Windows Phone Radio - 34

Windows Phone Radio - 34

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This week we crash the studio of Matthew Bennett, the senior sensory designer behind the soundtrack to Windows Phone. Matthew talks about the design and philosophy behind the sounds of Windows Phone, and what that might lead to in Mango. You can find Windows Phone Radio in the Zune Marketplace, iTunes, streaming direct here and subscribe the show RSS feed here. Have a great weekend!

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  • ACK!  I take back what I said about the ALARMs.  With Mango (7.5) Alamrs are now Full blast (even if volume is at zero).  The old "gentle wake" (increasing voldume while alarming) was MUCH better!

    This change almost makes me want to return to pre-mango.

  • Any more word on the files that Matthew Bennett said he would release thats not part of the mango release?

  • Thanks to Matthew for "Alarm 04".  I can finally wake up and get ready for work without disturbing my wife!



  • Back to the thread topic, I have to say I was intrigued by Matthew Bennett's description of the sound design for WP7.  As a musician, I can appreciate the concept of creating a "soundtrack".  As I thought about that, it occurs to me that this meme could be taken further.  Right now, such things as screen lock & unlock just give you a little click.  I wouldn't mind seeing a bit more "presence" on things like that.  An all around good episode of Windows Phone Radio.

  • @Bellyupltd, all I can say is that the device you clearly want is an Android.  Microsoft has gone a completely different direction with WP7---one that I am GREATLY pleased with given how frustrated I was with Windows Mobile's chaos.  Apparently, some LIKE that kind of chaos (disguised as "customization"), and I guess that's fine.  But if that's what you need most in a device, then you really are better off going with an Android---that's it's stock in trade.  Microsoft has made it pretty clear what their target audience is.  It probably surprises you to find that not everyone who grew up with PocketPC/Windows Mobile was entirely happy with it.

  • Krush You
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    @belly - there is no such thng as winmo 7 it's windows phone.

    It's a complete rewrite to fix the problems that have plagued winmo.

    The device is closed because too many problems and publishers would like to get paid for their apps.

    I thnk you need to go to android as it's basically winmo 2.0

  • I can only hope that Mango contains more fixes than new features.  I have been using Windows for mobile phones since Pocket PC (10 years).  Let me just say that Windows 7 is worse than CE beta and has even few features, but I guess you have to start someplace. Sadly, Windows phone as not-ready-for-primetime as it is, it is still the best of the phone OS's out there.   This desire to make it look and feel like Android or i-phone is not going to serve you well in the end.  I use my phone as a palm sized computer and not a phone or game controller.  I don't want apps, games, facebook or any of that.  Just give me something that connects to my computer and acts like a computer running Windows. I don't like not having rss feeds, time, weather, emails, and appointments on my main screen. Now is close, but not there. I am not fond of having to click icons or whatever you call those way way way too big squares.  I like having a background picture. This Zune thing is a pain in the rump to install and so far 2 computers and I still cannot get it to install so I don't know how the update will go.  Having a hot swappable mini micro SD would be better than manna from heaven. It would be nice to have a screen calibration feature since my screen is quite far off.  This has been solved by having a real keyboard for it.  And please, please, please pretty please, add copy and paste.  CE had it and that was back when the Earth's crust was still solidifying.

    Look, Windows mobile is the best fullest functioning phone OS on the market right now.  I realise that you must entertain the masses, but would it be too much to ask to get a pro version then with the stuff that matters to busines people?  I would hate to think that after all these years of avoiding becoming a Crackberry addict, my golden years will be stressing over getting my next fix.

  • I have been a windows mobile fan for a few years.  I upgraded a win 6.0  HTC phone to win 6.5 and enjoyed every bit of the challenge and the learning experience.  I understand how to make changes and improvements to the OS.  after installing .NET programs, thousands of APPS could be found on the net and installed for free... Win 6.5 configuration programs were abundant.  RegEdit  could be used on win 6.5 and I felt a freedom to make my phone do whatever I wanted it do.  .  

