Windows Phone Radio - 35

Windows Phone Radio - 35

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This week we are back in the studio with a recap of all things Windows Phone. We spend some time talking about new apps in the Marketplace, a design award for Windows Phone, and the "family effect". You can find Windows Phone Radio in the Zune Marketplace, iTunes and streaming direct here. Thank you!

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  • Karl
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    Hey Guy, I have only been listening to the podcast for a few weeks now and I have a small request. You get all you guest to quickly explain what they do at microsoft for windows phone. On your next show can you guys do the same thing so any new listeners know what you do.


    Keep up the good work.


  • Doh!  @Kenny Rawlins, why didn't I think to ask that?  Yes, good idea.

  • KR
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  • Brien
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    Interesting that you mentioned my tweet on cocktail chatter, and yes, you fell back into it a little. Still, despite being decades older than you, I really enjoy your podcast each week. Keep up the good work and if you're going to wander off into chatter, just make sure you get back to device and app news for most of the show.

    As an aside, I helped a VP at work setup mail on his fruity phone. How cumbersome to have one home screen mail icon and when you go into it you have either personal or business mail or both mushed together. I'll take my 3 live tiles any day, which make keeping up with mail so much more efficient -- two work accounts and one personal. The tiles always keep me notified right up front. Good job to the team who planned and executed keeping the "chrome" out of the way so I can just get stuff done quickly and easily.

  • I'd really like to see some comments and solutions (maybe with Brandon or Joe?) on how Mango is going to address multi-phone accounts.  I thought I finally had this figured out by using the same primary live account for all phones and adding each individual/personal live account respectable per phone. Although this worked, it had limitation of forced shared contacts on the primary live account and so forth.

    Now that I have Mango, its a little better (can turn off contacts on each account) but its even worse, because all the new features are tied to the primary account (chat, facebook, twitter, etc) and you can't tell mango to use a secondary account for WL Chat, Faceboot chat, etc.  So now when Mango is released, I have to un-do all the work (ie, reset all the phones, which everyone is gonna be really mad about) I'd done and put everyone on their own accounts.  This will cause all the phones to loose all their purchased apps and only one will have a zune pass.

    The success of getting multiple WP7 Phones into a family is going to be key to this functionality.  Currently with the iPhone and iPod Touch, yhey can all be linked to the same iTunes account and w/out forcing all the same content (ie, Calendar, contacts, etc) you can enjoy the purchased apps and music on all phones under the account.  I have a Zune pass and need two of my phones to use that pass (up to four is allowed).  Parents certainly are NOT expected to purchase a zune pass for themselves and then seperate ones for each child are they?  And then have to purchase apps over and over to have them on the phones under their account.

    I'm just not seeing a lot of topics covering this from Microsoft's point of view, yet there is a TON of people using WP7 trying to resolve this.  I believe the real issue is that MS didn't plan for their scenario when WP7 was brought into the Zune services Umbrella.  MS just needs to let us pick WHICH live id to associate Zune Pass, Facebook, Windows Live, etc, etc and then everything will be fine.

  • Sheeds
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    Cheers guys.  Not much I can comment on for this week.... except to say for weeks that might be light-on for any major news, guests etc you should maybe think of injecting some other content (recorded or live) to avoid being just a verbal "light" recap of the Blog.

    Throw in a competition - and maybe instead of give aways (if the cupboard is a little bare LOL) you could offer to include a DEV's App or Game in a Pinworthy post by Michael - or Have a Dev or Blog or some other feature WP7 external guest spotlight, interview etc that you can throw in for a few minutes...It can both support the Windows Phone community and increase the WPRadio audience each week.  Win-Win!

    Also - disappointed you didn't touch on a couple of things (not sure if time allowed one of them);

    1.  Brandon's bike accident.  (Get well soon Brandon!) - Proving my point that exercise can prove considerbly more dangerours for your health than doing nothing! ;)  &

    2.  The most INTERESTING part of the whole International Mango Features/Languages/Keyboard post by John was not covered by you guys at all.  Here it is for those that missed it:

    "This fall you’ll see a significant increase in the number of new countries where the Xbox LIVE service for Windows Phone is available. The Zune Marketplace for music, video, and podcasts is also expanding to more markets. We’re not quite ready to announce specifics just yet—expect to hear more later this summer."

    So inside of 6 weeks we can expect some announcment from MS finally on <expanded?> Zune Music Marketpalce (ZunePass?) outside of the US ??? WOWZA.  BIG NEWS!  What do we have to do MS to get Australia over the line...??? LOL


    sheeds. (WP7 blog).