Windows Phone “Mango” – Released to Manufacturing

Windows Phone “Mango” – Released to Manufacturing

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I wanted to drop into the Windows Phone Blog briefly to update you on an important milestone. Earlier this morning, the Windows Phone development team officially signed off on the release to manufacturing (RTM) build of “Mango” – the latest version of the Windows Phone operating system. This marks the point in the development process where we hand code to our handset and mobile operator partners to optimize Mango for their specific phone and network configurations. Here on the Windows Phone team, we now turn to preparing for the update process. The Mango update for current Windows Phone handsets will be ready this fall, and of course will come pre-installed on new Windows Phones.

In May, we officially took the wraps off of Mango, a release including hundreds of new features that create a smarter and easier approach to communications and apps, while delivering the best web experience. My favorites?

· Our unique new email Conversation View which helps me to efficiently participate in long email discussions with my friends and co-workers.

· Threads that bring together my text, IM, and Facebook chat all into one conversation.

· App Multitasking, enabling me to efficiently work on my email, listen to music, and then pop in and out of Words By Post games when it is my turn. Mango also connects apps to search results and deepens integration within the Hubs like Music and Video and Pictures.

· Internet Explorer 9 for fast web browsing and support for new HTML 5 web sites.

We can’t wait to get Mango in your hands so you can experience all the new features for yourself and give us feedback on where to go next. As we reach additional milestones we will be back to share more but until then, thank you for your support of Windows Phone.


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  • It's  too good

  • ood to hear! Now let's hope that the manufacturers and carrier will not delay this. Late August? Doubtful, but would be wonderful. :)

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  • Petraa
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    Microsoft hasn't messed with success here – Windows Phone 7.5 Mango has the same signature look as its predecessor, only better. I try to use on device and it works great.

  • db78
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    It supports PPTP VPN. I have a PPTP plan from and it works great on my Omnia 7.

  • soskert
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    Brilliant, I cant wait to play with the new features.

    Sam - <a href="">seo tips</a>

  • xebec
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    Existing AT&T users, we won't be getting Mango this year.  Spring or summer of 2012 is more likely.  Look how long it took for NODO.  Mango will be even longer.

  • Really looking forward to the new features. Any idea when AT&T might release it?

  • g33k86
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    Please surprise us with an update early September!!!

    Joe Belfiore better had been lying about his Twitter feed on Sept 2nd release date being a rumor...

  • Sadly Mango RTM 7720 still has the birthday bug unfixed. After more than two years the Office connector developers managed to get rid of the bug in Outlook connector, the shared code still remains in Mango.

    Hopefully any Microsoft guy using a windows phone himself reading this will take care of it. Any contact updated on the phone has its birthday set one day earlier in windows live due to a buggy code used in some MS products as well as iOS code.

    Please Microsoft, do not publish another big Update with this well known and often hated bug in it. Please fix it.

  • I'm really excited for the release of Mango and will be even more excited when the update becomes available. Just a few questions:

    1. Is the Yahoo mail app able to synchronise at time intervals less than 15 minutes? (Would be nice if it could match the Gmail app which is capable of retrieving your mail as soon as it gets to your inbox).

    2. Is it any easier to sync files (eg. word documents and excel files) to your phone? Perhaps a more direct method? This was a feature I loved and bragged about being able to do with Windows Mobile 6.1 and later. It's actually the feature that brought me to the Windows Mobile OS and was greatly disappointed when I realized it was missing from WP7.

    3. Is Windows Live Messenger integrated into Mango? (I think I read this somewhere earlier but can remember for certain).

    4. Will I be able to download the Mango update in the Caribbean? (I'll be heading there shortly for quite some time and really wouldn't like to lose out on this. I've realized that "Internationally available" things sometimes exclude such regions. Please tell me that Windows Phone is different).

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Petraa
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    Good information! It is very useful for me... That is an excellent point of view!


  • FlexIDK
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    Hello! I'm make migration my profile from US to Russian (, and lost my purshed history in Zune Marketplace (and WP7 apps)

    My answer:

    You cant fix this bug? More user frome other region, who use WP7 before launch lost purshed history.

