Windows Phone, the deal hunter

Windows Phone, the deal hunter

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Hello everyone. Windows Phone user Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee’s Tips was featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing earlier this year using her HTC HD7 to track coupons during a shopping trip. So, we asked her to share some of her favorite apps, tips and tricks for maximizing money savings with your Windows Phone.

Tips from Tammilee

My coupon journey started a little over two years ago when I found out I was losing my management job of twelve years. I found myself needing to find a way to save money. I had never really paid attention to coupons before this happened. Last year we were able to save over $10,000 with coupons and sales. These savings gave us the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean for three weeks and most recently we spent 10 days cruising in the Baltic Sea. I really wish I would have thought about coupons when I was working.

My coupon journey soon expanded from focusing on our savings to focusing on helping others save with coupons. I started the website TammileeTips so I could help others realize it is possible to save money with coupons and still balance a full life. For me, using my Windows Phone is a way to save time and increase my coupon savings. My Windows Phone has become my link to our followers and other bloggers when I am away from my PC. I am able to check in and see if there are any great deals I need to share with our fans quickly and easily. My husband will tell you that my Windows Phone is never very far from my hand. I love how easy it is to manage multiple email accounts, my calendar, photos, social media and so much more. Here are a few of my favorite things on my phone:

clip_image002Cellfire App- Many stores now allow you to load coupons directly to your store savings cards. This app allows me to update my savings card with coupons and confirm what coupons are already loaded. E-coupons are a fantastic way to save money without having to clip a coupon. I love that I can quickly look at my account and add any coupons while I am at the store.

clip_image004Groupon – I am hooked on Groupon! I can’t imagine paying full price any more for date nights. This app gives you the chance to see what deals are available in your city or the area you are in. We have used this while traveling to pick up discount dinners and event tickets. This is a great way to save money on date nights and while traveling.

clip_image006Built-In Social Networking – The People Hub on my Start Screen gives me easy access to my social media accounts. I am able to update our Tammilee Tips Facebook Page while I am at the store and find a great deal. I love that I can quickly check status updates from my phone.

clip_image008Amazon Hunter App –This app has saved me a lot of money while I have been out shopping. I can easily check and see if the stores price is anywhere near Amazons price. I am happy to wait a few days for a product to be shipped to me when it saves me a ton of money.

The other thing I love about my Windows Phone is how easy it is to go from email to the internet. Last night we were out and I quickly checked my email. I found an email from a great site offering a product for free with free shipping. I was able to quickly click on the link and purchase the product. I have been able to take advantage of so many deals because of my Windows Phone. In the past I would have to wait until I got home and hope that the deal was still available by the time I got to it.

If you are interested in coupons or finding out more about how we saved $10,000 last year with coupons and sales check out our website Tammilee Tips or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.


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  • @ cbjohnky - I totally agree with you... This Groupon app; at least for WP7, is useless and worthless.  You get 4-5 "different" deals a week and all of them are, either for places far away from you, or for stuff that an average person doesn't need...

  • I had never heard of Groupon until i found it in the marketplace and i gotta seems pretty useless.  The closest deals it found for me were 70 miles away, and it's not like i live in a cow town.

  • Wayne
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    I keep waiting for the Windows 7 phone to show up for prepaid (non-contract) carriers.

  • Just want to point out the team and this site is US based. Microsoft does have sites for different countries, such as

    That said why shouldn't they run a blog entry like this, the phone is for more than one type of person so stuff like this might appeal to moms like the one featured here.

  • @kenny I hate to think that you felt my comment had an angry tone to it.  Going back and reading it again I still fail to see any anger, but I understand how tone is pretty much impossible to effectively determine on the web.  You made a series of points with which I happen to disagree so I posted my differing opinions.  

    Also, I think it's wrong to assume that because I do not post in comments frequently that I do not read the articles and comments on this site.  I'm very well aware of issues many people are having on this site, and I sympathize.  My disagreement is not in the fact that there should be more updates regarding known issues.  Rather, my disagreement is in the idea that other articles, such as this one, are not worthy of sharing with the community.

    Hope your day is going well!

  • I don't care about Tammilee.

    I am addicted to skype. Everyday I am using it. Since skype is now part of Microsoft will Mango will run skype by downloading it or is it already there as an application ? Having a facebook applicaton is also good but anyway I am getting the updates via sms in my mobile.

  • hopmedic
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    Jbloblner, that will come with Mango.

  • Freypal
    59 Posts

    Guys.. when are you going to run a feature that those of us outside of the US can take advantage of?

    In the UK the only one of those apps i can get is Facebook. If i scan through the previous features on this blog, 90% of it covers topics / apps that only the US can use. It's really frustrating.

  • abm
    268 Posts

    Hi Brian. I am the guy Kenny was mentioning. My HTC surround got a locking screen swiping issue. It takes number of attempts to unlock the phone. For that reason, sometimes I am unable to receive the calls. Can you please confirm; if this issue would get resolved in the Mango release?

