Updates: More hardware-specific updates on the way

Updates: More hardware-specific updates on the way

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Yesterday we started delivering another round of hardware-specific updates to Windows Phones around the world. As I explained last week, these are being sent to specific models—not every phone—and are designed to make targeted improvements to things like battery life, call clarity, or touch responsiveness, depending on the model.

We’ll send these hardware-specific updates from time to time. It’s all part of keeping your Windows Phone in tip-top shape. If you have questions about how to install them, visit Update Central.

I also wanted to spend a quick moment on updates for the AT&T Samsung Focus. In reading your comments from last week’s post, there seems to be some understandable confusion over the updateability of Focus 1.3 phones. Let me clarify: There is no issue with the updatability of 1.3 phones. Also, rest assured that 7392 will be bundled in our next update for AT&T customers with Focus 1.3 phones. 

Hope this clears things up a bit. See you next week.


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  • Let me preface this with the fact I am really enjoying Windows Phone 7 and what it to continue to improve.  That said this whole Samsung Focus/AT&T update(s) issue is starting to remind of the Android platform that I dumped for Windows Phone.  Listening and reading to all of the Mango stuff and I find myself conflicted.  On one hand I am looking forward to the new features and how it will bring the platform inline with the competition, but on the other hand I can already see frustration waiting for the update to show up on my phone.

  • @ousooner314 - Thanks

    any more info guys on what exactly is difference b/w 1.3 and 1.4

  • Well, I'm a Brazilian user and bought my AT&T 'SIM Unlocked' Samsung phone from a Microsoft employee who bought it @ Microsoft Store.. I use a TIM SIM Card here in São Paulo, Brazil - To have NoDo (after never seeing the update message @ zune software) I've 'Walshed' my phone, since then, C. Walsh released a tool (with yours approval) to fix back any issues that I might have in not having future updates... Well, I still have no notifications about 7392 and I'm worried if I will be gettings Mango too.. When you guys say that Update is coming for an specific operator, like AT&T, you mean what? The operator who branded th device (AT&T in my case) or the operator where I run my SIM (TIM Brazil, in my case)?? Will I get any updates? I know Mango is coming to Brazil, by TIM hands, BTW, but I'm afraid what the future holds for my Samsung Focus..... Can somedoby shed a light?? :)

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    which phones ? which modeles ?

  • Web63
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    @ StripeyMiata Thanks for the info, I might attempt to contact Orange and see what happens, though I don't see them replacing it with a new handset, from a few comments I've read on the web it would seem that Orange don't consider a failure to update to be a fault. I will let you know what transpires. Thanks again :)

  • @Web63,  Omnia 7 stocks are running low & no more are incoming as Samsung prepares to launch its successor once Mango arrives, rumoured to be based on the Galaxy S II hardware.  So it only had a shelf life of 9 months which is tiny in the phone world.  Which makes me think, your phone is still under warranty and since my Omnia 7 upgraded with no problem with 3 is your phone faulty and should Orange replace it for free?

  • @harry_psm: My knowledge is a bit limited on this, but I believe the difference is in the hardware. v1.4 contained hardware that Microsoft wasn't aware of (hence the initial NoDo update didn't work on it). Hope this helps!

  • Any one has inputs on what exactly is the difference b/w a Focus 1.3 and 1.4?? Is it a Software/Firmware difference -or- a hardware config diff?

    If software, iIs there a way to upgrade a 1.3 focus to a 1.4?? If yes, is it actually worth upgrading?

  • Hello.... I just update my phone... and the system dated changed...and some IM message gone ... anyone have same issue?

  • Fjtorsol
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    @Francisco, Telefonica = firmware replacement required due to internal administration issues and lack of qualified personel

  • the_fly
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    @Dr Hyde I had the same issue where my avatar wasn't showing up on the games tile. Was like that for a day or so then straightened itself out. I didn't have to reset my phone.

  • Thanks for the update.

    I guess I'm still confused why the 1.3 Focus is not getting the security update -- especially since I don't expect to see Mango for several months.   Changing a few certificates sounds like such a simple update (outside of the unrelated firmware problems).    I don't understand why it's being held back for the Focus 1.3 phones.

    How can we be sure that if a bigger security problem comes along it will be handled quickly?

  • abm
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    @thenewmozart, I guess I need to send it back to AT&T and find a replacement. My local dealer told me; with mango update it’s likely to get fixed! But I guess I should bluntly pursue for replacement (pretend like a less-tech-savvy customer). Bcoz no official figure (here) is even acknowledging this issue ~sigh~ very sad :(

  • Uhm, so... what about the Games Hub issue? Anyone?

