The Weekly Wrap: A killer game, a fruity contest, and a Space Shuttle salute

The Weekly Wrap: A killer game, a fruity contest, and a Space Shuttle salute

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Hey everyone. Greetings from beautiful (and scorching hot!) Toronto. I’ve been vacationing here with family this week—and putting my Mango-loaded phone through its paces. It’s been a great holiday helper, keeping the kids entertained and helping me quickly pinpoint nice places to eat and drink near our hotel. Given my focus on relaxation, I went heavy on game-related news this week. Tell me what you think!

Tentacles wows reviewers

Looking for an app to make your fruit phone friends jealous? Fire up Tentacles, a new Xbox LIVE title that’s exclusive to Windows Phone. In their review, the folks at WMPU declared it a smash hit and shot a nice video review of the game, which debuted earlier this week. I dare you to watch the first few seconds and not run to Marketplace for a copy.

App picks from the New York Times

In his App Smart column this week, the New York Times’ Bob Tedeschi picks his favorite Windows Phone apps. If you’re new to Windows Phone, it makes a good shopping list (and even veterans might find a surprise). Tedeschi does have a few quibbles with Marketplace search results and the ability to browse apps on a Mac—both of which will be addressed in Mango. So hang on, Bob!

New behind-the-scenes Mango tours

This week we published a couple of fun videos on our official YouTube channel that take you behind the scenes of Mango. Each short clip introduces one of the engineers who make Windows Phone and provides a chatty overview of changes to various features. This one features the People Hub.

10 must-have games for Windows Phone

WMPU’s Andrew Bares provides his take on the 10 titles anyone with a Windows Phone should have in their Games Hub.  ”This isn’t a list of the best games overall, it’s simply a list of games you should definitely have!” he notes. Check out the list

Win a Fruit Ninja-themed Windows Phone 7

Here’s a juicy opportunity for Fruit Ninja fans. Microsoft is offering a chance to win a Fruit Ninja-themed Windows Phone and Xbox 360 as part of its new Fantastic Fun and Fruit sweepstakes. To enter, just text SPLATTERMELON to 76060 by July 24th.  (If you miss the deadline, you’ll have another chance when the contest is rerun between August 26 and 28.) You have to be 18 years old and a U.S. resident to enter. To learn more, see the official contest rules.

And finally…

The Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down this week, marking the end of a era for NASA and manned space flight. The good news: Atlantis is alive and well on Windows Phone. To commemorate the final shuttle flight, Flying Development Studio has released a new update for its popular and highly-regarded flight sim, Infinite Flight. Here’s a peek.

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  • Mod74
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    I don't really use Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin much. I do use Xbox a lot though. That's *Microsoft* Xbox in case you forgot. Can I ask why third party services get such close integration whilst Xbox is shoved out into an app like a second class citizen.

  • @ stefan00 - VPN may not be there, but I do remote desktop just fine on my Windows Phone. See this -

  • stefan00
    11 Posts

    All nice, but what I need more is VPN

  • I can certainly agree one view. Tentacles is bleedin' amazing. I absolutely love the game.

  • Razor
    53 Posts

    The People Hub is looking better and better =) Really looking forward to Mango!

  • @davidanaxagoras they offer an sms service to notify you of new xbox live wp7 games, it was on several different websites a couple weeks ago (wpcentral, wmpoweruser) that it was coming out this week, there was a blog post about it coming out a few weeks ago, it's your fault for not knowing it was out. And the marketplace hasn't recommended Doodle Jump to me at all. I admit a few older apps have been featured, but it is generally current apps.

  • App store has been recommending "Doodle Jump" and a pile of other old crusty apps for ages. Would have appreciated knowing Tentacles was released. App discovery in the marketplace is TERRIBLE.

  • not to detract from you and your post, which I enjoyed, but where is the Windows Phone Radio?