    In my situation, i'm lost 150$.

  • wow... It's Nice info..

    I hope I Have This Phone..!

  • igrar
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    Dear Terry, i had chance to see the beta version, i am so much impressed that sold my iphone4 and made my omnia 7 as a primary device and looking forward to receiving the update as soon as possible.

    It is much more interesting to use than icon based ios and android. But I would be highly appreciative if only I could attach more than one document to an email message and were able to send pdf files as well since there is absolutely no way to do it. I dont ask , I beg wp7 development team to fix this and to add an option to attach documents along with photos from compose screen, this is vital for people like who are going to use it for business as well.

    i hope to see these ridiculously simple but important tasks in upcoming mango.

    Many thanks


  • alishan
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  • Can't wait for this update!  Thank you to the Windows Phone development team for bringing us the best of Microsoft for our phones!  I grow tired of hearing the negativity from Iphone users about those who choose to use and love the Windows Phone.  Continue the good work!

  • Awaiting this news for so long, I definitely prefer the platform and want to upgrade. App multitasking is really critical.

  • two more question....

    1) It will be great if birthdays of my contacts sync with my calendar, and for example I can see that  tommorow (today) one of my friend have a birthday....

    2) Why I cant save two mobile phones for a one contact, people can have few mobile phones...

    Dell Venue Pro, WP Mango 7712

  • There are stil two very very very important features missing in Mango! What about ability to take screenshots and what about VPN-Support? No VPN is the only reason why my company won't change iPhone to WP7. We talk about 1500 devices and I guess we are not the only ones who waiting for that feature! Is there anything planed? Maybe any minor update to bring this features to our devices soon?

  • saman
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    Hi, Does it support Persian Language??

  • saman
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    hi, i need bluetooth for transfer and resive file in my phone, i hope it will be fix in new update mango

  • I hope there's more color customizations, more colors, gradients or even pick your own color w/shades from a palette for both tiles and background would be AMAZING! That's seems to be the easiest addition and look forward to seeing this.

  • Great job. Really like the phone. I'm running Mango Beta 2 on an Omnia 7 - can we expect WiFi WPA2 in the final release ?

  • ooohh nice, i've been waiting for this.

  • tsrblke
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    Learning curves can be highly subjective.  My mother (technologically mediocre) went from an ipod touch to a Android phone with limited problems because the UI was similar enough, my wife (computer nerd) gets confused by my Windows phone when I hand it to her because she has an iphone, and they don't behave the same so she gets confused.

    Personally I'd say that moving from a dumbphone to a smart phone would put WP7 in the "easier to use category" but I could certainly see how moving from another smart phone to a windows phone would make the learning curve seem tough due to anchor effects and such.  Also press and hold does sometimes skip my mind ("OH! that's where that feature is!")

  • +1 for finally fixing the HEADPHONE/MICROPHONE CUT-OUT using non OEM Headphones on the HD7.  HTC admitted the bug a week before the update.  They said that they'd "Get around to a fix..."

  • has less of a learning curve?  I came from using PocketPC and Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7 and found I was whipping up a storm MUCH quicker than trying to help my wife master her clunky iPhone 4.  I think your assumption that iOS is somehow more intuitive is based on weak evidence.....certainly very subjective evidence.

  • Hanu
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    This is really cool. Using RTM build, I see lot of maturity in this software. Let us see how the hardware evolves on top of this.

  • Petraa
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    Can't wait to see! I am so exciting about it! I hope I could use Super VPN! Now I took works great!

  • CHfish
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    Q: Will I be able to open encrypted emails in Mango?

    A: It depends what you mean. Windows Phone Mango supports rights-managed (IRM) email. But it doesn’t support encrypted signed (S/MIME) email.

    Please tell me that Mango will be able to read signed them as WP 7.0 did (but Mango Beta 1/2 didn't) - otherwise my company and me will be forced to throw away any WP7 device because all corporate mail address always are S/MIME signed.

