New research shows Windows Phone is connecting with people

New research shows Windows Phone is connecting with people

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We are always checking in with Windows Phone customers to see how satisfied they are after they get their new Windows Phone home and get a chance to use it for a bit. After all, that is what really matters right? How does the phone fit into your life, and how well does it accomplish the things you are asking a smartphone to do? In our surveys, we have found the vast majority of people fall into either the “satisfied” or “very satisfied” camp, something we think is directly attributed to our unique approach to smartphone design which is all about putting people first. We want to make it as easy as possible to connect with the people in your life, and share what is going on you. For a little more insight into that approach, tune in to our Windows Phone Radio 9 interview from November with Albert Shum, head of our design studio. It’s also worth noting this work earned top honors at the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards this year.

Today, we heard similar sentiments, this time from ChangeWave Research which found 57% Windows Phone customers were “very satisfied” with their Windows Phone. You can read some more analysis from Dan Frommer at his new blog SplatF.


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  • g33k86
    4 Posts

    I love Apple for one thing - creating competition for Microsoft.  

    Microsoft uses advanced technologies but their "good enough" way of thinking has been very frustrating for me.  I had been using Windows Mobile since 5.0 - which I still think it is more advanced than iOS.  Except the interface was annoying and buggy.  

    Looking forward to Mango update.  That should help the rating skew towards iOS!

  • bettybtt7
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  • Hey Microsoft, guess what I am really dissapointed with your pathetic policy of launching services in US only. If you cannot launch your services in different countries than you should better not fool around with people's money by launching your products in those countries. I recently bought an HD7 only to be greeted by a wonderful message that MarketPlace is not yet available in your region. I cant even watch Youtube on this phone. If iOS, Nokia and Android Markets are available throughout the world then why cant your services be available around the world? Either you guys are too lazy or want to just rob people of their money. On the other side i tried to get an AppHub account, and again the service was not available. A Microsoft rep directed me to YallaApps, some shitty Microsoft partner that charges $50 for updating your phone to Mango beta. Then charges $20 for updating your app in the Marketplace. To top it all, you recieve only 50% of your earnings on paid apps through Yallapps, 30% retained by Microsoft, 20% retained by Yallaapps. Really, Microsoft?

  • captainjy
    14 Posts

    I hate to say this, but when you only have 12 customers who have bought your product because A) you failed to recognize the market trends and demand B) fail(ed) to advertise, odds are someone will likely be happy.   I see Windows Phone 7 bowing out and soon.

  • bettybtt7
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  • bettybtt7
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  • bettybtt7
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  • bettybtt7
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  • bettybtt7
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  • bettybtt7
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  • bettybtt7
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  • Jazmac
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    I am very satisfied with WP7. I dropped the ad agency OS when I finally got to understand from watching a few youtube videos what purpose of the tiles / hubs are.  But those are only a small part of the story with this WP7.  This phone simply works. This is all I want.

    I don't want to do XDA surgery on my phone because it wasn't done right the first time. I am done with the force close crap. The laggy screens, skins and fake IOS / WP7 look-a-like junk. Now, no disrespect to the well meaning developers who build this stuff for android. Its fun stuff for a lot of them but I just don't want any of it on my phone anymore.   I'm happy with the HTC Arrive, its battery life and responsiveness. It just works. I'm running the developer build of Mango RTM and it is really awesome.

  • Uhm
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    I would like to get hold hold of one of these new Nokia devices to test my up and coming app on and see how they perform since I'm sure they will probably be the most popular devices knowing Nokia's price points - any chance of that happening any time soon?

  • I am curious about the number of people surveyed. While this is supposed to be great news for us WP7 users, I can't imagine it was consistent in terms of number of users surveyed (compared to iOS, Android and Blackberry). Also, I would venture a guess that most current WP7 users are early adopters who are rooting for the OS. This would affect the survey, too.

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    For what it's worth, I was at a movie theater yesterday and when it came time to silence your phone, I noticed 3 different people who had WP7 phones.  

    Hopefully MS will have Mango released before the iOS5 and new iPhone!  If they want a gain in marketshare,this is a MUST.  WP7 will fail if MS cannot accomplish this.

