Update brief – Samsung Focus v.1.4

Update brief – Samsung Focus v.1.4

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Hello everyone.

Updates for the Samsung Focus v.1.4 at ATT have been tested. 

We’re now expediting scheduling.  Michael or I will jump on the thread inside the next 24 hours to help you understand when you’ll be able to update.

When the update is ready for your phone you will receive an alert, then you connect your phone to your PC to download and install the new software.  You’ll receive 2 back-to-back notifications.  The first is for the 7008 update.  Once installed, you can then immediately update to 7392 (which will also include the 7390 “copy and paste” update).  Head over to Update Central for help and how-to and additional troubleshooting instructions if you need them.


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  • roteague
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    "I got on EBay to bid on a 'Mickey Mouse outfit' and I ended up owning the entire Windows Phone team."

    This team just bumbles along, one goof after another. Can't even get a minor security update rolled out. Concentrated so much on 1.4, just plain forgot, or ignored 1.3. The reason you keep getting hammered, is simply because people are fed up with the level of incompetence coming out of MS with regards to WP. You don't see Apple pulling this kind of nonsense ... probably the reason it's eating Microsoft's lunch.

  • KR
    503 Posts

    Apparently the 1.3 users are now the ones with the faultive hardware.gotta love microsofts update strategy :(.so happy i own a HTC HD7 which runs flawless,updates as soon as Microsoft releases(even before the carrier sends me a notification) and has awesome specs(but for the purple-ish Camera image quality on all HTC´s smartphones) still no big deal

  • V 1.4 ONLY - What is happening for those of us with v 1.3 phones?


  • Update: Focus v1.4 now running 7392.  The 7008 update applied pretty quickly (<20m), then the 7392 update.  The latter took quite a bit longer because of the device backup and I didn't think to clear music/movies before updating.  Will definitely do so before applying Mango dev beta and just sync things back afterwards

  • Didn't get a notice right away, but just plugged my phone in and Zune told me there was an update as well.  Update underway!!!

  • smorral
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    I just got update notice on my focus, updating now

  • @Kenny Rawlins It actually says "We're now EXPEDITING scheduling" so hopefully that means it's not going to take more than a couple of days.

  • @ Kenny Rawlings

    True that scheduling can take up to 10 days.  I don't expect I'll have the update tonight, but they did say they'd provide an update within 24 hours as to when we could expect to see the update.  Hoping for < 10 days since they are trying to expedite the process...

  • KR
    503 Posts


    actually the update is not yet being delivered,"we are expecting scheduling",so you probably start checking zune as from the 26 considering that scheduling can take up to 10days

  • Just lending my info to the status count: I'm on 1.3 and Zune still says I'm up to date.  Hopefully we'll see something rolling later tonight.   Oh, and I've got the Kingston 32GB card in mine.....loving it!

  • Sorry for the double post, but I should've said "Where's the update to this thread regarding when we can expect to see the Windows Phone update for the v1.4.

  • It's been over 24 hours since this post, where's the udpate?  I've been waiting for this update since shortly after I received my Focus.  Unfortunatley I didn't know before then about the v1.4 (nor did ATT or MS I guess).  I've veered many away from issues since by instructing them to force the ATT rep to check they were getting a 1.3 when purchasing.

  • @Nathan - I've been using a 32GB MicroSD card (purchased from and installed by AT&T) in my Focus since day one. It caused the phone to crash a lot at first, but since I got the NoDo update, it's been smooth sailing.

    I'm hoping this news means we'll finally get 7392.

  • adesio
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    I couldn't be more excited :) kinda wanna wait a couple days after others have updated to ensure the update is safe, but my need for nodo may just take over :D

  • @tsrblke

    Unfortunately I have tried that, and still nothing. I've tried plenty of things but nothing works. But I hope this solves the issue, or, if Samsung  and MS were to release a fix to the Focus like what they did with the Omnia 7 to fix the exact same error, that would be good too. And is it weird that I've been getting update notifications?

  • gahbmwm5
    16 Posts

    @tsrblke ,

    Thanks as that is what I thought...Man I am 'tempted' to put on a copy of Mango Beta 2 files, but been utilizing a very cautious approach....lol

    With my ole WM6.5 Blackjack I & II devices, I would not hesitate to head over to xda to flash and flash...but  Mango looks to be 'on track' for a hopefully Sept. release so I will sit tight....until then...lol

    Don't want to take any chances on having a $500 paper weight!  :)  (Voiding the warranty.........)

  • D-Burrs
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    So... close...  I think I'm going to copy and paste everything and anything I find for the next week or so....

  • tsrblke
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    I'd imagine that phones with NoDo (7390) will just go to 7392 like every other phone that went in logical progression.  7008 (which you already have passed) is required for all updates and 7392 is just a roll up so you can skip 7390 if you didn't get it (or in the future if you buy a phone that's still sporting 7004 for example.)

  • baron164
    16 Posts

    Wahoo, thanks for the update Eric. I've looking forward to this.

  • Nathan
    6 Posts

    That's nice news. I have a 1.3 Focus, so I have been running 7390.

    However, I am hoping there will be news about a certified 32GB Micro SD card soon. That's the one thing keeping me from using my phone for basically everything.

  • gahbmwm5
    16 Posts

    Yes, good news and am curious as to how this update will actually work on my  Rev1.3 Focus_AT&T unbranded device that has had no Walshie forced updates...As I have had 7390 NoDo (Copy and Paste) update for a while now..

