Now available: Zune 4.8

Now available: Zune 4.8

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Today we’re releasing the next version of the Zune software. As one of the Zune program managers, I wanted to provide a brief look at what’s new in the 4.8 release, which you can download here. To update your current version, click Settings > Software > General, and then click Check For Updates.

If you already have a Windows Phone, you probably know that the Zune software is a key companion for your device. It allows you to update your phone software, sync photos and videos, shop for apps, and more.

You probably won’t notice too many differences in how Zune 4.8 looks: Most of the changes were designed to pave the way for the next release of Windows Phone, codenamed Mango. Our primary goal with this release was to make the Zune software the best companion for your Mango phone, so the team implemented a few new features and made a bunch of under-the-hood refinements and fixes, including several based on your feedback.

Faster Windows Phone updates

One important job of the Zune software is to update your Windows Phone software. In version 4.8, we’ve streamlined the process to help get your phone up and running again faster with the latest features and fixes.

  • Progressive updates: In Zune 4.8, you only have to click the update button once for multiple updates. Once an update is finished, the software automatically checks for more and repeats the installation process until your phone is completely up to date.
  • Streamlined backup. By synching media separately from other phone content, we’ve lowered the overall time it takes to back up your phone. The backup file is also more compact, so it should take up less space on your computer.
  • Skip phone backup: If you don’t have enough room on your computer to store a phone backup file, you’ll now have the option to skip this step so you’re not blocked from updating your phone.

More places and languages

As we’ve announced, Mango will expand the number of locations and languages where Windows Phone is available around the world. We made sure the Zune software would follow. While it may seem small, this is possibly the largest overall change in Zune 4.8. You’ll also notice vast improvements in text entry and sorting for many Asian languages.

Zune 4.8 now supports 22 display languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (US and UK), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

In addition, Zune 4.8 is available in these countries or regions: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Tweaks and fixes

Finally, the team made a lot of under-the-covers changes to improve your overall experience in Zune 4.8, although not all of these changes may be readily apparent. Here are a few you will notice:

  • 48-hour movie rentals
  • Parental Controls now support M-rated (Mature) content
  • Option to hide purchase confirmation dialog for faster app checkout
  • See what apps are compatible with the Windows Phone you own

We’re continually looking for ways to improve the Zune software and Marketplace. On behalf of the entire Zune software team, thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy this release.

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  • zshahin
    1 Posts

    Zune is cumbersome to use, impossible to understand, and useless in every way possible.  It is exclusively designed with music/multimedia peddling by Microsoft, albeit it is the only way to update a Windows Phone.  I have communicated about this with Windows Phone people about the uselessness of this mandatory tool to me.  I am not interested in belonging to a club of multimedia to be able to sync my phone with my computer.  The tool that I need must be exclusively to serve my Phone use, nothing else.  Do you get it?

    Zack Shahin, PE

    San Francisco

  • I'm having the taskbar issue also

  • I have a problem with the zune software in regards to the taskbar/miniplayer:

  • Well, I ALSO have the issue with the mini player not having the song names listed. Congrats Zune team, you released an update that not only fails to offer features people have been asking for months about (and have been available for years on your competitor platforms), it's actually functional worse. I sure won't miss you guys when Zune gets dumped by MS. I hope they replace the entire team with people who give a damn about the software and Windows Phone integration. iTunes is EASILY the worst part of using an iPhone, and now you guys are doing your darndest to make sure the Zune software is equally as awful for Windows Phone users. At least iTunes' horrible performance was outweighed by its useful backup features. You guys have let once awesome software grow stale, you aren't iterating fast enough, you aren't REALLY listening to us (or you would've prioritized backup), and hopefully MS can dump you and bring a new team that can bring the excitement back to whatever Zune is called in the future.

  • deiruch
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    Slideshow transitions are buggy. When transitioning to a different aspect ratio the new areas flash white instead of gradually fading in. If you want to fade properly, do it this way:

    1. Clear screen

    2. Draw old image at 100% opacity

    3. Draw black quads in all areas not covered by the new image at x% opacity

    4. Draw new image at x% opacity

    Hard to believe that you got that one wrong. Ken Burns effect would be nice by the way.

  • I installed the zune 4.8!

    I was expecting new features like:

    1) a real backup and restore (like sms, my applications, the settings of my device ...) without the constraint to save even the operating system ...