  • @hondaboy press and hold to get the cursor you can place to delete a single letter

  • I just bought a LG windows7 phone.  I'm having problems downloading apps from marketplace. Can't find answers to fix problem. Can't contact marketplace. Now I remember why I despise windows live!

  • I hated my BlackBerry Storm and was very glad to see the back of it.  However, the WP7 that my IT dept has forced me to have, is, without a doubt, the most frustrating phone that I have ever encountered.

    I can't change the keyboard for something that actually works.

    I can't edit a letter inside a word, rather, I have to delete the entire word and start again.

    After using Swype, the keyboard entry is archaic

    Bing Maps are a joke

    CamCard doesn't populate my contacts list...because Microsoft won't let it have access.

    I can't multi-task

    and on and on it goes.

    However, the absolute worst thing is that this bloody phone refuses to connect to my hands-free kit in my car.  Everything else will...and I mean everything.  I've yet to find another phone that won't connect.

    Why does Microsoft even bother trying to compete when it is starting from so far behind the other phone operating systems?

    Sure, if you just want to make a phone call and send the odd e-mail, it's fine.  But, if you really want to actually use your smartphone (in this case a bit of a misnomer), look to Android.


  • I've had an Samsung Omnia 7 since mid-November on 3 and I'm delighted with the phone, I was one of the original UK guys who queued for an iPhone on launch, then went to a iPhone 3G, I just fancied a change and it was cheaper to get the Omnia 7 than an iPhone 4 & I have no regrets.  Actually when I use a friend's iPhone now it feels very out of date comparied to WP7.  Don't get me wrong, when the iPhone came out it blew everything else away but Apple seem to be resting on their laurels.  And the Zune software is so much better than iTunes.

    I'm also a big fan of WebOS, the wife has a Palm Pre and it's a lovely operating system as well, but stuck in horribly outdated hardware in my opinion.

  • I am very satisfied, now let's move onto mango...

  • giunda
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    apple iOs is heading, but I fell in the future, all thing is change

  • abm
    268 Posts

    I have HTC surround. It worked fine for few weeks. Then I was caught by the lock screen swiping problem, i.e. unable to swipe the lock screen in first place. Sometimes, it swipes off in first attempt, but mostly its way stickier and requires multiple attempts (3-4, 7-8 and even 15-20 times!). The worst part is: I am unable to receive the calls.

    I guess this irritating problem is not new for many. Otherwise, you can bing/google 'WP7 lock screen' and you can count the reported problems. This problem is not confined to HTC, some LG and Samsung users have reported this issue as well. Please enlighten me; does it mean it’s the problem with OS? If so, would it be fixed in upcoming Mango release or my WP7 is bugged forever? Please advise.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    @Sam11: don't agree about the 3 months.   This is a marathon, not a sprint.   Our problems have to do more with perception than reality, and only good marketing and/or word-of-mouth can turn that around.   Suggest everyone that is "Very Satisfied" with Windows Phone 7, show their phone to someone who doiesn't have it yet.  If you're a developer and have the Mango beta, show that.   Everyone who is very satisified should go to a carrier store and inquire frankly why the phone is not displayed prominently.   As them questions about the phone, and look very disappointed if they don't know.

    Then talk to their manager and ask why no one has the training to sell the phone.

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7.1!


  • jackleung
    13 Posts

    @Kenny Rawlins, I have no plan to sell it.  I am kind of like a collector that kept all the devices I own.

    @Curtieson, FB integration is great (in fact, social network integration is not unique feature on WP7 only.  Android's OEM like Samsung Social hub and HTC Sense provide extra support like Linkedin/Twitter/MySpace/Gtalk).  It's seems you don't realize many features are missing if you claim we don't need that specific app.  e.g.  "Like" to commenter's comment (even on my Focus Mango beta2).  Facebook/Yelp sucks is just some of many examples.   Lacking 3rd party browser, and music/video player are another problem with WP7 currently if we are talking about software experience (built-in sucks in feature-wise).

  • Sam11
    1 Posts

    I agree with tsrblke.