  • I_Mean
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    Although there are a lot of issues with Mango from inside, they might be fixed in later Tango, Appolo etc. But in order to attract the new buyers, the determining factors will be the hardware like the look of the device, storage and so on.

    This is also because for the new buyers who are coming from feature phone, they will have to go a thorough tutorial in order to understand and use the full mango feature unlike iOS which has less learning curve so it really doesn't matter for them on what is mango and how does it work since they are unlikely to spend a week on just learning the mango. This is the ugly truth about a new platform but the great part of this OS is it is really smooth, a different kind of experience that is not found in iOS (it has its own uniqueness compared to WP7) and far better than android. This is something I found on talking to few of the users of WP7, they don't know about the feature and don't bother to know because they don't spend time learning those and nobody is out there to show them how. All they cared was about the UI and its smoothness.

  • reded23
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    Thaks for the answers Terry, but are Linkedin contacts supossed to show up or not ?

  • wqwalter
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    I realize that the Beta release of mango to developers is mainly to get a jump start on building applications. Is there any documentation on the basic user experience features in Mango available? Also if I experience user experience bugs what is the proper place to post bug reports or is our feedback suppose to be limited to API and development questions and issues?

    Bill Walter

  • Thanks so much for all the comments and the great questions. We’re all excited that you’re so excited about Mango. Here are answers to some of your questions. Please continue to let us know what you think.

    Q: What will the OS version number for Mango be?

    A: The OS version will be Windows Phone 7.5.

    Q: Does Mango include a Chinese or Ukrainian language pack.

    A:  Mango does support the Chinese language. It also has a Ukrainian keyboard, but not a Ukrainian display language option. John McConnell’s recent post provides more details on Mango language support.

    Q: Does Mango support Arabic or Persian languages?

    A: Mango has very limited Arabic support and no support for Persian. Again, see John’s recent post for the specifics.

    Q: What about the Samsung Focus devices that haven’t received the 7392 update. When will they get it?

    A: Samsung Focus devices that haven’t yet been offered 7392 will get it as part of our next update to AT&T customers.

    Q: Will developers get the RTM to work with prior to general availability? If not, why?

    A: The post on the Developer Blog yesterday from Cliff Simpkins has a detailed answer to this.

    Q: Will I be able to open encrypted emails in Mango?

    A: It depends what you mean. Windows Phone Mango supports rights-managed (IRM) email. But it doesn’t support encrypted signed (S/MIME) email.

    Q: Any word on when the final Mango SDK will be out?

    A: We’re just about a month away from enabling developers to begin submitting Mango apps to App Hub. You can expect the Release Candidate (RC) version of the SDK to be available around then.

  • Windows Phone Mango RTM: What is still missing?


    I'm dying for Mango

  • I would highly recommend getting your hands on the Beta 2. Mango is very refined and works extremley well on my Focus.  Sure, I can't use Zune anymore (I know I can isntall the 4.8 Beta) but that was worth the risk.  By the time AT&T releases their bloated version of Mango, it will probably be November or later.  Not worth the aggravation. Remember all the negative Posts when Nodo was Delayed for Months...... Do IT!!!

  • tsrblke
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    I had similar problems with my surround and I noticed that it always occured when I had it in my pocket.  I think the surround must have some sort of feature that detects when it's being used and when it's just getting bogus input from being pushed up against my leg.

    Interestiningly when I got my Focus I had to turn off "Allow Voice Commands from lock" because my phone would occasionally "pocket dial/search/ect." from being squished up to my leg (triggering the windows button, opening search.

    Does this sound like your problem?  If so I think it's less of a "bug" and more of a poorly implimented feature.

  • I have an HTC HD7 Phone, which is extremely satisiying me, and I am very pleased with it.. But there's still one thing that bugs me: 8GB only!!

    I think that Windows Phones should have more high standards for storage. Microsoft should set minimum standards for OEMs and phones manufacturers, inorder to standardize all Windows Phone devices, similar to iPhone.

    At least, any devices should have 32GB storage capacity, since smartphones should have space enough to stay smart!

    I told you I am proud of my Phone, but now I only have 2.94GB left free, although I don't have much music or pictures files, just apps...