    2) the opportunity to transfer my data (I repeat ... sms, my applications, the settings of my device ...) from one device to another ...

    I think that at least these two point are the minimum to give a minimum of functionality to the user!!

    Well, after installing Zune 4.8 I found the name of my device changed (no problem ...) and, moreover, the last backup performed by Zune 4.7 is gone ...

    What game are you playing? Is this the way you think to beat the competition with Android and Apple?

    If you do not know how to make a phone backup, contact Nokia!!

    Best regards.

    Giulio Salvati

    (  A Microsoft developer :-(  )

  • pg1162
    3 Posts

    After I upgraded to 4.8, the software completely took over my internet connection and uploading and downloading data from my Home Server, non-stop.  And it is running so slow, I can't even watch any video using it.  At first, I thought it need to reinitiate the database, so I left it run overnight.  After two days, it is still uploading and downloading.  Worst, when I close the Zune software, it is still running in the background.  I have to shut it down using Process Explorer.  Something is wrong with 4.8.

  • why can't you buy from marketplace of windows phone and zune by a visa gift card?

    in some countries like iran either we can't have a credit card or its so hard to get one

    why don't you add another choice that someone can buy by a gift card or microsoft points too?

    this is not related to my country , why microsoft do not sell windows phone app with microsoft points? , only we can buy music from zune marketplace with microsoft points

  • Nathan
    6 Posts

    I found an issue, and already posted in Microsoft Answers. I thought it might help if I posted it here as well.

    I am running Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit.

    Every podcast I have, if I add it to my collection, it's not listened to, AND I am subscribed to the feed I end up getting thta specific "episode" listed two times. It happens every time those conditions are meet.

    This is annoying because the only way to delete a played episode is to have it in your collection, an when I play one I usually just add the ones that are already downloaded to my collection to make it quicker to remove the ones I don't want to keep.

    This was NEVER a problem with version 4.7 and earlier.

    It doesn't matter if I have my collection linked with my Windows 7 libraries or if they are managed separately.

  • uno mas.... I know that it is kinda "geeky" but many Microsoft Professionals actually run Server 2008 as a desktop operating system.  I have it running on my laptop.   Which is technically not supported.    Of course as a good hacker I was able to get it intalled and It works just fine.   However the current upgrades and the mango upgrade to come will both have issues with upgrading because it checks to see if it is a server 2008 os.  

    Can you add support for my, I mean your, OS?     That way I can sit at my desk writing code with my phone syncing, and enjoying all of the other great features of the system which I love.  

    Just for the record Virtual Machine does not support USB pass thru so, no I can't install a Windows 7 Virtual Machine and then point it to the laptop's USB.  That configuraiton does not work.  


    Pierre -

    HTC Trophy

  • Was the Market place for India pulled down again. When i launch the Zune software with my PC's Location set to India, I cannot see the market place. Also cannot see the sign in link.

    Why i switch to US location in Control panel, Zune automatically picks my US account and Market place is available.

  • @mark.orlassino, doesn't the LG Quantum already do that?  I'm pretty sure it supports DLNA.

  • It would be great if the next version of Zune on PC (or Windows 8) and the "Music & Videos" on Windows Phone 7 (8) has the Windows Media "Play To" features and works with DLNA-certified devices, supporting DLNA with the following DLNA device classes: DMS, DMP an DMC and DMR and supports all major Video/Music/Picture CODECs (i.e. WAV, AVI, MP3, AAC, MPEG4, WMA, WMA Lossless, WVA, JPEG, OGG,  VP8, RAW, etc.).  Zune should also support SkyDrive & HomeGroup (with Remote Access) support.  We could only wish… :-)

  • I am from India. I logged in to Zune 4.8 using an Indian account. I am able to see Phone apps in the Market place and also i can download free apps. But i am unable to purchase paid apps. After entering the card information and clicking Buy, it is showing "An error has occurred".

  • @deeply_embeded, thanks for the primer on that.  It's always good to get more information.  I've seen articles on other sites talking about the inconsistency of development platforms/frameworks going on.  Clearly this is a frustration.  And I'm sure it probably got even more...interesting...when HTML5 was announced as the "new" focus on developing for all Windows platforms (all the while Microsoft telling developers who were trudging down the Silverlight path that they were in no danger of being obsolete).  From a development perspective, it almost seems like Microsoft has ADD.