  • Oh, good grief, @BuckeyeTico...I have a few other names I can think of to call you, but I'll keep it family-friendly.  While I completely agree that this latest blog update only stated that the Focus 1.3 CAN get the 7392 and it SHOULD have included the WHY we are NOT getting it until Mango, all you seem to do is insist and malign.  I hardly think that's a way to win friends and influence people---particularly the ones you'd LIKE to get information from.  BTW, a blog is NOT a help desk.  I really get tired of people all over the internet insisting that some blog be used as their own personal help line for issues.  While it's nice that sometimes help IS provided here, it's ultimately a BLOG.  It would serve you right if they simply decided, from here on out, to make this a commentless blog.  As it stands, I'm appreciative of what it can provide now, which is SOME information from Microsoft, and a lot of information from users.  I don't think there's anyone here who doesn't already know where Microsoft has been consistently missing the mark on sharing of information to users.  And it's one thing to respond to a blog entry with questions pushing for specifics of one kind or another, but another thing entirely to just go on a rampage.  When the horse is dead, DISMOUNT.

  • dkb1898
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    @TwiceBitten - There is no doubt they need to execute nearly flawlessly on Mango updates. If phones start coming out with Mango before say 95% of the existing phones are updated (I expect 5% fringe problems with Walshed phones, unlocked phones with registry edits, people who lost their backup going to Mango Beta, and maybe a specific phone/carrier combo, etc...), I think that will be a failure. Besides I think it would be in the best interest of everyone to get Mango out to existing phones for the second half of August...that way they can sell the old phones very cheap with an OS that will be faster than the iPhone 5 or Android and get rid of the inventory to make room for the new ones.

    Just don't expect the Mango update to be flawless, there will be some edge cases, maybe even with particular phones on certain networks, but this time they need to address those quickly through support and fixing of the problems. If say the LG Quantum is the only phone on AT&T not able to get Mango before the other phones are out, then it's obvious where the fault lies.

    It's going to be an interesting 2 months leading up to BUILD

  • Leigh
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    @Twicebitten:  This is my last comment on the subject because I don't want to get into a meaningless squabble.   I had an LG Quantum smartphone, which I couldn't update to NoDo.  I tweeted a problem report to @WinPhoneSupport, and they provided me with information I needed.   I went to AT&T and said "I can't update the phone" and told them the error code.   They put me in touch with the hardware support, and a week later I had a new phone.   I have not had a problem since, after 4 updates now.

    I'm a developer and I've updated to Mango 7712.  Love the O/S, and if I have a suggestion I state it in a professional forum with examples and actionable data, and not a blog comment.

    I can see how the update process has gotten much better over time.   @JoeB said he was going to fix it and he is doing just that.

    Not good before.  A lot of problems getting started.   Carriers slower than they should be.  Getting a lot better.  

    Definitiely not in the category of "completely broken".

  • @dkb1898 - A fair point to be sure: too frequent updates can be annoying.  Personally, I'd argue that we're FAR from that scenario with WP7, and, more importantly, that a brand new OS needs to be updated far faster than more mature systems like iOS and Android.

    But whether we agree on frequency or not, I remain very concerned that Microsoft continues to stumble every single time they do attempt to deploy an update.  What portions of Mango might we all have received by now if the process had been smooth and reliable?  We'll never know.

  • dkb1898
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    @TwiceBitten - I do agree, they need a place to address more of these questions, or at least acknowledge them because we are the more technical users.

  • dkb1898
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    @ TwiceBitten - I disagree, most users do not want to be bothered by updates and if you keep bothering them with piddly updates where they need to plug the phone in (vs Windows machines that do it in the background) they will just ignore them eventually. So to update to 7392 (a unimportant "security fix" for certificates really), then a month or two later update to Mango would be frustrating for most non-technical users (most of the user base). Which is why they can't stand iOS and it's applications. Both are CONTANTLY being updated, and it's a complaint I've heard over and over, even from iDrones.

  • @Leigh

    I'm not having trouble with my phone.  I'm having trouble with Microsoft's fundamentally flawed update process, and continued inept handling of all communications surrounding it.  I guess it's just me?  Everyone else is perfectly happy with the WP7 update process?

    You think if I "ask nicely and do so in a professional manner" Microsoft will fix their completely broken update process and carrier relationships?  Seriously?

  • @Leigh

    Excellent. But listening to Eric Hautala and his "news" regarding hardware specific updates - for the 2nd time - and again without being the sleightest specific, he obviously doesn't have a clue reg which models, what updates, and when. Or he won't tell us. Or he can't and won't tell us why. Your guess is as good as mine. Sorry....  I'm getting sooo tired of hot air. I love my Windows Phone, but this is embarrassing!

  • Leigh
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    @Eric:  A bit light on the details, but I understand it is sort of a slow news day.   It would be better if you could at least mention which hardware specific updates are going out, or say "we don't know which are going out yet, but we're planning for a large batch and will add them to update central as they become available and let you know as we do so".  A user having a problem is going to be more gratified if you mention his phone type in a blog post, and even more if you mention his problem is getting addressed.

