gamer and only get a few titles to play while on the bus or if its something really compelling like Angry Birds. At .$99 I probably would have pulled the trigger on half a dozen other games that are $2.99+

  • egfur31
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    I agree with everyone here that it is a bit overpriced.  But remember with Zune you can have unlimited music for $150 a year.  That's a pretty good deal, compare that to itunes.  It's give and take.  Also, if you don't like the price then sacrifice the achievements and 'name brand' of angry birds and go get Pandas vs. Ninjas for free.

  • stefan00
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    I love that Game.

  • a688
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    @ ScubaDog2011

    Why are you trying to justify your purchase of a game that costs more on WP7 than other mobile platforms by calling others "cheap" or saying they are "engulfed in 'entitlement-mindedness'" (whatever that means)? If you only purchase something because you want to try to fit in with others and think less of others who question the thing you purchase then you might want to go see a therapist instead of post on the internet.

  • This is my first time playing Angry Birds and I can definitely see where it can be addicting.  Also like Chicks 'n Vixwns, as well as Pandsa vs. Ninjas.  That's the great thing about Windows Phone is that not only is it aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate, bt it is full of choices, including great apps and games.  Thank you Microsoft and Rovio!

  • @Light_Shadow: Exactly.  Since when does $2.99 equal to £2.99?!!   A quick look at today's tourist rate puts it at £1.87.  That is part of the problem, the other problem is the sheer arrogance of Microsoft that it thinks that the bragging rights alone of the XBOX Live service and its achievements value-add is worth all this extra for games that have been long established on other platforms for less and that have since paid for their development costs without WP7.  For me, porting a game to another platform should not equate to extortion.

  • I tried to resist, purely because of ALL the hype over the game.  I semi-enjoyed Chicken's n Vixens (the music is both catchy and annoying).  However, because AB is still the meme, I decided to buy it.  I just don't understand why people are complaining about the prices of apps.  I mean, seriously, what's $3?  Or even $5?  I just think some people are too cheap and engulfed in "entitlement-mindedness".  I'm willing to pay people for good work, it's that simple.  I expect to get paid for my work.  So, the price is not unreasonable...especially considering we spend $50 for a game that lasts just about as long and isn't nearly as accessible (e.g, Call of Duty).

  • It's nice to finally be able to tell my friends who only care about  whether or not a mobile platform has Angry Birds, that yes WP7 has Angry Birds.  However, the price of the game should match the competition, and if they don't want to have a .99 cent XBL game, don't make it an XBL game.

  • Microsoft is way too US-centric.

    In the normal world $2.99 are 2,07€.

    In Microsoft's world $2.99 = 2.99€

  • @Quicksilverr: That's exactly what Microsoft is banking on, people thinking like you.  I didn't say I didn't like achievements, I said that they weren't worth the money being charged for the same game cheaper or free elsewhere.  Anyway, I can play the game in trial mode and miss nothing important if it wasn't for the fact that I've played all the levels on Android already!

  • arrow22
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    Is there a reason that a 2.99$ US game sells for 3.49$ CAD, even though the Canadian dollar reached parity (and is now worth more) months and months ago? How are these exchange rates calculated?

    Great addition though

  • Haters going to hate, but I bought it. Does it suck that iTunes has it for $1 and Android gets it for free? Yes. But is this going to change anytime soon? Doubt it. Also, I like achievements.

  • I gave  up waiting and bought an Android phone.

  • Unfortunately, although this adds a smattering of caché to the WP7 brand, it's too expensive and too late.  It's way overpriced at £2.99 when it has been out on other platforms for the past 2 years and is free on Andorid, free on your PC browser (courtesy of Google) and only 59p on iPhone.  It does play very well on my HD7, the graphics are slick but XBOX achievements are not worth that much, not ever.  It will be forever in trial mode along with all the other XBOX titles.

  • do85
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    Price like every Xbox Live Game.... too expensive.

  • westv555
    17 Posts

    Hooray! Angry Birds should' have been out when WP7 launched, but we'll still take it belated ;) . Gameplay video of Windows Phone version...

  • Yup, It costs next to nothing in alternative platforms. Maybe, they should release a non-Xbox live version without achievements and price it a bit lower. We will then know how many people really like achievements.

  • Dudu
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    In the game there is a link to a Video on youtube about Angry Birds.

    in the end of the movie, they show iPhone & Nokia

    But now there in WP7, so ask them to update the video :-) especially if it is linked from inside the WP7 game.

  • KTGiang
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    It is nice to have options. It saddens me that I just noticed I only have 5 posts. Makes me feel so noob and unachieving. Maybe you're on to something here.

  • @Michael Stroh will we receive updates to bring us the additional levels in the future? ie. episode five and recently released episode six?

  • @KTGiang: Isn't it nice to have lots of fun options? :-)

  • KTGiang
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    Waiting on the sale. No joke, I already bought Chicks'n'Vixens. Pandas vs Ninjas is just awesome to say. So yeah... I guess people could really want those achievements?

  • VictorWPB
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    HURRAY :-)

    Thank you Rovio and Microsoft

  • VictorWPB
    47 Posts

    HURRAY :-)

  • Want a free version like Android!!!