    The OS rocks, but you need to advertise it properly and show off the features. The UI is a major draw, yet we don't see it int he ads. Please read this post over at WMPowerUser

  • Great read Brian,

    I am currently on Sprint using the EVO4G but have tested the HTC Arrive, Surround and Samsung Focus for a blog site. I would trade my Evo for an HTC Arrive at any moment for the integration that WP7 offers. The problem is, by the time my upgrade is due, we'll be in to Mango and a whole new set of devices... But on to a more serious note...

    Currently the state of Windows Phone 7 is in the hands of a bunch of ninnies at the carrier stores. They are morons that don't understand what the average smartphone user does. It's about what gets me a commission check and how fast can I get you out the door. The average user is all about Facebooking, Tweeting and Texting... Emailing, a bit of browsing and maybe some mobile entertainment.

    WP7 does a better job of integrating these pieces than any other OS but not a single person is shown how to make it work. I control the purchasing decisions on mobile equipment for our company. Our staff had been running Windows Mobile for the longest time, but the lag between 6.1 and 7 was just too long and everyone decided to move to Android instead. The same issue is happening with Mango now, older, outdated hardware is populating the 'dusty' section of the stores with bigger and better things to come.

    We thought a great idea would be to cash in on that 'Save yourself from your phone" campaign with a phone swap. Bring in your current smartphone and swap it free of charge for a new Windows Phone device. Sure, the carrier can get the 'free extension' on the contract, a device they can refurbish and resell later, but the End User and Microsoft each get a bonus - a new Windows Phone FREE... User gets the device - Microsoft gets another tick on the satisfied user base and % points in the OS race.

    Just my thoughts here, but to make a great product known, you need to get it out there.

  • Curtieson
    12 Posts

    @jackleung - If you have the phone "to collect dust".  Sitting in a drawer would be the worst place for it apart from inside a sealed plastic bag.  The Facebook App for WP7 sucks because there is no reason for it!  I think the reason you don't like your phone is you don't realize the benefits it gives us with built in FB integration...

  • KR
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    let me know if you want to sell your focus and the price to

  • jackleung
    13 Posts

    @FTC.  I think I can call myself a Windows power user as well since I cook rom (Dell Axim X51v, Eten M600, Asus P525, HTC Tytn II, Sony X1) and distribute them on XDA.  Do WP7 stop me from tweaking it?  No, because that's how we can get Nodo before AT&T "tested" it!

    With the current bug lists and missing features, crappy BT, Outlook sync, tethering, missing Skype/Windows Live messenger/navigation software, worst apps experience (e.g. Yelp, Facebook ...etc ) among all mobile platforms.  I fully understand why no one (including myself) would recommend WP7 atm.  My Samsung Focus is currently sitting in my drawer to collect dust .....

  • Conny
    60 Posts


    I absolutely agree with you. I'm currently on iOS but will be switching to Win7 this fall. I'm actually just waiting for new hardware.

    That said, I do my own homework. I'm currently reading everything I can about Windows Phones but the same can't be said for everyone else out there just shopping for a new phone. What bothers me the most seems to be the lack of  advertising in regards to the Windows Phone platform as well as available hardware. Not a day goes by that I don't see iOS or Android phones advertised on television. But MS is definitely lacking.

    Walk into any of my local AT&T stores and associates are falling over themselves trying to sell you the latest iPhone or Android Gadget, but when you specifically ask them about Windows Phone 7 they immediately get negative. In one store in particular, I was told that the manager is agressively dissuading his own employees to purchase a Windows Phone for themselves, or even offer it to their customers.

    When I ask specific questions about Windows phones, most of the associates either pretend to have no clue, or they seriously do not know everything this OS can do right out of the box.

    MS has to start getting the word out there via available Media as well as make sure that stores are actually trying to sell their product, not ignore them because of android or Apple fanboys.

    MS, you have created an incredible product here. Stop relying on your customers to sell it for you.


    Typed on my iPhone 4. And yes, I hope it makes Steve cry!

  • As a mac user, I have no regrets turning in my iphone for a WP7. I absolutely love it. I agree with a previous post that for WP to really take off, apps are key.

