Updates resume for Omnia phones on Orange

Updates resume for Omnia phones on Orange

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Hello everyone.  Busy week.

Updates for the Samsung Focus with the memory variant are in the final phases of testing. Here’s what to expect when they become available. You’ll receive two back-to-back update notifications. The first is for the 7008 update. Once installed, you can then immediately update to 7392 (which will also include the 7390 “copy and paste” update).

This week we also restarted update deliveries to Omnia 7 handsets on Orange. We’re currently delivering both 7390 and 7392 to these phones as one bundled update.  Update Central explains how to download and install them.

Finally, we’re also now delivering the 7392 update to two Windows Phones on AT&T: The HTC Surround and the LG Quantum.

As I said, busy week.  We’re not resting until we’re done.

Eric Hautala, GM, Customer Experience Engineering

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  • jalf
    8 Posts

    "Early releases for more mature platforms experienced similar problems/delays."

    Did they? Really? Got a link? Did the first iPhone updates get delayed by months and months? Did the carriers then block the updates further? Did the updates brick people's phones?

    Source, please.

    And of course, another factor is that back then, there was literally no competition on the market. Even if Apple screwed up just as badly, they could afford to do so because for users, it was iPhone or nothing.

    But WP7? Launching what, 5 years after the competition, they can't afford that kind of blunders. They can't afford to pretend that mistakes that were acceptable 5 years ago are still forgiven in 2011.

    And even if the competition had the same issues, and even if you think they're unavoidable and thus justifiable, that doesn't make the situation better for consumers, does it?

    Should I buy a phone on the basis that "they may have had huge technical issues, but it's not really fair to blame them"?

    I don't think so. I'd rather buy a phone on the basis that "it works".

    As a consumer, what matters is whether the problems exist, not whose fault they are, or whether they could have been avoided.

  • Finally got the update today, brilliant. Five months later I have the copy and paste update. ;) Roll on Mango 'Next Year'.

  • D-Burrs
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    I'm with Hawk and others in this string - I'm finally breathing a bit of a sigh of relief.  For those of us who have been following the update posts on this blog since NoDo was officially released 4/19, this is by far the best / most promising post from Eric on the 1.4 variant.

    Also have to side with those who stand in defense of MS for the release cycle relative to other "competing" platforms -

    1)  It made complete sense for MS to go with a smaller, less robust update in the way of features for the first go-around - one can argue and hope that they are using this first batch to get things under control for more significant releases (Mango)

    2) Early releases for more mature platforms experienced similar problems/delays.  While one could argue MS should have used those releases as case studies to get a line on how things might proceed for WP7, the platform is altogether unique and therefore likely encountered altogether unique challenges.

    Don't get me wrong, I haven't been the biggest fan of the handling of this, particularly from a communications perspective at the onset of the problem, but I like the phone, and its potential.

  • jalf
    8 Posts

    I'd love to buy a WP7 phone. They look really nice from what I've seen.

    But at the moment, I don't dare.

    I'm worried that:

    - a trivial security update (revoking a couple of certificates) took months to get out to everyone.

    - regardless of the time taken to *deploy* updates, they also seem to be developed much more slowly than Apple does. So we're looking at a platform which started the race in last place, and even then, is moving more slowly than the competition.

    - there has been absolutely no official information on what kind of schedule we can expect going forward. Rather than all the empty "we're not resting until we're done" messages, I just want to hear one thing: "Yes, we had trouble with the first few updates. But going forward, we plan to make *this* many updates, released *this* frequently, and each update will be available to all our users after *this* much time. Instead, there is radio silence. We don't know if carriers will still be able to block updates three years from now. We don't know what improvements are in the pipeline. We don't know if we're going to have to settle for a single major release per year, and nothing in between, or if there will be more frequent incremental updates.

    Really, the third point is the most damning. I don't care that the first few updates have failed so spectacularly. I just want to hear some reassurance that "going forward, future updates will be be more frequent, and they won't be blocked by carriers".

