Windows Phone Radio - 39

Windows Phone Radio - 39

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Brian is back in the podcast saddle this week joining Matt for another episode of Windows Phone Radio. This week the guys talk about Dilbert's favorite smartphone, a new app from the Bing team and some of the latest news from Gamescom in Germany. You can find Windows Phone Radio in the Zune Marketplace, iTunes and streaming direct here. Enjoy and thank you for the support!

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  • ESAD
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    Having researched options, we recently upgraded from a Windows mobile 6 'phone to a new 'smartphone' operating WP7.

    We now read all these comments praising WP7 and can only assume that every blog poster is in the pay of Microsoft.

    The inadequacies of WP7 emerge the more we use it:

    Internet: no Flash Player - an oversight we can live without.

    The Favourites folder came preloaded with items we do not want - they are not our favourites - and there is no way of deleting unwanted items. Why not? In order to find a true 'favourite' item we have to scroll through loads of dross.

    Likewise there is no way of removing unwanted, arguably unnecessary, 'Apps'. Why not?

    Office: this has no File Manager - a fundamental tool. Files have to be stored in a strange block without the option of creating folders. And PDFs need to be stored separately in an App which is essential as its the only way of reading PDFs. Why?

    And why, oh why, can we not send a PDF as an attachment?

    And who at Microsoft thought that introducing a barrier between the handset and the user's PC was good idea? (perhaps they work for the opposition) Zune is a ridiculous software the only purpose of which is to frustrate the user.

    The user should be able to plug their handset into PC and transfer files and not have to launch a software the interface of which looks like it was designed by school kids for some DT project.  

    Microsoft's WP7 is as bad as Vista was when launched. Neither OS is an improvement on its predecessor.

    We are tied in to a contract and have to keep the phone for the time being so we really hope that the guys at Microsoft start to think of the users rather their own gaming and social networking instincts. To many people, the handset is a tool and not a toy. Microsoft have forgotten this.

    Perhaps Microsoft have been suffering from an overdose of Hubris and now they will work hard on producing an upgrade to make up for their failings.

    (btw, even the calendar is worse that previously)

  • @ ScubaDog,,,

    "There's nothing in this world to convince me to go to an iPhone or Android phone"

    You're a cool dude!...And, yeah that's what I need, specifics. But you're right, if he's petty enough to switch because of one feature, that he hasn't even tested for himself, then let him. It just killed me when he said he's going to turn others away from WP. I hope they're smart enough to research for themselves.

  • @Rodney E. Jones, there's nothing in this world to convince me to go to an iPhone or Android phone.  However, I do see some people complaining so vehemently about one or two features that they "absolutely must have" that either WP7 doesn't have or they don't like the way it's implemented in WP7---those are the people who just need to move to a platform that does it for them.  Not everyone likes the Metro UI.  Rather than insist that Microsoft screw up WP7 by making it look like iPhone or Android, those people just need to leave WP7 alone and go to one of those platforms. THAT'S an example of the differentiation that makes WP7 more attractive than competitors, as far as I'm concerned.  It may not be that WP7 does something they don''s that I like the WAY it does the same things that competitors do.  As for @Nater, I was asking for details on exactly what he expected WP7 to be able to do with MMS.  People come on these blogs frequently ranting about something but then don't actually give details as to what's happening or not happening.  They just say things like "Email sucks on WP7....they should take a page from Android's book".  Be specific, folks.

  • Oh, and Nater....Can I have that HD7 if you don't want it? A few people at work are sick of their iPhones and want to

    Switch to WP after I demoed it to them.

  • @ ScubaDog and Nater

    I wouldn't switch to a iPhone because of one feature. On the other side, if WP is to succeed it must excel in every area.

    I hope MS takes Naters experience seriously because this type of criticism can make WP better. My question is what differs WP7.5 MMS from the iPhones??????

  • Buh-bye, @Nater.  Sorry you are being sucked into the swamp that is iPhone.  As for MMS, exactly WHAT are you expecting it to do?  You complained without actually saying anything significant.

  • jwolffie
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    Hey Microsoft! Did you forget about the "Where's my phone update page"? The last update was over a month ago. When will Mango be released too?

  • Nater
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    Good Job, but I've lost faith in Microsoft.  8 months with this HD7 and it's borderline unusable to me the OS is so barebones.  I feel like I can get more done with the average Feature Phone, TBQH.  Going with Apple + iCloud when the iPhone 5 comes out.  I've never truly felt I've wasted money on a smartphone before I made this purchase.  Thoroughly disappointed.  Already steered two family members away from WP7.  Don't want them complaining to me when something's not there and they have to wait almost a year for an update.  From what I see you guys still don't even have a decent MMS client in Mango, which is embarassing.

  • I listen to every show, but I may stop soon. I'm looking for WP news and tips, not loosely related personal stories

    I think the shows should be interesting and informative enough so that someone who doesn't even own a WP would learn about the devices and features. It would be nice to have a more focused and to the point discussion, while still keeping the cheerful and bright nature of the program

    Anyways, keep up the good work, as others may disagree with my expectations, because WP related material is good in any fashion.

  • Thanks for the shout out on the title. I just made the fix, hopefully it won't hose the RSS feed! :O)  Thanks again for the eagle eyes.

  •, this was interesting.  Over at TechCrunch there was an article about development on Windows 8 that also included some discussion of WP8.  Quickly noted was that it may turn out that Microsoft's decision to allow developer discontent to increase steadily (a situation I've seen several developers discuss in other threads here) was a huge mistake, that it appeared they were doing it in order to make a splash at BUILD.  I knew developers were expressing pain with Microsoft on this.  It hadn't occurred to me that it might be because M$ was holding back make a bigger noise at BUILD.  If that's the case, then, yes, I'd say that's a huge mistake.

  • @ InfuseMe - Those numbers are for the rating...! LMAO!

  • Quick question.  Why do the numbers for the Podcasts decrement?  This one was 30 the previous one was 38, and prior to that 37....  Just wondering.  


  • Looks good! Thank you for your message! You can see here!

  • Very good podcast.

    I had something happen on my Focus that caught me off guard. I had the device on mute, but an app was trying to download something in-app and hit an error.  The error caused an AUDIBLE error even though phone muted. Anyone else hit this?

  • good show, excited for some new games

  • Kit
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    Check the title, you've got a typo. ;)