Windows Phone Radio - 36

Windows Phone Radio - 36

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This week on Windows Phone Radio, Matt and Brian invite Todd Biggs and JP Wollersheim to the podcast studio. Todd talks about some of the cool enhancements to the App Hub for our developer friends, and JP talks about photos and imaging. We had another run in with some mic technology fail, I was able to get our guest’s levels up, but it is a little wonky to listen to at times. We have it fixed for next time, but this was a great show so I wanted to put on the air for you. You can find Windows Phone Radio in the Zune Marketplace, on iTunes and streaming here.

- Brian

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  • rads06
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    Hey guys great show.. here is a video of me uploading a photo to facebook from my blackberry..

  • Hey guys, that digital camera from Logitech was called a FotoMan. I still have mine that I bought in 1991 which means it's 20 years old now. I still have the MS Windows 3.0 installation disks, drivers and a computer with a serial port from that time so I can try it any time. My first photo ever published at a newspaper was made with this camera and I still have this issue from 1999 in my archives.

  • Great episode, as always! It took me a few days, but I found some time to make an entry for the Windows Phone camera speed test contest. I love my Windows Phone. Unfortunately, my sister is stuck with a terrible "feature phone." This entry is for her.

    The description contains additional details on the video, including a few fun facts.

  • Brien
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    Thanks, @wqwalter. Must have been a slip of the tongue. Perhaps he has a pre-release review copy of Perfectly Clear and he mistakenly mentioned it? Who knows.

  • wqwalter
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    Check with Athentech. They have a $200 version for the PC and a $2 version for iPhone but I cannot find a copy for WP7 yet? here is a link to a review.

  • Brien
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    JP recommended the Perfectly Clear app for photography. For the life of me, I can't find it in Marketplace. What am I missing?

  • tsrblke
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    Brian did say that the audio was broken, and they plan to have it fixed. ;)

  • Hey folks! Like the podcasts but HATE the audio. The guests on the podcast were almost inaudible most of the time. They had some great points but we could barely hear them. Give'em head phone and microphones if you must.Thanks guys and thank you for my Verizon Trophy! I absolutely Love the phone and look forward to Mango. If you need a test subject in the wild, I'm a volunteer! Thanks again!

  • Conny
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    Psh, who cares about wonky, as long as I get my WPR fix ;)

    And I finally caved. Used one of the lines on my phone plan to upgrade from the iPhone to a Samsung Focus. I have to say, I'm positively giddy.

    Thankfully I have two more lines available for an upgrade for later this year when Nokia finally lets us have their Windows Phone. And the Focus will go to one of my kids =D