    Wish to be helpful, because Windows Phone really changed the way I use phones and devices.

  • Retsud
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    Congrats to the team! Mango looks very promising. Now if you improve the roll out process (and you have to improve it big time), this will be perfect!

  • Mdiza
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    @ Terry

    Will "mango" & "marketplace" get to South Africa? & when will it?

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    @TwiceBitten...please forgive my bluntness, but why exactly are you here?  There seems to be no point to your post, except to just walk by the door and toss a grenade in.  I just don't understand it.  There just doesn't seem to be any way to please you.  I'm a Focus 1.3 owner.  I have NoDo but, along with all other 1.3 version owners, have been waiting for 7392 to finally get rolling (and now it appears that it may be rolled into Mango).  While this is frustrating, I'm feeling much more confident in the Mango rollout than I was in the NoDo rollout.  Mostly, this is because it seems to be generally going well with the developers.

  • In an effort to get some info for the Samsung Focus 1.3 users (including myself), I have been exchanging emails with Brandon Watson, Senior Director, Windows Phone Apps. I have attempted to explain to him that all we want is some information about the 7392 update for 1.3 devices. He appears to be very open to trying to help. The last email I received from him states that he believes it is being rolled into the Mango RTM update. He went on to say that if I am not a developer, I don't need the 7392 update right now. He finished by indicating that he wanted to verify this information. I know this is not a firm answer, but at least we got something. I'm sure he will get back with me after verifying the info and I will pass it on here. Hope that helps a little.

  • Woo.  It's hard for me to get excited about your internal milestones when you've given me no reason to believe that any of us real users out here will get Mango on our phones anytime soon.  You've RTM'd plenty of WP7 releases since launch, but your track record for deploying them is far, far, FAR from stellar.

    So forgive me if I don't feel like celebrating with you.

    I'd love to celebrate with you at "all updates successfully delivered to all phones worldwide" time, but it's pretty clear there will never be such a time.

  • i will get my Windows Phone 7 Mango in September! Can't wait! :)

  • dmodric
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    Can't wait for mango. Can someone tell me is there going to be an option to setup time of the day when the phone can check for new emails. I think it's going to be a huge battery saver.

  • I'm sorry but any news on Google chat/ Google voice with Mango?

    I did read FB chat is on its way...please confirm

  • oscart
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    I can't wait to get the official version on my ATT Focus!!! though given the fact that Nodo took about 5-8 months from RTM (Dec' 2010) to get to the ATT Focuses of the world (depending on 1.3 vs 1.4 HW)... is there any hope for me to get this before Xmass? I wonder if anyone's started a poll out there...

  • Great!! Mango will be the best thing that ever happened since...the mango fruits :)


  • roteague
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    Congratulations .... now it's time to finish the job. Does the Samsung 1.3 security issue remind you guys of tasks left undone?

  • KR
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    @Luis Trejo

    I was just about to tell you that

  • It was only a firmware update, I was wrong, sorry for the false alarm :S

  • Edmund
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    Can you update to Mango using Zune?

  • By the way I love the song of the teaser, does anybody know what's the title and the artist?

  • It looks like the update is out now, my HD7 just notified me when I plugged it to the PC, as well Zune is currently updating itself. Is it safe to say that Mango is being installed on my HD7? If it is, I'm the happiest 27 year old kid in the whole universe :D


  • abm
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    @CtrlAltDel, I 100% support your point that there must be an innovative concept-sharing/idea-gathering portal (something like MS-Sketchflow prototyping tool or, where MS's customers can suggest and submit their ideas and hence can play their role more vigorously in the software development life cycle. And yes Microsoft Answers and MSDN Forums needs to be reconstructed, merged or improved to make the users’ collaboration powerful! The closest thing that I have seen, thus far, is where you can submit your feedback (not sure if they have started the WP7 section there). Otherwise, you can look at the corresponding MSDN-blogs where you can click on Email to Author, and submit your feedback directly to the dev-team guys besides dropping off your comments. I have observed (from IE's MSDN blog) that the Email to author does work and those guys do reply.