  • @7flavor, you do realize Microsoft has stopped support of XP altogether, right?  They announced this a couple weeks ago.  Before you know it, Vista won't be supported.  I totally understand holding onto XP (I skipped Vista).  But when the horse is dead, dismount.

  • Razor
    53 Posts

    I'm not sure what availability is supposed to mean but it seems Canada still does not have the full marketplace. This is beyond ridiculous. I'm glad my play history is (seemingly) being tracked finally... but still not getting the full Zune experience on the phone (Live Tile, backgrounds) and no ability to purchase music. What the hell?!?

  • 7flavor
    352 Posts

    Can you please support XP x64 which is actually 4 years newer than 32-bit Windows XP which you also support?

    Also, are any improvements for the Zune HD done with forever with the Zune software and MS is only going to focus on Windows Phone now?

  • frankwick
    37 Posts

    Stuff I want to see in Zune 5.0:

    1.  The DVR from Windows Media Center

    2. Easier media streaming to my TV, phone, across the internet, etc...

    3. Please buy Netflix.  I would love to have a Zune Pass that includes music and movies.

    4. Internet TV

  • Grats! Hopefully this includes a fix for the semi frequent device lockup I've been having (though not as much recently actually...). Haters on the Metro UI - I mean come on, it's the best looking interface out there :P

  • @ScubaDog2011 - What are you on about? You say that I have not paying attention to what you are saying but I think you have misunderstood what I have wrote. It may have been a bit of a rant but my point was that Zune/WP7 is seriously lacking a standalone backup feature and I clearly haven't been the only one who wants this which is clear from what Matt Akers said in his last post. To prevent this from being a back and forth between us I have no more to say on the matter especially now that Matt has acknowledged our requests and I am just glad to see that they will be taking all these comments into consideration when it comes to future releases.

  • @Scubadog2011 - WPF is a client programming framework created by Microsoft a few years ago.  It stands for Windows Presentation Foundation and, at the time, was framed as being the future of Windows desktop programming.  This framework has many admirable qualities, but speed isn't one of them - making it a poor choice for developing most desktop applications.  

    Silverlight is a lightweight version of WPF, and is used on the Internet (same role as Flash) and Windows Phone.

    My gripe with MS is this - they introduced the .NET framework, and then at least 3 different client frameworks (Windows Forms, WPF, Silverlight), none of which they actually seem to use in developing their own applications (OK, Visual Studio 2010 uses WPF, but it's slow....).  Instead, they seem to use a hodgepodge of different frameworks and technologies. They similarly lack a distinctive and consistent visual style in their applications.  There are a few stars (e.g. Metro UI), but it's mostly disappointing and forgettable.  Why does it have to be that way?  

    Here's hoping that they make some amazing announcements at the BUILD conference next month that restore confidence.  In my dream world, they would set a clear direction for how to build great Windows apps with a simple, modern, fast, portable technology stack.  And commit to using the same framework for their own software.  

    Anyhow, this rant is somewhat off-topic for this blog.  But when I look at the Zune interface, and I see that it's built on a weird software framework, with a non-standard UI design, all I can say is....too bad, more of the same short-sighted, self-defeating decisions appear to have been made here.

  • @Matt: Thank you for responding.  App Management and data backup should be at the top of your list.  Yes, there are some other items that should be included (equalizer, imrpved searching, better integration of social features only found on, etc.)  I will be posting a lot of these on as feedback when I get a chance later today.

  • Hey folks, I appreciate the lively discussion, thanks for bringing up issues and suggestions here. Since it's difficult to troubleshoot issues here or take all feedback, I suggest that if you are having a problem or issue that you go to the MS Answers forum here: . If you are having an issue with the Zune software, then choose the Zune tab there. If you are having an issue related to your phone, then of course the Windows Phone tab is the right place to look. Chances are there are other folks with the same issue that can help out, and if not, there is a staff of folks who work the forums that would be happy to assist.

    I also want to make sure that I recognize the feedback trends that are emerging, specifically around a standalone backup feature (outside of updates) as well as app management functionality. Know that your feedback is being heard, even if it didn't make this release. I've already made sure that folks on my team have visibility into this post and make sure that these issues are considered when planning future releases.