    @twicebitten: Sorry you're having trouble with your phone.   Asking nicely and doing so in a professional manner will likely get better results than bashing.  When was the last time you got slapped in the face by someone and then decided that they were somebody you wanted to assist?

    @all: this isn't a good venue for problem reports.   A better one is uservoice.  Microsoft provided that and IS tracking it.

  • Worst blog post ever. If you have nothing new to say, better keep quiet.

  • Eric said:

    "There is no issue with the updatability of 1.3 phones. Also, rest assured that 7392 will be bundled in our next update for AT&T customers with Focus 1.3 phones. "

    Well, I certainly feel better.  It's not that you CAN'T update the Focus v1.3 phones, it's just that you've chosen NOT to update them.  Bravo.  Way to build confidence, as usual.  This was a "critical security fix" when you actually thought you could deliver it, but now it's just a little thing we shouldn't worry about.

    And the "rest assured" part literally made me laugh out loud.  You say it casually as if you guys are pumping out updates to our phones every few weeks.  In reality, what you're saying is we won't see it for several months, at best.  Another fantastic job from the team that "won't rest until all updates are delivered".

    And before all the fanboys start bashing me, let me just say, AGAIN, that it's not about the content of 7392 in particular, but about Microsoft's [in]ability to actually update their own phones.  And maybe it actually *is* AT&T that's blocking 7392 (which doesn't make any sense at all given that they've allowed it for the 1.4 Focus phones), but I don't care.  This is Microsoft's ecosystem and they are the ones that have gotten us in this situation in the first place.  And they are also the ones who don't seem to be doing anything to change the way the process works.

  • @ABM  .. I have the exact same problem. It happened after the update. The wallpaper just doesn't move up. I have to press the power button again and then it swipes up. Some days the wallpaper goes far way up and then freezes. I have to press the power button again and it works. Yesterday I got a call and I couldn't swipe up. Power button again and it was ok..

    this is like bug central.. wth went wrong ?

  • @ Angel Kavazov – I agree with you.  I read tons of legitimate questions posted here every day –such as the screen lock, but only a small percentage of them are addressed.  In my mind, this blog should serve the purpose of providing first-hand support to all WP7 owners, especially after all the issues this baby has experienced since it was conceived.

  • @BuckeyeTico Agreed. They make billions of dollars, yet can't hire a single person to at least give us some info on what is going on.

    Saddest thing, I get a lot more info from you guys commenting here, than from these 'updates' articles.

  • Hey, maybe this post shouldn't be written here... but... I don't know where to go...

    I've got an issue with the Games Hub, my avatar has been reset to the Empty-Default-Avatar...

    And this is the second time it happens to me.

    The first time I just reset the phone, and after the setup, it just got fixed... but now... I don't want to set up all again...

    What should I do?

    Has anyone had the same problem?

  • @ Eraserhead – I know man! I too wonder how this guy still has his job.  The worse is that many newbies to WP7 are sending “good job” messages to him (it seems that they don’t know the hell they have made of the updating process), and others; not too new to this platform, still live in Wonderland and defend the undefendable.  

    Call me harsh, too critical, pessimist o whatever you want, but I can’t get excited about Mango when many WP7 owners are still waiting for NoShow (oops, I meant NoDo) and/or 7392.  As I said before, my phone is up-to-date but I feel the pain of those who still are on the other side of the river.  Something is telling me that I will be in the same situation by the end of this year –and yes, I would love to swallow my pride and tell everyone that I was dead wrong if MS finally makes this upgrade/update process work.

  • @BuckeyeTico  Well said.  The only reason for the current blog is because a client went over Eric's head to get answers.  As it is Eric's blog has the tone of he hates being bothered with this trivia.   I have to wonder how he keeps his job.  And you are also correct about Michael

  • Crim
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    Hi, Is there an update for the Omnia 7 messaging problem? Many users can't send messages with the data connection enabled...

  • Web63
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    I have an Samsung Omnia 7 on Orange and cannot get the "Samsung Update for Windows phone" at all, I have tried everything possible with no joy. To say I am a little miffed is an understatement. What makes it even more worrying is the fact that some of the UK carriers seem to have pulled the Omnia 7 off sale?

  • To All - Good luck guys with getting any response from this so called Manager of Customer Satisfaction (or whatever his title was): Eric.  He even deleted his phony title from his signature -about time! He only comes out of his crib once and a while to say "nothing significant" and then goes back to change his diapers.  Try addressing your questions to Michael Stroh, he is your man!

  • Petraa
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    Love this phone,but in the past I had problems accessing the internet when I traveled abroad! So I start using http://www.supervpn.net/  Now everything works just fine!