    BTW, I am having problem with lock screen swiping of my HTC Surround. Sometimes, it requires me multiple attempts (3-4, 7-8 and even 15-20 times!) to slide the lock screen. Due to this disastrous issue, sometimes I miss the incoming calls. Please tell if anyone else is getting this issue with HTC surround or (any other WP7 handset!) and also if someone has any idea if this bug will be disinfected in MS-Mango? Please Anyone?

  • I hope that developers get a pre-release of the RTM code in the same fashion that they released the beta.  It can take the carriers a while to get their release ready.

  • @awm: Good Point. I'm guessing that this wasn't a general call to arms to get the public to send their feedback because there doesn't seem to be an official way to do this which is a real shame.  Microsoft Answers is useless for this sort of thing although someone has tried very hard, even got a ‘sticky’ created which attempts to track quirks, gripes and feature requests against what’s included in the latest phone update revision.

    On a general note, I’m very excited that Mango has RTM’d much earlier than expected but I am much less convinced that Microsoft or the MOs have learned the lessons of the NoDo debacle.  I don’t see the overall mechanism changing in time for Mango. It might as well RTM now because we’re not going to see the bits with much time left out of 2011 unless you purchase a new phone or you’re a dev.

  • KR
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    @ technotribalgirl

    I think you should address your complain to your carrier sprint,because I don´t think tha has to do with microsoft,since most other phones(like my HD7 on Bell Canada) just splits the text for me,all i do is type even 500 characters and send the text,the network and carrier handle the rest(split it and deliver it)

  • And. When I find the list of the 7,000 modified about WP7 Mango?

  • I am very happy to hear this!!  I am excited for Mango release, as well as new phones coming out.  I was curious if a fix for the  Text Message160 character limit (without auto-flow to multiple texts) problem on the Sprint HTC Arrive will be resolved in Mango, or if we have to wait longer for a fix for that?  I do a lot of texting, and having to split my text messages manually has become a really big pain in the you know what...

  • Snympi
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    Well done Phone Team!  Now please let us devs get our hands on the RTM as soon as possible - also the devs in the 'new' countries that now have access to App Hub and MarketPlace.

  • Brandon
    20 Posts

    I do have a question for the WindowsPhone team regarding this RTM to carriers. We've had thousands of developers running Mango on all these carriers for weeks now, and I don't believe anybody's seen any carrier-related issues. So why does MS have to get carrier blessing at all? Why not push out an update through Zune to all customers? This is what Apple is able to do with iOs, both on AT&T and Verizon - I don't see why we have to have the Carriers mucking up, delaying, and generally FUBAR'ing the process.

    Could we get some insight into this seemingly unnecessary step in the process?

  • @Terry Myerson  

    All, I can say is... I'm giddy with anticipation.   You and your team should be commended for what is just a fantasitic tool.  The phone is simply a joyous pleasure to use.  And Mango looks like it is going  to round out a all the rough edges.

  • naoufal
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    Great News,but what about skinning UI and new way to read all notifaction for chosing any application that i want to see, and increase the frame for xna games, and backgroud image for home and kill the apps in multitasking screen..., can i have some answers. I'm hesitating to buy the WP7 for some function that i think that is mandatory for any OS

  • BliTz7
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    wpdevpodcast tweet: "We've got 7,712 reasons for you to look forward to tomorrow! :)"

    So... Mango build 7712 (7712 RTM or 7720??) for dev tomorrow? :-D

  • awm
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    Fantastic news! Can't wait until that little update message pops up.

    You say near the end "....and give us feedback on where to go next" - I would love to be able to give some constructive well considered feedback and have been looking for the right channel. What's the right way of submitting this feedback on WP7? Not developer feedback, but usability/functionality observations and ideas for new features.

  • Well done to the entire WP team on the RTM of Mango. I've tried the Mango Beta 2, now restored back to NoDo, and it was amazing and stable. Going back to NoDo has shown me just how much is in Mango that I miss so can't wait for the update.