  • Mark B
    1 Posts

    I am having the same issues as dub.survivor regarding the Zune Toolbar.  I have also tried rebooting and disabling the Toolbar.

  • @deeply_embedded......what is WPF?  I've not heard of that.

  • Oh, for pity's sake, @caasisnimmuc, you're not paying attention to what I said.  I'm not discounting the value of a way to completely migrate a person from device A to device B.  I'm saying that nobody has figured a way to do that with any degree of completeness or consistency.  Even Microsoft's own migration tools for desktop & server devices is horrible (believe me, I've beat myself bloody trying to get it to work acceptably).  I don't know of any platform that can take your entire backup from one device to another unless both devices were the same.  I think it's unrealistic to come in and act as if suddenly a vendor can or should drop what they're doing to satisfy something like that.  As I said, most of your content IS covered by Zune.  Zune automatically will re-sync your media, regardless of WP7 device.  You can also see what apps you've acquired via Zune and then  reload them on the new device.  The only piece that's not really covered are personal documents---but Microsoft is trying to work Skydrive up to that (along with the new support mechanisms within Mango).  

    Also, just because it seems obvious to you that everyone should desire a particular feature doesn't make it so, nor does it mean that those who DO want that feature have been vocal about wanting it.  While I've seen many people ask for simply a way to do a complete backup and restore at-will via Zune, yours is the first request I've seen asking to be able to somehow restore a backup from one model to another model.  Personally, I'd find more value in having the process such that that Zune, the Cloud, whatever, recognizes my new "presence" and then begins to sync everything up, rather than try to do a restore.  And that seems to be where Microsoft is moving.  It's the idea of ubiquitous presence.

  • Matt,

    Please encourage people to submit bugs and issues at Connect.Microsoft.Com/Zune so people can vote on items mark as duplicate ect instead of trying to keed track of everything on blog comments. It already exists please encourage people to use it.

    @typhoon87  This link is so hard to find that the vast majority of people will never know about it unless it is placed as a link prominently in the support section of the site.  There is also the issue of submissions having been posted on that site, by myself included, over a year ago with the issues still fixed.

  • The Zune UI feels like yet another MS experiment.  There's little consistency accross MS products, or even (it seems) in the software frameworks that they use to build those products (e.g. why isn't Zune a WPF application, if WPF is so great?  Not that I'd actually want it to be.  Better question: why did you make something as slow and bloated as WPF?).  Would love to see a unified vision for software look & feel emerge from Microsoft in the very near future.

  • @caasisnimmuc, I couldn't agree with you more.  The development for the Zune Client appears to be completely stagnant.  I know many people, myself included, have been begging for new features fort he Zune Client since the Zune HD days.  Proper device AND data backup is critical.  Maybe it wasn't for the Zune devices, but for Windows Phone it absolutely is since WP7 doesn't have any of the Windows Mobile "My Phone" service.

    Also, the lack of managing purchased apps is rediculous.  For instance, if I were to download an app via the Zune Client that was a trial, and then I purchase it via the phone, I can't redownload the app via the Zune Client?!?!  I HAVE to go to the phone to download the full purchased app?  Come on guys.  This is worse than the Windows Mobile days!!!

    BTW, I have alwasy known about for most Microsoft feedback and beta access.  Typhoon87 makes a great point.  Those that post here frequently should use for feedback.  The problem is that the forms listed is not complete.  It's missing one for the Zune Client.  So hopefully someone in MS can fix that.

  • So far I find Zune to be a nice software. However, it bugs me that I can't go into my music folder and just play a selected folder and then save the "Now playing" playlist. This is especially annoying when I just want to drop a subfolder of music onto my phone because it means having to search for each song individually and add them to the phone or a playlist. If this is the case then it would be nice to at least be able to filter the music library by the folders you have them in on your harddrive.

  • Take a look at Microsoft answers too see I am not the only one plus there is numerous threads, posts and articles across multiple websites all reporting the same issue if you search Google so the comments about  "YOU" are very yawn, yawn.

  • @ScubaDog2011 - So the majority of WP7 users wouldn't like to see a feature that would allow them to  migrate all the current App's and data over to their new WP7 device when they upgrade. OK!