    Now I have win7 mobile device. i AM NOT PLEASED OR AMUSED.  I want to connect it to my computer and see it as a device connected to my computer.  It is not to found and I can not make changes to it ... I can not install programs I find on the internet unless I pay.  I don't like it.  I want to download programs and install them FOR FREE if I find FREE PROGRAMS / APPS.  So now I have this phone and am just about ready to return it and try to negotiate / beg / grovel / and do other humiliating things to get a win 6.5 phone.... SIGH....


  • This is probably the most interesting podcast I've ever heard. Probably the first time I'll ever hear a podcast twice. It was just so good. More interviews!

  • KR
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    Nyways i have learned my lesson,though being a microsoft fan boy i´ill never buy a generation 1 microsoft product,reason why i´ll just stick to my HD7 for the next 15months atleast(something i have never done before considering the fact i have had it for 6months now)

  • KR
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    I just want to say something i have i said before on this blog,I don´t understand why microsoft is not addressing current issues but rather keep on promising and showing nrew features? the NoDo update fixed some bugs which was good but also created some,but with mango all i hear about is FEATURES non of witch have been impressive or even just exciting to me.the features which make sense in mango are either those i have learned to live without by owning a WP,so useless for me now and those features which could kick ass and really capture my attentio are either not implemented or poorly implemented

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    I agree with Wurstsalat the context sensitive search button was nice.. hopefully they will bring i tback in the final release

  • one more BIG point on mango beta sucks

    App specific search function through search button is lost -> it navigates allways to bing instead of the app specific search function (marketplace search in marketplace , people search people hub). The extra button on the display to search inside the apps sucks hard!

  • Theo33
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    I was on YouTube and I saw this video:    

    Thought it was funny. Goes to show you how simple the Windows Phone OS is.

  • The interview with Matthew Bennett was oneof the best interviews on the podcast so far. I've learned so much about the process in giving WP7 it'sown musical identity. I never realized that so much went into it. Again great podcast guys.

  • Microsoft, please listen to this mango feedback -> there are 1 or to not so good solutions in your metro ui

    1. App list with abc letters

    On many phones the list will double the length and this is not the best experience you can give your users!


    Only show the letter from the top app on the the list you can see on the display, so you can just jump with the abc letters fast but the list isnt double as long as without the letters! This will be much better for persons with not this much apps and it is twice as good as the solution at the moment in the beta for heavy app users.

    -> according the the  average user i heard he has only about 15-20 apps installed...this will much better!

    2. ie9

    give the users the ability to set 1-2 more symbols in the adressbar for quick access

    -> especialy the tab list, its not so good when i have to open up the menu first and go to tabs to switch tabs. This was better on the old mobile ie ;)

    Anyway, good work so far what i saw live in mango ;)


  • I really enjoyed this interview. i really did. Thanks guys

  • Sheeds
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    Unlike the previous post - my link is NOT a spam post.  I followed your podcast advice and blogged up an article supporting this podcast - which was great btw.

    :) Nice work!

  • Sheeds
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    Is the blog stopping links being published now ? Tried posting a comment here a couple of times and it doesn't show up?

  • Sheeds
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    Done!  Now Blogged :D

    Extra Mango ringtones “Whipped up” and coming soon for Windows Phone Radio listeners? | Sheeds' Blog LOL

  • Sogeman
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    Didn't wanna post this on the old Podcast thing, so I'll do it here:

    The Mango integration for podcasts outside the US is still terrible. It's useless without the marketplace. Ok, so I have an episode on my phone and subscribed to the podcast. The problem now is that it tries to download old episodes when you mark the newest one as played. I also can't delete the podcast because then it's gone from the phone. There needs to be a setting to disable auto-downloads. I just wanna pick an episode from the marketplace that appears below a subscription and download that episode.

    I hate auto-downloading. It never does what I want. I want to choose what and when to download manually.