    That's all I need. And the fact that we can't get that scares me.

    So I guess I'll have to settle for an iPhone 5 when it comes out.

    Unless you guys step up a bit.

  • Ok, this is great! Except for people who has an Onmia or a Focus device...

    Unfortunately we're facing the same problem that we have trying to do ANY update (got stuck at phase 6 while rebooting device)...

    For how long are we gonna have our phone's bricked? This problem hasn't been resolve since march...

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @neer - it is the first update - apple and android had problems in the beginning too. If when they announce mango the same problem occurs then you can complain.

    Also 3 years? Your math sucks at the very most may 2012 would be 1.5 years... Hell,  it hasn't even been a year yet until November - so if this update is out by then - they will be close to the competition...

  • Simply put, I will be ready for a new phone by the time my Samsung Focus receives the NoDo update. No way I'll be able to wait around for Mango since, based on current rollout timelines, my Focus won't get it until May of 2012. This is simply unacceptable. MS, people don't keep phones for 3 years...at best they keep them for 1.5 or 2. If you delay a release by more than 6 months it's essentially pointless to put out the release. The Focus has been on the market since late 2010...releasing an update in late 2011 is in every way a FAILURE. Blame carriers, blame manufacturers, blame whoever you want, it's YOUR issue.

  • It has now been two months since the 7392 update has been "released" -- a minor security update -- and still not update for it on my  Samsung Focus (revision 1.3).    

    Why is it taking so long for a security update that revokes a few security certificates? (yes, I know about the issues with the 1.4 revision but don't understand why this should make the update process stop for everyone else).

  • Russel
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    My Omnia 7 since the Orange UK update to 7392 now occasionally says that my message inbox is full and that a message is waiting.  I have no SMS/MMS messages, If I turn phone off and lol on again it then downloads the MMS? I also noted that google and facebook had not updated and theses updated after the reboot too.

  • @ Krush You - Quote: "...if after several weeks you have not gotten you update then you have a reason to complain..."  OMG, several weeks could be 3-5 weeks OR 8-10 weeks OR 18-20 weeks OR... Don't you see what's wrong here? I am telling you, my HTC Arrive is fully updated (I was lucky to buy from Sprint when it came out and already had NoDo) but I feel the pain of many WP7 owners out there that after 6+ months, they still don’t have all updates.  And do you know why I feel their pain? Because I am afraid I will be in their same situation when Mango is released…

  • Nathan
    6 Posts

    I got a Focus a few days ago, and for the most part I have loved it.

    It would seem that allowing users access to expand the memory is causing an issue, which is a shame.

    Good to hear it's coming along and is going to be released soon.

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @gabrielk - because its delivered in batches so from the documentation it can take several weeks - if after several weeks you have not gotten you update then you have a reason to complain

    there's no need to update further unless something went wrong

  • Gabrielk
    12 Posts

    @Krush You That's what I told you the last time you said so in case you didn't see it:

    - 2 weeks before the update started scheduling Telefonica said that they were releasing the LG phone update in two weeks, when asked about the Omnia 7 they blamed Samsung.

    - When scheduling started I asked in this blog whether updates where going to be released on all phones and got no answer.

    - Now that delivery started I see LG phones are getting updated to 7392 but no other phones is getting more than 7008, coincidence?

    - Then Telefonica announces that NoDo is available on the LG Optimus 7. I think they would have said it's available on all phones if that were the case.

    Telefonica announces that NoDo is available ON THE LG OPTIMUS 7 is the key here. If by delivered to customers in batches they mean LG costumers first, several weeks later everyone else, you are right, they are delivering in batches.

    If you're right and we just have to wait a bit more why doesn't anyone from Microsoft say so? Is it that hard to answer a comment? Or specify which phones are getting updated in the "Where's my phone update?" website or in the blog post?

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @Gabrielk - how exactly is it lying - this is the stage it currently is in...