  • @ScubaDog2011 - I should have pointed out that I was well aware of this as I have explored every avenue in terms of trying to back up my data. A lot of people suggested that I would be able to use the Zune backup on another device but I pointed out that this was impossible even with the same make and model of phone as it worked with the device ID. So yes I understand it but that does not make any less infuriating. With the iPhone for example there are various ways to backup your data including gamesaves and with Android well let's just say there is so many apps it ridiculous.

    Please people, don't come back with 'be patient'. A fully functional method of backuping your data is should be a fundamental part of any smart phone, not just an after thought?

  • Something about Bulgaria?

    Localization is not so desired, but cyrillic keyboard and makretplace are must-have to use WP7 with ease...

  • BTW, as person who in the process-fixing biz, VOC (voice of the customer) is a big thing.  However, some folks post as if this is all about THEM.  Even if you have a valid issue, it doesn't mean you are in the majority of users.  To say "Microsoft just ignores me" gives the impression that Microsoft exists to make you happy.  But you might have to accept the possibility that you are in the minority of customers when it comes to this issue or that feature.  Asking and suggesting is alway a good thing.  But to get all uppity because you, individually, think Microsoft (or Apple or Google) owes YOU an answer or explanation is just a useless exercise.  Also, just because Microsoft doesn't respond with a direct answer doesn't mean they are ignoring you.  It may mean that they are filing that away with other comments/suggestions/demands <ahem> for future implementation.  I can already see that Mango incorporated a number of things people complained about but that Microsoft was completely mum on.

  • @caasisnimmuc, I don't think you realize that all backups are NOT created equal.  The back as is currently done in Zune as part of the update process is an image backup, not an element/app backup.  You cannot take that backup and then restore it onto a new WP7 device.  You couldn't do that in Windows Mobile (I know because I stupidly tried to backup my Axim X5 and load it to my X3i).  You can't even do that in Windows.  Anything you have that's INSTALLED will need to be re-installed on any new device.  As far as DATA (e.g., documents, music, pictures), that's another story.  The music is a no-brainer because it should sync automatically when you introduce your new device to Zune.  As far as the documents, I can understand the frustration there---mostly because the Skydrive isn't quite there yet in terms of fully supporting the WP7 world.  I keep most non-media stored on the Skydrive, but it's not seamless (though greatly improved with Mango).  Being able to back up flat files independently would be welcome (or make the sync with Skydrive seamless).

  • @Fjtorsol - Mango adds a gyroscope API and new phones will have the gryro hardware, current phones won't; if an app relied on the gyro to work, you'd want to know before you bought it ;-) that's the only issue I know of so far.

  • Could someone explain to me why Microsoft still have Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center AND Zune? One has to go (WMP) and Media Center desperately needs most Zune features. Where exactly is Microsoft going with this crippled trio of applications?

  • I was using ZUNE with no problem until this morning. The 4.8 update was offered to me as an update. I launched the update and it failed, saying my OS was not supported. I use a high end dev station under Windows Server 2008 R2. I launched my Zune itself (no problem) and it also offered the update. This time the update starts, but a dialog remain stucks and fails. Same error of course.

    I absolutely do not understand why is Microsoft always bugging with this very issue. It should only display some reserve or warning, but if i want to push my update,why not? And it WAS working and I had not problem to install the 3 previous versions.

    I will create a dedicated VM but really, it sucks.

    BTW I also ordered my EVO3D yesterday. No link and I will not drop testing WP7. But damn, do not add another negative issue to the inevitable comparison.


  • Will Windows Phone Connector be receiving an update anytime soon? I love my Windows Phone, but I also love my Mac. I don't need any more music playing software, and I really don't need the WPC7 interface remade to look like Zune, but simple things like access to the Marketplace from my computer might be nice.

  • I apologise for the rant but I am just getting annoyed about the whole situation especially when I get completely ignored by MS.

  • Patients! Major LOL. Nearly a year on and I still have no way of backing up. Seriously, how difficult is to implement a backup feature? I cannot actually remember a phone I have ever owned that has not had some kind of backup facility. It seriously frustrating seeing as they software can already perform a backup when you update your phone.

  • Marcellus
    12 Posts

    Seriously everyone calm down. Let them do their job and supply updates. patience is the key. Chill out.

  • This is just a major fail. There are so many people across dozens of forums all wondering when there is going to be a proper fully fledged backup feature. Seriously, sort it out.