  • Hi Eric,

    i am using Htc Trophy and got updates yesterday, it lasted 40 minutes :) is it  possible to learn what it updated at all in detail ?

  • abm
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    @Eric, my HTC surround’s screen is having an incredibly annoying problem. When i wake the phone from sleep the phone lock screen takes about 10-15 SWIPES to unlock the phone! What the heck! Also in general the screen, particularly the keyboard, has become little less responsive. And still no hardware update for my handset? Can you explain?

  • here are my update numbers

    Hardware revision Number: 0004

    Firmware revision Number: 2250.21.13301.707

    Os Version: 7392

  • I received the update last week. and the touch responsive issue on my HTC Mozart is still there. So go figure..

    Every time I come out of the lock screen the screen freezes and nothing responds to my tap except the back button. The icons and SEARCH button are all frozen. This takes about 6-8 seconds to come back to normal..

    When I'm on a call I can't seem to access the dial-pad or the drop down menu. They just don't respond. I have to press the back button > then hit the 'tap to expand' message on top> then click on the dial pad to get to drop down. WTH!

    This is my second Mozart since the first one also had the same issues! So not sure what to do now :(

  • Thanks for the update on the Focus 1.3v. Hope we get the Mango on time with the Security update!!

  • Updated my USA T-Moble HD7 tonight.  Time consuming of course but otherwise smooth as silk.

    OS: 7.0.7392.0 (unchanged)

    Firmware: 2250.21.30102.531

    Hardware revision: 0002

  • because not every phone / carrier needs updates, I am not saying you will or won't receive an update

  • Zulhardy
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    Huh? Why not? I'm looking forward to the accidental capacitive button fix for the Omnia 7 and now there's a chance Singtel may not get it? Why is that????

  • @Zulhardy  you won't necessarily get any updates, not every phone/carrier does

  • Zulhardy
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    I'm on Singtel in Singapore using Omnia 7. I haven't received any hardware firmware update notification. When are Singtel customers getting it?

  • tsrblke
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    Copy and Paste was included in NoDo which was released for 1.3 (and now 1.4) 7392 is a securit  update.

  • dkb1898
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    Out of curiosity, what firmware versions are those who updated the Focus with hardware rev 1.4 on. As a 1.3 Focus owner on NoDo I have the following which are the relevant non hardware versions.

    OS version: 7.0.7390.0

    Firmware revision number: 2103.11.3.3

    Radio software version: 2103.11.3.3

    Bootloader version:

  • dafs
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    Echoing other comments - why can't you list the devices that are having the updates?

  • You guys really need to give us more info.

  • drankurn
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    why be so secretive about these device specific updates, I don't think it would be very difficult to list the devices that can expect an update, you obviously know which ones will get the updates, since you have probably been working on them for more than a few weeks.

  • Thanks for the info. However, is there a reason as to why Focus v1.3 is not getting 7392? Skipping an update seems a little nonchalant especially considering it's a "security update".

  • Bill_G
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    Verizon is LAST again.... planning?

  • Running update here with HTC Mozart... can we have a more detailed changelog, please? Just to know what I should try once the update is finished :)

  • Thanks for the updated information, but when and what is the "next update for AT&T customers with Focus 1.3 phone."

  • Eric,

    Thank you for your update for the v.1.3 of the Focus! I was really concerned as to what happened and why the original model of the device was still not able to receive the update. Also, in that 7392 is only a security update, we would also receive the copy and paste update in "NoDo", correct? A sincere thank you again for the update!


  • Anirask
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    I really hope that one of these updates is for the LG Optimus Quantum on Bell in Canada (LG-C900B).

    My battery life is atrocious, clocking in at about 8-12 hours of life before it needs to be plugged in.

  • tsrblke
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    I realize that you want to get NoDo to all the 1.4 Focuses (Foci?) but this delays a security update.  I suppose it's not an incredible security update, but if the next AT&T update turns out to be Mango that could be a while.

    Of course if Foci 1.3 get a hardware update next week I guess that's not really all that bad all things considered.

    So thank you for the transparency.  I can't wait for Mango

  • GBK
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    is it just me or does that sound like ATT chose to skip 7392 updates for the 1.3 version of the Focus..  Assuming most of the 1.3 devices got the 7390 update.. seems like the next update you get may either be an unspecified hardware update or Mango.

  • Any word on whether or not Verizon actually plans on delivering 7392? Every other U.S. carrier has been delivering it for some time now, while Verizon shows up as a vague "planning" stage that isn't even mentioned on the "Where is my update?" list of stages.

  • a688
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    Are you going to list the hardware specific updates (whats updated/version #s) that we should expect for each phone or will we have to continue to guess if we should receive an update or not?

  • Hello Eric, in Spain, all Telefonica users don't receive NoDo upgrades or hardware updates in their Samsung Omnia 7 devices, please help... We love Windows Phone too, don't forget us please :S