    Stage 3: Delivering update

    Microsoft has started to send out the update. Because updates are typically delivered to customers in batches, it might take several weeks before you receive notice that an update is available for you. SEVERAL WEEKS is the key here...

  • Gabrielk
    12 Posts

    It's been a week and still no update other than 7008 on Telefonica unless you have a LG phone, how long are you going to keep lying in the "Where's my phone update?" website?

  • What about 7392 on the Focus rev. 1.3? I know its rolling out to the Surround and Quantum, and seems to be bundled with the 7390 update to the rev. 1.4 currently in testing. No mention of the standalone 7392 for the original Focus, however.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @acubadog2011,Yeah the HTC leak looks pretty awesome if Nokia makes no phone with atleast a 4.3" screen i think that the HTC will be my next WP,the screen(size) is one of the things i care the most on a smartphone reason why i got the HD7

  • BTW, great news about the front-facing camera, eh?  Looks like the latest HTC WP7 device leaked for fall realease will compete with the Nokia device (similar specs).  I gotta tell you, though, I'd be really tempted to jump to the Nokia if it had a 4 inch screen.  The HTC is a brick, though, with a 4.7 inch screen.  WAY too large for me.

  • To all you nay-sayers, please refer to @Andrew Tech Help's post.  He beat me to the punch.  Since some of the developers have a 1.4 ver Focus they were running into the update issue trying to get the Mango beta.  I saw the same thing on the developer site, stating that a fix would be available to them mid-July.  As soon as I saw that I knew that also meant that everyone ELSE would get the fix, too.  So, take heart, we should be able to get our devices patches with 7392 in mid-July.  Remember, even those of us with 1.3 are stuck because NONE of the Focus units are updating right now.

  • @Krush You  exactly, if you have a 1.4 then you have gotten jack s*** from MS as far as updates go. If you have a 1.3 at least you can install Mango beta on it but 1.4?  Nope nada , no support or updates just a nice big middle finger from MS and Samsung saying we are working on it please be patient.  Plus MS was saying that this was the flagship model not the last model to get anything.  If MS had said that it wouldn't get updates for 5 months while all the other phones did,  do you think I would have bought this one?  No I would have gotten any wp7 phone BUT this one. I needed this phone for developing apps and MS has made that impossible by not allowing it to get updates.

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @billybob and the focus has been getting updates, the problem is is the revision - so until its fixed the rest of the focus people are out of luck as well(for the 7392) as they can't only send it out to a specific revision

  • @Hawk , that is all fine and good but MS has been saying that the Focus would be getting updates since the beginning (about 5 months now)  the number of updates I have received ?  0 .  So you will have to forgive me when I no longer can trust them with the information or lack of information they are providing. The Focus on AT&T was marketed as the Flagship phone for  WP7 and yet it has been treated like a ugly step sister.  I am a developer and had to spend $500 on this phone for development purposes.  After the very first update it pretty much has been useless because I can't trust my code acts the same way on a real device that gets updates.  I also can not test mango on this device.   So I spent a lot of cash on a paperweight!

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    Thanks for the update Eric...this is good news and I think it's time for everyone to calm down a little.  The fact is, according to both Eric and Michael, there will be updates available for this rev1.4 Focus which means this memory variant phone IS updateable.  When Mango is released, I'm sure the rev1.4 phone will receive the update just like all the other phones.

    @Tribexx...the Trophy ships with the NoDo update.  I know this because I've been researching a replacement for my rev1.4 Focus just in case MS didn't provide any good news prior to July 1st...that's when my 30 day return period expires. :-)  The Trophy was the only other phone even worth looking at.

    By the way...the selection of WP7 phones is weak!  The Samsung Focus is still the best available phone...IMO.

  • tribexx
    8 Posts

    Hello all!

    Is the HTC Trophy on Verizon already on the most up-to-date WP7 version?