  • I love it, so many great updates but completely ignore the one everybody has been looking for, a backup feature. I will be due an upgrade within a few weeks and was hoping to get one of the latest WP7 devices when they come out but the lack of any useful backup feature is just preventing me from doing so. I have 60+ Xbox Live games on my phone but with no way to transfer the progress of all these games across to a new device I am left stuck. In fact I have had issues with my phone near enough from the first day and although it is an issue with the hardware I have not sent it to be repaired because I know in all likely hood it will be reset and I will lose everything. So I have now even stopped buying any new games or apps for that matter as I just cannot see the point when all the data will be lost when I upgrade. It's so infuriating I may even just dump WP7 all together and go back to Android.

  • Bagoose
    2 Posts

    Good job! Love the Zune software... handles (and looks) so much better than the competition. And it's great to see that you're rolling out to more countries as well. An absolute must though is to enable changing the billing country with the Zune account. As an early WP7 adopter I had to register with a US address and credit card, but now that it's coming to Sweden (where I'm from) I wanna get the full experience of having a perfectly localized account. Creating a new Live ID is out of the question... too many emails, too many WP7 apps purchased, too many skydrive files associated with my Live ID.

  • KTGiang
    34 Posts

    I have Sprint with unlimited data. I want my phone to be able to download podcasts periodically without having to manually try and have it download. I'd rather keep wifi off so that I can save my batteries. It's a hassle to remember to turn on wifi and charge/download podcasts at home only to remember to turn it off and leave.

  • I'd also like to echo @nizzon thoughts on localization. I'm a .NET software architect so I know that Microsoft understands how localization should be done. I live in Germany so my locale is Germany however I'm not fluent in German so why does Zune insist on switching into German when I want my UI in English. The Zune software can discover where I am and what language I want from windows, please honour these settings like any piece of Windows software should. Its bad enough that I can't change my billing address from the UK to Germany because in the Microsoft world people never change countries ;)

  • If the Zune software is Microsoft's long term strategy to use with WP7 what the heck are you guys doing there! Personally I use WMP to listen to music since there's no plugin for Zune. It is embarrassing that Zune is at version 4.8 and there is still no way to separate music from Audiobooks. My previous phone was a Nokia N95 and while WP7 blows it out the water, Nokia's windows software blows Zune out of the water as it provided me with a mechanism to do most of the things I could do with my phone through the windows software, I know this was needed a little bit more because of the poor nature of Symbian, but it was still really cool to be able to read and send SMS messages using my full keyboard and screen. Microsoft is WAY behind Android and iPhone in terms of install base, if they plan to turn this around you need to plug all the gaps (Audiobooks PLEASE) and build such a rich ecosystem that all you customers rave about the experience. iTunes hasn't exactly set a very high bar for Zune to beat but today its beating Zune in features if not design.

  • ScubaDog
    141 Posts

    Thanks, @Matt, worked like a charm.  And, in contrast to some folks here, I'm quite pleased with the update.  Well done.  I know most of the work was to address the mechanisms underneath so that it's ready for Mango.  It's working just fine with Beta 2, so thanks!

  • Matt,

    Had already tried disabling mini player and restarting Zune, but still got the same problem. Incidentally my work colleague has the same issue. Thanks.

  • Typhoon87
    27 Posts


    Please encourage people to submit bugs and issues at Connect.Microsoft.Com/Zune so people can vote on items mark as duplicate ect instead of trying to keed track of everything on blog comments. It already exists please encourage people to use it.

  • @Peter Kremzar @rightisray @Lorenzo A. and others, thanks for the suggestions, totally hear you on these requests. Thanks for taking the time to post these, it definitely helps when we plan future releases.

  • @dub.survivor you might try disabling the Zune mini player in the taskbar, then re-enabling it. Right click the Windows taskbar, go to toolbars, select Zune to "uncheck" it. Restart the Zune software, then re-enable the mini player by going through the same steps. May not help, but worth a shot. Sorry you are having issues!

  • I know this is a long shot, but any chance Zune is coming to OS X? I'm a Mac user and I love my Windows Phone, but Windows Phone 7 Connector leaves much to be desired.

  • WixosTrix
    16 Posts

    This is THE first Zune update I haven't been excited about, and I've been around since the v2 update.  What about a proper backup and restore system, or a way to manage apps on the device?  It's good there is more language support though, but what's going on guys?