    Will we also get a two part update, one with 7390 and then one with 7392...SSL security update....Will one overwrite my currect 7390 OS...?

  • On one hand, great you get the update to the people, on the other hand the "great update experience"® is really an epic fail untill now. If it is not going better on mango, wp7 would be on a good way to fail.

  • Finalyy!!! All Windows phones will be updated to 7392.. Any update on the Mango beta for Focus?? I hope,I really hope MS and Samsung don't mess up Mango update!!. Please don't!!! Hope you have learned form the NODO update issues. There is no point in having a great OS, a great ecosystem but updates like Android! (every hardware getting updated at different time).

  • This is great news.  I have a 1.3 version, currently updated with NoDo, so this will be a small update for me....but I'm just darned happy to finally get up to date as we wail for Mango in the fall.

  • Now I just hope Mango gets to me on time. Sigh.

  • bigjim01
    27 Posts

    Sweet! I am glad to hear news on the update. The Samsung Focus is a great phone, add 32 GB microSD card and you have the largest capacity for a phone in the market, at least last time I checked.

  • What about the micro sd issue, we don't have any news for that.

  • brianm76
    61 Posts

    @Opus5001 I like your thinking.  This would definitely The bitter taste I have regarding this update process can be fixed by the sweet taste of Mango!

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    Have you tried this: support.microsoft.com/.../2484484 (via Google!)

    @ecenick  Ah that's where it is.. Thanks for the info.  I really have no interest in removing my battery.  Since I got to upgrades we'll assume I have 1.3 ;)

  • This is good news. However, do you have any idea why I can't update my Focus Rev 1.3? I keep getting error 801812C1 and I'm hoping the 1.4 update might help. Anyone have any idea?

  • ecenick
    2 Posts


    The version is listed under the battery (Rev x.x)

  • @Bill Walter:

    "If I get offered the 3792 update on a version 1.3 Samsung Focus should I avoid installing it since it might turn my phone into a defective version 1.4 phone?"

    No.  You are confusing OEM product revisions with Software revisions.  Due to memory part shortages, Samsung had to use another part, which tye revised their device version number.  So, upgrading the Windows Phone OS to 7392 will not magically turn your Samsung Focus v1.3 phone into a 1.4 phone, unless someone has figured out how to use software to PHYSICALLY replace PHYSICAL hardware (that is obviously a joke and cannot happen.)

  • Krush You
    94 Posts

    @wqwalter - the 7392 update was halted for the Samsung Focus ver 1.3 & 1.4 - there is no way to only release the update for one device and not the other - so once the update goes through all Samsung Focus owners should get the most recent up to 7392

  • Neverind about the artist lockscreen issue. I'm stupid. It was in the settings menu. I feel sheepish, but not iSheepish.

  • wqwalter
    10 Posts

    Can anyone provide a detailed technical explaination of this Samsung memory issue?

    Does this update actually fix the phone so it is compatable with future updates or is it always going to require a 5 month delay to create a custom upgrade?

    What is the difference between 1.3 and 1.4 version phones that actually prevents the update from installing properly? Is it that the memory change actually has defective bytes that have to be mapped out of use like bad sectors on disk drives and that requires custom software that is unique to the 1.4 phones?

    If one is offered a version 1.4 phone should they avoid it like the plague? Is there a version 1.5 that fixes the problem or are all new Samsung phones defective?

    I have 4 version 1.3 Samsung Focus phones and they seem to be fine except they never got the final 3792 update. They did get the 3790 update.

    If I get offered the 3792 update on a version 1.3 Samsung Focus should I avoid installing it since it might turn my phone into a defective version 1.4 phone?

    Bill Walter

  • Off topic, but does anyone have any problems with the artist lockscreen not working in the Mango beta? I haven't been able to get it to change to artist pictures on the lockscreen when playing music.

  • If only they could have expedited the fix in the first place (6 months is NOT expediting) .  But hey at least MS can expedite scheduling and here I thought the carriers had pretty much neutered them.

  • Opus5001
    10 Posts

    Yay!  Now hear's a thought.  Wouldn't it be nice if we long suffering Focus 1.4 owners were to be the first to receive the Mango update?  :)

  • Developers with focus 1.4 didn't get any update

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts

    So is this gonna turn 7392 updating on for all Foci? (Focuses?) I have Nodo from a vanilla update (no Chevron or the like) so I imagine it's a 1.3 (I don't actually know where to look.) but never got 7392.  Also do we expect updating to be more predictable going forward now that the 1.4 issue is known??

  • Does this update contain a firmware update from Samsung?

    If so, is it possible that developers who upgraded to Mango already will be able to get this firmware? (I would doubt that the general dev mango beta 2 would contain individual firmwares for every OEM.)

    And, what procedure is required to get the firmware? Resetting device back to backup state, then updating with firmware version, then updating back to mango?

  • @Cowsland

    Well, 7392 includes NoDo, so I'm assuming it will either upgrade or overwrite the NoDo that you have.

  • What about people who have already installed NoDo on their 1.4 foci.

    Will they be able to update ?

  • ecenick
    2 Posts

    YAY! Thanks Eric. Do we know about the Mango Beta 2 for 1.4 Foci. I remember hearing mid July but I'm patient.

  • Thanks Eric.  I'm glad this is in the final stages of being resolved.  I truly hope you have ways of preventing scenarios like this in the future, especially with Mango update later this year.