  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    Yeah the surround updates actually went into effect yesterday.  Does this perhaps explain why my phone seemed not to want to wireless sync?  I finally got frustrated and plugged it into my PC and "BING! Update available."

    The process is fairly painless, but I must comment that perhaps if incrimental updates become more normal, you may want to find a way to speed up the process.  Here was an update that moved some security certificates around, but I still had to go through the whole backup procedure ect.  Which took quite a while.

  • @ drankurn - Good luck with Eric addressing billybob101's issue... Or anyone's...

  • Got my Orange Omnia 7 update yesterday :)

  • Fjtorsol
    18 Posts

    Still no Nodo update for OMNIA 7 with Telefonica even after is said to be on delivery... If it wasn't enought with the time excess with the carrier's testing period now the update isn't delivered on time...

  • Freypal
    59 Posts

    Got it last night on Orange Omnia 7 - Thanks. All 3 have now installed without issues for me..

  • Hope  the 'Final Phases of Testing' is for both MS as well as Carrier!

  • KR
    503 Posts

    This also means phones running 7004 and 7008 will not get mango in the fall if by then their phones are not yet running any of the Mango-updatable build versions (all the 73XX)

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Andrew tech help,the update path is a fix to bring the rev1.4 to a build version(7390,7392,etc) which will enable the phone to be updated to Mango Beta(registered developers only).this doesn't mean users will get mango.

    Right now developers with rev1.4 focus devices cannot install the Mango beta which was made available today to developers since most of the rev1.4 are running buil 7004 or 7008,which are not updatable to Mango

  • Oh, and I've just read this in the Mango Dev documentation:

    For Samsung Focus v1.4 devices, we will be providing an update path to 7392 in mid-July.

    So you Focus 1.4 people should be getting Mango mid July it seems!

  • AT&T Focus 1.4 people, I think Microsoft said last week they're currently working with AT&T to test it, so I think they mean the final stages of testing for both Microsoft & AT&T. So I reckon you'll get the updates by the end of July if not earlier.

  • enahs
    20 Posts

    When 1.4 Focus gets updated, can we developers then install Mango beta properly?

    Cliff Simpkins said in his recent tweet that a fix for that issue will be released mid July. Does that mean he does not expect we will get the update until mid july, or even when we do get updated we can still not upgrade?

  • drankurn
    42 Posts

    Eric - we would really appreciate if  you could address the issue raised by @billybob101.

    Thanks in advance.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    I guess there's gonna be a lot of angry birds commenting on this post as usual :)

  • Will the carriers have to retest for this update? It doesn't seem like it since the content of the update is the same that has already been deployed on v1.3 Focuses (right?), and apparently MS is handling hardware compatibility testing... I mean carriers can release the update at their convenience but I can't see them spending too long testing this update.

    Also yea there will probably be a scheduling phase but since v1.4 Focus owners are only a small fraction of users (and most other WP7 users have gotten their updates already) I can't see it taking more than one or two batches to get the update out to remaining users, so more than likely it will be weeks and not months, which I guess is not terrible.

  • brianm76
    61 Posts

    So we are not even at the "Scheduling" phase yet.... that takes 10 days per MS own wording on this blog, then weeks or months as they deliver updates in "batches".  @billybob101 you bring up a disturbing point as well.  If MS is reaching the end of their own testing then we still have to wait 1-2 months for ATT and Samsung to test then the 10 days to "schedule" the the weeks or months to deliver in "batches" then we are looking at the Mango time frame to get this update!  WOW!  As usual more questions than answers from Eric and company :(

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    I guess 7392 for the Focus can just be bypassed if you have a DEV acct.  Just download the Mango Beta - and that shd have 7392 included.  Also - have not seen any reports that a particular handset is not able to get the beta and run mango???

  • Got my 7392 for the htc surround yesterday!

  • Getting my update now on my LG Quantum. :)

  • So I assume final phases of testing the Focus variant is final MS testing and then there will still be carrier testing too?