  • Here's how I feel about where Zune needs to go:

  • @Mountain Dew, thanks for the suggestion, I did a reboot and it didn't help. Still can't see the song names :-(

  • Thanks for the update Matt! It's nice to see you posting on the Windows Phone Blog now. :)

  • Things I would like to see in the next software update:

    1)The ability to customize the software more.  There is still the hack so that you can use to change the background to a picture of your choosing, but that same hack used to allow the changing of the script colors as well.  That part of it disappeared a few updates ago.  Since the hack is not an official method to customize things, I would like the ability officially included within the settings menu.

    2)  Please fix the years long, continuing issue with people using their trackpads on laptops not being able to scroll within the software.  

    3)  Please fix the years long, continuing issue with the back button.  That issue being when you hit the back button, the software does not go back to the exact place you were last at, but rather to the very top of the previous page.  This is incredibly annoying, especially when you are about halfway through a page with 500 apps and you have to scoll back down to find where you left off.  This happens all over the software.

    4)  The ability to select when to back up our phones

    5) App management

    6)  An equalizer please, this is something else we've been begging for, for years now.

  • @at those that replied to me,

    Yea, I understand that the Zune hardware and the WP devices do not support WAV, but still it would have been nice for that feature to have been included in Zune. It can't hurt anybody. :)

    Not that I'd use it (I use EAC for ripping), but some people may prefer to rip with Zune.

  • dub.survivor that sounds like a glitch. I'm running mine in mini-player mode  (almost never use it, but figured I should to test this for ya) and it shows the current song and the next 2 songs that are coming up.

    Have you tried rebooting and opening the software again to see if it shows up?

  • What happened with the Zune Toolbar mini player display? It no longer shows the current song playing, and the upcoming songs in the playlist. It still shows the album art and name of artist and album, but the space below album art is now just black.

    Is there going to be some kind of volume levelling in Zune player, as in Windows Media Player? Song volumes are very different across my collection, and really miss the levelling feature in Zune player.

  • Hey folks, thanks for all the comments and support! I'll jump in here and there to answer questions. @ScubaDog2011 and anyone else that had the beta, feel free to update to the 4.8 RTM version from the beta version you currently have. Should work just fine, in fact, we expect you to do so. :)

  • CKurt
    4 Posts

    Great update, now the WP7 apps are available again in Belgium (Dutch) setting even tough Windows Phones have been available since november 2010.

    When is the "Smart DJ" comming back? This feature has been removed ever since the Zune software got updated to the have a Dutch version... What does this feature have to do with the menu language setting??


  • Fjtorsol
    18 Posts

    "See what apps are compatible with the Windows Phone you own" => Current WP7 devices incompatible with latest graphic demanding applications instead of forcing developers to release scalable graphic engines?? Or does it refer to Skype not allowing single way video-conference on previous devices without front-facing camera??

  • Entegy
    42 Posts


    This is what I wanted. Now I don't have to clear my 10GB+ of music for an update. Now just add the ability to initiate a backup whenever I want and I'm good.

  • Typhoon87
    27 Posts

    As nice as this is are there any new features not mentioned here realted to the Zune software as far as playing audio for example a software EQ?

  • @ScubaDog2011 You don't listen to the lossless files. You rip them and store them for later transcoding so that you do not constantly have to re-rip CDs.

  • Okay, I stand corrected on the Zune ability to rip CDs.  I guess I never even thought of looking into using Zune for something that I have MUCH better software for doing.  I like integration, but the simple fact is that there are usually third-party apps the do certain things hands-down better.  I have no problem using those over a "native" app.  After digging in a bit, I did see where you can do the lossless WMA, so I don't see WAV as an issue.  I am an audiophile, and I have excellent hearing, and I have yet to be convinced that completely lossless versions are of any detectable value compared to high quality compressed versions.  The key, of course, is HIGH QUALITY (not all compression methods are the same).  Since Lossless WMA compresses audio data but not fidelity (it's a bit-for-bit duplication), that should suffice unless someone insists on having a "fat" file.

  • My long time wish is that Zune would have a scheduler for downloading podcasts. In case it would have an option to limit the bandwidth it would be even much better. The thing is that sometimes I really need all the bandwidth I have for some other services and then Zune suddenly starts and it uses most of the bandwidth. It would be good enough for me if I could schedule podcast downloading during the night or manually in case of emergency.