  • @Brian Seitz -- Add me to list of Very Satisfied customers. WP7 has to be the best first version of any first version MSFT has done.  My HTC Surround has flawlessly worked out of the box.  Mango updates appear to be able to fix most of my complaints.  One thing I would love to see is integration with Windows Media Center.  Our household is switching off our Comcast cable box and it would be nice to have seamless integration from phone to access recorded shows, update recording schedules, and stream live TV.  There are third party apps that do some of these functions; however, I think MSFT could do much better job of it.

    The other item I would love is to see is a switch in Zune setup.  As a Zune pass user, I would love to have a web app that allows for syncing downloads to the multiple devices I have registered.  This way I do not have to store all my music locally on my phone or remember to add that album to my packet.  I just head to the website, check off a few albums and they are delivered to my phone.  I could then see which songs, albums all my devices have in one spot.

    @tsrblke -- As a fellow Weight Watchers user, I was disappointed by their WP7 app.  However, my dietitian just pointed me to a new site  The site and WP7 app are free.  It does have a point system like WW; it just does a straight display of calories consumed.  The nice thing is that it also gives you a picture of actual nutritional values of food consumed.  It has been a week and I’m a fan so far.

  • FTC
    6 Posts

    ...I bought my HTC Mozart the frist week it was available in Germany. Until then, I was what you call a "Poweruser" of Windows Mobile, tweaking and flashing what ever I could lay my hands on. I spend hours and days tweaking and flashing..... Since I am using WP7, I don't feel this urge any more. Everything works "out of the box" ...or at least almost. So I am not surprised about the level of satisfaction of WP7. What saddens  me is the lack of awarness of WP7 in the market. Sales staff in the shops only recommend iPhone or Android, most have no clue about WP7 and scare the customers away, telling them that WP7 is buggy, slow and old technologie. While I think that Microsoft is doing an excellent job with the developement of the OS, they are failing completly in the PR and advertising department. There are no catchy messages for the consumers to entice them to have a look for a WP7 device.

    Apple and Android have TV commercials all day long, either from the providers of the hardware makers...WP7?

    Nothing!  I really wonder how this 500 Million dollars advertising budget is being spent. WP7 is so good and it really deserves a much better and stronger presentation in the market.....

  • jackleung
    13 Posts

    @Parrotlover77, I fully agree with "feedback doesn't really address people who demoed it in a store, didn't like it, and went with Apple or Android."  In additional to that, there are people like me that are disappointed by the slow bug fix, recent update issues, and jump ship to other platform.

    I am one of the user that starts from WM > WP7 > Android.  Tried Mango beta 2 recently on my Focus.  A2DP over video still not working (MS, fixed that crappy BT please!).  Bing Map navigation is simply a joke ATM (I am not comparing it to Google Navigation on Android.  Even Microsoft MapPoint with advanced GPS add-in I used 10 years ago is still much better than this Bing Map navigation).  With the current pace of WP7 improvement, I really don't see how WP7 will change it's market share.

  • Considering that WP7's sales are miniscule compared to iPhone/Android, what this really says is that the people seek out WP7 like it.  No suprise there.  I jumped ship from Windows Mobile to Android because WP7 doesn't fit -- at all -- into my lifestyle.  

    This feedback doesn't really address people who demoed it in a store, didn't like it, and went with Apple or Android.

    What's shocking is the satisfaction for IOS!  All I hear from my users at work (I'm a sysadmin) is complaints about iPhone.  The Android users seem to mostly keep quiet, but they tend to be a lot more self-sufficient than the needy needy iPhone users.  I suppose the iPhone users probably, in the end, blame Microsoft since it must be Exchange's fault and not Apple's fault for Apple's poor Exchange compatibility.  My personal favorite is how the iPhone apparently tries to continually reauthenticate when authentication fails.  So if you fat-finger your password, your account locks after several minutes because the phone keeps trying again and again without prompting you.  lol.  Good times.  But I digress...

  • xCasey
    1 Posts

    I love my Windows Phone 7!