  • jblobner
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    I know this thread is about coupons, but I hoping to get some insight into skydrive.  Is it possible to view synced folders on WP7?   I can view files and folders uploaded or created with skydrive, but I can not see the folders synced with my PC.  Is it possible and I am just missing something?

  • KR
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    @Conny,thanks for your support

    @taboolexican,i can see you are pretty new on this blog so i will asume, you have no clue of what has been going on here or what many windows phones users have been going through.if the fact i don't care about Tamilee hurts your feelings,thats your business.I diidn't say her opinion doesn't Brian said,all feedbacks are welcome.if someone's comment makes you angry,i'm sorry but all you'll have to do is skip it.

    If you really want to know,I have a fully functional WP which is up to date,but i really feel for the unfortunate users and understand their worries which to an extent have certain priorities,but to which i feel no attention is being payed

  • Great post. Thanks.

    Shameless plug to "Couphone" app in WP7.

    Couphone lets users "Organize coupons, use it before it expires and find it when they need it". Easy tool to take the coupons from the kitchen counter to the store register. This app also let the user store the loylalty cards for easy access.

    No need to register in any web site. This app stores the info locally and can alert the user of a coupon for stores near them.

    -Aganam LLC team

  • hopmedic
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    I'm going to have to let a friend of mine know you mentioned his app, Amazon Hunter. He will appreciate that!

  • First, if you don't know "who the heck Tamilee is" and you "don't care," what makes you think anyone is going to value your opinion at all?  We certainly don't know who you are so by your logic, why should we care?

    Second, I don't understand why someone would complain that an app was mentioned even though it "sucks in Canada."  So what?  It's still a great app on a great phone.  It's still worthy of mention even if it sucks in other parts of the world, and the fact that it has been mentioned before does not mean it's not worthy of another shout-out.

    Third, I agree with Brian.  There's plenty of room on this blog for information like this.  It's not like this site moves at lightning speed or anything.  Personally, I like hearing practical stories of how people use Microsoft products to make their lives better or easier.  

    Here's hoping you get more of what you are looking for on this site.  I think there's plenty of room for it all.

  • Conny
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    @ Kenny, I understand your frustration and appreciate the fact that you continue to point out the many issues users are having (especially Samsung Focus owners). <3

    @ Brian, when will we see a more aggressive approach by MS to get the word out about these great phones and the seriously amazing UI? I switched from iOS (iPhone 4) to a Samsung Focus last weekend. Granted, I was a cheapshot and went with a refurb model, and got stuck with a v1.3 on top of that, but it's still a great phone and I won't ever go back to iOS. I'm sold.

    However, why do I keep feeling that you guys are taking the Army approach.. ya know, hurry up and wait?

    It shouldn't be up to users to sell a product for you. I think Windows Phone would have a much bigger user base if you would just SHOW how great these phones and the UI really is.

    The only reason I know so much about it is because I literally read everything there is to read. Which made me realize that it's the phone for me. Your average customer however walks into a store and picks whatever the sales associate happens to like, which is what they will most likely try to sell.

    Come on, get out there, show us some awesome commercials, some new hardware. I'm afraid that Windows Phone otherwise won't have a chance. The more people know about it, the more people want to own it, regardless of what someone else is trying to sell them because of 'fanboy-ism' (yeah, just made that up >.<). And the more people own it, the more word of mouth, the more apps available, which in turn will make more people say 'oh look, I can get this app on Windows too, sweet, time to make a switch'.

    In the 5 days I've had this phone now, I've shown it to about 40 people. Over half are ready to get one when they're eligible for an upgrade. Can I get a job with you guys? ;)

  • KR
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    @Brian Seitz

    Is there any hopes for microsoft stores to open in Canada in the nearest future?

    my reason behind this question is that i think with that inplace we will be able to buy windows phones that are available in different countries but not provided by any carriers here.And also i don´t like being tied to a contract or having to pay extra to unlock my phone.and i know many people like me who like to buy unlocked phones

    Europe always gets the best phones and whoever wants one of thos here will have to order it and pay for shipping and wait for it to come.also microsoft stores will help to increase public awareness of windows phone and not having to rely on Carriers

  • You know something, I would like very much a coupon to buy my first Windows Phone 7 :-)

    I want to buy the Samsung Omnia 7 and in that way I could dish away my iPhone.

    Has been difficult to convince people here in my country that WP7 will be a market changer in the mobile ecosystem area, too many BB fans, to many iPhone fans, to many Android fans, but I know Windows Phone 7 will be the next great thing.

  • Thanks Kenny. There is room for a wide variety of stuff here, but thanks for the feedback.

  • KR
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    Primo, I don´t know who the heck Tamilee is,and i don´t care.

    Secondo,secondo most of those apps have already been presented on this blog,and BTW the groupon app sucks in Canada

    Trio, IMHO i think information like this is not really what people visiting this blog are looking for,there are lots of issues which you guys can talk about,like the troubles some people are having with their phones(like the guy having trouble swiping off his lock screen).