    Another wish would be an improved billing which would allow entering any credit card from any country or a PayPal. I don’t know what the problem is that Microsoft can’t sell applications to some certain countries. But the phones are distributed in these countries? I don’t say the music or video contents are a problem. I know the music industry is awful. But applications?

    Do I ask too much?

  • nizzon
    2 Posts

    I live in Sweden and I cant logon to the marketplace cause my account has been set to US location when I created it many years ago. I just changed it to Sweden on but I still cant login. Im not creating a new account!!!

    I dont want the language to be forced to Swedish in Zune Software, I want English! why cant I set this manually?

    These location and language-issues baffles me.

    There is still no support for scrobbling. Please add this!

  • KR
    503 Posts

    IMHO, i think the windows phone team should understand that WP is a not a zune hardware with cellular capabilities,its a phone first and secondly a a communication device before it is an intertainment device and i still think Microsoft should either develope a software just for windows phone or redevelope the zune software from scratch with windows phone in mind instead of trying to adapt a software designed for a portable media player to work on a smartphone

  • cmwind
    71 Posts

    @ Matt A (my previous post sounded kind of negative) good work on the international support... keep it comin!!!

  • I'm in Canada and I don't have access to smart DJ. will that be fix anytime soon?

  • KR
    503 Posts

    lame update,i was hoping to magically see the music marketplace in Canada but its just still the same as the previous version

  • I seriously cannot believe this is all you guys came up with after a whole year of development. Not awesome, Matt.

  • cmwind
    71 Posts

    im assuming there will be an explosion of "Zune" or "Xbox Music" or whatever it ends up being in Windows 8 and that is what y'all are secretly hard at work on... fingers crossed anyways... cause zune needs some serious features added

  • Indeed. Zune & Windows Phone do not support .wav files.

    You can rip as WMA Lossless which is just as lossless as .wav files in the Zune software, even use transcoding tools later on if you need to to go from WMA Lossless to any other format. It is supported on both Zune and Windows Phone devices.

  • Tim
    2 Posts

    @Angel Kavazov The reason why Zune doesn't rip as WAV is because the Zune (hardware, software and WP7) itself does not support .WAV files. So I don't think you'll see that functionality until both the software and hardware is designed to support WAVs in general.

  • @ScubaDog2011 Ripping as .wav gets you a perfect rip. It will be lossless instead of lossy. This is better for archiving. For example you rip your CD in .m4a (AAC) and it sounds good. Then a new codec comes out that is even better that you want to use, so you end up re-ripping the stupid CD over and over. Just rip it once as .wav and transcode when needed.

  • Lame update. This can't be all you guys have been working on. Where is the app management for the phones?

  • Anchel
    2 Posts

    @ScubaDog2011, you CAN rip CDs with Zune. In fact, if you change the settings for ripping, it changes them as well fo Windows Media Player, so they are both somehow connected.

    To the Windows Phone/Zune team, I hope this "faster updates" is true... meaning that we can get the Mango update soon! =D

  • @Angel Kavazov, are you talking about Zune or Windows Media Player?  I don't think you can rip with Zune.  And why  would you want to rip as a .wav file?

  • I have to agree with @James Manes.  It's very......STARK.  I'd love to be able to do a lot more customizing of at least the shades.  Maybe allow it to follow themes like Windows does.

    Anyway, I had a question for you, @Matt Akers.  If we're running the beta version is it safe to upgrade to the full 4.8 release?  It seems like it would be, given that the new version is supposed to support the pending release of Mango, but I don't want to make the assumption in error.

  • TDA
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    Disappointing update. I was hoping for 5.0, not 4.8. There's still no app management and no way to backup our devices. Zune tops iTunes in every single aspect, except for those two points. Another thing that bugs me (no pun intended), is the WHS bug. If the media/storage is located on a Windows Home Server, the CPU and memory usage spikes up to insane levels (25% CPU usage/1 Core, ~1.7GB of RAM) and the software locks itself. Resetting the media library doesn't help either. It's an old an known bug and I hoped it would be fixed with this release.

  • Feature request: Rip as WAV... Please consider this for the next update. Without it, Zune is useless for ripping.

  • Oooo this is exciting. I love when the Zune Software updates! I still thing the UI on it needs re-done. Currently is like some weird metro-normal_windows UI thing. Kinda ugly in some ways.