    I have read a few articles lately about the cell phone companies discouraging people from buying WP7 and it bothers me.  I had the same experience at Sprint when I traded my Evo for my Arrive.  They were almost insulted by the fact I would get rid of my Android.  They suggested everything under the sun including a Blackberry before they finally gave up.  After using the phone and loving it I am even more confused and irritated that people are being diverted away from Windows.  I am assuming this is somewhat common from what I have read and I hope it is being taken care of somehow.  This is an amazing operating system and I would hate to think people are not even getting a chance to see it in action!

  • Great points everyone, I appreciate the feedback.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    I personally can´t use this arguement to,because first the user base of WP compared to the others is very small,and for those who do or care about statistics you know that the larger the sample the more normally distributed it is likely to be .in simple words for the antimaths,i mean the larger the user base the more reflective of reality will the analyses be.

    secondly,i haven´t done a survey or mild research on the constitution of the user base of WP7 but i am pretty convinced it is mostly made up of former WM users and some previous dumb phone users and a few who don´t care about tech.and in all these users i bet more than 80% are Microsoft fanboys(including me at the top of the list),though some being more fanboys than others.

    All WP users i have met say they are very satisfied,but when i ask them if they´ll recommend it to someone else they say may be in the future but not now for sure.just few say they´ll recommend(Disclaimer:this is just a rough survey  with a sample less than 50 people classify it as aside)

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    My poor wording aside, what I meant was to go "induce" developers to get those apps on WP7. I realize they'll be 3rd party (which is good!).  Some of them may be redundant to OS features (which you could skip I suppose) and some may not be releavant to the WP7, never the less as a guidepost, having the developers of the top apps on your platform too is going to be a must.

    On that note, it isn't always going to work to merely have a competing app. I'll use Foursquare as an example.  (Fair Disclosure, I don't use much Foursquare, I don't get it as a trend) The origial Foursquare app was a piece of crap.  Yes, there was 4th and Mayor, and yes it worked very well and did wonderful things.  But it wasn't Foursquare.  For all of us power users, that's fine, we go through the applists, look up all the reviews, pick the coolest app.  The mass Market just wants to be able to hit "Foursquare" and be on their way.

    Another good example would be the New Weight Watchers app (I'm trying to be a healthy geek).  There was an unsufferable delay waiting for it, and it sucks compared to the iPhone and (admittedly new) Android apps.  On that one there isn't even a suitable 3rd (4th?) party app.  MS needs to "intice" devs to fill this hole.  Merely having tons of apps isn't going to be enough.

    On baking things into the OS.  I'm of two minds on this.  I like the idea of having a lot of features baked into the OS.  Phone OS's are slim, I don't think it makes things anymore bloated since featuers aren't running (like they would on a Desktop OS.)  As I've said before "You need an app for that?!" could be MS's new tagline (All rights reserved, me right?).  On the flipside of things though I worry it has a chilling effect on developers.  What must the developers of Shazam be thinking now that MS has baked in Music IDing that's going to be better than what they built?  Probably "Screw that we're done with WP7."  If that spreads too far, and developers get cold feet, the platform is in trouble.  I realize there is some tension between what I said above and this, its not entirely irreconcilable though.  First one is looking at consumers, the other devs.  Second a chilling effect need not neccisarily reflect what consumers are doing (for all we know, even after Mango, Shazam will be a top selling app in the Marketplace, Devs still may be concerned that MS is going to step on them though.)

  • tribexx
    8 Posts


    Is there a place to submit defects/enhancements? Or do we just need to complain/ask over and over on different sites? I love the phone and my question is not a sarcastic one, I'm serious...lots of companies have no area to do this.

  • rlmetheny: Yes, there is a way to search for company data.

    Tap People / Search, Enter your search expression. Then scroll to the bottom of the results and tap seach Outlook directory.

  • I think that apple fanboys are lying - not just on surveys but to themselves too.

  • Brian,

    A couple things. I really enjoy using my HTC Arrive. I have two, what I consider to be, major issues with the platform:

    1) Lack of hardware options on carriers. I'd love to have the HD7S on Sprint, for example. I know that a lot of things are pending with Mango's release, so I'm waiting patiently, but please push this point hard in time for the holidays.