  • Arvydas
    4 Posts

    @Cliff Simpkins Yes, I would like to swipe or press X to remove the apps that are presented there. Number 5 is not enough. In Mango Beta2 there are a lot of things that bug me. Music player usually shows 2 windows, sms app does that ofter, too. Also, please include a button to go back to all albums/artist from now playing. Because I don't love the way it's now. You have to go to homescreen, press zune and then press music :) As many users noticed, please bring tabs windows back to IE9. We don't want it to be shown in menu. And as I said, please make the App Switcher 5 number bigger. Let's say 7-10. Because 5 cards are not enough

  • pedah
    6 Posts

    this is the best news this year, Christmas in july!

  • EvilEls
    4 Posts


    What's with the SMS delivery notifications? They’re still stored in the inbox with no relation to the original SMS they belong to. There is not even the name of the recipient in it. Just the MSISDN. Phones from 10 years ago can handle this; why not WP7?

  • Can't wait to get hands on it. Hopefully all the small, but important, features are now there.

  • Will Mango be available for unlocked devices? The reason I'm asking is because my mobile carrier is stuck on WM6.5 and for some reason the LOVE to sell those awful BB6, so they don't support WP7, it would be great if it is available to be downloaded from Zune to all devices no matter the carrier, I'll take care of configuring the network.


  • Does Mango include Ukrainian language pack?

  • Now make sure to NOT make us wait for a year to get it.

  • Pantou
    1 Posts

    I believe that the best option is to include a complete emulator of Windows Phone website, so anyone who visits the website could try the device in its entirety, without relying on the poor service from dealers.

  • Leigh
    89 Posts

    Great news.   Now looking forward to a few more tidbits on my dev phone to show off and get more poeple interested in Windows Phone.   I tweet about how @windowsphone is easier to use and more efficient than other phones as often as I can.

    @Cliff @Brandon, etc, great job!

    Enjoy Windows Phone 7.1


  • Does Mango include a Chinese language pack?

  • I believe that the best option is to include a complete emulator of Windows Phone website, so anyone who visits the website could try the device in its entirety, without relying on the poor service from dealers.

  • really nice. glad to hear that.

    but now, lets get serious. I'm shocked that a company with such impressive track record, success, innovation, etc, cant get some PROPER MARKETING! I mean, ... its unbelievable. You need to fire those people.

    Even your official website for WP7 is a disaster. No information WHAT SO EVER. Just some Office, Xbox live and Marketplace relater stuff and even that is poorly written.

    I really hope that you get smart and start with proper marketing - your website first... List of features and capabilities with detailed info and images, videos (and not just abstract like "me series" or "really?" but feature revealing videos so the potential customers can see what wp7 is all about), maybe even some online silverlight based demo of phone, or something like that).

    Come on!

  • Good work Windows Phone team. I see lessons have been learned from NoDo, which is a good sign. Hopefully the carriers now play ball and you continue to put pressure on them to be quicker testing the update.

  • I think the biggest question is: Has turn by turn directions been fixed? Or are licensing issues still going to force us to tap for directions?

  • KTGiang
    34 Posts

    Here's to hoping that the IE9 refresh button is customizable as I find myself loading favorites a LOT more than refreshing the same page.

  • Thanks is great news ... lets hope the Samsung devices are not left out during the initial roll-out .

    Mango definitely has some cool new stuff under the hood , like you mentioned IE is one of the most anticipated one of them. Personally I also love the cool new stuff coming to Games Hub


    Saijo George

    Editor BestWP7Games

  • KR
    503 Posts

    @Rodney E.

    Windows phone will never support flash,according to microsoft it is resource consumming and insecured.IE9 in mango will allow you to playback videos on webpages which use HTML5,using your native player

  • HTML 5 is great for those modern sites but why not flash support as well? I haven't heard very much talk about video playback on web pages after Mango. My old Samsung Epic with 6.5 had Skyfire and I could play video right on the MTV webpage.  Will IE9 do this???????????? My Focus is ready!