    2) Lack of timely updates. As you're well aware, the timeliness of updates for WP7 has been, well, terrible for many devices and carriers. This is something you will have to take control of and fix-- starting with Mango. Do not allow carriers to hold you back.

    And FWIW, I am definitely in the group of "very satisfied" users! :)

  • @tsrblke, don't assume that every app should be created by Microsoft.  First off, I'll be you can't get two people or organizations to agree on what the top 200 apps are for iOS or Android (you can't necessarily go by # of downloads or purchases).  Second, I'll be most of the apps that are popular on iOS or Android are third-party.  So, if you want to be constructive, why don't you try to see what even the top 25 apps are and see if those are also on WP7.  Then, initiate an email campaign to get those developers to port the missing apps over to WP7.  Personally, at this point, I can't think of any apps that are missing, other than ones that require the Mango update in order to function.

  • my mom has a windos 7 phone and it meeses up a lot she tells me all about it so from what i see it stills got alot of buge in it

  • Sheeds
    205 Posts

    Hi Brian,

    Just some thoughts on WP7.  The company I work for in Australia now has WP7 handsets on the approved company smartphone list for selected employees (no iFruit option).  I have now noticed half a dozen or so colleagues that have grabbed either an LG or HTC handset for business (and personal use) - and the ones I have spoken to all really love it!

    They love the UI, the design, ease of use, and implementation of WP7.  The old " just works" - but with the added "...and I love HOW it works".

    I think the ball is really rolling now, with Mango, Nokia and GEN2 handsets going to set things up for a Killer 2012.  On top of this - I have noticed a number of significant price reductions on WP7 handsets with carrier plans and outright sales, clearing stock I imagine in the lead-up to GEN2 arrivals in mid-late Q4.

    WP7 right now presents a very compelling 12m plan option, with Mango advised as coming to all handsets.  Being a Samsung Focus owner in Australia - I love my phone - and just hope Samsung and MS can work out the issues plaguing this OEM's offerings.

    I have also had a surge in interest for my site (re-branding it this week and wpcentral story features has helped) - with being THE Aussie site to hit-up on WP7 news, info, stories etc.

    Bigger and better to come guys! :)

  • SDreamer
    11 Posts

    Looking good. The one thing that has always dissatisfied my experience with Microsoft products is the lack of unification within the products. This is seeming to change with Windows Live, but there are still large holes, even between the Live Desktop software and Live itself, the desktop software is lacking a bunch of features that the Live sites have, but the advantage of the Essentials is the offline access to email, calendars, etc. Another example I can think of is Windows Media Player. What's the point of Windows Media Player and Zune software. They both essentially do the same things, each has advantages over the other (WMP seems to play more video files beacuse of codecs), and instead of somehow integrating Windows devices to use WMP, Zune software is born to sync Zunes and Window Phones. It's things like this that are annoying me with my experience. That said, it does look like everything is finally falling together for once.

  • tsrblke
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    As you may already know, I love my WP7, and the Focus seems to be the phone built to be a good Windows Phone!  But take note of the end of your linked artcile on splatf, It's up to you guys and your partners (key there since they aren't helping methinks) to sell this platform.  Us crazy evangelists can't do it alone.  Best I've manged to do is get one person to switch to WP7, and a few people to abandon iPhones (they went to droid though.)

    Apps are going to be crucial, all the people who I try to get to switch it's the first thing they ask about.  Find the top 200 iphone and droid apps and make sure you have them on WP7

  • Hi Brian

    Regarding connecting with "People", I have a question/comment/request.

    Am I missing something in settings, or when doing a search in People, can you not search the company data?

    Remember, most (many?) WP users use it as a business tool, not a social toy.  Those folks are on iPhone...

    Myself, I have thousands of business contacts and at 56 I can't seem to remember all of their names!!  I would really like to be able to "opt in" to include company name data in the search, or do a strictly company search, and then see all of the contacts in that company.

    If I'm just an old noob and this is already an available option, please point me in the right direction

    ATT Samsung Focus

    Thanks  Randy