  • Congradulations to the whole WP team on RTM! - we're definately looking forward to seeing Mango. :)

  • KR
    503 Posts


    while i agree with you that microsoft should stop going to carriers i disagree with them not going to OEMs

    the iphone hardware is made by one OEM that is toshiba,whereas WPs hardware are many by Samsung,HTC,Nokia,etc

    all i mean is that on WP we have variety,just running the same OS,so there's need for OEM testing to make it work on all the hardwares

  • "We can’t wait to get Mango in your hands..."

    Then stop going to carriers first and after OEMs sign off ,release it directly to uslike Apple would.

  • emanucy
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    Will this update support encryption? My employer is going to disconnect my WP7 from the corporate email, calendar, etc on August 10th because it does not support the encryption they say they are required to have by law. Their advice to me is to buy an iPhone 4 or a Black Berry. I love my WP7, but I will have to switch at my next renewal if I can't use it at work. If encryption will not be included with this release, is there anyway to get an estimate? It would be easier to wait if I knew how long.  Thanks!

  • Any word on when the final Mango SDK will be out?

  • 2 questions...

    Will i be able to open encrypted and digitally signed emails in mango?

    Will you tell wp7 oems to invest more in hardware build quality?

  • I am wondering - if I bought phone from TMobile Germany (as only them have the Omnia 7 16GB version) and I flashed UK Retail ROM (because the first boot was in Deutsch and I don't know a word in German), when do will I get the update? When the update goes live for Omnia 7 or when the update goes for TMobile DE Omnia 7? (if they have some special contract with you.)

    Anyway, congrats to finishing Mango :).

    PS: You should have made there more than 5 last apps - 5 is really small number, I am used from my Windows Mobile HD2 device that I normally had 6 - 10 apps running.

    PPS: Seriously, add proper support to Europeans with Voice recognition and control - Czech Voice2text is way simpler than English. And you can do nearly half of Europe - as we all speak similar language (similar pronounciation, just different words). And the same for Zune Pass, Bing searching and everything. It is not that hard. If you employ me here, I will be glad to help you with it :).

  • stefan00
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    i hope to get VPN as soon as possible. Its realy important for my job, but Mango is too late for that. :(

    And I hope new Phones will support Dual-Core-Phones.

  • congrats to the WP Team!  a lot of my customers are very interested in windows phones now that i have one (HTC Arrive on Sprint).  several are waiting on Mango to make bulk purchases.  WP7 already works well with Small Business Server 2008/2011 with Exchange 2007/2010 and this should make it even better with Mango.

    I see folks talking about a chart showing where updates are - is there a URL to said chart?

  • @fleon / @J45PER / @Arvydas - We're working to get devs an updated build soon. Stay tuned to the dev blog.

    @galaxyprune - Our images don't include MO and OEM updates/drivers/etc. This is one of the reasons why we say that using the beta 2 image (which is an MS-only image) voids your warranty on the device and any support from your MO/OEM.

    @Arvydas - A clarification on multi-tasking. Just because something is listed in the 'task switcher' does not mean it's running. The apps listed there are in memory, but they're not actually running - so they don't consume CPU or there really isn't anything there to kill (unless you just want to remove the app from being visually present).

  • dkb1898
    167 Posts

    A very pleasant surprise this afternoon...congratulations! Now go kick Apple's arse in the stores by winning the hearts and minds of people on the ground, Android is sinking itself.

  • Yay! Let's hope that the Windows Phone team stays on the fast track from now on, and that this rollout goes more smoothly than the last.

    We WP7 early adopters have basically been living in the past for the past 6 months as far as mobile features and available apps, so I'm looking forward to the Mango release to bring this OS up to speed.

  • Scott
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    I look forward to Mango on my HTC Trophy - but have read nothing about Verizon's lack of update to 7392 that is still in the planning stage. Not very confident that big red is going to push this out anytime soon. Makes it very hard to sell my company on making the switch to Windows Phones.

  • Can't wait to see this build hit US carriers.  I'm a Verizon user, and I can't wait to replace my Blackberry Bold with some Mango goodness. . . just praying Verizon won't take forever.

  • Does this mean Dorado went gold too?